A short hop 2

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A Short Hop 2
By Pistachio

I noticed a young woman who looked like Betsy around the baggage claim conveyor like she was looking for someone. She was a tall brunette who looked as athletic as Betsy looked poised. She walked up to a fellow about 20 feet away and they spoke for a minute then she continued toward me. She had long muscular legs flowing out from a loose fitting red dress. But it was the warm inviting smile that hooked me. She stopped, looked around, then started walking right towards me
"hi, are you kevin green?"
"yes, but you must be looking for another Kevin Green" I said
"do you know Betsy Porter"?
/> "I'm her daughter, Anne. Sorry but she was in a car accident about 2 hrs ago and asked me to pick you up."
"is she ok"?
"oh I think she’s fine. She got a concussion and the doctors wanted her to stay overnight for observation. She's really sorry. I know you were planning to come over for dinner. She bought three really nice salmon steaks from the market. Do you think you could eat two?"
This was becoming awkward fast. I met Betsy last month in Fresno as a favor to a friend and ended up eating honey out of her pussy the next morning. Since then an hour didn’t go by that i didn’t remember her perfume, the view from her hot tub, and her perfect breasts. She had moved to Sacramento and this was my first trip to see her again. My wife thought I was at the holiday inn. I had felt so guilty all day, but also so alive with excitement. Now it looked like the trip was wasted. I needed to figure out how to get out of this awkward situation.
"so. what did your mother tell you about me?"
"she said you liked honey"
true" i said
She leaned into me and whispered.
"she said you especially like eating it on her" she paused and then smiled. "we bought some really nice chocolate syrup for your desert tonight"
I was speechless
"Ready to go"?
I grabbed my bags and we headed towards the parking lot. Perhaps this trip wasn’t going to be a bust after all
We snaked through the rows until she pulled out her keys and opened the door on an old Ford Bronco. I walked over to the other side and threw my bags in the back seat. The back seat was full of old snack bags, pop cans and music cd’s. I closed the door and got into the front seat next to Anne.
“Do you want to listen to some music?”
I said “What do you have”.
“Do you like the Clash?”
“Love em”
She grabbed a stack of CDs from under her seat and put one of them in her CD player. I’ve always loved London Calling and now we had something else in common. We drove for about 20 minutes. The window was open and the air was warm and relaxing. Her legs were amazing. Long and tanned and flawless. She had such a warm smile and we bantered about her mother and I for the whole ride. Apparently Betsy had shared every detail of our night together last month. I was getting hard just thinking about that night and Anne seemed pretty openly impressed with how passionate her mother had been with me. She said her father was almost never home, pretty much ignored her when he was home, and she was glad that her mom had found someone that seemed to appreciate her.
We pulled up to a brand new custom quality home at the top of a hill. I knew her mother had scored a pretty big raise when she moved here and obviously she was taking full advantage of it. Anne showed me around the house. There was a portable massage table in the middle of the family room.
“I’ve just finished this physical therapy certification course and should get my license next month. But I have to find 10 people and get them to fill our a questionnaire about my massage skills. Would you like a free /> “of course”, I said.
“Well, let me put a cover on the table and I’ll leave you alone while you take off your /> “She turned on some soft music, turned down the lights, and left the room. I took off all my clothes and got under the cover and closed my eyes. A couple of minutes later she returned.
“Feeling relaxed”
“oh yes”, I said.
/> She walked around the table and started applying warm scented oil on my upper shoulders and back. She was barefooted now and had put on a white smock. I recognized the perfume she was wearing. It was the same scent that her mother used. She had great hands. Strong and soft at the same time. She kneeded my back and then my arms. Then she shifed to my feet and started working up my legs. Her touch was electric. Occasionally her hands would reach under the towel but they always pulled back before she went too far.
“how are you enjoying the massage?” she asked
“You have quite the touch” I replied. “My only disappointment is that I can’t watch you work from this /> “Well, we can fix that she said as she turned me over.” Now I realized my comment may not have been a good idea. I had a raging hard-on going and my dick was signaling for some attention. She seemed to ignore it and started working my quads.
“Looks like you aren’t feeling completely relaxed yet?”
“Anne, I cant lie, relaxing is not at the top of my list right now.”
“What is at the top of your list? If you don’t mind me asking”.
“I’m afraid my thoughts are wandering, if you know what I mean”
Her right hand was working my upper quads now and just a hair away from heaven. She had me completely under her spell now. I was her slave. Then she reached under the towel and started stroking my balls.
“Is this what you wanted?”
“Yes, that feels so good”.
“Do you mind if I take off the towel?”
I pulled it away and she started slowly stroking my shaft with her fingernails on one hand as she stroked my balls with the other. She looked straight into my eyes and smiled as she tightened her grip on my rod and started stroking it up and down. Then she lifted her hand and licked it before leaning over and starting to lick the head of my cock. I closed my eyes to keep from coming right then and there. She was just too beautiful and I wanted this to last. She lowered her head over my head and started moving down my cock with her lips. She went slowly and stopped stroking my balls to keep me from blowing my wad, I reached over and slid my hand under her dress top and slid her nipple between my fingers. They were already hard and I could tell she was enjoying this also. She took her free hand and pressed it up against her dress so that my hand would flatten her breast and nipple. I opened my eyes and watched her bob up and down on my cock with her long black hair flowing between my legs. Then she lifted up and started stroking me hard until I came. It was like a dam bursting after a torrential rain. I was spent but she tucked me back under the cloth, turned me over, and said…

