Barb and me

sex stories

I met my wife Barb, a friend of my sister Nancy, at a 4th of July get together at my Mom's house. Barb and her daughter Connie, who was about two, rode over with her to Mom's house. I'd been told by Nancy that this woman was just perfect for me.

My love life had been hit and miss in the five years since I'd finished college and moved to my job in the Seattle area. I bounced from one relationship to another, most ending in a less than positive way. I had become very good friends with a woman twenty years older than me at work. Our off hours friendship was limited to stopping for a coffee or an occasional beer and me spilling my guts to her about my inability to make a relationship work. I had been open with her about most everything but the sister, cousin, and mother fucking that had gone on in my life. Penny was married to a great guy named Michael whom I had met and chatted with at a couple of company functions. Both of them were really good listeners. Penny always was forthright, pulled no punches, and said what she thought. As one relationship after another fell apart, at the beginning she said things like, "maybe you get too serious too fast", which gradually changed to "maybe you shouldn't be sleeping with them so soon" and when my last relationship had gone tits up in the ditch she was very blunt, "You can't be fucking a woman within two days of meeting her and expect that you can build a long term relationship on that, no matter how great the sex is."

I had taken that clearly stated advice to heart and avoided physical relationships with the next few women I dated. I found that without the sex, I saw how little I had in common with each of them within a few dates and let the relationship cease without fireworks. It was kind of like being at a party when you're the designated driver and sober while everyone else gets drunk. Things that are hilarious when you're looped often aren't very funny at all when you're sober and can think clearly. So I resolved to continue my hunt for a match without clouding my judgment with sex.

I drove my restored 1973 Plymouth Fury III ex-police car over to Mom's house in great anticipation of meeting this "perfect woman." I went over a couple of days early to do chores around the house for Mom and when Nancy, Barb, and Connie arrived and I saw Barb walking toward me I was amazed. I thought that Nancy may have been right in saying she was right for me. Barb was attractive without being like a model or anything (a type I don't like anyway) and had a figure I was drawn to with a nice shape. As she approached I was trying to keep myself calm. I didn't know right at that instant that she had a little cutey like Connie until after Barb and I had greeted each other and gone into the house and Nancy joined us in the kitchen with her in her arms. I was taken with Connie immediately and Barb could see it. She made it clear that the two of them were a and I guess a lot of guys run like hell from that. Not me.

We had a great long weekend including some evening walks and talks and I felt like we had a lot in common in the way we looked at life, etc. The most intimate we got over that weekend was a couple of pecks on the cheek so I was keeping to my goal of getting to know a woman first. Going back Barb decided that she and Connie would ride back to Seattle with me and we had a pleasant drive across the state, chatting almost the whole way accompanied by the bass rumble of the Fury's 440 loafing along at 65 or so across the state and over the pass. She directed me to her apartment and after parking the car I helped her carry Connie and her stuff up to her second floor appartment. After I got everything in her front hallway I told her how much I enjoyed the weekend. She asked if I wanted to stay for a cup of coffee but I told her I needed to get up early for work in the morning and had better get home. As I was leaving, she gave me a nice kiss and told me to call her. I promised I would.

As I left and drove south to the house I called home, a three-bedroom rambler I'd bought when real estate in the area was depressed due to massive layoffs at Boeing, I was so excited that I doubted I'd be able to get to sleep that night. I managed to though and Penny noticed my mood immediately the next morning at work. "So what happened? This woman turn out to be nice?" She asked.

I said, "And how. She's got a little girl, a great sense of humor, we look at a lot of things in life the same, she's attractive, and has a nice body – just the shape I like."

She asked, "You didn't sleep with her, did you?" With a concerned look and tone.

I told her, "Nope. I'm getting to know her."

That evening I called Barb and asked if she'd settled back in after the long weekend. She had, and other than some interruptions with Connie we spent the next two hours on the phone. We did virtually the same all week and decided that she and Connie would come down to my house the coming Saturday for a cookout and some time enjoying the sun on my back deck. I could hardly contain myself as I got ready for the visit – bought steaks, cleaned the grill, mowed the grass, cleaned off the deck, and went thru the house from one end to another straightening up, then did it again. Saturday finally arrived and I met them at the front door with my heart racing. She got a little tour of my house and then we went out into the July sunshine on the deck. A couple of beers for us and a sippy cup of juice for Connie and we settled in the deck chairs and watched Connie putter around the deck exploring the new place.

Barb took Connie's little T-shirt off, applied suntan lotion, then asked, "Would you mind if I took her diaper off. I mean she may make a mess on the deck, you know."

