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Mother had invited me to sleep over at her house for the weekend, and I had accepted. She was recently widowed and had asked me spend some time with her. I had arrived late Friday evening, and was quite tired from the drive. She greeted me at the door with smile and a hug. She was wearing this really tight black dress which showed off her nice figure. The dress was also low cut, allowing me a view that would get any man's dick hard.

Mom was still a knockout in her late fifties. She was almost 6 feet tall, a killer body, a beautiful face, luscious lips, and a set of tits that would stop traffic. Not enormous tits, just big, firm, and I could only wonder what kind of nipples she was hiding under that dress. Little did I know, by the time the night was over, I'd would not only see those wonderful nipples, I'd be sucking and nibbling and biting them into the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention what else I'd be doing to her…

I carried my gym bag (in which I had my weekend supply of clothes) into the spare bedroom and threw it onto the floor. I then fell back upon the bed and let out a hugh breath, exhausted from the two hour drive. Mother poked her head into the room and asked me if I was going to go to bed right away. I replied "Yes, I think I will. I'm bushed from the drive and need some shut eye." She said "Ok then, my handsome boy." She walked into the bedroom where I lay upon the bed and bent over, giving me a great view of those luscious tits. She kissed me on the cheek, and said "If you need anything from me, just let me know." "Ok Mom, I will." She walked out of my room, and went into her room, and closed her door. I noticed that she left my door cracked open a bit.

I was too tired to get up and close it, so I just turned off the light on the nightstand, stripped off my clothes, and lay back upon the bed. With my head on the pillow and my nude 6 foot 2 frame streched out on the bed, I thought I was ready for some Z's. Much to my surprise, my cock was coming to attention. So there I lay in the dark with a 7 inch hard-as-diamonds cock. What should I do? Well, I feeling damn horny at this point, but I thought I'd tease myself a bit, so I resisted stroking that rigid monster that begged my attention. No, I first went for my nipples, first pinching them, and then rubbing some saliva on them, getting them just as hard as my pulsating cock. I then ran my hands down my sides and over my thighs, ending their journey by cupping and caressing my shaved and swollen balls.

Resisting it no more, I started to gently stroke the mammoth length of meat towering between my legs. The head of my cock was covered in pre-come, and I wasted no time tightening my grip on my cock. This tightened stroking made an audible slurping/sucking noise, making me all the more harder–if that was possible. I began a quite, deep moan, totally into myself and jacking off this tremendous hard on of mine. I also began to fantasize that I was fucking Mom, and couldn't control softly moaning to myself "Ooooooo Mom, you feel soooo goood." This was some great jacking off, and I could feel a huge load of hot come begin to rise into the shaft of my cock. Just then I felt a hand on my thigh, scaring the shit out of me! I opened my eyes, and in the darkness saw that Mom was standing right next to me in her robe!

I was absolutely shocked. My Mom had totally busted me jacking off, and to top it off I was moaning her name while doing it. I looked at her, and she was looking at me, well, to be more specific, she was staring at my hard on, still at full attention. I was speechless.

"Looks like I walked in on some important business, eh my son?" "Ahhh, ya Mom, I guess so," I sheepishly replied. "Mmmmmm. Everything I see here in the dark looks absolutely yummy," she said. And upon saying that, her hand slid from my thigh to my cock, and she began to stroke me. "How do you like this, my boy?" "Uuuh, it feels really good." "Would it be better if you could see me naked?" "Ok, Mom, if you'd like that." She then said "Mmmmm, my handsome boy, your Mommy would love to show off her sexy body for her son." She reached over and turned on the light on the nightstand. My hard cock was in the full light for her now, and she lovingly admired it. She then undid the belt on her blue cotton robe, but didn't open it.

"I want you to start stroking that nice cock of yours, my son, and then and only then will I take off this robe, showing the goodies you're going to have tonite." Not wanting to violate her rules, I began to jack my cock for her. I could tell she was totally into this by the hunger in her stare and her now deep breathing. She opened her robe for me, revealing the nicest set of tits I'd ever seen. Firm, big, with sharp nipples that rode high on her tits. "Oh Mom, your breasts are gorgeous. Your body is gorgeous." All the while I'm stroking my meat for my Mom. "Slide over a bit son, 'cause Mommy is coming in next to you." I slid over a bit, making room for her, and she laid down next to me. "Give Mommy a kiss, and nice, slow, deep kiss. One that will make Mommy's pussy throb with desire for your big hard cock." I put my arm on her side, drew her closer, and began to kiss her thick, pouty lips. She reached over and turned off the light. So here we were, Mother and Son, making out on the bed in the spare bedroom, it's midnight, both of us naked, turned on, and ready to make love to each other.

I'm a pretty muscular guy, having worked out for the better part of the past ten years. Mom runs and works out at the gym all the time, so we were both in really good shape. Laying on the bed and making out, we made for a really good picture. Two beautiful people kissing each other, their bodies next to one another, ready to have the best sex of their lives. Our mouths were kissing each other wildly, and Mom couldn't help jacking my cock. My finger was sliding up and down her puffy, soaked labia, and with each slide of my finger, Mom moaned a bit more, a bit deeper. She pulled me on top of her, and knew it was now time for this son to enter his Mother. To give her the best sex, the best fucking, of her life.

My stiff cock couldn't help but slide in easily–her pussy was drenched. She raised her pussy up a bit to meet my cock, and I slid the rest of the way in. She let out a gasp, and her hands held my back in a death grip. I slid my cock in and out of her slowly at first, savoring each and every stroke. She seemed to have checked out from reality–she was becoming possessed. Totally possessed by lust. I pulled out of her, and my glistening cock stood a full attention while I rolled her over onto her stomach. I pulled her ass up and bit, and entered her pussy doggy style. My balls smacked against her ass cheeks as I rammed each stroke of my long cock home. Her nice titties swayed back and forth with stroke. THis lasted for only a few minutes–we were both ready to come.

I rolled her onto her back, and her legs immediately opened–she wanted this stiff cock to fuck her and fuck her now–it was time to come. My thrusts were becoming harder and faster, and she met everyone. Our breathing was wild and gasping, it was time to climax. Mom sensed it and let loose with a bone jarring orgasm, kind of a combination growling and gurgling sound. I shoved my cock in as far as it would go, pumping and pumping spurt after volcanic spurt of my come into her. We were both drenched in sweat as we slowed down to a stop. Mom reached over and kissed me, and thanked me, for the best fuck of her life.

story by: Bob Smith

Tags: fiction masturbation incest sex story

Author: Bob Smith

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