Diane and room three

sex stories


This is the third time i've tried to write about the weekend. David rejected the first two attempts because He said they did not go into enough detail about how i was used. So i will try again. This time, i will begin earlier and try to be more deive of myself, of the cumslut pigslut and painslut i am.

All day long at work on Friday, my cunt was sopping wet. David always found new ways to turn me on and this week was no different. From Monday morning, i had large dildoes in both my pussy and ass every minute except when i was using the toilet or fucking. On Monday morning just after ten, a man showed up at our office and said he had a package for me. He walked me into the stairwell and down to the parking garage, where he pushed me into a van. There were three men inside who stripped me and fucked me on a small mattress pad, then smeared their cum all over me, including my face and hair. They put the dildoes back in my holes, then added a leather harness that held some kind of remote control vibrator hard against my cunt.

one of them said. He made a call on his cell phone and i jerked slightly as the vibrator went into action. It hummed for about fifteen seconds then stopped. He laughed. "Some of those units you have to call the right number. Not this one." He dialed another number and the thing went off again. It lasted longer this time and i felt my pussy getting wet. "Any cell phone within twenty feet will set it off. Sometimes, it will be five seconds, sometimes a full minute." Two of the others pulled out cell phones and proved their point. The cumslut me felt my cunt getting more and more wet. i knew what was coming.

He threw me my clothes. "Back to work, bitch." i put my clothes back on and went to the elevator, smelling the cum all over my face and touching where it was dried in my hair. Just before the elevator opened, the vibrator started up again. i had to concentrate to step into the elevator. i wondered if the others could hear the sound. If so, they were polite about it.

All day long, i tried to focus on what i was doing but couldn't. Someone would dial and the vibrator would go off. i spent most of the rest of the morning walking the halls. i knew that if i sat down at my desk, i'd cum and everyone would see. At least while i was talking, i had a chance to duck into a bathroom or act like i was going through a file cabinet.

Working at an insurance company, a lot of the workers ignored each other, spending their energy on the telephone. That was good and bad. Good because most of them wouldn't even notice me. Bad because a lot of their work was done on cell phones. cumslut me craved it but Diane was scared. Someone would see, i would lose my job.

By three o'clock, i was spending all of my time in a stall in the ladies' room, doubled over on a toilet, shivering with orgasm after orgasm. cumslut was in heaven. The most frustrating thing was when there was a long pause between calls. i couldn't decide whether or not to try and get up and leave the room. Then, another call would set the device off and i'd close my eyes and lean back against the wall, praying it would last long enough for me to cum.

The phones started slowing down around four and by five, i was able to wipe my face off with cold water and walk back to my cubicle. There were a stack of notes on my chair. "X wanted to see you." "Y wanted to see you." "Z is wondering if you're coming to the meeting."

By six, i was home for a quick bite and shower, then spent the rest of the night servicing the callers David sent. It was a steady stream from seven till midnight, one per hour and always the same. David sold me as a package. i opened the door dressed in a French Maid outfit and gave them a drink to enjoy while i sucked on their cock for ten minutes, then stripped and had them follow me into the playroom. i offered them an assortment of ropes and clamps, crops and canes, whips and floggers that they were encouraged to use on me for the next thirty minutes. Then, a blow job or anal sex, and out the door in time for me to dress for the next man. At midnight, i would reinsert the dildoes and strap them into place, then go to bed. But i wouldn't sleep. Always, always, they failed to hurt me the way i needed to be hurt. i would find ways to finish the job. This week, i used rubber bands. i wrapped them around my thighs and titties, pulled them hard and let them snap against me, rubbing my clit until i came. Then, i would do it again. By three or four, i would fall asleep exhausted, only to wake up with the alarm at six to start all over again. My nights have been this way for several months now, ever since i gave myself to David. i knew what i wanted and knew he was the one to give it to me. i often wonder about my decision but it's too late now. i am his.

