Babysittting alex – part 3

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-=Ok, first off…I know a few words were written incorrectly, but that is due to the fact that I am doing my best to post at least one story from this saga per day, all of them dedicated specially to my boyfriend, also…from my point of view, the Plot itself is what matters, not the way it is written, so if you can understand it, fine, but let's face it…people enjoy plots like these, so sit back, take off your underwear and happy jerking ^_^=-

Monday Night

After our swim, we had dinner. I called Mark's house and talked to him, he agreed in coming over the next afternoon, again, Aky fell asleep on the couch watching some Hero themed movie…guy saves the girl, they kiss and all's good…I bet he couldn't take it because it was way I just kissed his forehead and took him to my room again…I laid beside him and stared at nothingness…my mind was full from things that had just happened…in less than 48 hours, I kissed, sucked, swallowed cum, took facials, got tied up and and all from sweet little Aky…from years I observed and talked to him, I could never feel anything for him…and now out of a sudden…I loved him…if felt weird…but nice…at that point he was cuddling me, so I just turned to him, putting my arm over him and slept.


I woke up, as usual and started doing the same things I do every morning, I took a bath, prepared breakfast, took out the garbage…the usual. Some time later, Aky woke up yawning and rubbing his eye like a small kid, he was naked, but that was normal by now.

He said before yawning again.

I answered.

seems happy today…" he said before smiling, a little tired.

with you right?" I said. "Later on I'll be picking Mark up…wanna come?" I asked him.

are you gonna pick him up?" he asked.

"I can drive…" I said.

"And….when exactly did you get your license?" he asked again.

"This year…why?" I said.

"Guess I'm said before laughing a little.

"Oh yeah? Come on…I'm not a bad driver!" I explained laughing.

"You'll have to prove it to me…"he said with a smirk.

take you somewhere before we pick Mark up, ooor…" I said.

"Ooor What..?" He asked curious.

"Ooor I can take you two to the Burger King when I pick him up.."I said. you don't want to go…I'll just pick up Mark so we can have a nice snack…I'll bring you a burger when we get back…" I continued.

"Awn! Now I wanna go!!" He said.

"Come on! I'm just kidding…of course you can come…but of have to..wear never seen you soft you know…" I said.

didn't notice you were naked as well…" he said blushing a little.

on table, let's eat" I said smiling.

"Right Right!" he said sitting down.

As I was eating he kept glancing at me, I could tell he was excited in having Mark over, so I lifted my eyebrow looking at him, he stopped chewing and smiled, so I started laughing while chewing, it was an awkward situation, but still funny.

"What are you laughing at?" He asked.

"I just never thought I'd be home, naked and having breakfast with you..just that" I said.

"Yeah, me neither" he said still eating. "when are we gonna pick Mark up?" he asked.

"After Lunch, and who knows…maybe his mom will let him stay the night…" I said.

"I sure hope he stays, I so wanna do stuff to him…" he said.

"You do know that he's straigth right?" I asked.

"It's worth a shot…he's cute" he said.

"Humm…Tell me…did he show reluctance answering the questions you made him?About his dick size and his jacking off?"I asked trying to figure something out.

was pretty much natural…so I told him mine too" he said.

"Then I think we might have someone curious coming here…but I can't say that for sure…" I said.

"you mean like…he's Gay or bi?" he asked.

do something about it…once, I got in the pants of a friend back in school when I was 14…I'll use the same tricks.." I said grinning.

"If he was bi I'd sure like it!" he said.

"Yeah, but don't make any kind of sexual move until I say so…" I said.

"Yes sir…" he said a bit sarcasticly.

"oh…you are learning it…maybe I can teach you my 'sexy voice' sometime… " My "Sexy Voice" is a deep manly and seductive voice I mostly used to play around with some friends back in school, some girls I met also told me that this voice made them get wet sometimes if they were caught by surprise…me being the same a little shy and a bit crazy boy, I'd always do that, but back to the story

"Cool then! Mr. Driver, I sure hope time comes fast…."he said handing me his plate and I got mine as well.

"Patience is nice sometimes you know…" I said moving to the sink to do the dishes, I really don't care cleaning stuff, I'm really patient, and I didn't have anything to do until after lunch, so I'd do other stuff to keep myself busy.