I just said, "Nothing the hose won't take care of, I bet." She removed her diaper and slathered on some more suntan lotion. I told her, "Kids that age love to lose their diapers. Mom said it was tough to keep clothes on me when I was little."

Barb joked, "From what Nancy told me, it was hard to keep clothes on you all the way up till you moved out." I felt my face flush, Barb noticed it and asked, "Does that embarrass you?"

I said, "No, not really, but it never fails – you females talk about everything. It leaves a poor defenseless guy helpless, you know?" And I laughed.

She told me, "It's about the only way we can stay ahead of you guys."

I said, "Heck, if it was just me here, I'd probably be naked right now enjoying the sun and air as much as Connie over there. Look at her, not a care in the world. She's so lucky at that age. We should be so lucky."

Barb said, "Well, if you like to be nude, don't let me stop you. You won't bother me. After walking in on you at your mom's house I guess it would be old hat for me."

"And I thought you modestly looked away." I said.

"Only after I had a good look." She laughed.

At Mom's house, Barb had chased Connie into the bathroom when the toddler shoved the door open. It was the morning after they arrived and I was standing there drying my hair with a towel when the door burst open and Connie toddled in. Immediately behind her, Barb came charging in after her. She drew up short when she saw me standing there naked and we stood facing each other for a few moments. She looked away and said, "Sorry, Hut." And started crab walking sideways into the bathroom after Connie.

I said, "Barb, it's no big deal. I'm sure I haven't got anything you haven't already seen plenty of times." I picked up Connie and stepped over to Barb and said, "Here, Barb." She looked me in the eyes and took Connie from me before turning and walking quickly out of the bathroom. I stepped over and shut the door and thought, "That was pretty funny." then finished drying my hair, brushed my teeth, wrapped the towel around me, and headed out of the bathroom. At the doorway to the family room – which didn't have a door – I knocked lightly on the frame and said, "Barb, I'm outa' the bathroom now. It's all yours."

I told her, "Well anyway, I'll save the nude sunbathing for some other day." We sat out there all afternoon and the time passed so fast that it was time for Connie to eat for about the third time. She was obviously getting tired, coming over to Barb and standing there leaning on her leg with her arms wrapped around it. After Connie was fed again, I asked Barb if she'd like to put her down for a nap. I was surprised the little girl had lasted all afternoon without a nap but I guess exploring a new place kept her going.

Barb asked, "Do you have a place that would work?"

I told her, "I've got a big dresser drawer that's deep enough and probably about her size. We can make a bed out of that."

Barb told me that sounded fine and we headed inside to make up the little bed in a drawer and put it on the floor out in the back room inside of the slider where we could keep an eye on her. She told me, "I still nurse her just in the morning and night. I hate to stop, it's such a nice time for us."

I said, a rocker in the front bedroom that would probably work great for that." and Barb changed Connie and dressed her for bed and went into the bedroom. I waited at the door as she settled into the rocker and then told her I'd be out on the deck lighting the grill.

She said, "Well come back in when you're done." I headed outside, loaded and lit the grill, then returned to the front bedroom. Barb said, "This is the second one and she's got it almost drained. It'll be only a couple more minutes I think. She's slowing down like she's about asleep anyway." Soon after I heard Connie break free of the breast and saw her moving around. Barb said, "That's it, she's done."

I suggested, "Let me have her and I'll take her out to her drawer. Does she need to be changed again before she goes down?"

Barb said, "No, she'll be fine – probably till we get home tonight. I'll change her before she goes down for the night." I carried the little girl out to her drawer and put her down in it. She was stirring around and I sat down beside her on the floor and was patting her gently on the back and talking softly to her when Barb walked in. "You look like a natural, Hut."

I said, "I don't know about that but I've been in love with this little girl since she showed up on my mother's />
Barb said, "I know, Hut. It's one of the things that makes you so appealing. You have no idea how many men, some of the divorced fathers even, run like hell when they find out a woman has a baby. I saw in your eyes immediately that you weren't one of them."

I said, "That's stupid."

"What? That I saw it in your eyes?"

"No, it's stupid for a guy to run away from a kid like that. I guess you're better off that they do as soon as possible, huh?"

"Yeah, probably so." She offered.

The summer sun was getting lower in the sky and turning colors redder outside when we went back out on the deck. I checked the fire and told Barb, "It looks like it'll be ready soon. I've got rib eye steaks, baked potatoes in the oven on the timed bake, and a salad in the fridge. Does that sound OK? Oh, and a nice red wine."