“That was nice. You have a great cock and I’ve been thinking about sucking you off from the minute I saw you at the airport. I’m going to take a shower and change into something for dinner. Relax and enjoy the music. Ill come get you in about 20 minutes. And with that she was gone.

Wow. I couldn’t stop thinking about Anne. I could hear the shower running and really wanted to see her naked. She had the advantage on me. So I got up, wrapped the towel around my waist, poured us a couple glasses of wine from the kitchen and wandered into the master bathroom. The shower was full of steam but I liked what I saw.
“Its about time you got here. Do you want to join me?”
“Do you want your wine now or later”
“Oh please bring it in with you”

I dropped the towel and opened the door. Her breasts were full and the nipples were dark and hard. She leaned over and kissed me and then started soaping up my cock. I leaned over and started kissing her breasts. She leaned into my hands and kept soaping my cock. As her nipples hardened I moved my hands over them and pinched them as we started kissing again.

was all I could say.
“I guess my mom was right”, she said, “you never get soft”.

She turned around and I guided my already hardening cock between her legs and into her pussy. It was wet, warm, and tight. Everything a man could want. She started grinding her hips against me and reached under and started stroking my balls with her long fingers. Just as my cock reached its full length she leaned forward and pulled away so that she could turn around. I leaned into her so that my head was just above the shower head and we started this long deep French kiss. She reached around and squeezed my butt cheeks and pulled me closer to her. The hot water was bouncing off my head and into her eyes and she started laughing. It was a wonderful laugh and wanted to make this fuck really special for her. I reached down and started stroking her clit and she spread her legs to give me better access. She ground her hips into my hand as if she was listening to some great jazz music and we were dancing at a club. It was slow and rhythmic and primal. She put her hands behind my head and started nibbling on my earlobe. She matched the rhythm I was using on her clit and soon we were in perfect sync with each other.
“mmm, that feels really really good.” She said
“Do you like having your clit /> I cupped both her breasts with my hands and brought my head down to start sucking on her left one. She pulled on the back of my neck and pressed my face into her breast as I nibbled on her nipples. Then she slowly turned around and reached back to guide my cock into her pussy from behind. The water was hitting me straight in the face but I didn’t care. I started out sliding slowly in and out of her pussy but she wanted it faster.
“Now, fuck me hard” she insisted.
I pressed her hard against the shower wall and started grinding my cock into her pussy. She reached down and grabbed my balls and squeezed. Her breathing got ragged and she started to cum. She was shaking and I kept her pinned to the wall.
“Oh, She whispered. “That was />
She turned around and gave me another long deep kiss and then she led me out of the shower. I picked up my towel from the floor and wrapped it around myself.

