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What happens when the order of things get messed up? Like things that just aren’t suppose to happen do happen, and it changes everything you ever believed in. That’s exactly what happened with me and Whitley.

My name is Cameron. I just made 18 and it’s my senior year of high school. I’m the type of guy that really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about me. I talk to whoever will listen and wear what I like. I like myself the why I am and no one is going to change that. I have a couple of really close friends that I usually hang out with every weekend and at school, but other than that, I’m sort of a loner. In my opinion, I’m not a bad looking guy. I’m about 6’1 and 170 lbs. I stay in fairly good shape mostly because I’m a swimmer. I have black hair that’s usually cut short, but most of the time my bangs are in my eyes. But the thing that gets many approvals would be my eyes. I have these piercing blue eyes which have been compared to sapphires. I also having a dazzling white smile that will get me noticed by the ladies (ha-ha). I also make pretty good grades, not a genius, but not failing either.
My school is your typical high school clich?They have the kids, which mainly consist of jocks and cheerleaders. Then they have the smart popular kids, the artist’s groupies, the stoners, and the kids whom the jocks with no brains make fun of and the snooty cheerleaders pretend they don’t exist. I really don’t fit into a category, like I said, I usually stay to myself or with my friends, but I’m not mean to anyone either. Everyone’s usually nice to me so I really don’t have any complaints.
The only person at school that I honestly did not like was Whitley Vergas. She was the “it” girl at our school and I’ve went to school with her all my life. The school would probably shut down if she decided to miss a day, that’s how much pull this girl had. Not that I wasn’t attracted to her, I mean hey….she is incredibly sexy. She’s about 5’5 and has the body of a goddess; probably about 125 lbs. Long bleach blonde hair that tumbles down her back almost to her waist in soft curls (okay, so I’ve stared quite a lot). She also has pearly white teeth, luscious lips that are always a light pink color and these amazing emerald green eyes that seems like they see straight to your soul. Too bad she has everything … rich parents, nice body, and of course she was dating the guy that all the girl’s swoon over, Mark.
It was just another day at school, or so I thought. Little did I know that my world was going to be turned upside down. I was walking to the swimming pool because this was my free period. I got in the dressing rooms, changed, got into the pool, and started doing laps. After a little while, I started hearing things coming from the girls locker room. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard something like a scream. I got out the pool and ran in there…and what I saw shocked and then pissed me off. Whitley was sitting on the ground leaning against the wall holding her face, crying, and mark was standing over her. I completely flipped out…one thing you don’t do is hit a girl.
“Dude, what the fuck are you doing?”
He doesn’t even turn around, just says, “None of your business man, go back to your little swimming pool.”
“Fuck that man, you don’t hit on chicks.”
He finally turns around and yells, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.”
Then he proceeded to grab Whitley by the arm and yank her up.
“Tell him you like when I do this to you him what a little slut you are so he can stop playing hero and go back to mining his own damn /> The look that she gave me sent me over the edge. She was terrified and embarrassed all in one look. It completely broke my heart. I didn’t even think about what I did next, I punched him twice in the face. Then the door to the girl’s dressing room opened and my swim coach stepped in. Mark took this distraction and hit me pretty good right in the jaw. I was fuming when he pulled us apart.
“Gentlemen and Miss Vergas, would anyone like to explain?”
No one said anything, which made him say, “Well then you all have detention for a week.”
After school, I was getting into my car to leave when Whitley ran up. She startled me by embracing me in what I believed in my mind was the most erotic hug ever because she was pressing that perfect body up against me. She whispered in my ear without breaking the embrace, “you have no idea how much what you did just meant to me. No one has ever stood up for me before. “She took a step back and just stared up at me. In that moment when I was looking into her eyes I knew that nothing was going to be the same.
When I got home, I was a little shaken up. I mean for one I got in a fight and for two I couldn’t get that look of Whitley being scared out of my mind. What was shaking me up even more was the fact that it was bothering me so much when I supposedly didn’t like this girl. The weeks passed and I still couldn’t stop thinking about her, but get this, I think she was thinking about me too. She would always look at me when she didn’t think I was looking and flirt with me a little here and there. Then there was one moment when she was looking at me and I turned around to look at her and she didn’t turn away. In that moment something changed between us. The intensity was too much to handle or believe, but I was couldn’t look away. In my heart, my mind, my soul…I had to have this girl. In a way it felt like I needed her. I wanted to show her how it could be with someone that could actually love you.