i started by telling you i would describe this last weekend in detail. So much happened and i was in such a fog that i can only do my best. Friday night, one of David's drivers picked me up after work. i was a complete wreck by then. Five day of non stop cumming were taking their toll on me. Marco found me wandering the first floor hallway, dialing random numbers on my own cell phone to make the vibrator hum. i would dial a number and feel the incredible feeling between my legs, start walking quickly to make the dildoes inside me move. Sometimes i'd find a bench or a railing and push backward against it, humping myself like an animal, pushing those rubber cocks deeper into me. Marco reached for my telephone and i jerked my hand back, snarling. He laughed and slapped me across the face. i turned and stumbled away, fingers poking desperately at the buttons on the phone. The vibrator turned on again and i leaned against the wall, felt a huge orgasm shaking my body, then the hum stopped and i screamed at him. i threw the phone then my eyes shot open wide with panic. No! i ran for it but it was too late, Marco picked it up and shoved it in his pocket. i threw my arms around him and started kissing him, but he ignored me. "Come on, whore, we have a gig for you." He took my arm and led me back to the parking garage, pushed me into the passenger seat of his BMW. He pulled my arms behind the back of the seat and snapped handcuffs on my wrists, then slammed the door shut. i heard the lock click and saw him walk around to the other side. My eyes frantically looked around for a phone. Marco pulled his phone out of his pocket every few minutes and wave it in front of my face, laughing. My cunt was on fire, i squirmed to push the cocks into me but it was no use. They were too small. i laughed. On Monday they hurt when they were pushed into me, now they were too small for me.

Marco took me to a run down motel outside of town. Last time i wrote this, i said it was a terrible cliche but David corrected me. It is exactly where i belong. A pigslut flat on my back on the floor, laying on a crusty carpet in a sleazy motel fucking dirty, filthy strangers who stank of beer and cigarettes.

Friday night was fuck and flog night. i was passed from man to man in three different rooms. In one, they dressed me in a blond wig and Marilyn Monroe dress and made me pull my dress up over my head while they whipped my tits and belly. As a pigslut, i do not deserve to be compared to Marilyn, but it amused them and i am their toy, so i did it. After each flogging, i would beg for more but they would stop, telling me they were finished with me and someone in the next room wanted me. i was dragged into the bathroom and made to change my outfit.

In the second room, i was a redhead in a pony tails and schoolgirl uniform, the white top tied just underneath my huge and sore titties, and a plaid micro skirt that just barely covered my ass and pussy. In that room, they caned my bottom in classic British form-school style. That room was the hardest for painslut. The cane is always the worst, but i willingly take the pain for David. And i enjoy it. i crave it. i enjoy the pain and want more. David, when you read this, please tell them to use me harder next time, if it pleases you.

i do not know how long they passed me back and forth between those two rooms, my mind knew nothing but pain and orgasm. When I was not being whipped, there were nearly always two men inside me, fucking my cunt and ass, sometimes both of them stretching my cunt with their cocks. When i was allowed to cum, they pointed and laughed, swilling their beer and scratching their fat bellies. i sometimes dribble when i cum and it is humiliating. i feel devastated and must say it for them. i must tell them that i am embarrassed and that i want to clean it up, that i want to lick the carpet, to suck my own pussy juice from the dirty no-tell motel floor. David, this is so humiliating, to admit this and then to have to put it in writing again here. Knowing it will be read by hundreds of strangers. They will picture me on my knees, dripping with cum and sweat, mouth pressed against the matted indoor/outdoor carpeting, sucking up who knows whatever filth is in that fabric from years of neglect. David, please, must i write this?

i am sorry. Yes, i must write this. A pigslut does not make those judgments and you insisted on more deion. More precise deion. i was Marilyn. i brushed the wig out of my eyes, looked around the room at the eight men there. Most of them in underpants, some with towels wrapped around them, two of them naked. One of them stood up, looking bored, and motioned for me to raise the dress. i pulled it up around my neck as i'd been doing all night.

"Lower it, bitch, it's covering your face." i lowered it a few inches. "I want to see your eyes when I do this." He picked up a bull whip from the floor. i stared at it, frozen with fear. Nobody had ever used one of those on me, David didn't even have one in his playrooms. i wondered where the man got it.

