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Gail Holmes

Doreen had been with the occult best part of her life, now she had her own practice, using meeting places in various local towns or villages, she built up quite a community and was respected by her followers. At thirty-seven, she was getting tired of life, never had she ever been taken to bed by a member of the opposite sex, well taken anywhere for that matter. A virgin she was not, her own pleasures had taken care or that. Her home, well at least her bedroom was an array of sexual toys, needless to say, no man had ever enter the room, to the base of her bed was glued a huge dildo, when the need arose she would stand spread legged at the bottom of the bed bending over; and then she’d back onto it. Neighbours would hear the strange moans and noises, but knowing of her profession they’d accepted that she was working.

Her sexual problems started from the word go, an uglier woman you not of imagined, weighing in at just over 340lbs, you would not miss her in the street; as a child she was the prettiest little girl anyone would wish to see, she’d been brought up with the occult strongly within her veins, but she let herself go in the latter years, public transport was completely out of the question for her, taxi’s the doors to small, buses, the isles to narrow, her own transport consisted of a specially adapted Ford van with siding doors, the suspension had never been modified so the vehicle would always lean to one side, it was a comical sight seeing her diving it, as it had a tenancy to steer to the middle of the road all the time because of the balance of weight, she almost sat in the middle of the van when driving it.

Doreen was a coloured girl and starting off so pretty she’d really let the side down, however when I say ugly, I really do mean ugly, starting from her chins; of which she had four, her mouth had a definite kink drooping to one side with lips so thick; if she fell over she’d have surely stuck to the floor, her nose was squashed to one side, and her eyes as small as peas, having a definite glare. Although respected by her followers she’d no social life, she hungered after male company, her toys where alright but having a man would make a whole difference to her life, the toys needed her own efforts, and normally she’d be completely shattered before she ever reached orgasm, if the truth should be known, she’d never had one!

She’d often view her congregation with yearning; at one of her not to distance meeting places there was a young man of around 26, one could tell that he worked out, his physique was enough to appeal to any woman.

She often go home, up to her bedroom and quickly backing herself onto the dildo, if fact it had helped her prepare her pussy muscles, one evening so worked up that she’d nearly broken it in two with her unique power which she had developed her inner pussy muscles so they rippled, running from front to the back of her pussy. With this method she’d use less energy, at one stage she actually pulled the bed away from the bedroom wall, which will show you the strength she developed, now that really is pussy power? The bed had weighted heavier than her.

She was adamant to get to the young man to her bed, however, she knew with her appearance she’d little or no chance, she couldn’t approach him though; for word would get around her patrons, although they all loved her to bit’s, she couldn’t allow this to happen. Her only way was to take on a séance thus having her chance was to get him into a hypnotic state, the only real way was to have a one-to-one with him, and however, she didn’t think that he’d allow this upon himself. What she really needed was to get him interested in one of the young girls, she’d had one in mind within her meetings, this seemed a much easier task, she could work her idea around to doing this, and if she practiced what was in her mind she’d surely have him to herself. Trouble was she speculated as to what real cock would feel like? Would her dildo, due to its size out shine any a man, she needed sex like there was no tomorrow?

Her mind was made up; she knew of just the girl, although, others had given him the glad eye, there was just one who’d showed him little or no interest, however lust showed in his eyes when she was about. Nevertheless, she knew he’d had a weak spot for her; it would be her that she’d have to work on.

A pretty little thing, more than likely still a virgin, so at least she’d of had something in common with herself, although she knew she’d not get the treatment that she would more than likely be getting. Nevertheless, her idea was to get them both in a hypnotic state, lusting for each other, she’d let him go so far with the girl bringing his body to boil but no further. Then she’d take over, there would be no need for foreplay on her behalf, if she even knew as to what foreplay was about, or the need for it for that matter, just seeing them together in such a lustrous state would be enough to turn Doreen on, her juices heightened at the sheer thought.