When I was walking to my car after school I was totally blown away to see her leaning against my car. She talks first, “Hey, look, I um…your probably wondering what I want huh? Gahh I had planned what I wanted to say.” She looked so worried, I couldn’t help but laugh. She looked at me and smiled, I think me laughing made her feel better. She starts again, “okay I’m just going to come out and ask? You want to do something tonight? Like movies? Or food? Or something?”
I was completely shocked. I grinned at her, “Hell yes, what took you so long?” She just gave me that dazzling smile. “How about I pick you up at about 6?”
She gazes up at me with those beautiful eyes and I pretty much had to put my hands in front my crotch so she won’t see what she does to me with just a look, “That would be /> That night I pick her up and we go see a movie. She’s dressed sexy of course, a dark blue sundress. I groan when I see her because I know I am not going to make it through the night. After the movie we turn down her street and park in front her house.
She gazes at me. I stare back and decide to make the first move. I caress her cheek and slowly put her lips to mine. There’s something there, something real, I feel it and I know she does. I slide my tongue slowly in her mouth tasting her and loving it. She begins to kiss me harder. She makes a whimper noise and I can feel my dick start to rise. Things go from good to great. She climbs across the middle and straddles me. As I put my hands under her dress, I soon find out the she has no panties on and she’s soaking wet. I gently rub her clit in little circles, her breath catches in her throat. I can’t believe this is happening. As I continue rubbing her clit, I slide a finger in her pussy, she moans out loud. She’s so wet, I can’t contain myself anymore. I pull her dress over her head and those beautiful D breasts come out. I put her nipples in between my teeth and nibble as I’m sliding two fingers in her pussy. She moans out loud as she’s bouncing up and down on my fingers. She pulls my shirt up over my head and fumbles with my button and zipper. She pulls my pants as far down as it possibly can go being in a car and slowly slides her pussy on my penis. I can’t help myself, I grab her waist and I thrust one good time so my dick is all the way in her pussy. She yells out loud, but quickens her pace. “Oh god yeah Cam, fuck me baby….I can’t take this!!! Ahhhhhh.”
My dick feels so good sliding in her wet pussy, I can feel her juices on my thighs from where our bodies are smacking together. I know I’m not going to last long because I was not prepared for this. Before I can say anything, Whitley yells, “ohhhh god! Cam I’m comingggg! Yesss!!” I feel her hot juices rushing out. I grab her by the waist and give her the hardest thrust I can manage and then I just shoot my cum all the way into her hot pussy.
We sit there for like 10 minutes and don’t say anything which is fine with me because I love the feeling of my dick getting soft inside a pussy, especially hers. She looks up at me and again I’m blown away, she’s crying.
“Honey what’s wrong?” I gently ask her.
She doesn’t say anything at first. She just leans in and puts her lips to mine and gives me a deep meaningful kiss then she slowly slides off of me and crosses back over the middle. I’m still looking at her, waiting for an answer because I’m a tad bit worried.
Finally she begins, “It’s nothing really, I just haven’t had sex in while with me actually wanting to. I’ve had sex with mark for the past couple years and after a while it just seemed like a chore I had to do. He was never worried about how it felt to me just as long as he got off. But it’s something different with you. I feel it and I can’t explain it. I wasn’t planning on having sex with you, just a date, but it felt so right. I just want to do it over and over again.”
When she was done talking, I felt something move inside me. It was there at this moment that I knew I was in trouble because I was going to fall for this girl. No one has ever had to power to break my heart, but I know now that she could do it easily. I was a goner.
She looks up at me again and gives me that look, which I’m beginning to think is my favorite look. She asks, “Want to come inside?”
I ask, “what about your /> “They are never home. My dad’s away on business and my mom goes so she could spend all his money and make sure that he’s not having an affair with his young hot /> “Then what you waiting for beautiful? Lead the way.”
She gives me that dazzling smile again and puts her dress back on (which is very disappointing). I put my clothes back on also and get out the car. I go around, open the door for her. She takes my hand and says, “I think after tonight nothing will ever be the same between us again.”
I smile back at her as we walk up to the front door. I know that this is the beginning of the best night of my life.

story by: tastelikeskittles

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Author: tastelikeskittles

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