Some of the men noticed my fear and nudged each other. i heard them talking about me, about how scared i looked. They had been at me for over three hours and this was the first time i actually looked afraid. Some of them sat up, slid to the edge of the bed, others stepped closer to me. i was trembling now. The man with the bull whip saw that he had a special moment here and slowed things down. He told me to take the dress completely off. i did. Then the wig. i did that too. i was completely naked and exposed now, not even the false identify to hide behind. He told me to hold my arms out straight at my sides. i lifted my hands, felt the weight of my titties on my chest as they rose. my nipples were stiff and hard, my cunt swollen. i feared the pain but the anticipation was stronger. i felt my pussy dripping, felt the juice running down the insides of my thighs. They were jeering now, pointing at my nipples and cunt, talking about me and what a complete painslut David had given them. i was about to be cruelly beaten and i was about to cum.

i watched the man with the whip as he coiled it slowly in his hand. His eyes stared at me, he was gauging my fear, waiting for the right moment. i felt my knees going weak, i wanted so desperately to cum. He dropped the tasseled end to the floor, pulled his arm back and gave the whip a quick snap. It made a loud crack several feet behind him and everyone smiled and laughed. my pussy ached for him to get started, i knew i would cum the first time i felt that leather bite into my tits. i wanted him to beat me until i fell to the floor, then roll over and open my pigslut hole for them to fuck all night. But, he just stood there and started coiling the whip in his hand again.

David, the anticipation was horrible and i couldn't stand it. i started begging him to whip me. He didn't move. i yelled at the others, aren't any of you man enough to do it? Come on, you fucking tough guys, do it! Then, my body exploded with pain. i wrapped my arms around myself, the pain across my belly was incredible. i saw the man's big grin, saw that he was missing a tooth, saw that he'd rolled up his arms and his biceps were huge and tattooed.

"Yaaaah, bitch, I'll show you a tough guy!" i did my best to keep my arms raised but after the whip sliced across my titties twice more, i couldn't help it. i couldn't help it and i turned to the room and yelled for someone to hold my arms. Two men grabbed my elbows and wrists and pulled my arms wide apart. my legs went weak and i nearly fell to the floor. The men held me upright and i watched the man with the whip. He was standing still, breathing slowly, getting his bearings. i heard myself begging him not to hit me again. The painslut in me was wide eyed and excited, craving it, screaming for it but my instincts won out and my voice was begging him to stop.

The man with the whip coiled it again and adjusted his stance. i saw his arm swing behind him then come around and i felt the whip slice sideways across the bottom of my titties. i struggled and wrestled but my body was on fire. i came after the third stroke and started begging louder for him to hit me again, again, harder. His face tightened into a grimace and the battle of wills began. He hit me harder and harder and my body responded by cumming and cumming. He was panting now, breathing hard and moving his blows up and down the front of my body, from my tits to my belly to my crotch and back again. After a long, long time – a long time David, an incredibly long time – one of the other men stepped up and waved his hand, told him to stop, there were other guys in the room who wanted me. He wiped an ocean of sweat off of his forehead and handed the whip to the next man. i panicked, i wasn't sure how much more i could take. A fresh man, not tired from fifteen plus minutes of whipping me. i looked around the room. If each of them took a turn…


i woke with my face buried in the smelly sheets of the motel bed. A man was fucking my ass, slamming hard into me, his hands holding my hips hard, fingers digging into me. i realized i'd passed out. i still have no idea what they did to me, if they kept on with the bull whip or of they just laid me down. David, is there a video? Do i even care? No, i don't. After he came in my ass, he rolled me over and announced that i was awake. i felt the pain shooting across the front of my body, everything was on fire. One of them held my head while another poured half a bottle of beer into my open mouth. I drank some, enjoying the change of the cool liquid running down my body. They told me to clean up, change into the schoolgirl outfit and head next door for my caning.

i could barely walk so two of them helped me up off of the bed, into my new outfit, and walked me down the hall. They knocked on the door of the second room, then left me leaning against the door jamb. As soon as i got into the room, they told me to show them the stripes from Team Marilyn's whipping. It didn't register until i'd peeled off the flimsy outfit and they talked about the marks on my body that there was a contest going on. i dropped to my knees and crawled to the closest man, reached for his cock, took it in my mouth. He laughed and pushed me away. He said something like 'no, honey, that was round one'.