He’d not even recognise that she was in the same room with them, and the girl could still maintain her virginal state so nothing illegal would have taken place. Doreen arranged the séance assuring that they each sat either side of her around the table, as they held hands, it was then that she work on their minds. The clever thing about Doreen was that she could work on more than one operation at a time. This way nobody around the table would be aware of her motivation.

At the séance everyone filed in to the darkened room, this was not unusual to the group, often she held then, transpiring the needs of her group. She was renown for her powers at such meetings. The lighting was mellow, candles burnt, incense sticks in all corners of the poorly lit room. As she held their hands, sending vibes into both of there brains, she was surprised by the readings from the young girl, she’d not noticed before, however she did have feeling for young man to her left, not so much sexual, but at least admiration, at least this was a beginning.

Doreen materialized her own sexual needs into the young girls brain, he’s hand searching her body, her breasts swelling with the desires, there firmness being manipulated by his strong burly but gentle hands, caressed and squeezed, her pussy already becoming alive.

The girl looked across in front of Doreen, her eyes seeking the young man. Doreen could tell her spell was working; the girl’s hand was becoming moist from her own perspiration. Paul the young man sensed the inquisitive eyes from his right, and stir went through his loin, her eyes pleased him. He in turn now feeling the sense of desire as the girl smiled, Paul could but take her implication as sexual, the power in the room was lending itself toward this feeling.

Vibes we’re now being sensed by Doreen, the dormant sexual region of the girl was coming to a head. She transferred her power toward Paul; not that he really needed attention, his thoughts were running wild. Neither of them concentrating on the words from Doreen toward her other followers, as both their minds we’re now full of a yearning desire. Doreen identified the atmosphere being shared, she herself sensing her own craving, others in the group sat with their heads down their eye’s closed as did Doreen, however, the young girl and Paul’s eyes were locked together in a lovelorn existence.

As Doreen closed her séance, there was a breath of well being from the table, as if all seated were cleansed of any troubles the young couple their hands interlocked stood as they left the table, their minds and thoughts only for each other.

Doreen broke their train of thought. “I’ll give you a lift home!” She stated, putting her arms around each of their shoulders.

The pair could but nod in agreement, Doreen wondered as to how deep her thoughts were in their minds, she knew both desired their own space, somewhere were they could fall into each others arms and embrace.

For the time of evening the roads were quite clear, Doreen knew they were both now devoid of any outside motions, their need becoming stronger by the minute. Once outside her home she turned toward them, both were now in a form of reverie a world of their own, as she stepped out of the van they followed like sheep to the slaughter she lead them to the house as they canoodled embracing each other, not wanting to break their line of concentration Doreen headed straight for her bedroom, easing them forward toward her bed. They lie together like two lovers, nothing sordid in their embrace.

For moments she stood watching, as far as the couple were concerned Doreen wasn’t there; she’d blanked herself out from their minds. Sitting on the edge of the bed she watched as they cuddled and kissed, she could tell that lustful desire was affecting Paul, her hand went toward his cock, after a little amount of squeezing she sensed it harden, this was her first real feeling of the male reproductive organ and she liked it, gradually she unzipped his fly, to the couple nothing mattered except themselves, slowly Doreen pulled his cock from within, her mind froze, the real thing was nowhere near as to the size of her dildo, she reached over the end of the bed, clutching it, both hands now holding a form of pleasure to her.

Paul rolled himself over laying the girl to his side, his hand went to her breast, she gave a slight moan as he caressed it within his palm. Doreen moved her hand up between the girl’s legs; as if by approval, her legs opened exposing her petite panties, Doreen’s fingers now tugging at the silky edge, leisurely the girl drew her leg up allowing freedom. Doreen ran her thumb over the selected area knowing her pussy was beneath; the girl’s hand went down between herself and Paul, taking up where Doreen had left off; his cock now very rampant. The girl just held him, her fingers encircling the shaft but nothing more, whether she knew not of any pleasure that she could provide with the movement of her hand was not known.