Barb said, "That sounds great. What can I help you with?"

I told her, "Just being here is nice." As I headed in the house to get the steaks. I put the steaks on, asking Barb how she liked hers – another thing in common – she liked'em on the rare side of medium rare just like me. I was real pleased how dinner came out and we enjoyed it with the wine and lots of conversation.

Barb said, "And he cooks, too! I'll clean up."

"Only if I can help." I told her. By the time we'd cleaned up, finished the wine, and sat back down on the deck, it was getting late and I told Barb, "Why don't you stay here for the night. I don't want you driving home so late and after the wine. I've got the two extra rooms." She thought about it and agreed. So there was no hurry to come in off the deck and we ended up sitting out there until the stars were out, at least the stars you could see thru the light pollution of the area. It was past midnight when we finally came in, closed up, and I carried Connie in her drawer into the front bedroom.

Barb told me, spit up, peed and pooped on me so many times that I always carry a change of clothes in the trunk of the car. I'm gonna' go get it but I don't have a toothbrush or anything to sleep in. Could I borrow a T-shirt or />
I went and pulled a clean T-shirt from my drawer and gave it to her telling her, some new toothbrushes still in the package under the cabinet in the hall bath plus some other things you might need. Lynette frequently shows up here with no preplanning or warning, so I learned to keep stuff like that around."

It was a true statement. Lynette had been thru several relationships that always ended badly. Most of the time when another of her relationships went in the toilet, she'd show up at my place with nothing but the clothes on her back, stay anywhere from a couple of days to a week, never leave the house other than the back deck, wear one of my T-Shirts, and sleep most all day while I was at work and then be in the mood to fuck my brains out most of the night when I got home. It got so some of my co-workers could look at me in the morning and know Lynette was there by the way I came dragging in. I never had much of a problem with it except the one time when a girlfriend used her key and walked in on us just when Lynette was sitting on my face and sucking my penis, me with my tongue up her pussy and a marvelous tit in each hand. That disaster only got worse when I stupidly blurted out, "but she's my sister" by way of a mitigating factor. Oh well, that girlfriend and I were going nowhere anyway.

I showed Barb where the linen closet was and told her to make herself at home before giving her a little kiss and heading into my bedroom, closing the door behind me. After getting ready for bed and climbing in naked, as I always slept, I laid there with my mind roiling, working overtime, and it took me a while to get to sleep. I was awake early, about 6:00 o'clock though, since my weekday alarm was set for about 5:00 AM and my body clock was used to that. I'd usually wake up no later than 5:30 or 6:00 on weekends and be unable to get back to sleep. So being awake I went ahead and got up to use my treadmill. I tried to walk it at least four or five times a week so I got up, went to the bathroom, then fired up the treadmill for a brisk, thirty minute uphill walk. About twenty minutes into it I heard the toilet flush in the hall bath. Soon after, there was a light knock on my bedroom door and I called, "Come on in." Connie opened the door, stuck her head in, saw I was striding on the treadmill naked, and briefly looked embarrassed. I told her not to worry about it and she seemed to get more comfortable as she opened the door further. She was wearing my T-shirt and I have to say it looked a lot better on her than on me. It was just long enough to reach the upper part of her thighs and she filled it out nicely, obviously wearing no bra.

She told me, "I heard the treadmill running so I assumed you were up. Connie woke me up early wanting to nurse. How much longer do you have on the treadmill? I saw you have stuff for breakfast. You want me to fix some for us?"

"That sounds good. I've got less than ten minutes left, then I'll grab a shower." I replied.

"What would you like to eat?"

I told her, "Why don't you just root around in the kitchen and surprise me with what you find."

She said, "OK, I'll get my shower after breakfast." Then turned to leave.

As she started to close my bedroom door, I told her, "Just leave it open. That'll be fine." And she headed out into the hall. Here we'd had a conversation with me naked on the treadmill, her in just my T-shirt, and I was able to resist making an ass out of myself. Actually, it hadn't really entered my mind. This woman really held me in her spell. I finished up my walk, got my shower, and slipped into my gym shorts. If I wore anything around the house, it was generally my gym shorts with nothing on underneath them. I enjoyed the freedom of movement they provided. When I got out of the shower I smelled bacon cooking so I headed to the kitchen to find out what Barb was up to. I met Connie toddling around in the hall and picked her up as I got to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Barb was standing at the stove barefoot, in my T-shirt, cooking some scrambled eggs. The table was set for the two of us, bread was toasting in the toaster, and coffee was ready. I said, "Looks like you've been busy."

