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The next few days were spent almost solely on the Radisson account. Working from home, Nikki poured over the policy day and night. She did everything in her power to get as many of the details worked through so that upon her arrival in Kingston, it would be a breeze getting the I's dotted and the T's crossed with hotel officials. By the middle of Saturday, she'd done all she could. She devoted the rest of the day to packing for the trip. She even loaded her bags in the Jeep in preparation for a speedy departure as Chase's flight was due early the next morning.
As she loaded the last of the bags she heard what sounded like a loud semi truck approaching. Looking to the end of her gravel driveway she saw an enormous red pick-up turning in. Nikki smiled as the big diesel with tinted windows lumbered up the drive, coming to a halt near her Jeep. The door flung open and Nikki laughed watching Kaylyn jump to the ground.
"Hey there, Sexy!" Kaylyn chirped.
"I never get sick of seeing you in that truck." Nikki laughed.
Kaylyn turned admiring her monster vehicle. "I never get sick of drivin it!"
"Well you certainly love it, that's for sure."
"Yup!" Kaylyn squeaked. "She's got duellies and a turbo. Thing's fast as hell! Even beat a mustang the other day!"
Nikki started laughing again. She had no idea what a turbo's duelley was but, just imagining her little friend in some kind of street race really got her going.
"So you're all packed up and good to go?"
"Yeah, all I have to do is wake up in the morning and hop in the car and I'm off."
"Well I just came by to wish you a good trip.. Oh and i got you a little somethin too!" Kaylyn turned, partially climbing back into her truck. Popping back out, she held out a small Victoria's Secret bag.
Nikki smirked and took the bag. Looking inside, she saw what looked like a tiny white string bikini. "Well that was nice of you Kay but.." Nikki pulled the upper piece from the bag. It appeared to be made of extremely thin tee shirt material. "..I can only imagine what happens when this gets wet.."
have to get wet! It's so thin you can see through it anyway!" Kaylyn giggled.
Nikki smiled and gave her a funny look. "Thanks Kay but I really don't see having a chance to wear it this trip.."
"Oh yes you will. The whole country is surrounded by water."
"Yeah, that's not what I meant Kay, and you know it."
"Well you never know." Kaylyn winked and held her arms out. "I gotta run. Have a good trip, sexy mama!"
Nikki rolled her eyes and gave Kaylyn a hug. "Thanks hun, you too."
Kaylyn climbed back up into her truck and waived out the window as she idled down the driveway. Nikki waived and laughed as she returned to the house. She set the bag on the kitchen counter and began getting herself ready for bed.
She was exhausted from putting in so many hours. But as she lay in bed, she found she was too excited to sleep. She kept thinking about how wonderful it was going to be to see Chase. She'd felt so empty and alone without him around. He was kind of her significant other really. For so many years he was her main focus. It was Chase Chase Chase all the time and then poof. He was gone. She wondered if he'd felt the same while he was away at college. She knew better. 'He's all grown up and looking straight ahead to the future,' She thought. She smiled remembering him even as a boy trying to act as the man of the house. He was so eager to prove he was all his mama needed. When a storm would blow in and the power would go out, he'd go tinker with the fuse box as if he knew what switches did what. As always, the power would come back on when the electric company re-routed it or mended a problem a falling tree had caused. Still, Chase would return from the basement triumphantly proclaiming that he had fixed the fuse box again and there was nothing for his poor mother to fear. -He and his tools had fixed everything. As he grew older, he really did become a man of the house and Nikki felt safer just knowing he was near. For her birthday, Chase had turned his bedroom into an office so that she could work from home. It was a beautiful gesture and quite a fine office but, Nikki wished he hadn't done it. It signified his leaving home and going out into the world. In truth it meant she was losing her other half. If only he had left it alone. At least then she could have gone in there and squeezed one of his old pillows when she missed him the most.
It was getting late. Nikki knew she had to get some sleep if she was going to get an early start. She reached for her night stand drawer and opened a packet of night-time tablets. She took one and settled back in. Her mind continued running. Mainly about work. She tried to think of anything she'd missed or done incorrectly. Her worries eventually slowed and she fell soundly asleep.