Doreen had by now eased her panties down over her long legs, leaving her pussy completely exposed, she watched the girls face as she inserted a finger into her pussy, it was moist and warm.

Immediately the girl let go of his cock, reaching up taking his face into her hands; then pulling him down kissing him hard on the lips. She forced her hips upwards as to accumulate more of Doreen’s finger, thinking the pleasure was coming from Paul himself. Doreen knew she’d have to act fast, she’d a notion that Paul would step over her soon, his cock was by now more than ready for entry, she had to turn him away from the girl or at least put him into a position that would be beneficial to herself.

She managed to get him onto his back the girl then lent across not wanting to break her kiss from his lips. Doreen went down on him engulfing his cock deep into her mouth, her finger still within the girl’s pussy. It looked, as if nature was to take over, the girl tried to ease her leg over him, Doreen reached up easing her leg back down.

Knowing it was now or never, Doreen crouched over his body, gradually lowering herself toward his cock, once close she tried to reach between her legs as to guide the organ into herself, alas the size of her gut prevented such action, she could but rise and fall hoping his cock would find it’s mark, luckily it did just that on her sixth attempt, it slid straight up inside her with little exertion, thankfully for Doreen her pussy was at it natural dimension, although very worked up, her pussy had but moistened, slowly she started to rise and fall, the feeling was good. Doreen was getting to carried away to continue fingering the young girl, in her mind she insisted that it was Paul’s seed that she was after, she knew that in Paul’s mind he would consider that he was making love to the girl.

Gently she worked on her inner pussy muscles, giving his cock a rippling sensation, she knew with this method she would suck him dry at the end, at the moment there was no need, she just wanted to fuck him, pleasuring her own senses. Although his cock was nowhere near to the dimension of her dildo, it had a pleasing effect, she sensed every vein in his strong manhood, and thankfully it was quite lengthened, as she didn’t want to rest the bulk of her body onto his frame, she could bottom as often as she pleased, in fact the awareness was appealing, it gave her just that edge of pain. She was surprised when she went through her first orgasm, never did she realise as to its consequence, her whole body seemed to be glowing, little shocks shot out in what seemed thousands of capillary veins from her pussy.

It got to the stage where she had to lean forward onto the bed taking some of her weight onto her hands, and then just rocking back and forth. Trouble was now she had became very juiced up, his cock was losing it’s feeling, she put on a medium of pressure with her pussy muscles, just to regain the feeling. She sensed Paul take a hefty inward breath, she knew her grip was to much for him releasing just an amount to give him freedom of movement, he lifted his hips in gratification, she was pleased that he was now working with her, his cock resumed its sensation as they fucked, it’s a wonder that he could keep up his stamina, as the young girls lips very rarely left his, from time to time he’d get short of breath.

Something was happening; Doreen wasn’t too sure as to what, Paul started to grunt, as if his energy had expired, then she sensed it, his cock was pulsating madly, there was an awareness of a sharp stinging sensation deep inside her pussy, she realised that he was cumming, his seed jutting out in thick spurts. She pulled on her inner pussy muscles manipulating his cock, sucking its lengthened shaft, to her this could be once in a lifetime experience, but she wanted every last drop. Paul gripped his fists as the colossal sucking machine sucked the life out of him; the vigour of her pussy muscles virtually vacuumed his balls dry.

As Doreen lifted her huge body off him; Paul took in a deep breath, she looked back, his eyes where closed the girl was nibbling at his ear. She herself wanted him now and badly not realising that Doreen had had her fill of him.

Doreen moved her huge hulk of a body across the room sitting into one of her especially made chairs. She felt drained; his cock was more energy consuming than her dildo, as she sat watching, whether it was the effect of the girl’s heavy petting she didn’t know, but his cock was rising again, she’d not the strength to stand let alone jump on him. The girl was going down on him; the taste of Doreen’s own juices never mattered to her, she knew not of there meanings anyway.