She said, "Oh it's nothing. It's almost ready. When I heard your shower go off, I just started the eggs and pushed down the toast to time it all for when you got out here."

"Very nice." I said. "I never have anyone fix me breakfast like this. It's quite a luxury. Can you stay on full time?"

"I doubt you could afford me on a full time basis." She laughed. "Are those the famous 'flasher shorts' I've heard so much about?"

There it was again – the females talking about everything. "No, those have long since given up and gone to gym shorts heaven, wherever that is. I've been thru a couple of pairs since then. What did you hear about them?"

"Just that it was about the most you'd wear around the house in warm weather as a teenager and how they leave little to the imagination when you sit down."

"Well, you're past the point of imagination anyway, I think. So they should be just fine."

"Oh, I'm not She said. "Here's your coffee and the eggs are ready." We sat down to eat, Connie toddling around and back to Barb on a regular basis to beg a bite of eggs. "She eats so little for breakfast after nursing that I just feed her off of my plate."

"What time do you need to leave today?" I asked.

"I have no other plans, so I can leave any time we want. Do you have any other plans? The radio said it was gonna' be sunny and hot like yesterday. I kinda' thought about enjoying some sun out on your deck if you want." She said.

I told her, "I've got nothing planned. You're welcome to stay all day. In fact, I'd love you to stay all day, as long as you leave early enough to get home safe." She stood up to clear the table and I said, "No way. You fixed all this, I'm cleaning up."

"Can you watch Connie while I get my shower? Actually, could you bring her to me when I call so I can give her a quick shower while I'm in there?"

"Sure, no problem." She headed down the hall and I made small talk with Connie as she toddled around the kitchen and I cleaned up the breakfast dishes. About the same time I finished loading the dishwasher I heard Barb call me from the bathroom. I scooped Connie up off the floor and said, "You're on, girl!" As I headed down the hall. I tapped on the bathroom door lightly.

"Come on in." I opened the door and eased in. The almost clear sliding doors on the bathtub hid nothing as Barb said, "Could you just pull off her diaper and T-shirt before you hand her in? Check the diaper first so you don't get an ugly surprise when you pull it off."

I sat Connie down on the counter and pulled her T-shirt off over her head, checked her diaper – all clean – then pulled the tapes loose and let it stay behind on the counter as I picked her up to hand to Barb. Barb was watching and slid the door open to take her, then said, "You want to dry her? It'll only take a couple of minutes for me to wash her up. Just wait there."

I sat down on the toilet lid and tried not to stare, but it was a losing proposition. Barb had a beautiful body in my mind. Some might have thought her a little thick in the waist but she had nice hips and breasts that were large enough to hang a good bit. As she leaned over Connie standing in the tub to wash her up, those breasts hung away from her chest and that was just too much for me – it's a definite weak point for me. I felt myself becoming erect in my gym shorts. Damn. She held Connie up in the spray of the shower, turning her this way and that, the little girl laughing as she rinsed her off. When she was done, she held her close to her, turned, slid the door back a bit and said, "You'll probably need a towel, huh?" I was standing there like a totally enthralled fool.

"Oh, yeah." I went out into the hall and grabbed one of my big beach towels with a crazy, colorful pattern on it and went back into the bathroom.

"Oh she'll like those colors." Barb said. I put the towel over my arms and held them out to take the toddler. Barb handed her to me and I wrapped her up in the towel. As she closed the door and turned back to the shower she said, "I didn't get any clothes out for her yet. Just keep her wrapped up in the towel until I get out."

"OK." And I headed out of the bathroom. In the front bedroom, I sat on the edge of the bed and played with Connie as I made sure she was dried off well. She was in a happy mood and was jabbering about all the colors on the towel as she pointed to them. When Barb came into the room with a towel wrapped around her I was sitting there holding Connie close, her bundled up in the oversize towel. I said, "Here's Mommy!" and handed her to Barb as I headed for the door. "I'll give you some privacy." I tossed over my shoulder as I closed the door behind me.

Out in the kitchen I sat down to sip on a fresh cup of coffee as my mind spun around slowly, gently, thinking about Barb. She definitely was casting a spell over me like no other woman had ever done before. Her sense of humor, her opinions, her appearance and the confidence with which she carried herself, the funny little half smile with her eyes twinkling, all worked together to put me in a full Nelson and make me want to surrender to her. She was clearly taking over my heart.

