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My day started out as usual with me waking up to ny lab pacing around my room. This was her choice way of waking me up. I groaned a little and got up to take hee outside. I came inside and stepped into the shower. I trembled a little as the warm water began to run over my body. My girlfriend and I had been on a break for the past three weeks due to some relationship problems and being as faithful as I am I hadn't done anything to jeapordize our progress. However it had also been a little over three weeks since she had touched me and I was beginning to go a little crazy.
I soaped up and as my hands slid up my thigh my mind mind began to wander. I began to think of Kayla and the way she used to touch me. she always began by kissing my lips work her way down to my neck. Her lips always made me tremble and as she slid her tongue down my neck and to my chest brushing my cleavage I let out a soft moan. Her hands always seemed to know just where to go on my body as she kneaded my breasts, working my nipples adeptly with her tongue. She always got this sexy little smile as she sucked on them because she knew how wet it got me.
And it was no different now. Soon it was impossible to differentiate between the moisture of the shower and the wetness between my own legs. At this point I couldbt control myself…thinking of her slipping her fingers into me caused my own fingers to slip between my pussy lips. My hips slid down to greet them excitedly. I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall of the shower and let Kayla fuck me. she started out slowly and as she went she slipped another finger into me.
Just when I thought it would drive me nuts I thrust my fingers deep into myself. My muscles tensed as a strong orgasm racked my body.
I opened my eyes still panting heavily and let my hands fall to my sides. I bit my lip torn by sadness and lust. I missed her so much and even my intense fantasy did not do our wild love making justice.

After I dried off and dressed I went about the rest of my day. Running a few errands on my day off, cleaning up the house a little and taking the dog for a walk. My plans for the evening were to go out dancing with my best friend of ten years. Tanner and I had bonded over a shared boredom in our small Home town and in fact we had discovered that our sexualities leaned towards the same sex at around the same time. He had been the first person I had come out to and had supported me ever since.
It was our Saturday usual to go out to the local nightclub. Saturday nights were their featured pride night and it always turned out to be a good time. I hadn't gone since Kayla and I's break had begun but Tanner had been having a rough week and had practically begged me to go. I begrudgingly agreed.
the evening neared and I began to get ready. I combed and straightened my shoulder length dark brown hair. It fell in layers around my face and actually looked pretty good at the moment. I put on some Jean shorts and a camisole and a fitted t shirt that showed off my boobs. The necklace I had picked out featured a small black heart with blue diamonds that sparkled just enough to enhance the hazel flecks in my chocolate colored eyes. I put on a pair of converse and some light makeup and was ready to go. I took a final glance in the mirror and was surprised at how good I looked for the short amount of time that I had spent. I sprayed on a couple of flirty perfumes to ensure that no one else smelled like me and then hurried out the door.
I picked up Tanner at his house and we were soon on our way. As we pulled up to the club the bass from inside shook the car with each opening of the entry doors. I had just turned twenty one a few weeks ago and had yet to go out legally so I was rather excited.
after we had been carded and had been let inside Tanner grumbled a little bit at the fact that I could drink. He rubbed bitterly at the black marker Xs that would surely end up stamped somewhere on his face the next morning. Kesha remixes boomed through the speakers and neon lights flashed across the mass of bodies grinding on each other on the dance floor. It was already a little hot in here but I didn't mind it much. Tanner did his usual of mingling with the groups of lesbians that he had befriended over the last few months and I quietly excused myself to get a drink.
After ordering and downing a pornstar I ordered a hypnotic on the rocks and sat down to drink it at one of the excluded and practically empty tables in the far corner of the club. I was nearly finished when Tanner stumbled over and yelled in my ear. "Danielle come on let's dance!"
"Tanner you know I don't dance unless im drunk..im /> "Drink fast then and let's go."
I sighed before downing my drink. I quickly ordered another, downing it before allowing myself to be lead to the dance floor. He immediately started drunkenly dancing on me and I moved as little as possible..just enough to keep him satisfied that I was indeed dancing. However as I did so the alcohol I had already consumed began to hit me. I began to move in rythym to his movements and was feeling pretty good when all of a sudden I felt someone moving behind me. Tanner immediately got this wicked smile on his face and began to dance a little farther from me. From his reaction I knew it was a girl.
Feeling a little nervous I danced with her. Her hands made their way to my waist and she guided my hips with her hands. Her body felt warm as she pressed into me and I was painfully aware of her breasts pressing into my back. More and more of the alcohol hit me making me feel a little bit brave and I allowed my hands to move to hers. I guided her hands higher up and allowed her to slide her hands up my sides.
Then to my surprise she had me pressed against the wall and she was grinding on me to the music. I pressed my ass into her hips and let her hands explore. it was dark enough in the club and the surrounding groups were drunk enough that no one really paid any attention. I gasped a little as her hands played with the hem of my shirt and I caught my breath as her fingers made.contact with the skin just above my shorts.
I tried to turn around but she kept me pinned against the wall. I gave in and let her hands slide a little higher. The feelings she was giving me were too exciting and too familiar to fight. Her hands made their way up to cup my breasts through my black lacey bra and I felt her squeeze them gently. Her mouth found its way to my neck and her tongue flicked over my skin making me shiver. She kissed and sucked all the way down to my shoulder and then nibbled on my ear as her hands found their way under my bra. Her fingertips slid over my nipples and I felt my whole body flood with heat. She squeezed and played with my tits until I couldn't take it anymore..I slid my hand up to hers and then allowed both of our hands to slide down between my legs. I felt her breathing quicken as her fingers traced the wetness that had soaked through my shorts.
My own breathing became heavier and she teased me with her fingertips. I looked to my side's nervously to see if anyone was watching. If they were they didn't seem to care. She kept her body pressed hard against mine as she began to rub me gently through my shorts. My hips instinctively pressed inter her touch and I felt a groan escape my lips. My eyes closed as she began to rub more fervently. soon I couldnt tell if I was moving intime to the music or her touch.
Just when I thought I couldnt take it anymore she slid her hand down to my thigh teasing the hemline at the bottom of my shorts. I was so horny and filled with lust at this point that I tried to turn around again. after a slight struggle I succeeded. I was met with a familiar set of eyes and potty lips full and ready to be kissed. There in front of me stood Kayla. Questions raced through my head but I knew.those could wait. All I wanted right now was her. On me. Inside me. Filling me up. I could feel the sexual tension between us and I knew she wanted me just as badly. Her eyes were heavy with lust and her lips were parted and inviting. I pulled her close and let my hand slide down to her jeans…she was soaked.
for a mere second I debated taking her somewhere and fucking her until she couldnt possibly take any more. But that would take too much time. I needed her now. I began to kiss her passionately and her lips collided with mine eagerly. Her teeth grazing.my bottom lip occasionally which she knew would drive me crazy. My tongue played over hers and her kisses set me to a whole new level of wanting.
Her fingers found their way back to the hemline of my shorts and she wasted no time in sliding them underneath. She played them between my lips before thrusting two of them as deeply inside me as she could. I gripped her back digging my nails in and biting her.shoulder in pure lust. She moaned in my ear as I rode her fingers. Her every thrust setting me alight and filling me up.

story by: Toomuchforyou

Tags: fiction masturbation consensual sex hardcore domination/submission bondage and restriction lesbian female/female sex story written by women

Author: Toomuchforyou

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