The next morning, Nikki awoke and began her normal morning ritual. Though she usually dressed pretty conservatively, she had decided to wear something a little nicer. She wore a red low-cut sundress. Sure it showed a lot of cleavage but it was warm and she wanted to look nice when she saw Chase. Heading for the door she paused and looked at the Victoria's Secret bag on the counter. She almost considered bringing it. She laughed, rolling her eyes. "Maybe next trip, Victoria." Leaving it behind, she climbed into her Jeep and left for the airport.
After weaving through the airport traffic, she parked in the parking ramp and rolled her bags into the terminal. Finding which flight her son was to arrive on, she began the long walk to meet him. As was normally the case, airport security insisted she go through the x-ray machine twice. She knew perfectly well what they were doing but, she wasn't going to let it bother her today. She was on cloud nine. The only problem was, the amount of time it was taking. She wanted to be waiting for Chase as he exited the plane but, by now he would already be in the terminal making him harder to find. After clearing the last check point she saw that her worries were unfounded. Walking the other direction and directly toward his mama was Chase.
Nikki squealed. Her maternal urges came flooding to her breasts in a single heart skipping instant. "Oh my baby boy!" Nikki raised her arms for a hug as Chase embraced her, swinging her in a full circle. A flush surged through her body from head to toe. "My god it's so good to see you! I missed you so much!"
"I missed you too!" Chase said excitedly, returning her to her feet.
"Well let me have a look at you! Turn around." Nikki said, stepping back and looking him up and down.
Chase was adorable. He was about 5' 10" with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. His skin was lightly tanned and as smooth as anyone could dream. He had a manly jaw but still retained a boyish face that made women's knees week and hearts melt. His body was strong and muscular but not bulky. One thing was for sure, no matter what type of shirt he was wearing, it could be seen very clearly that this boy looked GOOD beneath it. Today he wore a polo shirt and jeans. The jeans, he made look very good also.
As he turned, Nikki nodded in approval. "You look like you just stepped off the cover of GQ!"
"Well I am my mother's son…You look beautiful!" Chase said, motioning to her dress.
Nikki gave an abbreviated curtsey. "Why thank you kind sir."
Chase picked up her bags and held out his arm. "Shall we?"
"U huh," Nikki mustered, wiping the corners of her eyes.

They walked arm in arm down the terminal toward the food court. Suddenly, it occured to Nikki that except for his carry-on, he didn't have any luggage.
"Should we go to baggage claim and get your bags?" She asked.
"No dice." Chase replied. "They told me they lost my luggage in Chicago. Apparently, my bags are on their way to /> "Oh no.. Well we can just get you some new clothes when we get down there.."
"That's what I was thinking too. Besides, the clothes I had packed are pretty much worn out anyway." Chase laughed.
They continued to the food court and ate an early lunch. They sat for what must have been hours talking and catching up. Chase talked about the sports he was involved in and the friends he had made. Generally, explaining his entire first year in college as an engineering student.
"..So did you meet any hot girls?" Nikki asked. "Wait. I don't think I even wanna know.."
Chase laughed. "Well there were a few but, they all pale in comparison to you."
"Oh blow it out your shorts! I bet you're a little heart breaker!" Nikki said.
"Honestly, I haven't really had time for meeting girls this year. Besides, I like the one I got!" Chase replied, clowning his eyebrows.
"Good." Nikki said, drawing on her orange smoothie. "That means more Chase for me!"
Just then she heard their flight announced over the public address system. "Sounds like that's us.."
They gathered their things and headed for boarding. As they walked arm in arm Nikki kept glancing over at him. She was proud of him. He'd turned into such a perfect young man. She was so young when she'd had him that she often worried she hadn't brought him up well enough. Now that he was a strapping twenty one years old, she could see that she didn't do so bad after all.
"What do you keep looking at?" Chase asked.
"Just you." Nikki answered. "I'm proud of you. You look really good too. Like a man, you know?"
"Thanks. You're looking really good /> Nikki followed his eyes to her cleavage. "Watch it mister, those are your She said playfully.
"It's okay, I know her!" Chase replied.
She looked at him smiling and shaking her head. "I think i dropped you too many times."
Rounding a corner they arrived at their flight. Handing their boarding passes to the attendant, they boarded the plane. Chase offered Nikki the window seat and settled in next to her. After take off he leaned over her and snapped some pictures out the window with his phone. They continued talking about work and college until they were both yawning. Almost at the same time, they unanimously agreed on sleeping through the rest of the flight.
Nikki awoke to her son's phone imitating the sound of a camera as he snapped more pictures. She figured they must be close to landing so she opened her eyes and stretched. They exchanged how well they'd slept and what they had dreamed as the plane landed and taxied to the terminal. Once they were off the plane, Nikki collected her luggage and they made their way outside. As Chase hailed a cab, Nikki's phone rang. It was Kaylyn.
"Hey Kay, what's up?"
"Hey Nix, how was your flight?" Kaylyn replied.
"Good. We just landed and we're on our way to the hotel."
"Well, there's a bit of a problem with that. Porter called me and said they bumped you."
"So we don't have a room?" Nikki snapped.
"No, you'll have a room tonight but, tomorrow you'll have to check into a different hotel. I'll send you the address. Porter said It's on the beach so you'll probably like it better anyway."
"Can't they just put us in a different room?"
"No, I guess they're all booked up for that convention thing but, you're reservations at the other hotel are all set up and paid for. It should be pretty /> "Well, thanks for lettin me know.. See what I mean about Porter? I havent heard a peep from him and I wouldn't have even known if it wasn't for you calling and tellin me.."
"Well maybe he just figured I'd tell you anyway. I gotta run. Don't forget to have some fun down there. Love ya, nippy-tits!" Kaylyn sang.
Nikki giggled. "Love you too."