Wearing nothing but a diaper and a big smile, Connie came toddling out into the kitchen first followed by Barb who was in a pair of shorts and an Olympia Beer T-shirt, obviously sans bra. She went thru the kitchen, opened the slider, and stepped just outside on the deck. "It's gonna' be a beautiful day, Hut! There's not a cloud in the sky." She exclaimed. "I love these kind of days around here!" She was right, of course. With all the rain we get in the area, the sunny days of July thru early October are always welcome. I took my coffee and went out on the deck with her. The air still had a bit of morning coolness to it. Just enough that, in my gym shorts, the air felt a little cool.

I said "It's still a little cool out here for me. I'm gonna' run out and get the paper and read it while it warms up." When I came back in the front door, Barb was sitting on the couch in the living room bouncing Connie on her lap. I sat down with her and we spent the next hour reading the paper and talking about various items we saw. We were both kinda' newshounds. By the time we finished, Connie looked like she was getting kinda' sleepy.

"I better put her down for a nap." Barb said. I got up and went in the front bedroom to get our drawer bed for her. When I got back, Barb had just finished changing her. Connie looked like she was about to fall asleep, so she put her in the bed, covered her with a blanket, sat down on the floor to pat her back as she settled in for a nap. She was out pretty fast.

Meanwhile I had checked the temperature outside and though it was not even 10:00 o'clock yet, it was already quite warm. I told Barb, "It feels pretty nice out here now." And I went out onto the deck. The sun was very warm feeling. I pulled out two loungers and set them up aside one another. Barb came to the door and I asked her "Which way do you want the loungers facing?"

She came out the door, looked around, and said, "Toward the sun, I guess, if we want tanning." Looking around again, she added, "Your deck is private, isn't it?"

"With the space between the houses and the privacy fence around the yard, yes, it is. Sometimes I'm able to close my eyes and feel like I'm the only soul around." I replied.

"With all the apartments and decks, my deck at the apartment is about as private as a downtown street corner. To tan with any privacy I have to go to the tanning salon and pay them."

"Well, it's private here, except for me, of course." I offered.

"Yeah, well I'm not worried about you. You're harmless." She said as she pulled her Olympia Beer T-shirt off over her head then pushed her shorts down and kicked them off. She wasn't wearing any underwear.

I stood there in shocked disbelief. "You have a beautiful body, Barb." I stammered. "That must've sounded like I'm some kinda' pervert or />
"Oh, no. I can take it as a compliment rather than a leer." She replied as she laid back on one of the loungers. few women who are happy with their bodies. I've given up on mine as far as it looking any better."

I was still standing there as I replied "It looks fine to me, Barb, real fine." As she laid back on the lounger her breasts hung a little to the side, a little toward her abdomen. I think I tented the front of my gym shorts immediately.

She looked up at me and said "Hut, you're standing there looking like this is the first female body you've ever seen up close. I know that isn't true, so take a deep breath before you pass out or something. You're looking like you're totally paralyzed except for that." She motioned toward the tent on the front of my shorts. "I'll just take your current state as the supreme compliment if you'll just relax and sit down."

I sat down on my lounger then stood up, took my shorts off, and sat back down again before swinging my legs onto the lounger and lying back.

Barb looked over at my erection, standing up off my abdomen, and laughed. "You guys are all the same in that department, in the way it responds, anyway, aren't you?" She ribbed.

I said, "They have minds of their own and when confronted with a beautiful female form they just have to stand at attention and acknowledge it." She laughed, laid her head back and closed her eyes to soak in the sun. She had no tan lines to speak of so she must have spent enough time on a tanning bed to overwhelm them. Without opening her eyes, she pushed her light brown, almost dark blonde hair back off her shoulders. As I laid there thinking about her, how much I liked her, and how I didn't want to screw this up my erection faded to the point that I could rearrange my penis to point down at my feet laying on my testicles. I dozed off and wasn't aware of anything until I heard Barb talking to Connie. When I opened my eyes, Barb was sitting up on the side of her lounger with Connie on her knee. Connie was making sounds and reaching toward her mother's breasts.

"She thinks since they're out it's time to nurse." She said. "She needs a snack so why not, I guess." She laid down on her right side facing me on the lounger, pulled Connie up and laid her down beside her positioned to nurse on her right breast. The little girl latched on immediately and began to nurse. Barb said "I don't know how much I have for her, but she can have whatever she can coax out."

