Dad can play, too. pt 2

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I woke up the next day with a plan already in my head. My little girl had been showing off her body to me for 2 years now. After what she did last night, I knew it was time to turn the tables.

By the time she got home, I was ready. We barely glanced at each other as she walked to her room. She came out in a bikini top and a short cotton skirt. As we settled ourselves on the couch, I was barely able to keep a straight face when I saw her eyes widen at what I was wearing. If she could do what she did yesterday without letting on, then now, it was my turn. I was wearing a special pair of boxers. They were black and were made from two different types of material. One was a see-through fabric, the kind really sexy nighties are made out of, the other was silk. The boxers were striped all around in alternating fabrics, which meant she could almost completely see my cock. I intentionally left them unbuttoned, thinking it might make things easier once we really got started.

The massage was different this time, I think she realized that there were certain consequences to what she'd been doing, and now she was unsure whether or not she wanted to go through with it. Too late. She didn't let her head fall back like she normally did, she barely blinked. Her eyes were glued to my crotch. I smiled to myself as I wondered just how much of my hard cock she was able to see. She seemed a little tense but noticeably relaxed when I finished the massage of her left foot by sucking on each and every one of her toes, first all together, then individually. She couldn't suppress a loud moan, or resist letting her head fall back. I used the oppurtunity to get a good look at her pussy. I was in for a bit of a shock. I'd been so busy being nonchalant, I hadn't noticed what she'd been doing as she stared at my cock. With her head thrown back and her legs spread, I had a clear view of her pussy, and was suprised to find her right hand between her legs, slowly rubbing her clit. She hadn't been tense, she had been busy.

As we switched feet, I decided to take our game up a notch. Glad I'd decided to leave my boxers unbottoned, I shifted my ass a little, making my cock come out of my fly instead of having it make a tent. I pretended to watch tv while I rubbed her right foot, and waited. I didn't have to wait long. I heard her gasp as she finally opened her eyes again, expecting to see the tent she'd been mesmerized by and instead seeing my exposed cock. I continued with her foot rub as usual. At one point, I felt her tense up a little, and smiled. I knew she'd just given herself a small orgasm and was pleased she gotten off while staring at my cock. I finished rubbing her foot, and gave this one the same treatment I'd given her other foot. I then shifted myself so both my feet were on the floor, but instead of putting her feet down, I kept her right leg on my left and continued tv.

I started to rub her shin and the top of her foot with my left hand, as I casually let my right hand drop to my crotch. I stroked myself a little, the sounds of her wanton whimpering spurring me on. As a droplet of precum formed at my hole, I used my finger to rub it across my head, then continued stroking myself. It was at this moment that I realized, for all her teasing, exhibitionism and masturbation, just how innocent she truly was.

"What is it, honey?" I answered.

"Um…what was that?" she asked softly.

"What was what?" I asked her, truly confused.

"That stuff that came out of your cock."

"Oh. Well, you know how your pussy gets wet when you're excited? It's sort of like that." I replied.

To this day, I don't know whether she really meant to ask her next question or if it just slipped out. "Does it taste as good as mine does?" she asked, then blushed furiously.

I answered by using her big toe to rub the head of my cock. I rubbed until I could clearly see the bottom of her toe was smothered in my precum, then lifted her foot and said, "You tell me."

I'll never forget that sight. The way she pulled her foot up to her mouth, how the movement caused her already engorged pussy lips to seem to bulge, the curious expression on her face as she looked at her wet toe, and smile that came to her face when she tasted me. I was disappointed when she didn't put her leg back on mine, but pleasantly surprised by what she said next.

"Can I lay with my head in your lap, I-I'd like to look at you up close." She smiled />
"Only if I get to stroke your hair while you do it." I smiled.

She quickly got up, rearranging herself with her head in my lap, inches from my cock. As she stared with wide eyes at my cock, I pulled the front of her skirt up with my left hand, and started to rub the small strip of pubic hair that she doesn't shave. She quickly looked at my face.

"What are you doing, daddy?" She half moaned.

"I told you, you can stare at me all you want, as long as I get to stroke your hair." I smiled down at her.

"Oh, ok," she breathily whispered.

She continued to look at my cock, I continued to rub her. I got bolder and bolder. I was soon stroking her lips and experimentally sliding my index finger into her. I kept licking her wetness from my fingers, then stroking her cheek or forehead before going back between her legs. I was in for yet another surprise as I started to slide my finger deeper and deeper into her and met some resistance.

"You're a–" I muttered.