Nikki ended the call and told Chase of the change in plans as the cab pulled up to the Radisson. After Checking in and locating their room for the night, Chase went to one of the bedrooms declaring he was going back to sleep and to wake him up in the morning. Nikki gathered her work material and headed for the hotel office. Once there, she immediately got to business. She worked with the hotel staff into the night. Thanks to her preparation, they were able to get almost all of the paperwork done in one fell swoop. She returned to the room exhausted and flopped onto her bed. Still fully clothed, she was out like a light.

The next morning her and Chase got up and readied themselves for the day. After a small breakfast they headed to the lobby to check out.
"Leaving us already Ms. Hichs?" The woman behind the counter asked.
"Yes I guess so." Nikki replied. "I'll be back to finish things up with the office later today."
"We'll I certainly hope you weren't displeased with the service.."
"No the service was fine. As far as I could tell in only one night anyway. I've been doing this for awhile now so It's not the first time I've had to make other Nikki replied smiling.
"Well if there's anything we did to make you /> "No, it's okay hun." Nikki interupted. "It's all part of the business."
The woman behind the counter looked confused. "Right, well enjoy the rest of your stay in Jamaica."
"We will thanks." Said Nikki, as they made their way to the door.

Chase hailed a cab and loaded the bags into the trunk. Nikki handed the driver the address as he pulled away from the curb. After about a half an hour they both started giving eachother quizzical looks.
Leaning forward, Chase inquired to the driver. "How far away is this hotel anyway?"
"It's all the way up on the north coast, mon." Replied the driver in a thick Jamaican accent.
Chase turned to his mother. "Well that's gonna be a bit of a commute isn't it?"
"Oh well. I can deal with it." Nikki said, shrugging her shoulders. "With all we got done last night I shouldn't have to make the trip but a few times anyway."
After awhile longer they pulled up to the hotel. Exiting the cab, Chase volunteered to get the bags and meet her inside. Nikki thanked him and proceeded up the stairs and through the lobby to the front desk.
"Good morning!" A large black woman behind the desk exclaimed.
"Good morning." Nikki replied. "We need to check in."
"Last name?" The woman asked.

"Oh yes Mrs. Hichs, I have you right here." She said, pointing at her computer screen. "You're in honeymoon chalet numba 13." The woman turned and pulled out the paperwork and room keys.
"Wait, did you say chalet?" Nikki asked.
"Yes maam. Is there a problem?"
"Well we don't need a honeymoon suite at all. You can just put us in a regular room.."
"But Mrs. Hichs, we book so far in advance there's no way I can change your room. Besides, they're all honeymoon suites."
Nikki stammered. "But I'm not here with my.. I mean, .. I'm his mother.
The woman behind the counter started laughing. "My husband calls me mama too! Doesn't matter how old they are, they always need a mama dont they.."
"..I suppose." Nikki replied. "You said you book sometime in advance? Can I see the book sheet?"
"Yes maam." The woman typed on her keyboard. "Looks like you were booked last Thursday at eleven thirtyeight p.m. by a Ms. Beckensht.. /> Nikki finished. "Kaylyn! That little weasel!"
"Dammit, Kaylyn." Nikki said rolling her eyes and sighing. "Okay fine. Which ones do I sign?"