"I'll take a bath and watch TV, wanna join me?" he asked getting up.

"In watching Tv or taking a bath?" I asked smiling.

"Both" he answered.

"Then I see we won't watch TV" I said walking to him and going up to the bathroom.

"You bet we won't, or take a serious bath" he said Laughing and following me.

"You better do if you don't wanna stink in front of Mark…"I said laughing and grabbing him running to the bathroom.

After lunch, I got into my car with Aky, he was looking really cute with a white shirt and jeans shorts, also black All-Stars shoes with 3 colorful rubber bracelets, I was wearing some black shirt, long jeans, and also Black All-Stars shoes, with my shades, it was as if we were the inverse of eachother, I drove until Mark's house, which wasn't so far away, I left the car and asked his mother if he could sleep over, she agreed with the idea, simply because I helped him with Math some time ago, he climbed on the car with his bag and sat by Aky's side, he was wearing some dark blue shirt and dark green pants with sneakers, we kept on talking as I drove around the city, eventually stopping to buy something they wanted and having ice cream, then, as I promised, I took them to the Burger King near by and we got 3 giant burgers to go, and by the time we got to my house it was a bit late.

"I never really knew that your house was this big!" he said a bit surprised.

"Feel yourself at home" I said going up to my room to change clothes, Aky right after, so I pulled him inside my room.

moves unless I say so…" I said changing clothes.

"I know…"he said putting on his regular clothes. I walked to him and gave him a small kiss.

"Just to break the ice.."I said smiling. After that we went downstairs, I took my Xbox to plug it on the TV downstairs, we ate our burguers, talked a little and went to play some random games, I never thought someone could be better than me in MW3…but Mark was, if I recall…there wasn't one single time I played against him where I won, and around 10 PM we were still pretty much awake.

"What do you guys wanna do now?" I asked.

"I dunno…"Aky said.

"Me neither" Mark said.

"Then how about a small game of Truth or Dare?" I asked, my plan was starting.

"Sure why not!" Aky said.

"Alright, I'm in' Mark said with a smile, we sat knee-to-knee forming a "Small Circle" as Mark put it, we started with random questions with silly dares, until we went to the Sex stuff.

"Truth or Dare Mark" I asked him.

"Truth" he answered.

"Would you watch a guy on guy porn movie?" I asked.

after blushing a little Mark that depends on the Strike one…he was just going to where I wanted him to be…in fact…me and Aky.

"Now..truth or Dare Alex" Mark asked.


"if someone came to suck you, what'd you do?" he asked.

let it happen.." Aky answered.

"Even if it was a boy?" Mark continued, but before Aky could answer I jumped in.

"Only one question at a time…"I said with a smile. "Now you ask Aky.."

"Alright Truth or Dare Mark" he asked.

he answered.

"I dare you watch a gay porn right now…" Aky said.

"I would if there were any…buuut" Mark said trying to get away.

"no worries…I got my laptop…you can watch one online…" I said, he looked at me as if I had ruined his get away, which I did, I just smiled and got my laptop and put it at one video, twink themed, just 5 minutes though, he watched it attentiously and almost didn't make any sound, I heard him let out one low moan while he slowly put is hand on his now hard Dick, then the video ended, he was a little ashamed and was trying to hide the bulge on his pants, so I just looked at Aky.

"You know, you don't need to hide it…we all got hard ons…and we all know eachother right?" I told Mark, he seemed a little more relaxed so he stopped hiding his bulge from us as we revealed ours as well, he seemed impressed, but still a little shy, and that was cute.

"Truth or Dare you two" He said.

"Hum?" Aky asked me. So I put my arm around him and pulled him near me.

"Truth" I said.

"Are you two gay?" He asked.

like you…" I said with my mind clear.

he asked.

said. we could show you…"

"I think I'd like that.." He said reaching for his dick.

"Or maybe…we could do you…" I said getting near him.

"I guess that'd work too…." he said.

"now.." I looked at Aky as he nodded and faced Mark.