She blushed as she said "I was kind of saving myself….for you"

She'd said those last two words so softly, I thought I'd imagined them. I kissed the first two fingers of my right hand and gently pressed them to her lips. My left hand continued to rub her, now concentrating on her clit, while I grabbed my cock with my right hand. She moved her head back to my knee so she could get a clear view of me stroking myself while I rubbed her clit. Whenever drops of precum would come out, I'd stop stroking, take the drop with my fingers and take it to her lips. She eagerly licked my fingers each time. I was getting really turned on, the feel of her pussy on my fingers and her eyes on my cock getting to be too much, so the next time a drop of precum formed, I tilted my cock towards her, she eagerly took the hint and used her tongue on my cock like she'd been doing on my fingers. I couldn't help moaning, my left hand stroked her clit faster.

I stopped rubbing her and asked her to lay on her side facing my cock. Once she was in position, I once again continued to rub her pussy. I pointed my cock at her face, not saying a word. She eagerly licked the head again. I kept my cock pointed at her and it dawned on her what I wanted her to do. She took my cock in her hand, and tentatively leaned her head towards my cock. At first she only kissed it softly. Kissed all around the head, then down the shaft and back up. I stroked her faster and faster, I could feel her on the verge. She kept kissing my cock, my hand started working faster and faster between her legs. I reached over with my right hand and started playing with her nipples through her shirt. My hand between her leg was going as fast as it could, and she was so close. I squeezed one of her nipples between my fingers and felt her grip my cock so tightly it almost hurt. I looked down at her face, contorted in pleasure. She let out a scream. Her legs were clamped on my hand, my fingers still moving back and forth on her clit. The scream became a moan. My other hand was still on her nipple, not squeezing too tightly, gently squeezing. The moan faded to gasps. Her hand slowly relaxed it's grip on my cock. I kept moving my fingers back and forth, slowing down until they were almost still, her legs would start to relax, then speeding up, eliciting gasps from my little girl, her thighs once again clamping down on my hand, again and again. Among her moans and gasps, I could tell she was trying to speak, but all that came out were unintelligible half muttered words. It wasn't until she threw herself to the carpetted floor from the couch that I realized she was trying to ask me to stop because she couldn't take, couldn't come anymore.

She sat up on the floor, resting her head on my knee, a faraway look in her eyes, the sweetest smile I've ever seen, on her lips. She was still breathing heavily, still coming down from her orgasms.

She whispered, as she once again took my cock in her hand, "Give me 2 minutes, daddy. That was the hardest I've ever come, and the second hardest, and third and…" She trailed off.

I gently took her hand off my cock, and moved her so I could stand. I told her I'd be right back and came back with a glass of water for her. She smiled a thank you at me, then started to drink as I took off my boxers and once again sat in front of her. She drank as much as she wanted, then once again grasped my cock.

For all her ignorance about the actual act of sex, she seemed familiar with how to stroke a cock. She moved her hand up and down my length, then scooted forward, kissing my thighs. She kissed up my thighs until her cheek was pressed against my balls, her hand never stopping it's up and down motion. She turned her head and started kissing my balls, gently sucking on them. She continued to stroke my cock and nibble on my balls, on stopping her oral ministrations when she'd notice precum leaking from my cock, then she'd lick the head, until it was impossible to determine my precum from her saliva. As she kept stroking, more and more precum came out, she stopped licking and kissing my balls, and started gently sucking the head. She started to move her head up and down on my cock, in perfect rhythm with her hand. Moving her head up until only my head was between her lips, taking a little bit more of me into her mouth on each downstroke. It wasn't long before she started using her hand to fondle my balls, my cock disappearing into her mouth. It was too much, seeing my little girl in her too tight white t-shirt, her hands playing with my balls, my cock deep in her mouth. I tried to warn her, but I was too far gone to make any real words come out of my mouth. It seemed like she was expecting it, and she expertly swallowed my first shot of cum. I was completely rigid, my hands clenched into fists on the couch, I didn't start to relax until I'd spurted at least 6 times into her willing mouth. If she'd been expecting the first two or three spurts, I'm pretty sure she hadn't been expecting the next four or five. When I was finally able to open my eyes and look at her, I could see some cum seeping out of the left side of her mouth, she continued to suck my cock, moving her head back so that only the head of my cock was left in her mouth, then once again used her hand to milk me. She made sure there was no more cum to be had before she finally let my cock fall from her lips, then she used her finger to scoop back into her mouth the small amount that had escaped her lips. We'd been staring into each other's eyes since the moment I was able to open mine again. Her gaze never faltered, not as she lifted my cock to her lips once again to give it a soft kiss, and not as she finally got up and sat in my lap.

"I love you, daddy."

"I love you, too, />
Our heads came together in a passionate kiss. Our tongues touching and pushing against each other. Her hands grasped my hair, my hands encircled her body. We stayed on that couch, kissing and fondling each other for over half an hour until I finally stood up, with her still in my arms and we made our way to the bedroom.

[i]Anybody want pt 3?[i]

story by: TSLogan

Tags: fiction consensual sex exhibitionism incest oral sex older male / female sex story foot or shoe fetish

Author: TSLogan

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