“You can’t wear that towel all night” she said as she handed me a pair of pajamas with racing cars on them. I got these for my dad last Christmas. First she put on her mom’s robe that I had seen last month, then leaned over and started stroking my cock through her fathers pants.
“Oh daddy, can I suck your cock?” She said as she kneeled down and pulled out my cock for a taste. I got hard pretty quickly but I was starting to get pretty sore. I was still flying from the shower scene but I knew I wasn’t going to come back that quick. After a couple of minutes she tucked me back into her father’s pajamas.
“Sounds like you and your daddy have a special I suggested.
“Oh please” she said. “I’m into fantasy, not horror.
“Give me a bit of time and I’ll be ready for round three”
“I’m counting on it” She said with a mischievous grin on her face. “And you get to start round three whenever you are ready. As for me I could fuck you all night if you had the energy”.
“Got any of those energy bars?”

With that we wandered back into the main part of the house and worked together to make a really nice dinner. I did the salmon with a simple buerre blanc sauce and she made an Asian salad with some steamed vegetables.

“I know what I want for dessert” I said
“What do you want for dessert, Daddy”, she replied
/> “I’ve got a chocolate surprise all ready to go”, she responded.
“ok” I said “perhaps we can do a two course dessert”
"You must be really hungry"
"I wasn't talking about food"
"Neither was I"

Then she started hunting around the kitchen and after opening about 10 doors came back with a bottle of some gourmet dutch chocolate syrup. She opened her robe and drizzled the gooey sause all over her breasts and pussy. Then she took the bottle and squeezed a full load into her vagina. It started oozing out and she said, “Hurry, before I melt”

I started at the top and licked her breasts slowly and deliberately as I swirled my fingers through her bush and pussy. Its was getting really messy and gooey down there but I stayed the course to make sure I didn’t miss a drop on top. She leaned back and her breathing slowly quickened. She put her hands on my head and started pushing me down, down, down until my face was buried in her hot fudge sundae. I was in chocolate heaven.
"Would you like to finish your dessert in bed" she said.
"Perhaps with a /> Anne forraged around a bit and then came up with two glasses that she filled with tia maria coffee liquour. She turned out all the lights and led me into her mom's bedroom. She lit a single candle on the dresser. I sipped the tia maria while she took off her robe and gracefully took laid down and spread her legs. The room was dark and smelled like vanilla.
"cum and get it" she said in a very soft and seductive voice. And then she closed her eyes.
"I pulled down her fathers pants and started slowly licking my way up from her toes to her calves and then her firm thighs and finally her pussy which was now dripping in juice.
"oh yesss!" she moaned "Fuck me Kevin, fuck me right now"
But I ignored her pleas for release and kept sucking and licking and nibbling slower and slower until her breathing became ragged and her hips started pushing her pussy into my face.
Just as I sat started to slide up to suck on her breasts, someone opened the front door and walked into the house.
Anne jumped up and said, “Fuck, its my Dad. And I don’t think he is going to be very pleased to meet you right now. Especially in his bed with his /> “What do you think I should do?”
“Let me She paused, “You stay here. I’ll go distract him. Stay under the covers and see if check things out.”
With that she slid off the bed and put on her mother’s robe. The room was pitch black and she quietly opened the door and then closed it behind her when she left the room. She was gone about 10 minutes and then I heard the door open and close again. Then felt the bed move as she slid under the covers with me.
“What did you find out”
“Shh” was all she said, but her hands slid over my flaccid dick and started stroking it back to life.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea”
“Shh” she said again and then slid under the covers and started sucking my dick. It felt great but I kept expecting the door to open and her father to walk in and catch us. It was like I was a teenager again. But I quickly lost interest in the door when she started sucking on my balls and started sliding her finger up my ass. It felt sooooo goooood. I decided to let fate decide what was going to happen and just go with this wonderful feeling. She was so masterful for someone so young. It was getting closer and closer to the edge, when the door to the bedroom started slowing opening. I saw a hand, then an arm, and then I saw Anne! She was standing in the doorway with a big smile on her face.
She said
“Huh” I replied
“Are you /> Just at that moment the cover came up and I saw Betsy was driving. That when I realized they had pulled the old switcheroo on me. I never even suspected until I saw Anne. I was torn between the great feeling between my legs as she continued to squeeze my dick and the confusion around this whole situation.
“So was this all /> “Yep” they both answered at the same time.
Betsy added, “I’ve been watching the whole thing on her security monitor in the office downstairs. Now I wish I had ordered sound with that system.
Anne said, “Got any more room in there?”
“Of course” Betsy said and then Anne slid in on the other side of the bed. Anne crawled on top of my face and pressed her dripping wet pussy right where it belonged. I started swirling my tongue in her pussy and tasting the chocolate all over again. But this time I had the extra pleasure of feeling Betsy slide her pussy down over my pole. She was soaking wet and I could tell she was ready to make up for some lost time.
She said, “Why are you all covered in /> “It was Kevin’s special desert tonight” She replied
“Can I have some dessert” Betsy asked
And with that I could feel them lead towards each other and start exploring each others bodies. I couldn’t see anything as Anne’s pussy was still being ground into my face but I didn’t care. Betsy was slowly sliding up and down my cock and it felt great. I kept licking and nibbling on Anne’s pussy and felt her start to wiggle and squirm as she started to build towards another orgasm. I could hear her panting and then suddenly her pussy erupted with juices right into my face. It was glorious.