They made me stand in the middle of the room and show off my marks while two of them took pictures. i noticed a laptop computer on a table. It showed photos of me earlier, on my knees, on my back with my legs spread wide, a close-up of two cocks shoved into my pussy. i realized they were looking at a website of pictures of me. One of them noticed me looking and he walked me to the table. He clicked something on the desktop and i saw a movie running in a small window. It was me in the other room, body writhing as the man with the bullwhip beat me. i shook my head, muttered no, no, no but knew it was pointless.

Someone threw me on the bed and the fucking started. i was on my side, one of them stuffing his cock into my cunt and another in my ass. It was wonderful and i came right away. They were slamming me hard, laughing and chatting about my cunt and how it felt. The man in my ass complained that it was getting a little loose and he could use some tension. i tried to clench but couldn't. They kept talking and i felt hands moving between my legs. Someone pulled my leg up, opening me wider. Then, they slowed down, still fucking in unison but slower. One of them said something about moving closer. It didn't register until i felt his cock sliding out of my cunt. Immediately, i knew what he had in mind, they were both going to fuck my ass. i tried to relax, thought of every trick i knew to loosen myself up but the more i thought about it the more frightened i felt. my attention was focused completely between my legs, trying to make sure i was laying in the best position for this invasion, relaxing my knees, my hips. Then there was another explosion of pain as something snapped against the soles of my feet. Rubber bands. Thick rubber bands. Two, three, four on each foot, mercilessly snapping against my soles. Hands were holding my ankles and my hips were shaking back and forth. The second cockhead pressed against my sphincter and i tried to keep my focus on relaxing but it was no use. Every time one of the rubber bands snapped, my cunt and ass tightened up. Then, it stopped. i heard panting all around me, from the men who were fucking me to the ones who were holding me to the ones snapping the rubber bands. Time froze for a moment. my body relaxed and my hip settled back to the bed. Then, the cock inside me slid slowly out. When he was about halfway, i felt the other cock pushing against it, against me. i muttered no, no, no but they pushed slow and insistent. They were going inside me, there was no question. i did what i could to relax but felt like i was being ripped open. When both cockheads were inside me, the men shuddered then lay still. i didn't know what to think until they both started moving again. Inch by awful inch, they pushed deeper and deeper into me. painslut took over and whispered into someone's ear "deeper, deeper". i felt the cocks bottom out against me, they were all the way in. Then, my body started moving on its own, sliding up and down, impaling and splitting myself on the huge double shaft that was deep inside. They were talking about me again, pigslut, whore, hole, and i was getting more and more turned on. i pumped harder, harder, yelled for them to snap the rubber bands again. i heard the snap, felt my ass clench and screamed for more, more, more. The men came after just a few minutes, pulled their cocks out of me. i screamed for more, grabbed the nearest man and pulled him down to the bed, begging him to fuck my ass. He stood up and jumped off of the bed. i opened my eyes and saw a dozen men's faces staring at me, laughing, high fiving each other, talking about me in the most vile and depraved ways they could imagine. How could they not? i was less than an animal, just a thing to hurt and fuck.

At some time, someone announced that it was one o'clock and Room Three was now open. There was a cheer from everyone in the room and someone helped me to my feet. One of them leaned in close and whispered "I feel sorry for you. Warm up is over." They gathered up their beer bottles and ashtrays and headed into the hallway.

David, i have begged you not to make me write about what happened in Room Three. i will because you tell me to. i am telling the readers that i begged you because it pleases you to have me reveal myself to them as a pervert, a pigslut, and a sometimes coward.


David's pigslut has to describe the taste of the carpet. Before they took me to Room Three, one more man wanted to fuck me. He pulled out just before he came and shot a huge wad of cum on the carpet. He laughed and told me to clean it up. i started to go down on my knees, but he held up his hand. i watched while he ground the cum into the carpet with the ball of his foot. He smiled and held up his foot. Obediently, i started licking it clean. It was scaly and dirty. He pushed his big toe into my mouth and i gagged. my tongue tasted the jam between his toes and i had to do everything i could not to throw up. David, please, please, next time maybe at least not this?