Lying there watching her, the two of them lying on the lounger like that, Connie happily nursing, I said, "That's about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

Barb asked. "It's a special time for me. That's why I still nurse her twice a day – plus it's good for her. Did you know that the flavor of her milk changes depending on the woman has eaten? If I eat broccoli or spinach, she doesn't nurse as well. She must not like the taste. Pretty funny, huh?"

"Yeah, it is." Was about all I could muster. We spent the rest of the day on the deck sunbathing.

Around 5:00 o'clock Barb said, "I'd rather stay but I better get going. Both of us have to get up for work tomorrow morning and I have some laundry I need to do tonight, too." As she sat up looking around for where she'd put her clothes. Sitting on the lounger, she pulled on her T-shirt, then her shorts on before standing up. She got her stuff ready to go and I said goodbye to her and Connie at the front door.

I asked, "Would you like me to get my shorts so I can help you to your car?"

"No, that's not necessary, Hut." And with that, she gave me a serious kiss before turning and opening the front door to leave. Before picking up her bag with her free hand, she reached over and patted my penis like a puppy and said "Good bye, little And laughed as she walked out.

I was so high that absolutely nothing could bring me down. Monday at work Penny grilled me on the weekend. I told her the details and she looked pleased. "You've come a long way to be nude with a beautiful woman all day and not hit on her. She said.

Nancy called me Monday night. According to Nancy, all Barb could talk about was the weekend, what a nice guy I was, how comfortable she felt with me, how I had been a perfect gentleman. Nancy asked "Was she really at your house or did she mistakenly end up somewhere else?"

I said "Real funny. Nancy, I think this one might be the one. I've never felt this well matched with anyone before."

"I told you she was a perfect match for you." She countered. "What are your plans now, as far as seeing each other again?"

"We left it open. I hope to see them again this coming weekend."

"Well, I know she wants to see you again. She's as taken with you as you are with her." Nancy said, "So call her, moron."

"OK, I will."

Barb and I talked on the phone every night that week, some of the nights for several hours. She and Connie came down to my house following Friday. This time Barb was prepared to spend the entire weekend, including a portable crib that folded up. After dinner Friday evening, Barb and Connie got their shower. As before, Barb had me help with Connie. I knew that she didn't really need the help, after all, she took care of her at home by herself, but I really appreciated her letting me be a part of it and sitting there watching her in the shower was no small bonus. After her shower, she came into the front bedroom wrapped in a towel where I was rocking a towel wrapped Connie who could barely keep her eyes open. "She looks tired tonight." I said.

Barb said, "Her daycare mom said she wouldn't take a nap today. Stayed up all afternoon. She won't last long."

I said, "I'm gonna' get my shower as I turned Connie over to her mom and headed out of the room." Afterwards, when I came back out wearing my gym shorts, I saw that the front bedroom light was out and the door barely ajar. I found Barb out in the den watching TV, sitting there wearing my T-shirt. Must've been the one from the previous weekend. I sat down on the couch, then asked, "Wanna' coke or />
She just said, "No thanks, I'm fine." Then she leaned over and gave me a little kiss. Leaning over seemed to hike the T-shirt up a bit and it was pretty obvious that she didn't have anything on underneath it.

I got up and told her, "I'm gonna' go check the sky. I think it's real clear tonight." As I headed to the door, she got up and followed me. Out on the deck, we saw that it was, in fact, an exceptionally clear sky filled with stars. I started to say something when Barb turned me toward her, wrapped her arms around my neck, and hit me with a probing kiss.

"I can't play hard to get, anymore. You've already got me." She said softly. In the tight embrace I could feel myself getting hard up against her. "And I think you want me as much as I want you." She continued.

"I'm in your power, Barb. I've never felt like this about anyone before."

She sat down on a lounger, pulled her T-shirt off over her head, and said, "Then come here."

I started to shake as I pulled off my shorts. I don't know if it was the evening air or the excitement – probably both. I stepped over to her, leaned down and kissed her, then took her hand and said, "Let's go inside where it's warmer." Without a word she got up off the lounger and we headed inside. Down the hall and into my bedroom where, just inside the door I turned, pulled her to me with my arms wrapped tightly around her shoulders, and we kissed, a long, deep, probing kiss before turning toward my bed. Barb turned the covers back, crawled onto the bed and turned toward me lying on her side. "Well, what are you waiting for?" She asked as I stood there looking at her, her beautiful body, thinking about how crazy I was about her.

