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My husband and I have been married for several years. It's been a challenge finding new and exciting ways to keep the passion alive in the bedroom.
One day, a friend and I came home from a day of shopping at the local mall. We walked in the door to find my husband, Herb, asleep on the couch with the TV blaring.
Quietly, my friend and I tiptoed to my room, being careful not to rustle the numerous bags of clothing and accessories we purchased. We giggled softly as we entered the room and laughed out loud after the door was shut. Dropping our bags to the floor we both heaved a tired sigh and lay on the bed, closing our eyes.
After a while, Jody opened her eyes and said, "Hey, Cheryl! I have an idea! Wouldn't it be funny if you got all dolled up in your new lingerie and go sit on the couch so when Herb wakes up he'll see you?"
"Hmm?" I answered. "But you're here. If he gets horny,it might be awhile before we are done. You'll get bored."
"Well, maybe I could join you?" Jody said innocently
I turned my head to look at her. Was she serious? I mean I fantasized about having sex with her, but with my husband too? Now that was something different.
"I dare you." Jody said with a teasing look on her face.
"Ok. I'll meet your challenge. Let's do it!"
Both of us grabbed at our bags and dressed in our lingerie.
Looking at Jody, she was stunning. For a minute I wondered what it might feel like to rub my hands all over her soft tight flesh. She was dressed in a purple corset with a black g-string and black stockings "Nice touch with the 5 inch come-fuck-me boots" I stated a /> she said. "Nice touch with the see-through nightie."
Looking her in the eye I sighed, "Well, here we go."
"Wait a sec, Cheryl." With that, Jody leaned her face into mine and our lips touched for a gentle kiss. Then she pulled me closer to her, the palms of her hands gliding down my back to grab at my ass while our mouths opened for a deeper kiss. We kissed like that for a few minutes, the passion rising in us, our pussies getting wetter. Breathless, we parted. I couldn't look her in the eye because I've never kissed a woman before and from the way she was avoiding looking at me I knew it was the same for her too.
Jody then broke the uncomfortable pause by just go out there and whatever happens, happens."
I answered trying to shake off the kissing episode.
We each took a deep breath and walked into the living room to find Herb lying on the sofa watching Cops. Nonchalantely we walked over to the couch opposite him and sat down.
"So, what is this about?" Jody asked.
Without turining his head to look at us, he said, "It's about this guy /> That's it. He turned his head and after a quick milisecond it registered in his brain that there were 2 women in his living room in barely there lingerie, sitting on the couch. He quickly sat up and asked,"What the hell is going on here? Why are you two wearing that?"
"Relax, honey. We just wanted to show you some of the goodies we bought today." I cooed flirtatiously. "Do you like it?"
His mouth formed a cute smile as he sat on the couch. Then he tucked the right side of his lower lip between his teeth. I wanted to kiss that amazing mouth of his! But I force myslef to retain my composure. Finding the remote control I pressed the OFF button.
suddenly, Jody nudged me on the arm as a hint to start stripping. I got up from the couch to stand in frontof him. He looked me over from head to toe, obviously liking what he saw. We looked into each other's eyes as I undid the sash of my robe. I could feel myslef getting wet between my thighs and my heart beating faster. As the robe slowly fell from my shoulders onto the floor, I heard him gasp.
I stood there quietly for a minute letting his eyes take in the sight before him.
"What do you think, Honey?" I asked him, giving him a wink and blowing him a kiss.
He gave no response.
I then lowered the spaghetti straps of my chemise one by one and let the gown slink its way down my body to form a puddle at my feet, revealing my matching pink bra and panties. His eyes followed it as it fell andwhen he looked up he couldn't contain himself.
Herb finally breathed, "Damn, Cheryl, I want to fuck you so bad! Look at it!" He was, of course, referring to the large tent in the crotch of his pants.
Jody laughed. Herb and I turned to look at her. She was still sittin gon the couch, staring at my husband with her lips parted. I even thought I saw the tip of her wet tongue graze her lower lip teasingly.
Feeling a stab of jealousy, I turned his attention back to me. With a quick flick of the wrist, the bra was off and I was standing before him holding my DDs in each hand, giving them a little jiggle before I turned my attention to the lower half of my body.Turning my body, I slowly removed my thong, bending at the waist as I did so. I looked at Jody to give her a wink of my eye. I'm sure the view from behing was impeccable as Jody and I are avid roller bladers. There I was, in the last piece of underwear I had on: the lacy thong. I stood straight up, turned my head tolook back at my husband, his eyes fixed on my ass. I wiggled my ass slightly to take off the thong, letting them slide over my hips slowly, then dropping them on the floor. I stepped out of the puddle of lingerie. Just to make sure that he niticed my pussy, I brought up my arm between my legs to give it a nice rub with my middle finger. I turned my head to look at Herb and he had a serious expression on his face as if he was concentrating really hard on the present situation. When his eyes lifted to my face, my tounge grazed my upper lip and i moaned. He was silent, but his breaths quickened
"Do you like your wife's wet, shiny pussy?" Jody asked teasing.
