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I guess it was when i first got together wit my girl's best friend. We hung out for awhile for the summer and there was chemistry going back and forth between us. My girl was getting pretty boring with to many expectations so i was loosing interest. I first realized my fantasy of older women when i saw this girl's mom. Ever since dinner one night at her house, i've fantasized about her. She was such a beautiful woman, 39 years old, great looking body, Long red hair, perfect double d breasts. I wanted her bad but i never had the chance nor the balls to.

On one day i skipped school i was just chillin at home and i couldnt get this woman off my mind. I was going back and forth on the decision of going to her house. It was only down the street and she worked at home. Shes a divorced woman and that made it even harder cause i kept trying to figure out how long it's been since shes had a dick in her life. I jumped in my car on the thought and sped off.

i knocked on the front door and she answered. she had loose pj's on but i could still envision her beautiful tits bulging through her night shirt. I asked her if her daughter had off from school "like i did" and she didnt.

"Do you mind if i hang out, can i help out wit your work or />
she smiled and gladly let me in. Let me tell you it was terrible, cleaning everything left and right. After about like noon, we took a break….we brought up old memories of when her daughter first met me and things like that. she was sitting with her back open off of the couch and i went up and started giving her a massage. and moaned in delight and that definately got me hard. i've always wanted to hear her do that. i could tell she was feeling realy good so i finally went for it. i moved my mouth down to her neck and started kissing her. to my surprise she let me and held on to my head! i continued and so did she with her moaning. she pulled me over to her and pulled me on top of her. as i reached up for those delicious tits of hers, she was having her own fun reaching for my dick. I moved her up and took off her shirt. NO BRA!! she sat there giving me one of the best hand jobs ever while i sucked on her tits. Her nipples were the perfect size, nice and big… was amazing. she stopped and pulled me by my dick up to her bedroom. She laid down and i took off her pants. I saw her pussy wet with her juices. i wanted her so bad. i teased her by kissing from her knees to the inside of her thighs all the way to her pussy. just one lick and i swear she came. she screamed "o my god, no one has ever done this to me!". after awhile she turned me over and took her tits and placed them around my hard 8 inch dick. she went down and sucked my dick moaning "o travis, it's been so long since i've had a dick, Fuck me good". Imediately i pushed my way through her legs and shoved my cock all the way into her. Her mature pussy was so tight i couldnt blieve it. We spoke dirty while i thrust my way in and out of her. After awhile of fucking and suckin her tits, i took her to the end of the bed and bent her over. I fucked her doggy style so hard. every 5 minutes she screamed 'I'm CUMING I'm CUMING!!!" As i finally got to my climax i warned her and she took it out and sucked my dick like it was a fucking lolipop and drank every last bit of my cum…..i thought i was done but this bytch was a MILF man. She lied me down and got on top. I lied there geting fucked by my biggest fantasy. I played with her tits and her juices flowed down my cock over and over again. i finally came inside her and we both moaned with ecstasy……i love that pussy and those tits. THANK YOU GOD!!!!

story by: Travis

Tags: mature true story sex story

Author: Travis

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