I came out of my stupor with a start and crawled into bed next to that beautiful creature that had me so enraptured. Moving over against her she threw one arm around me, pulling me up against her and kissed me again. My penis was fully erect and poking her in her abdomen. "You're poking me," She said, "Just like Nancy warned me." God damn, how much had Nancy told her? My concern must have been obvious because Barb said, "What's wrong? Yes, I know about you, your sisters, and your cousin."

"And you're still interested in being with me?" I asked.

"Yes, I am. It doesn't change the kind of man you are." She replied then she pulled me tightly and kissed me again. Regaining my senses, I put my arm around her and then let my fingertips caress her back lightly from shoulder blades down to her butt. We continued to lay there kissing like that for a long time before I gently pushed her onto her back. My fingertips dancing on her from neck to thighs and back again we continued to kiss then I raised myself up and gently took her far breast in my hand, lifting it from its sag slightly off the side of her chest and raised it to my lips to kiss and suckle it. I was almost immediately rewarded with the sweet taste of her milk.

I stopped suckling long enough to say, "Hmm, tastes good. Is it OK if I steal your milk from Connie?"

Barb responded by rolling up, pushing me onto my back, and crawling on me to straddle me with her breasts right in my face. "You can have as much of it as you want." She said with a smile. I lifted her left breast to my lips, sucked her entire aereola into my mouth and began to milk it, squeezing with my lips while sucking and pressing the nipple gently between my tongue and roof of my mouth. As I began to get a steady flow of milk in response to each squeeze and suck, Barb said, "Oh damn, I can feel my milk letting down. It feels different with you than with Connie." I continued to suckle on her left breast until long after it stopped returning milk before I switched to her right breast. As I switched I realized that it had already begun dripping a bit of milk onto my chest. "It's all ready for you." Barb said, and she was right. With very little coaxing it began delivering a stream of warm, sweet milk with each squeeze of my lips and suckle. By the time it was dry, Barb was trembling and then she laid down full length on me before kissing me deeply, our tongues dancing with each other. She rolled off of me without breaking the kiss and I felt her hand on my penis. I rolled toward her while pushing her onto her back and raised myself up to begin kissing her body from neck to abdomen in a trail of wet kisses and tongue tracks up and down her. She was running her hand up and down my back as she cooed softly to herself.

I rotated around till I was able to reach her thighs with my face and began to kiss and lick them from knee to pubic hair.
On what would be my last trip north, I began to root around in her chestnut brown vee of hair and I felt Barb moving around until she began kissing my penis. With this encouragement spurring me onward, I began to kiss and lick the seam where each thigh met her body before seeking out and finding the lips of her pussy. Tongue up and down, around, I lightly licked them before probing inward, more and more each time until I was as deep as my tongue would reach. My tongue was probing as deeply as possible, the full length of her slot when I felt her sucking my penis with a definite purpose. Backing up a bit I sought her clit with my tongue and, finding it, wrapped my lips on it and began to suck it gently which elicited soft groans from Barb, faster stroking of my penis with her mouth, and rocking motions from her hips. While suckling on her clit, I reached under each thigh with a hand till I could begin stroking her lips with my fingertips, letting them glide in and out of her pussy as I stroked. Her hips began rocking more and more, thrusting at my mouth before I felt her whole body begin to tremble and shake under me. She was squeezing my head with her thighs before she arched her back slightly, went momentarily stiff, then relaxed under me. I had softened my suckling as she came then just continued to lick her softly as she came down.

I heard her say "Oh damn. Nancy told me you were good, but I had no idea…"

Shit, these damn women talk about EVERYTHING. I started to raise up off of Barb, but felt her hands on my butt pulling me back down as she began to really work on my penis with her mouth. I rolled us to one side so that we were lying on our sides facing each other and my head was resting on one thigh while her other thigh was lying on top of it. I began to lick her lips again, probing into her now very wet pussy as deeply as I could. I could hear slurping noises from her mouth action on my penis as I began to suckle on her clit again. Feeling myself rising toward orgasm, my hips began to thrust slightly involuntarily. I could feel her fingertips on my scrotum as her hips began to thrust into my mouth again and knew I was just about to come. I stopped suckling long enough to blurt out "I'm about to cum." as way of warning to her in case she didn't want me to cum in her mouth but all I got in return was a muffled "Hmmmm" as she seemed to stroke faster on my penis.

As I raced toward the top I felt my scrotum tighten before I began to pulse semen into her mouth. It seemed like my ejaculation continued much longer than usual before tailing off. I could hear slurping noises from Barb as she began to thrust her hips into my mouth faster and harder. She began to tremble and shake in front of me, bouncing my head in the grip of her thighs as she moaned. When she relaxed, I was still gently licking her pussy and she was softly sucking my penis dry. We both relaxed and rolled onto our backs as I said "Oh man." Before turning myself around on the bed to face her.