"Hope you like it…"He said smiling before kissing Mark deeply as both fell on the floor. I was watching as I sat on the sofa taking off my shirt. They kept kissing intensely, I admit I got a little jealous, but I knew it was more important to Aky than it was to me, so I let him have his friend. I kept watching as Slowly Aky was taking off his his shirt and licking his chest, it was hot, not a dead soul was making any kind of sound, all that you could be heard was Mark's soft moans.

"I've been wanting to do this for a long time Mark.." Aky said slowly taking off Mark's pants and underwear glancing at his 5'' hard he said before enveloping his dick with his mouth, Mark shook in pleasure as his moans became louder.

"Your mouth…your mouth is warm!" Mark said between his moans, Aky was delighting himself with Mark until he took it off his mouth and looked at Mark.

"I wanna try it too…" Mark said lying down facing Aky's pants as he took them off togheter with his underwear and licking his dick. Aky shook as well, his eyes were fixated on Mark with his dick in hand, once he put it inside his mouth, Aky moaned with pure pleasure, I noticed it was the same moan he let out when I first sucked him. He was loving each move Mark made, and kept on sucking Mark, when both felt themselves reaching their limit, they stopped their blowjobs and looked at eachother.

"I wanna fuck you…" Mark said facing Aky again.

"and I want you to fuck me.."Aky replied before standing up. Mark laid on his back with his dick nearing his edge ad Aky slowly lowered himself against Mark's dick, he moaned loud in pleasure as Mark held his hips, Aky wanted everything inside him, he was bouncing on Mark's dick feeling every inch coming in and out of his ass, that's when They couldn't hold anymore and Mark started lifting his own hips matching Aky's bounces.

"Oh Shit! I'm gonna cum!!" Mark screamed.

"Me too!" Aky screamed. Before exploding, his dick letting out jets of cum on Mark's chest and face with Mark slowly filling him with his cum, as the bounces slowly dissipated and Aky fell on Mark's chest. I was still watching, now with a raging hard on, that's when both turned their eyes to me, Aky got up from Mark letting his dick slide off and came to me lowering my pants and underwear, Mark watched jaw dropped.

"WOW! That's huge!" Mark said slowly getting near.

"I know it is…and I like it!" Aky said before sucking on the head, it was awsome…he really knew how to do that…and Mark was just obsering, even though they had come already they wanted a piece of me…Aky was sucking the hell out of me, and Mark came closer sucking one of my balls, I moaned in deep pleasure, 2 cute boys were sucking me off, and that felt amazing.Then I felt a finger on my butthole, it was Aky slowly playing with my hole sliding a finger into my ass, I moaned hard, I was already near the edge, Mark moved on to lick my shaft as Aky sucked on the head and fingered me, it felt way good..

"You two gonna cum!" I screamed before shooting my load inside Aky's mouth as he was swallowing everything but I felt he took some into his mouth and moved to Mark as they kissed, I saw some of my cum falling on Mark's legs, he swallowed everything and then fell on the floor totally exhausted…I felt light headed, it was just way got up and sat by my side on the couch.

"It was awsome asked.

"I still don't believe you two are bi…it just got me way…off guard…" Mark said.

"Yeah…you know…but you can't tell anyone…" I said.

"Well…I just had sex with you two…guess that makes me oficially a bi boy" Mark said smiling

"I guess it does, so…I'll take a bath…and…you two should too…look at those cummed chests…" I said smiling at them.

the bathroom?" Mark asked.

"We going to take a bath togheter right?" Aky asked.

mean..if Mark's ok with it…" I said looking at him.

sure..why not?" he said following me and Aky to the bathroom.

After bath we went to bed, we slept on my room and we cuddled togheter so everyone could get on the bed…we slept naked, I was in the middle, and Mark was on my left, with Aky on my right. I kept thinking of the plans for the next day, then I heard Aky whispering on my ear.

"Thanks Matt…it was perfect…I love you..a lot" he said.

"You're I whispered back before sleeping deeply.

-=Uhh this one was hard, see u guys on the next part! Thanks for reading!=-

story by: MattC.

Tags: fiction young blowjob first time bi-sexual cum swallowing anal threesome teen male / teen male boy / boy sex story

Author: MattC.

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