Paul virtually sat up, then dropped back down again as her lips encircled his huge helmet, little did she recognize the pain she was inflicting after Doreen’s savage pussy pounding had finished with him, however, Paul lie back as she gently sucked on him. He reached down between her legs his probing finger soon found it mark, her pussy was alive with wetness, he entered one finger then two, it was then her hand gripped his own, two was just that much, to much. The gentleman that he was; he resumed with a single finger, although in his mind didn’t accept it was her virginity that he was up against, before she’d excepted him with no worries, he was grateful that she come back for more.

Doreen sat and watched as the two made their love recognisable to her, Doreen had been fucked, now she was about to see as to what real lovemaking should be like. Neither girl or boy realised as to the pain that the girl was about to be administered, Paul needlessly considered that he’d just fucked her so why should he consider gentleness, in his mind he’d just blown a full load up her, so she should be more than ready for him, it was her who was asking for more. His eyes were still closed as he stepped over her taking his cock up into his hand.

Her hands came up to cover her ears with the abruptness of the girl’s scream; Doreen was in no way ready for it. Paul was taken aback, although he’d not lost the powers of Doreen mind on him, to him it was just the two of them in the room. He leaned down kissing her, then eased onto his cock again, the girl reach around his shoulders as he proceeded to force his cock into her, he sensed her nails digging deeply into his back through his shirt, but still they drew blood, just as he was doing to her with his cock, after Doreen, his cock was quite tender to her un-stretched pussy, he wasn’t conscious of her virginity how could he be. The more weight he used the deeper her nails went in, to her his cock was enormous, being as it was her very first she not understood as to why it was so painful, she always assumed that her first sexual encountered would be remembered for life, it was supposed to be a wonderful sensation?

Doreen thought she’d wet herself as the sudden flow of cum seeped from her pussy, at first she though it was her own wetness from the tantalising performance before her. Suddenly the girl let out a loud gasp, it was obvious that Paul had finally broken through, trouble was his cock had shot forward, thumping at her lower womb area.

He realised his dilemma, and drew back quickly, then started to thrust his cock into her, now knowing of her depth, this was more than the girl could stand, this was new, this was delightful. The newness really appealed to her, she never ever thought to satisfy herself sexually. She reached up pulling him down to her, her lips found his, and moans could still be heard even though she was tight lipped with him.

She broke away swiftly, her moans became squeals of gratification, his cock was so thick to her, it touched every nerve in her body her pussy was alive with sensations. Doreen was gutted, she’d never achieved such contentment, she felt like pulling them apart, and jumping into the saddle herself, nevertheless, she knew this was not possible with her size; he’d never get fully into her with her fat. She stood and walked to the bottom of the bed hoisting her skirt; ripping her knickers to one side then forced herself onto the big dildo, with her wetness it went straight in. Gripping the rail at the bottom of the bed, she reamed herself onto it. With the display before her, her mind was awash with excitement. Paul’s balls were clear to her, every now and again she’d a glimpse of the girls pussy, it looked sore, but she was enjoying Paul’s thrusting, Doreen watched as the girl abruptly lifted her hips thrusting herself up to Paul then going into a majestic orgasm.

Doreen fucked herself silly on the dildo, for the first time she was taken through an orgasm with it. She collapsed over the end of the bed; it was moments before she managed to recover. Whether it was because of the shrieking she knew not, her eyes flashed open. Paul was going into her with all guns firing, both were thrusting toward each other, it was then that Paul let out a low moan. She could tell by the girls face as to what was happening, this time Paul had pulled back allowing space, but the girl was more than feeling the tepid load, it boiled inside her, it seemed to be forever. Doreen could only assume that he’d taken more satisfaction from the girl than he had herself.