She wrapped her arms around me, pulled my face to hers for a deep probing kiss. I could taste the salty, slightly bitter taste of my cum as our tongues probed for each other. When we broke off the kiss I said, "I love you, Barb. I hope I didn't mess us up by sleeping together too soon."

She looked at me and said, "You haven't messed anything up, Hut. I love you, too. I think we were made for each other and I'm never letting you go." We laid there against each other, talking and kissing for some time. When I noticed that her breasts were leaking slightly she said, "I think they have some more for you." She pulled away and sat up against a pillow on the headboard of the bed on the far side, patted her thigh, and said "over here, Hut."

I scooted across and laid down with head on her thigh; she lifted her right breast and placed the nipple against my lips. I drew the nipple into my mouth, began suckling, and was immediately rewarded with a flow of sweet warm milk. I felt myself engorging again then felt Barb's hand grasping my penis gently. As I continued to empty her breast she began to stroke my penis slowly. When there was no more milk flow I dropped her nipple from my mouth. Barb just turned slightly, lifted her left breast to my lips and I drew the nipple into my mouth to suckle. She continued to stroke my penis and scrotum and I could feel myself rising toward another orgasm. As my hips began to thrust slightly I felt just Barb's fingertips on my penis, gently caressing it. I continued to suckle as I felt myself about to cum. Stopping my suckling momentarily I said, "I'm about to cum again." Barb pushed me away slightly, leaned over to take my penis in her mouth. When she leaned over onto her side, my head was once again between her thighs and I began to lick her still wet pussy lips, probing deeper each time it passed from front to back. She was stroking my penis gently with her lips until I felt myself stiffen, my scrotum draw up, and I again let loose in her mouth. When I was done shaking Barb gently sucked and milked me dry as I found her clit with my lips and began to suckle it. Within a short period of time she was trembling and shaking with her third orgasm of the night. As she came back to earth with me still licking her gently she said "Hut, I think I'm all used up for the night."

"Maybe not." I replied and began licking and probing again.

She wiggled and spat out "I can't take any more." But I held onto her butt to keep her in place and continued to lick and probe. She stopped wiggling and started to murmer to herself as I began to suckle her clit again. When I reached around her thighs and began to caress her lips with my fingertips as I suckled her clit her hips began to thrust into my mouth again. I continued my action until, with her hips thrusting faster and harder, she stiffened, arched her back and trembled through another orgasm. I licked gently as she came down then pulled away from her to turn around face to face.

"I love you, Barb." I said.

She grabbed me around my neck and shoulders to pull me to her as she replied, "I love you, too, Hut." We laid there and dozed off, waking later with both of us needing to use the bathroom. She went first and when I came back out, she was lying on her back in the bed, covers up to her waist, beckoning me to her with outstretched arms. As I climbed in under the covers next to her I checked the bedside clock. It was 2:15 AM. I fell asleep on my side facing her on her back with my face lying on her chest.

When I awoke, I was still on my side facing Barb but she was up against me breasts squashed into my chest. I laid there for awhile and began lightly stroking her back with my fingertips. When she began to move around slightly I slid down to take her left breast in my mouth. I wanted more of her milk. It turned me on to suckle like that. Drawing her entire aereola into my mouth I began to suckle and was rewarded with a "Hmmmm" from Barb followed by a steady flow of milk in response to each of my sucks. I felt her running her fingers thru my short cropped hair, fingertips lightly caressing my scalp. When I dropped the breast from my mouth and she leaned slightly away from me to lift her right breast off the bed and present the nipple to me. I began to suckle it while reaching down with my right hand to let my fingertips dance on her thighs and butt. After I'd been suckling for awhile, Barb suddenly jumped and said, "I've got to pee." I let her go and she leaped up to run to the bath. I got up to go check on Connie. She was just beginning to stir so I picked her up and brought her into my bedroom – our bedroom. Barb was out of the bathroom just as I came in and she took Connie from me. She sat down on the bed then scooted up until she was sitting up, leaning on a pillow up against the headboard. She began to nurse Connie.

I asked "Did I leave enough for her?"

Barb said, "Your milking me dry a couple of times has already increased my production some. They were actually pretty heavy feeling this morning. There might even be some left for you when Connie's done."

story by: Hutter James

Tags: consensual sex male/female cum swallowing true story oral sex lactation sex story

Author: Hutter James

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