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I am Mansiha 24 year old married and a bi. I want to share with
all of you my first lesbian experience and how it let my hubby
and I to the amazing world of groups.
It all started when I had just finished school. My cousin
Shaily had moved with us and we had taken admission to the
same college. Shaily and I always got along famously. I
was an introvert while she was very outgoing. I was naive
in matters of sex. She introduced me to porn movies and a
dildo. Whenever we had the house to ourselves we would put
on the "dirty" movies and eventually end up
with didlos inside ourselves. We did masturbate in fort
of each other but things never went beyond that. To tell
you frankly I found the lesbian scenes in the movies repulsive.
My parents had met Kunal and were thinking of our engagement.
Shaily had met Kunal earlier and was all praise for him.
Within a few months of completing my graduation we got married.
My husband Kunal is the first man in my life. Kunal is great
in bed. The fist time we made love he was very gentle and sensuous.
I love every moment with him. A few months after our wedding
Shaily came to visit us. Kunal was at work. Shaily and I were
sitting in front of the fireplace and catching up. The topic
drifted to Sex. Shaily wanted to know the most intimate
details about our love life. For the first time I was feeling
shy of Shaily. I just went on and on not daring to look into
her eyes. I kept looking at the fire away from her.
Recounting the most enjoyable moments of our honeymoon
was having its effect on me. I could feel the build up of sexual
tension and it was getting uncontrollable. I did not notice
that Shaily had slipped out or her panties and collected
her skirt at her waist. She was friging herself violently.
Her sudden loud moan made me look up and discover the sight
of Shaily violently shaking with her fingers inside her.
I had seen her climax before but this orgasm was much more
intense than any I had seen. I was shocked and just kept staring
at her with an open mouth.
What Shaily was doing had shocked me but never in my wildest
dreams could I have imagined what she did next. In the throes
of her climax she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me
towards her. Next I felt her soft lips on mine. I was flabbergasted
but just could not gather the strength to get away from her.
If I say that her lips felt great it would be an understatement.
For some strange reason I not only allowed her tongue into
my mouth but also let her hand move inside my shirt and on
to my breasts.
There was no going back now. I was enjoying the sensations
being generated by Shaily’s touch. As if in a trance I started
to encourage her and soon had my mouth on her exposed breasts.
It did not take us long to get rid of our clothes. Her fingers
were manipulating the most sensitive parts of my body.
She nested her head between my legs and was lapping at my
clit. Kunal goes down on me and I was not new to the sensations
but if not better this was definitely the most gratifying
sexual act I had experience in my life. Within seconds I
had climaxed but Shaily went on and on. I do not remember
when I passed out but clearly recall returning the favour
by licking shaily to a couple of orgasms before getting
into 69.
The feel of very familiar lips and the slight tickiling
by a beard awakened me. I jumped up and grabbed my clothes
in a bundle in front of me. I saw Kunal standing in front of
my. Guilt, Fear, shame, a lot of emotions had
passed my mind before I realised that Shaily was not the
in the room.
My sudden reaction had startled Kunal who was standing
with a quizzical look on his face. The sight of Kunal and
the situation turned me on and rather than get into explanations
I thought best to plant a kiss on Kunal’s lips and embrace
him. I manoeuvred my hand to open his fly and expose his fully
erect organ. I made Kunal lie down on the couch and mounted
him. In our short married life we had had a fair share of quickies.
In variably he would pull off his trousers and just hike
up my skirt before pounding away to glory. I am not saying
that these quickys were disappointing but humping him
without a stitch of clothing and he fully dressed really
turned me on. I had climaxed within a couple of strokes.
He kept up the tempo leading up to infinite orgasms before
he came violently.
We lay on the couch cuddling. I was straining my mind to come
up with a reasonably excuse for lying around naked on the
living room couch. Maybe it was too much of sex but my mind
just did not work. I was brought back to reality by a nudge
from Kunal. He did not ask me the expected questions but
proceeded to pound me doggy style. Soon I was cumming again
and passed out.
When I came through I was lying on the bed. Kunal was in the
bathroom taking a shower. I grabbed a robe and went to the
kitchen to get tea. When I got back Kunal was sitting on the
bead reading the Newspaper. I was dreading that he would
ask the awkward questions but to my surprise he kept the
tea aside and pulled me close to him. He hugged me and said,
“ Thank you Darling, I loved it. By the way where I Shaily?”

I for sure did not have any clue where my sis had disappeared.
Thankfully Kunal went on, “I have received a sms from her.”
And handed his phone to me.
“Thanx 4 the lovly time. Diner on me. Taj 8 PM”
This was a message from shaily inviting us for dinner and
thanking us for the hospitality. Fair enough but where
has she disappeared. Did I get carried away and dream about
the unusual experience. I clearly remembered her wet cunt
on my mouth before I passed out.
“What are you thinking?”
“Oh nothing. So are we going tonight?”
Sure we are you know I do not miss an opportunity to dine with
beautiful women.”

We had a great evening before retiring to our bedroom for
a night of sexual ecstasy.

Next morning as soon as Kunal left for work I went into Shaily’s
room. Before I could ask her anything she told me that she
had head Kunal come in and had gone to hide in her room. She
got dressed and slipped out while Kunal and I were enjoying
ourselves. Before long we were again at each other’s most
intimate parts.

After numerable orgasms she was lying in my arms when she
asked. Kunal a great lover?”
I just laughed off
“No really. I was watching the two of you on the couch and
let me tell you I just came looking at him, would you mind
if I can watch you guys tonight?”

I don’t know why, but I conceded her request. That evening
we had an early dinner and retired to our room. I ensured
that the door remained unlocked. As usual within seconds
of switching off the lights Kunal was all over me. There
was so much cream in my pussy that not only my thighs but even
the sheets were stained. Kunal noticed it and it further
aroused him. We made love well into the night before dozing
off. Shaily had sneaked in and hidden behind the curtain
of the changing room to enjoy the show whilst she made do
with a dildo. This went on for 2 more nights.
On the third night I was woke up by the sounds of sex from Kunal.
I just could not believe it. Shaily was sucking at kunal’s
cock while I was lying next to him. Kunal had his eyes closed
and was moaning in ecstasy. He loved oral sex but somehow
I did not savour the taste of the salty fluid in my mouth.
The sight of my husbands cock in my sister’s mouth really
turned me on. I just could not be the passive audience. I
moved on to Kunal pressing my breasts on his chest. Kunal
jerked me off and jumped up. He was shocked to see Shaily.
Within seconds his lips parched into a smile and he asked
me, “Darling what is this?” I was fumbling for words when
shaily came to my rescue.
“It is not her fault. You guys were making such a ruckus that
I just could not help myself from coming to you door for a
better audition. As luck would have it the door was not properly
bolted and I was treated to a fabulous sex show. You cannot
blame me for wanting to be part of the action now at this stage.”
Kunal looked up at me but before he could react his cock was
once again coved by shaily’s lips. I just smiled as kunal
pulled me and started nibbling on my breasts. Soon he was
licking my cunt and pounding shaily’s pussy at the same
We lost count of the number of time we all came that night
but by the time the sun came up we had tried every possible
sexual combination.
Shortly after this first experience shaily got a job in
Bombay and moved there. She still keeps in touch and we have
continued our threesums at every given opportunity.
Kunal says that he fins sex with her very satisfying but
I am still the only one he loves and I trust him.

story by: Kunal

Tags: erotica first time bi-sexual true story group sex wife sex story

Author: Kunal

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