The soft, deep-throated moan he answered her with was enough to convince me that I had done my job well. I put one, then two, then three fingers in my pussy to excite him further. I moaned at the sensation it gave me. When all my fingers were dripping with my juices, i brought my hand to my mouth to lick it off, once again making sure Herb had a good view. I rubbed my pussy to ease the tingling sensation i felt and was surprised with how much wetter I became.
"Move over, Cheryl, it's my turn." Jody said. I obeyed and sat next to my husband.
I was shocked she would consider stripping for my husband. I thought they each shared a mutual dislike for one another. Jody confided in me once that she thought he was to authoritarian and conservative. Conversly, I knew that he didn't like her because she was blunt and had a wild-streak.
But there she was, towering before us in her lingerie. She smiled at Herb, then gave him the finger, much to our surprise.
"Fuck you too, bitch!" he answered.
Smiling, Jody first explored her body by first grabbing her to place it atop her head and then let it fall haphazardly about her shoulders. She then slowly caressed her neck and her shoulders with her fingertips, letting a moan escape her lips. Staring at my husband, she cupped her pert breasts then pinched her nipples making them pucker. Slowly feeling her way to her pussy, she alternated putting her hands inside the little matching g-string she had on. The sight was completely erotic as she placed her fingers in her mouth to lick them one by one. Herb's eyes were fixed on the sight before him. Jody blew me a kiss and turned around to bend at the waist. we watched as her ass bloomed before our eyes.
"Spank me, Cheryl. I've been so bad."
I didn't move.
"spank me, please? I know that you want to."
Without saying a word, I walked over to stand beside my best friend. Looking at Herb, I raised my hand high and spanked her right cheek.
"Is that all you got?" JOdy asked me menacingly.
I quickly brought down more spanks to her ass until I heard her start sobbing. Her ass turned to a bright pink at first, then to a bright red as I continued spanking her. I was turned on by the way each cheek jiggled with each slap. I moved to stand behind her to be in a position more accessible to her ass, when i noticed that her pussy was glistening with her juices. I knelt behind her, placed my hands on the back of her thighs, and touched the tip of my tongue to her wet hoe. Jody's body quivered and she gave a loud deep-throated moan. I couldn't help but moan, also, as I tasted the salty sweet juice. Curious, I delved my tongue deeper into her cleft. My tongue squirmed around searching for a prize. Her legs parted even farther apart and she reached her arms behind her to spread her ass cheeks apart. This allowed me access to all the delights hidden between her legs. She moaned and screamed, obviously surprised that I would venture so far. What she didn't know was that I already wanted to take this as far as it would go, fulfilling my fantasy and hy husband's as well.
"Yeah, suck it! Suck it, girlfriend! It feels so good i can't stand it!" she panted, barely able to get the words out.
Not only did I suck her clit, but i managed to jam three fingers into her twat. In a frenzy I worked my fingers back and forth until Jody trembled and let out a howl of pleasure. Her juices ran down my arm and as her moans grew louder and louder, I knew that she was on the verge of orgasm, I took her clit into my mouth and sucked as if my life depended on it.
"YESSSSSS! I"M coming, Cheryl! oh yeah! oh yeah!" Her body trembled as she let the sensation wash over her.
Turning around to face me, Jody began to kiss me passionately, tasting herself on my tongue. I ran my fingers through her hair as we kissed, loving every second of it.
After a few moments we remembered Herb and as we turned to look at him, we noticed his pants and boxers puddled around his ankles, and his fist pumping furiously at his cock. Both of us wanted his cock and crawled slowly towards him.
"If you want it, come and get it," Herb said as he waved his massive cock at us.
I crawled over to my husband to snuggle between his legs and kiss his cock and relish the familiar manly scent. Jody gently made her way beside me where she lapped at his balls. I heard him gasp pin surprise. I looked up to see his face and met his gaze. He blew me a kiss, then closed his eyes as Jody took his balls into her mouth one by one. I saw him tilt his head back and close his eyes in ecstacy.
"Damn, it feels good." he sighed, "Do you girls like it?"
we both murmured.
