A night in the city

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A Night in the City

I was fourteen at the time. Very young age for sex but I was ruthless. I lived in Vancouver with my family, one sister and one brother. I was the rebellious one out of the two of them. I learned what sex was at an early age and started getting horney in grade five. I would look at hot girls asses but not their boobs because they hadn’t developed yet. This was just the start to my sexual experiences.

Anyways I got through grade eight fine. I had started eying different girls during the year; I even started a list of which ones I would like to fuck later in my life. My list consisted of Maria, Rose, Berea, Nicole, Dana, Jessica, and her friend whose name I can’t remember. I ended up fucking every one of them but that comes later on in my stories.

Now you have to realize how desperate I was for sex in grade nine. I had jacked off countless times but after a while it just doesn’t cut it. I had started brushing up against hot girls asses getting huge boners from that. The one girl that really started to like my attention first was Maria. She is so hot it’s not even funny. She had long black hair, brown eyes, a nice small tight ass, and firm tits. She was short and had a toothy smile and a giggly laugh. She plays soccer with me all the time and sometimes she bends over to show me her cleavage. She loves the sexy attention and must be hungry for sex that I was willing to give.

One day I had got together with Maria over the weekend and we went to the synthetic field to play pickup Soccer. She came wearing a very tight tank top and short shorts that gave me a clear view of her pussy shape between her legs. We played for an hour and then decided to call it quits. I still wanted to play so we went back to the park. Then the action started. One of my passes went way to high and we both went to catch it. I jumped into the air just as Maria did. We collided in mid air, crashing to the ground. I landed on Maria straddling her waist. Then her lust for sex broke through.

“Oh Doug,” she said, “I really like you. Did you know that? I know I said I had a boyfriend but I don’t. I wanted to make sure that I liked you and I do, a lot!”
“Yes Maria, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. You are so hot I could fuck you right here. Your legs in those short shorts and those firm tits, Beautiful!” I replied.
“Doug, make out with me.”
I obeyed. Our lips touched for the first time, we embraced and went into a more passionate kiss. We lolled our tongues around each others, exploring the other’s mouth. I was lying sideways on the grass hugging her and kissing her. My hands roamed down to her firm behind. I was quivering with excitement because I was touching Maria’s ass! She gave a little squeal as I squeezed it.
“Oh Doug, you’re naughty. I want more!”
This gave me a huge boner; it actually hurt in my pants. Maria reached down to my crotch, feeling my hard on through my jeans. My dick quivered a little bit liking the new sensation of someone else touching my dick.
“Wow Doug, it’s huge. Let me feel it, I’ve wanted your sex for months. This Asian wants your dick!”
I undid my button and zipper on my jeans and pulled out my erect member. Maria gasped as she saw my dick standing at attention, waiting for action. My dick jerked to Maria’s soft cool touch of her hand.

“Jerk me off Maria, you’re so hot right now you naughty bitch.”
Maria was on top of me, her hand whipping up and down my shaft, causing series of jerks and twitches. After a minute of exhilarating jack off I stopped her hand.
“Maria, can you give me a blow job? Please!”
“Yes Doug, I always new that you would ask me that.”
Maria gave that silly little laugh and her toothy smile as she approached my dick. She was lying on top of me, her head down by my crotch. She licked the tip of my dick, tasting my precum that was coming out of the top. Maria then lowered her mouth onto my dick really slowly, trying to take it all in. I put my hands on top of her head and pushed down. Her mouth went all the way onto my dick, causing her to gag a little.
“Ohhhh yesss Maria, your mouth is so warm. Yess suck me you slutty Asian.”
Maria moved her head up and down my dick in a rhythmic motion, giving me extreme pleasure. I humped my hips at her mouth to help her along with my pleasure. I had my hands on top of her head forcing it down onto my dick. She gagged every time my dick went all the way into her mouth. The warm spit and her hot lips running up and down my dick put me over the edge.

I forced her head down onto my dick taking it all the way to the hilt. I shot my cum out into the back of her mouth. Maria did her best to swallow it all but some dribbled down her chin onto my chest. Maria was gagging every time a shot of my warm cum came into her mouth. She sucked me until it hurt so I stopped her.
“Thank you Maria; that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. Your short hot body is looking really sexy right now.”
“What Doug, do you want to fuck my hot Asian body. Huh?”