[i have to write this because you told me to. When David read the first draft of this journal, he immediately telephoned the man – Jeff – and had him come to our home. While i prepared dinner naked and stuffed with an ass dildo, he and Jeff played tennis at the courts at the high school. When they came home, my was to give his sweaty, smelly body a tongue bath. Every inch of him. i threw up three times. David let me clean it with a sponge and bucket but i had to keep licking Jeff until he and David agreed i was finished. i did his toes three times and his ass crack twice.

Jeff, please, if you are reading this, know that i will always be available to you for this service.]

When he was satisfied, he pointed at the carpet. i got on my knees and leaned forward, easing my nose to the carpet. It stank of sweat, cigarette, and dampness. i put my tongue out and pressed it flat on the carpet, took a long lick across the surface. i gagged, felt lint and small bits of something gritty on my tongue. He nudged me with his foot and i went down again. i licked again and again, struggling not to vomit, trying to hold my breath. But i couldn't. i took a deep whiff and felt the bile in my throat again. It stayed down and i licked a few more times. Hopefully, i looked up at Jeff but he shook his head and said "the rest". i gave him a puzzled look and he said "suck the rest out". i felt my stomach knot and tears came to my eyes. i pressed my mouth against the carpet and sucked gently. He laughed and yelled at me, spit on it and suck it out, you know, like a carpet steamer.

i saw several of the men come back into the room. Out of the corner of my eye, i saw their feet and legs as they gathered closer. The sounds of my sucking on the disgusting fabric of the carpet filled the room. The sickly sweet taste flooded over my tongue and i had to force myself to swallow each little bit. Jeff kept pushing my head back against the carpet telling me to finish the job. Finally, someone from outside the room yelled for him to move it along and he pulled me to my feet. "I guess you're finished" he said.


Room Three was a corner room, twice as large as the others with a two story ceiling. It was a beautiful space in which to use me and i want to thank each of you for taking the time to do so. my hungry cunt and depraved and available flesh thank you and want to do it again.

All twenty two men were in Room Three when Jeff led me in. Fat, drunk, strong and smelly men who all wanted another chance at me, another chance to fuck my holes and hurt me. pigslut was aroused, hot, ready, body begging for them to take me further, further. The furniture had all been rearranged, there was no sofa, no table, no armchairs, nothing in the room except a single terrifying device in the middle of the room. i recognized it immediately. A simple wooden horse.

David, i know you want me to mention here that i have always considered this the most humiliating and disturbing device ever invented. i have been on the wooden horse several times and each time it has taken days to recover. The constant shifting of weight from feet to arms to crotch, the inevitability of exhaustion and pain, the humiliation of being so open and exposed make this the worst experience i can imagine. It is natural to assume you would have subjected me to it at some point.

i knew it was no use, but i stepped backward toward the door. Jeff held me and walked me into the room. The men nudged each other, some of them looking at their watches and taking bets.

Someone put leather cuffs around my wrists and straps around my thighs, attached them so each hand was secured. One of them stood behind me and pushed something up my ass, i had no idea and no longer cared what it was. He told me to start fucking it and i did. A few of them laughed. Another man wrapped ropes around the base of my titties, tied them tight, then stood in front of me and slapped them hard for several minutes. Tears were streaming down my face and i was fucking up and down hard on whatever object was up my ass. He finally got bored and stopped, but another man replaced him, a twelve-inch wooden ruler in his hand. He smacked my tits top and bottom while i moaned and cried. i heard comments around the room about how i was taking it and not screaming, not begging them to stop. They still didn't know. A painslut does not give up, a painslut craves more. And i was craving more. i pushed down harder and harder on the stiff invader in my ass, felt my orgasm building. The man who was hitting my tits stopped and i screamed at him to come back. Instead, i felt the object pulled from my ass and i stumbled a few steps forward, trying to catch my balance. i turned around and saw one of the men wiping brown matter off of a long handled flashlight. Someone grabbed me and spun me around, held me still. Another man brought a pair of alligator teeth clamps and attached them to my nipples.