"Who wants to suck on this?" Herb said as he grabbed his hard cock into his fist and waved it around in our faces.
Immediately I grabbed it and let it slide into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat over and over again.
"Oooo! Suck it, baby! Suck it good!"
His cock covered in spit, I wrapped it with my hand to jerk it off. Jody lifted her head up to look at me and whined. I fed her his cock and grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head to push her head up and down on his cock. For a while I watched her take it deeper into her mouth until she gagged, my husband making quiet whimpering noises all the while. I gently licked at his balls, alternately sucking on them one by one. Then, Jody stopped sucking to jerk him with her hand.
"I want you to fuck me too, you know." Jody winked at Herb.
Herb looked at me, not knowing what to do.
"Go ahead, Honey, but you better make sure that you have enough magic there between your legs for the both of us. As lond as both of you know that after this is over, it really is over. You go back to being my best friend and you ," I looked into Herb's eyes, smiling, "go back to being my man. Deal?"
"Deal," they said in unison.
i slithered my body up against his to plant a light kiss on his lips. The kiss deepened with Jody watching. She then made her way up the length of his body on the opposite side and turned his face to hers and kissed him passionately while left a trail of hickeys on his neck. It was erotic seeing him with another woman.
"I want your tongue in me, Herb", Jody said.
She then stood on the couch to put her bush in his face. His eyes cast a sideways glance at me and I smiled. I watched as his tongue delved into the crack of her honey pot and Jody had to hold onto the back of his head to steady herself.
"NO wonder Cheryl complains that you don't eat her out enough. YOu really know how to do it", Jody breathed out.
"yessss! C'mon, Baby! Do it to me!" Jody screamed as she slammed his head into her crotch. The slurps filled the air but couldn't compete with Jody's moans. Wanting to join in, I reached behind her to jam two fingers into her cunt. It was dripping wer with cum. After a few jabs i managed to stick in a third, fourth, then my fist sank into her. Sliding easily, I continued to pump my fist into her. Jody let out a wailing scream.
I knelt behind Jody to jack off my husband's cock. My tongue made it's way to Jody's slippery hole. somehow my tongue met Herb's and we sucked each other's tongue for a few moments before returning our attention back to Jody's pussy.
"I'm gonna come! Right now! yess!"
I fucked her faster wiht my fist as he sucked harder and faster on her clit. Her body stiffened and her body collapsed onto Herb. Sitting limply on Herb's lap, I pushed her ass up so I could position his cock into her pussy. Once in, he pushed into her to the hilt. Tired after her exertions, only a low muffle emerged from her throat. As he slowly fucked her, I leaned into lick and suck his balls, slowly, just the way i knew he liked it. He moaned as if he couldn't handle anymore stimulation.
After a few moments of slow fucking, Jody regained her senses and began to violently gyrate bounce on his lap. Herb could only sit still and watch her. I reached to embrace her, pressing my tits into her back. I lightly cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. Herb started to really pound himself into her so hard his ass lifted off the couch. She leaned back to lay on me and my hands slid to her crotch to teasingly pull at her pubic hair. While one massaged the top of her pussy, the other sought out to massage at her clit.
Jody screamed.
She turned her head to the side and I moved to be in front of her and kissed her fully on the mouth. I separated my lips from hers and pushed her onto Herb to get the ottoman from the corner of the living room. Herb was still thrusting himself inside of her, but more slowly. I'm sure he wanted to make it last. I postitioned the ottoman underneath Jody's back so she can lie comfortably while we played with each other and Herb satisfied his lust. We kissed again. My lips moved until they embraced a hard nipple. I sucked gently. I grasped the other and kneaded it with my hand. It seemed that Jody was close to another orgasm.
she your dildo?"
"Huh? oh." I answered. Reluctantly I parted from them to reach into the drawer to pull out a black double-headed dildo.
"It's huge, Cheryl! You're so kinky!"
I straddled the ottoman and Jody's face. I faced the wall so that Herb could get a good view as I got fucked with the dildo. Jody licked my pussy and reached up to grab my ass to push it onto her mouth. As I did so, I looked down between my legs and saw her tongue reach out to lick my clit. My body shivered with the sight and sensation. Then she sucked.
"Suck it, baby! C'mon!" i managed to yell. "Suck my clit while my husband fucks your pussy!"
She then stuck two fingers into my pussy, obviously wanting to duplicate the beating on her pussy that she received. She spanked my pussy and i winced, loving the sensation. I could feel the wetness dripping from my cunt as her hand slipped around in my pussy. I lifted my head and let out a low moan. I head onto my left breast with my hand, mashing it until it hurt. All of a sudden, I felt the tip of the dildo entering my cunt. It slowly slid in and out. I soon was panting, and grinding my hips for more.