Paul never withdrew his cock as he eased himself onto his side; they were locked in a lovable embrace, the girl with one leg bent upwards. Doreen viewed her pussy, its lips clinging to the walls of Paul’s cock as they kissed. It was a hornie sight to her, she wondered if he’d be up for another session with her. She was more worried now that the girl might just bring him back to life; she was still working her pussy up and down on his cock even though it had wilted somewhat. If anyone was getting a second helping it was Doreen.

Although Doreen was more than up for it she’d not realised as to how much bigger her dildo was against Paul’s cock. Lifting herself off the massive plastic organ she worked herself around the bed, sitting beside the young girl; leaning down, her face within inches of the cock and the girls wet pussy inhaling the aroma. Gently she pulled his cock out of the girl taking it into her mouth. The juices pleased her; Doreen reached across the bed collecting the girl’s panties then stuffed them up inside her pussy, assuring that none of Paul’s cum went onto her bedding.

Paul’s cock was now back in her mouth, she sucked gently, the taste of some cum remnants seep from his cock into her mouth; the taste appealed to her, salty but nice, the more she sucked the more remnants she acquired. Slowly his cock started to revitalize, its shaft pulsated as the blood surged back into its veins.

Doreen wasn’t going to miss her second chance; stepped over him lowing herself once more as luck would have it he re-entered her with ease, trouble was after her dildo, he just fell inside her. Doreen recognized her predicament, quickly pulling on her pussy muscles. Paul winched, feeling the strong grip, Doreen realised her pressure was to immense and eased off, then started to pump herself onto his cock, the sensations were back.

The girl was now leaning over his body kissing him passionately once more. Doreen had used up the majority of her energy on the dildo, so now she started with the rippling effects of her pussy muscles, to her this was fine his cock was a lot softer than her plastic dildo, but the effect on Paul was horrific, again his mind told him the girl was fucking him; there would be no way that he would displease her pleasures, even though he sensed that his helmet might be pulled from his shaft.

This action was a lot easier for Doreen, taking her through yet another orgasm; with each ripple she sucked pulling his cock deeper inside her. Paul knew in his mind that he’d never cum with this amount of painful stimulation. Every now and again Doreen would lock his helmet under her pussy muscles then draw his cock forward, virtually stretching his cock to double its length, the pain was excruciating. She realised that this was no fun now, his cock appeared to be losing its life, and gradually it became spongy giving her little or no satisfaction. Knowing this was the end she slackened her grip allowing his cock to flop out of her.

Her evening had finished, she knew now that she’d to send the couple on their way home. Bringing their minds back to reality, she’d enjoyed herself she’d had her man, to which she knew there were many a woman out there that had wished they to could have sampled his cock, many at her own gatherings.

After managing to get them into her van she drove within yards of the girls home before letting them out. Paul stepped from the van offering the girl his hand, as she got out her hand went down onto her dress, pressing it onto her pussy, the cold evening breeze had travelled up under to her bareness, as her panties were still tucked deeply up inside her pussy she felt the coolness.

Doreen watched as they walked away, knowing within around half an hour or so their minds would be their own. Turning the van around she headed for home.

It wasn’t until morning that they both noticed something amiss. Paul’s cock had swollen to an unbelievable size, his helmet virtually blue with the bruising. The young girl got up as normal, when she’d retired she’d not missed her panties just slipping on her nightdress. But when morning came she sensed that her dream may have been true, her pussy felt the soreness of the night before, and her panties by now were just protruding from within her pussy lips. As she gently removed them, the goo followed in thick globules.

Doreen was on her dildo as she was every morning, but this time she fucked it with the memory of her first man.

The following week was as normal, the young girl, Paul and Doreen were at the meeting, t’was only Doreen who sensed the need once more, neither Paul or the young girl recollected the activities of the previous week. However, the consequences of the evening would begin to show with the young girl in the following months?

story by: Gail Holmes

Tags: fiction hardcore mind control teen male / female older female / males sex story

Author: Gail Holmes

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