Maria started caressing her tits showing me glimpses of them. The she put her hand down her pants and started fingering herself. It was so hot watching her hand inside her short shorts moving back and forth, in and out of her pussy. I was longing for my first fuck of my live, especially with Maria. We changed our positions around so I was on top. I made sure that I didn’t crush her petite body as I reached for her arm that was down her shorts. I pulled it out of her pussy and her pants licking the dripping Maria juices off of her fingers. It tasted sweet and musky, exactly what really turned me on. I ran my finger down her stomach to her short shorts and lifted the waistband. I reached inside and felt the heat blasting off of her hot snatch. I crept down to Maria’s wet pussy and rubbed her protruding lips. She shuddered, liking all the attention to her pussy.
“Oh my god, I like this a lot,” exclaimed Maria, “I’ve been fingering myself to your dick for three months now, finally I get some action from you. Yess, finger me sexy, harder. /> This made my dick spring into action once again, wanting some juicy pussy for the first time. I was behind Maria now, using two fingers to pleasure her. I felt the warm wet walls close around my fingers as I went in and out. Her screams of delight made my dick push against her ass, still covered by her short shorts. I lay Maria down and got between her legs to pull off her shorts. They were soaked with pussy juice that seemed to seep out over my fingers. I spread her legs and went in with my face. As I licked her cunt lips from the bottom to the top, she shuddered with pleasure. I started eating her, using my tongue inside her pussy; tasting the sweet juices flowing out. I licked her snatch and bit her clit until she couldn’t take all the pleasure anymore.
“Unghh, yess, OHH YEAH, YESS YESS. I’M CUMMING DOUG, YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM!” screamed Maria. Her sweet juices flowed out of her pussy, drenching my face. I licked as long and hard as I could until she stopped screaming and cumming. I had finally made a girl cum for the first time.

“Wow Doug,” panted Maria, “I’ve never cum that hard ever, even when I jack myself off. I’m the horniest bitch you will ever meet. I jack off every night with either my fingers or a dildo. You make it so much better though. I want sex now. That made my stomach lurch and my dick spring up. This hot sexy girl wants my virgin dick inside her tight pussy. I really was looking forward to this. I thought I’d never get to this stage with Maria! I lay down on the grass beside Maria and said,
“Maria, get on top of me so that I can fuck your brains out. I need your pussy.”
Maria did what I asked and got on top of me and sat on my chest. Her pussy lips were pushing into my skin; I could feel their imprint on my chest.
“Ohh Maria, stop teasing and get your slutty body onto my dick.”
Maria replied, “I’ll get fucked now. I love you Doug.”

Maria squatted over my dick and grabbed it. She then slowly sat down on it, rubbing the tip on her pussy. Her snatch was so warm and I was so eager that I humped my dick into her pussy. It was amazing how her wet walls put pressure on my dick and there was enough pussy juice that I could easily slide my dick in and out. I went in even further, “Oooooooo yes. Doug! Baby, you’re making me so hot and horny right now. Give me more dick. Break my cherry hard and force your pleasure shaft into me!”
I pushed my shaft in until I hit a wall or membrane stopping me from going any further. I said to Maria, “This might hurt for a while but the pleasure that comes is worth the pain.”
“FUCK ME!” screamed Maria. I humped at her pussy as hard as I could. My dick shot through the membrane and into the heated depths of Maria’s pussy. “OW, FUCK THAT HURT. STOP STOP.” screamed Maria at the top of her lungs. The heat and pressure was amazing; the walls were so wet that they were squishy against my dick. I kept my shaft lodged in Maria’s pussy until most of the pain subsided. Then I started moving my dick back and forth slightly. Maria was still in pain but after a minuite that changed.
“Ow ow ooohhh ohhhh yeah that’s better. Unghh unghh yess mmmmm I like the feeling of fullness in my pussy. Your dick is so big. Fuck me now, its so nice.”
I moved my pleasure stick back and forth faster and faster. Marias screams of delight got louder and louder the faster I got. Her pussy was red and hot, her walls squeezed my dick out and opened up when I humped it back in. I rubbed her clit as she bounced on top of me; we were in a rhythmic motion of bouncing and humping. Maria was screaming, “Ohh yeah fuck my pussy, unghh yes fuck me harder. I can’t believe that I’m fucking Doug. This is, yesssssss, my fucking dream.”

Maria’s legs were bouncing and flexing as we moved, her stomach was right there moving with my dick. My dick was lodged far up inside Maria’s hot, wet, squishy pussy. Her face was contorted with lust and pleasure that I was giving her. I grabbed her waist and rocked her back and forth on my dick, trying to make her cum. I felt her ass and squeezed it, feeling the muscle and flesh that was bouncing up and down my dick. I then reached up and fondled her boobs, twisting her nipples and making her scream with more pleasure. Then as Maria forced the pussy down on my dick, I couldn’t hold it in any more.
“Ohh Maria, Im cumming hard. Im going to cum in your pussy, your hot wet sexy asian pussy. Yess ohh YESS FUCK UNGHHHH FUCK.” Maria came at the same time.
“OH MY GOD DOUG. CUM INSIDE ME. FASTER FASTER. I CAN FEEL YOUR SPUNK GOING INTO MY PUSSY AND MY STOMACH. FUCK THIS IS HOT. FUCK MEEEEEEEE.” I shot my first load into Maria just as she came. Her pussy was contracting around my dick making more sperm cum flying out into her pussy. It kept coming and coming. Then I was done. Maria squeezed her pussy around my dick, milking the last drops out. I pulled my dick out of her pussy with a squishy pop sound. It was limp and covered in sperm and Maria’s pussy juice. I stuck a finger inside of Maria, feeling the juice and sperm drain out onto the grass.
“Damn Doug, that was hot. I’ve never felt so good in my life. When you’re cum shot all the way up my pussy to my stomach, I felt as if my head would explode. Thank you Doug for the sex. It was awesome. Maria and I collapsed on each other. I had a finger in her pussy and she had a hand around my dick. We fell asleep together as a happy un-virgin couple.

story by: club69

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Author: club69

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