"Fuck me, you bitch! Fuck me deeper!"
She pumped the dildo into my pussy faster and faster, deeper and deeper.
"Damn! I'm gonna come!" I heard Herb yell. "It's coming!"
I heard Jody yell, "Hurry! Come and give it to your wife!"
I felt the dildo slip out and heard Herb quickly jump off the couch to plant his massive erection in my cunt. He pushed in deeply and let out a wild groan as he let out his load. After a while, I felt him go limp inside of me. He pulled out and collapsed onto the couch. I turned my head with a pout on my face thinking that the party was over and I hadn't even come yet.
"Don't make that face, Cheryl. I"m not done with you yet." Jody said with a sly grin. "Just wait and I'll lick you clean."
With that, she buried her face in my cunt to lick up our juices. She stuck the dildo in my cunt again and proceeded to pound it into me. Faster and faster she worked it until I was gasping for air.
"Turn over. I want to taste your clit."
I did as i was told and she enveloped my clit with her mouth. She sucked as if her life depended on it.
I reached down to spank it.
Jody continued to fuck me with the dildo, hitting my g-spot every time. Tingles going up and down my spine. I was on the verge of coming, but i wanted more. Then I felt her tongue on my rosebud. I felt my body shake with the sensation, my legs opening wider allowing her more access.. She tickled it and when she felt it soften, put the tip of her tongue into the entrance. I felt her spit into the crack and slowly work her finger into the hole. Concentrating on my asshole, she took the dildo out of my cunt, to leave her hands free to do whatever whe wanter to do to me. Her right hand reached up to slap my breasts, while her left hand continued to finger my hole. soon her fist was up my cunt, digging deeper into me and driving me crazy. She began to roughly spank my ass with her free hand until I cried out and tears fell out of my eyes.
Jody stood up and said, "I'm going to fuck you, Bitch!"
I could only whimper helplessly as she slid the head of the dildo into my ass. I moaned as I felt it go in. She pushed it deeper until she felt resistance, them slowly pulled it out, relishing the fact that I was suffering. Then she rammed it in, hard! I felt as if I got the wind knocked out of me. Then she pounded my ass until all I could do was scream. My legs were waving in the air spreading wider for the torture. My head hung over the side of the ottoman so I didn't see what was to come. I felt somthing slide into my pussy and I looked up with surprise to find that my husband had stuck his cock into me. Jody was still fucking my ass with the dildo. A double penetration! I couldn't believe it! Herb lay over me supported by his muscular arms, and worked his stallion in and out, slamming me into the ottoman. I was going crazy with the sensations. I was moaning and groaning from deep within my throat. I felt like I was dying from being fucked. Over nad over they htrust into me and I thought that it would never end. Then he pulled out of me to straddle me and jerk his member until he spewed his gooey mess all over my tits. AT the same time, Jody planted her mouth on my cunt to suck my clit and put two finger into my cunt. I lifted my head and moaned as he fed me his cock and I licked it clean.
"I'm done." Herb managed to say before he dropping himslef onto the couch and dozing off.
"DAmn! Shit! I'm coming!" I screamed. "Don't you stop, bitch!"
"Whatever you say, you fucking horny slut!" Faster and faster she worked the dildo and her fingers. I felt my whole body stiffen as once again she started to suck at my clit. My body shook and I let out a howl. Once my orgasm subsided, I lay limp on the ottoman, sweatingand exhausted. Jody moved to sit beside me and began to lovingly kiss my face.
"Now you look totally satisfied." Jody smiled.
"But my pussy hurts!" I whined.
Planting a kiss on my lips she reached between my legs to massage my burning loins. She continued to say something else, but she became a blur as I dozed off. I woke up a few hours later to find myself embraced with my legs entangled. I shifted and saw the face of my best friend a few inches above me. In my sleep I must have thought she was my husband. I looked around the room to find him gone. I heard the shower on and made my way to the bathroom. Standing silently at the doorway, i studied his silhouette. Feeling as though he was being watched, he instinctively turned to look at the doeerway. Seeing me there he said, "Are you okay?"
"Yes", I replied softly
"Come here."
I made my way into th shower and he immediately embraced me, the water spilling over us. I was wonderful being in his arms, as if we were the only two people in the world. I felt confident knowing that despite the events that transpired earlier, he was still completely mine.

story by: LOVELY MAID

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