She sat up started focusing all her attention on Betsy. She put her hands on Betsy’s shoulders and gently pressed her back onto the bed so that she could start sucking on her clit, then she slid around so they could “69” one another. I sat up and reached over to grab my drink which was half full on the nightstand. I was getting hard again seeing the two of them go at it. Betsy reached over and started stroking my cock while I sat there sipping Tia Maria and watching these two amazing women pleasure each other.
I said. “You two sure have a special .
was all that they said. They both sat up and Anne started kissing Betsy’s tits while Betsy reached down and started finger fucking her. Betsy took the drink out of my hands and took a long sip which she swirled around in her mouth. Then she went back down on Anne and started sucking on her clit again. Anne leaned back and had the most astounding climax. She was actually shaking afterwards. Then she reached into the nightstand and took out a dildo that she inserted into Betsy’s pussy and slowly worked it in and out of her pussy while she licked her clit with her tongue. Betsy leaned back and enjoyed every moment of it as Anne did her magic and took her to the mountaintop. I leaned over and started kissing Betsy and she took her hand off my cock and started stroking my balls. Both Anne and I moved to take a breast in each of our mouths and started massaging her hips and thighs with our hands. Anne reached down and slid the vibrator back into her pussy and then Betsy leaned back, closed her eyes, and had the strongest climax I had ever seen her have. Betsy and I fell back into the pillows and Josie got up and started dressing.

“Pleasant Dreams” she purred.

Betsy said, “Although my daughters name is Anne, this is my friend Josie. She has been giving me her special massages for the last month and I enlisted her help to have some fun with you. Thanks Josie, you check is on your table with a very nice tip”.
Josie replied with a wink in my direction, “I think this one should be on the house”.
I said, “This evening sure has been full of /> “Kevin, You should stop by my apartment for another massage the next time you are in town.” Josie added. my roommate and you might like to meet her too. I’m just a short hop from here”.

As Josie walked out the front door Betsy turned to me and said, “I hope you are going to be fresh for a nice breakfast in bed /> “I give you my word.” I replied. “And the next surprise is on />
To Be Continued…

story by: Pistachio

Tags: fiction blowjob consensual sex erotica cheating incest female/female sex story

Author: Pistachio

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