my cunt was tight and dry, i knew that no matter how much they played with me, no matter what i offered or gave them, the wooden horse waited patiently for me to climb on. The man who had used the bullwhip on me stepped forward and ran his hand over my swollen and purple tits. He scratched his fingernails across the marks he'd made earlier and i cringed. My legs went weak and i dropped to my knees. Hands grabbed me from behind and stood me up, he continued scratching along the marks he'd made on my belly and crotch. The pain flooded over me and my cunt sprang alive, dripping and swollen. i whispered quietly for him to get the bull whip and use it on me again. He laughed and pressed his thumb against my lower lip. Reflexively, i opened my mouth. He spit into it and told me to swallow. The men started laughing and began lining up. They pushed me to my knees, held my head back, mouth open and
one by one drizzled globs of saliva into my mouth. i was told not to swallow. After five or six of them, the spit was overflowing, dripping down my cheeks and neck, then down my body. i didn't start crying until i felt it dripping down my legs and pooling around my knees.

i heard them moving the cameras around and one of them said he didn't get it all so they started again, holding my mouth open and violating me with their spit. i was shuddering, the humiliation so intense i could feel it. They were not just abusing me, they were broadcasting it to the world. And taping it. The humiliation would happen over and over.

When the cameraman said they told me to swallow what was in my mouth. i did, gagging again and nearly throwing up. Then, without warning, the hands were on me and i was lifted up and carried to the horse.

[i am afraid to break the flow but David has given me permission to insert some background. There are many ways to ride the horse, each is painful and terrible in its own way. Once you are set on the horse, your arms and legs need to be dealt with. Sometimes, the knees are bent and the ankles tied behind the back, often the wrists are tied to the ankles. This gives the rider the option of rising up a bit, trading the pain between her legs for pain through her ankles and knees. This can go on for a long time until the muscles in the legs tire.

[Sometimes, the legs are left hanging down. Sometimes, weights are added to the ankles to intensify the effects of gravity.

[Sometimes, the arms are tied above the head and secured to the ceiling. Again, the rider can pull herself up to take her weight off of her crotch but eventually her arms will tire. That is the worse part, the knowledge that no matter what one does, it is only temporary relief.]

Since my wrists were already secured to my thighs, it was an easy decision how to bind me. They added ankle straps to my outfit and connected them to the D rings at my wrists. That left me with none of the choices i was familiar with, there was nowhere to go to relieve the pressure of the rounded wooden wedge that pressed against my tender flesh. i was already exhausted and knew that i could not last long on the horse. They moved the cameras around, one of them focused on my face, one was closeup between my legs and the other took a full body shot.

One of the men brought a wall clock from the other room and set it on the floor in front of me. i heard the others start taking, bills were changing hands, they were betting how long i could endure the ride. But, what was the option? i was scared, didn't know if David was even in the room. When they said 'how long?' i had to wonder 'how long until what?'

The men were yelling out numbers, some cheering me on to last, others describing how much it must hurt and that i should beg them to stop. i tried to ignore the feeling, tried to focus on something in the room but their voices always distracted me. i couldn't focus on anything except my aching bottom. i shifted slightly from left to right but it cause more pain than relief and i moaned. i leaned forward slightly, then back, but it made no difference. Any movement only brought more pain. i closed my eyes and started breathing deeper, trying to shift into a different space, but someone pinched the clamp off of my left nipple and pain exploded through my head. i jerked to the lift, felt the effect between my legs and struggled to get back my balance.