Meanwhile, Chase had collected the bags from the trunk of the cab and dragged them up the stairs.
mon." Said the door man, opening the door.
"Thanks. They're not THAT heavy though.." Chase replied.
A woman opened the second door ahead of him. sir."
"Thanks but, they ARE on wheels.." He walked over to the counter where Nikki was signing the check-in papers.
Mr. Hichs." Said the woman behind the counter.
"Why thank you, madam." Chase smiled, beginning to get used to the praise.
Nikki looked at him. "They think we just got married."
"Oh.." Chase said, looking somewhat disappointed. "Why?"
"Because Kaylyn booked us into a resort that's why."
The woman interrupted. "It is a requirement that you are /> "Oh yeah." Chase stuttered, putting his arm around Nikki's waist. "..Well of course."
"Your room is down the hall and out the last door to the left." The woman chuckled.
They said in unison, walking down the hall.

They made their way outside and down a narrow boardwalk to a small chalet marked with the number 13. Nikki put her key in the door and opened it. It was modest but nice. It had a bedroom to the right and a living room with a couch and a TV. There was a sliding glass door with a small deck that looked directly out onto the beach.
"I could get used to this!" Chase said, opening the sliding door.
"Well I hope you can used to sleeping on a couch too.. I don't think the rooms here feature more than one bed." Nikki smirked.
"No problem. It's like a dorm room!"
"Yeah I guess it is." Nikki laughed. "I'm gonna go unpack some stuff before I head back to work." Nikki walked into the bedroom and started unzipping her luggage.

On the table near the couch there was a white box marked 'His'. Chase immediately opened it. Inside there were multiple pairs of cargo shorts. He pulled one out. They resembled swimming trunks with a silky silver mesh brief inside. He dropped his jeans and boxers and tried them on. They fit like a glove. The brief part fit snuggly, almost pocketing him. He noticed a plastic capsule in the pocket that seemed to be attatched. Now he was curious. looking through the rest of the box he found a small box marked 'Hers'. He opened it revealing a keychain resembling a small car door remote with two buttons. One of the buttons was marked 'B' and the other was marked 'Z'. Chase hit the 'B' button. Suddenly, he felt a pleasant throbbing buzz on the tip of his penis. It stopped when he let the button up. "Hmm.. Could get used to that too." He said to himself. Next he touched the 'Z' button..
In the bedroom, Nikki was still putting away her clothes and organizing her things in the dresser when she heard what sounded like a yelp from the other room.
She called, coming out to the living room. There she found him wincing with his hand between his legs.
"Here. It says this is for you. Just stay away from the 'Z' button.. ..If you would." Chase handed her the remote.
"Why? What does it do?" She said, touching the button.
"Oww!" Chase grabbed himself again.
stands for 'Zap' I take it?" Nikki laughed. "Your little soldier okay?"
"The soldier's fine. ..Feels like you just slapped his buddies though." Chase chuckled, still wincing
"What does the other button do?"
"It's ALOT more pleasurable for everybody down there." Chase said quickly.
"And I'm supposed to hang on to this, huh?" Nikki smirked.
"I don't see any other woman around do you?" Chase said, now fully recovered.
"Still, don't you think asking your mother to control your little pleasure pants is a bit Nikki snickered.
"The more inappropriate the better!" Chase replied, grinning.
"Okay hotshot. Whatever." Nikki laughed and made him flinch as she pretended she was going to zap him again.
"Well that takes care of the shorts for the week. How about we go shirt shopping when I get back from work?" She asked, putting the remote in her purse.
"Sounds good to me." Chase answered.
Nikki Kissed him on the forehead. "I'm off then. Don't get into too much trouble while i'm gone." She turned and walked out the door.