The clock crept slowly forward. It was only six minutes before i was ready to give up. i was in so much pain i couldn't think, couldn't even guess how to beg them to let me go. Then, i heard someone's voice talking about the bull whip, he wanted to use the bull whip on me while i rode the horse. i felt my cunt twitch and my nipples stiffen, the thought excited me. i had to stay perfectly still, if they had the slightest idea i wanted it they would have done it. David, i am sorry, i could not bring it on myself, i could not, i will next time if you like. i am shuddering now and want to cum but must keep writing.

i heard myself begging from somewhere far off. i was drifting in the room, looking at my body on the horse, titties still tied and swollen, breath shallow, body trembling. Some of the men were picking up money they'd won because i'd lasted so long, others were making new bets. i was a complete toy to them, an object to amuse them. i repeated over and over that i wanted off, that i couldn't last any longer but nobody listened to me. i looked around for you, David, but didn't see you. i leaned forward involuntarily, gasped loudly as the pain shot through me, jerked back erect. Someone pulled the other clamp from my right nipple and i screamed again. i watched dizzily as more money changed hands. Men were drinking cold beers, smoking, taking pictures. i felt my body jerk backward, then back to center again. Then, i heard you, David, command them to take me off. i closed my eyes and moaned as they lifted me up and carried me into the other room. i felt hard wood against my back, felt my hands pulled over my head, the leather cuffs removed and metal clamps put in their place. Someone spread my legs and i felt cool metal clamping my ankles to the wooden platform. The straps on my thighs stayed. my cunt was dry again but the pain between my legs was receding.

i felt hands on my head, holding it still. Someone pulled my eyelid up and i saw you, David. You were leaning forward, motioned to one of the men to hold my eye open. i recognized them right away, David, the blackened contact lenses you'd had me fitted for months ago. When they were both in place, the world went black for me. i heard clanking sounds and felt the wooden platform rise upward from the floor. Then, it tilted and i was at a forty-five degree angle, head down. Something pushed at my lips and i opened my mouth. Someone on his knees was fucking my face, balls slapping against my forehead. He pushed his cock deep and held it there, gagging me. i felt a thumb pushed against my perineum and i gasped, tightening my throat around his cock. i heard a few approving voices and that became the game for the next six men. The would push their cocks as deep as they could into my throat then press my tender muscle, enjoying the constriction of my throat. Press, release, press, release, over and over until they unloaded into my belly. They'd pull themselves out, cum drizzling up my nostrils and over my eyelids, onto my forehead.

When the last man finished, they slammed the table upright. my bones shook from the quick jerking motion. They spun the table around, i was vertical now, head high. It was frightening, not knowing who was where, what they were planning. Then, i heard familiar voices and knew that the bullwhip was coming out again. And they were taking bets. Someone explained it to me, a whimper paid odds, a scream paid better odds but complete silence was a win for me. They didn't tell me what i would win but it didn't matter. They had no obligation to give me anything anyway. Hands ran over my body, someone untied the ropes from around my breasts. Pain shot through them as the circulation started again.

It was quit for a minute. The first stroke came across my belly, just below my navel. It was clumsy and didn't hurt. They laughed at the man, teasing him, you pussy! i felt his fingers twist and pull my nipple but it hardly mattered after everything else.

The second stroke was intense and i screamed. This man had practiced. He slashed across the top of both breasts, i was sure he'd whipped them off. There was talking, laughing, money changed hands. Someone kissed me and whispered thanks. i felt a finger slid up into my cunt. Did he shove money inside me?

It went on that way for a long time, money changing hands, my body weaker and weaker. Finally the room went quiet. i listened intently but there was no sound, it was like they'd all left. But they couldn't have, i would have heard.

David, what was next was exquisite. i felt a tongue slide between my cunt lips and lick my clit and nearly exploded. i bucked my hips hard, but the tongue went away. Something slid up inside me, filling my cunt. Then, it started growing. Something hand pumped, inflatable. The tongue came back and i felt my cunt swelling again. Then, the inflatable grew. And grew. My cunt was stretched, it felt like it was the size of a beach ball. But the tongue kept coming back, one lick at a time. The agony between licks was incredible. When i started to cum, there was another explosion of pain across my belly. A flogger, two dozen tails biting hard into my flesh. i came and came, the painslut going insane. Finally, they pulled the fully inflated balloon out of my cunt. i collapsed against the board.

The rest of the night was mostly fucking again, one, two, three at a time. No wig, no costume, no whips and ropes. i passed out several times, mostly from simple exhaustion. It had been a long week.

story by: AsDiane

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: AsDiane

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