Returning to the Radisson, Nikki set about getting the account wrapped up. For one reason or another, she wasn't making the same kind of head way as she had the previous night. She was sore and felt a bit preoccupied somehow. Once again, she worked with the hotel staff into the night. She called Chase and told him she couldn't keep her shopping date with him but, in a few more hours the Radisson would be done and over with.
By the time she returned to the chalet, it was dark. Afraid Chase may be sleeping she kicked off her pumps and walked softly in the sand to the sliding door around back. It was open and a light was on. As she approached it, she saw chase facing the other way on the couch. She stopped and held her breath as she saw his arm moving. It was moving at a very distinct rhythem. '..Oh my god!' She thought. Her son is masturbating right there infront of her! She could only see his head and the edge of his arm as it moved. She could also see a familiar material flashing in and out of view in rythym with his arm. In his other hand, he was holding his phone. It had a picture of some girl's boobs in a low-cut blouse on it. She saw him adjust the view on his phone, zooming it in. His pace quickened. Nikki squinted to see if she could make out the picture her son was so desperately in love with. Suddenly she recognized the color of the girl's blouse. It wasn't any girl at all. It was a picture of HER! His paced quickened again and she could hear his breathing getting louder. Nikki's head swam with every emotion known to a mother. Suddenly the material she was getting just a glimpse of registered in her mind. Her knees went weak. The gravity of the what she was witnessing hit her like a freight train. She was watching her son stare lustfully at a picture of her breasts and Jerk off in a pair of her own panties! Her legs were foundering. One of her knees gave out as she over heard him let out a moan and increase his pace even further. Dropping to one knee, she felt a drop running down her inner thigh. Soon she found herself lying face down gripping the wooden planking. Shutting her eys, her lips quivered as he let out another moan. She pushed her hips into the deck. Hearing her son erupt with a grunt and then another, she whispered a moan of her own. Unconsciously, she moved her hips up and back down into the decking, digging her fingernails into the wood with each grunt and groan that escaped him. His frenzy finally faded, and they both lay in there respective positions catching their breath.
Nikki raised her head hearing him get up from the couch. She saw her panties fall to the floor as he went for the bathroom. She stared at them unbelieving. She couldn't even recognize their color. Her favorite black lace panties were completely immersed in his cum. The shear amount that covered them was staggering! It was everywhere! It was running down the side of the couch, and even on the wall next to it. Nikki was in a state of shock. How on earth did that much come from one person? How was it was even possible? It suddenly dawned on her to snap out of it. She had to get out of there without him seeing her and now was her chance. She quickly got up and backed off of the deck. Her head swimming, she headed straight for the bar.

How was she going to deal with this? How was she going to address it? She just saw her son masturbate in her panties. She just witnessed her own son cum in her panties as he looked at a picture of her. "..In my panties.." She said to herself, trying to grappel with the reality.
After a few drinks she was finally able to relax. 'It's not the first time a son jerked off about his mother and it wont be the last, I'm sure.' She thought to her herself. In fact she was flattered. He loved her and, the truth was that she loved what she saw him do. She felt as if she had provided yet one more thing for him. Another piece of the world he could wrap his mouth around and devour. She looked down at her breasts. They'd swollen. Her nipples throbbed. As a young mother, her breasts had provided so much for him. So much for them both. The hours of holding him and rocking him and humming as he gently sucked on her. Now she had provided a sweet release for him. Her breasts began to ache. Sensative and heavy. They felt exactly as if she was still breast feeding. That ache. That headache feeling in every inch. She remembered it well. It meant she was full. On the verge of bursting with a missed step or even a deep breath. For a moment, she thought she actually would. She actually thought she might feel her nipples open back up right then and there. It was at that moment when her view on the whole matter fell into place.
'..If she turned him on then so be it. Let him be turned on. Let him Jack off and imagine me.' She thought. 'So he thinks I'm sexy and he wants me.. That's a problem?? Afterall, shouldn't a mother want her son to worship her? And what harm does it do anyone exactly? He's MY son and he can think about me and jerk himself off whenever he damn well feels like it!'
Nikki left the bar feeling as if a wieght had been lifted from her shoulders. As she walked back to the chalet she was amazed at the ease of it all. It was quite simply a non-issue. It was then, while stepping off the boardwalk that she felt it. She froze and reached into her bra. Pulling her hand back, she hurried into the chalet and straight to the bathroom. She pulled her shirt and skirt off as if they were on fire. The mirror didn't lie. Her light blue cotton bra, not to mention her panties had turned dark. She leaned into the vanity staring into the mirror. Her breath went shaky as she followed a line from her underwire down to her stomach. She blinked as it dripped from her belly button to the marble counter top. All she could manage was a whisper. "My god, this can't be

story by: TheHollow

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Author: TheHollow

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