Elaine's ride

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Elaine is an average teenage girl, who lived in California near Malibu. She was 5 foot 6, hour-glass figure, with 36 C cups and brown hair that went down to her mid-back. She has her everyday classes and everyday friends. And of course like every other 16 year old she has a crush on the hottest guy in the school. His name is Christian Everheart, he is a really tough 6 foot 5 football player with brown eyes and short brown hair. Elaine is lucky enough to share 5 out of her 7 classes with him. The best class for her is Biology because Christian is her lab partner. Now if Elaine wasn’t the shy type she would try and talk to him, and get to know him better. But there is another huge problem in her way of getting to Christian. This girl is the queen of all bitches, and the captain of the cheerleaders, Alexandra but she makes everyone call her Alex. She is 5 foot 3 of pure mean. She and Christian are going out. It’s a known fact that football players go out with cheerleaders. So she doesn’t even try going for Christian. But she knows that she would be a better match for Christian than Alex would.
The saddest of all days has come. It is the last day of school for most students this is the best time of their lives but for Elaine and her best Jayne it’s the saddest. Every year Jayne goes on a trip with her family to some faraway place that doesn’t have that much cell service.
~I can’t believe that it is our last day as sophomores, and you will be going to Africa for the entire summer Jayne.
~I know, but it won’t be fun without you at all Elaine.
Both of the girls sighed heavily. All of a sudden Jayne gasped.
~What!?! What’s wrong?
~Don’t look now but Christian Major Hottie Everheart is coming this way and it looks like he is going to talk to us. EEEEEK!!!!!
Before Elaine could turn around she heard someone behind her say ~Hey Elaine…Can I talk to you really quick in private??? She was in shock for so long that Jayne had to pinch her to snap her out of it. Elaine turned around real quick.
~Umm sure. Jayne have fun at your trip don’t forget to take pictures for me from Africa.
They hugged really quickly and Jayne said goodbye to Elaine then to Christian very shyly, Christian just gave a quick raise of the head and a smile to answer.
~So Christian where do you want to go talk???
~How about I walk you home and we talk as we are walking?
~Sure, why not?
They gathered their stuff and started towards Elaine’s house. Lucky for Elaine, her house was a 20 minute walk away. ————— After a few minutes of walking in awkward silence Elaine finally got the courage to say something.
~So what did you want to talk about?
~Oh yea, was wondering if you would like to come with me and Alex on a cruise ship for a few days?
~One no I’m not kidding you, and two yes i choose you because you have helped me a lot in Biology so I thought I would pay you back. Also for us to get to know each other better and maybe have some fun.
Elaine again was shock; she was so shocked that she stopped in her tracks. Christian noticed and he got worried.
~Are you ok???
~Um yea I’m fine sorry. Can I ask my mom first then tell you we are here anyway?
~Yea sure is she home?
~No she isn’t I can call her now or do you want me to call you when she gets home and I ask her?
~How about you call me.
~Ok well thanks for walking me home I will get back to you as fast as I can.
~Great I really hope your mom says yes.
With that said Christian left, and Elaine went inside the house and ran up to her room and called Jayne and told her everything. After they hung up she waited for her mom.
Elaine was slowly but surely falling asleep until she heard the sound of her mom’s car pull up and the door open and close. Elaine was wide awake now. She ran down the stairs to meet her mom.
~MOM!!! You will never guess what happened today at school.
~Well hello to you too Elaine.
~Hi mom. How was your day, mine was amazing now can I tell you what happened?
~Fine go ahead.
~Well it was near the end of the day and Christian Everheart came up to me and ask me if I wanted to come to a cruise with him and his girlfriend. Isn’t that so exciting? I mean Christian Everheart the cutest guy in school asks me out of all people. He said that I helped him a lot in Biology class and that he wanted to get to know me better.
~Well honey that’s great. Now basically you’re asking me if you can go with him on this cruise right.
~Yes, please can I go its summer it’s only for a few days? Also I’m 16 turning 17 years old you can trust me please. IT’S CHRISTIAN /> ~Well you are right about me being able to trust you. I guess you can go. But I want you to be safe and pack your sunscreen.
~OMG!!! Thank you so much mom I love you and I promise I will be safe and take the sunscreen.
Elaine went up to her room and put her sunscreen in her already packed bag. Then right away she called Christian not even noticing what time it is. The phone only rang once and there was a voice was on the other side of the phone.
~Hey I was waiting for your call.
~Hi Christian, guess what?
~My mom said yes to me going with you.
~That’s great I will see you tomorrow then.
The next day Elaine met Christian at the dock in front of a huge ship at 7 in the morning. Elaine was extremely excited as she walks up to Christian until she sees Alex and she is reminded that it won’t be just the two of them.
So the trip went on as accordingly Elaine got settled in her room while the couple settled in their room. Now and then the trio hung out together in the restaurants, arcade and occasionally shuffle board. But a couple of days just before the trip was over Elaine was in her room about to get ready to watch a prepaid movie when there was a knock on her door. She went to the door and standing there looking as gorgeous as ever was Christian with Alex right by his side. Elaine was pretty surprised to see them but relieved that they hadn’t forgotten about her.
~Oh hey Christian, Alex what’s up?
~Oh nothing much just wanted to know if you would like to come to the pool with us?
Before she could think she said yes and told them she would meet them there since she had to get ready. They left and Elaine rushed to her bag to find her bathing suit that she packed that showed off her boobs and made them look bigger. Then she went to the pool as quickly as she could. Once she got there she spotted the couple and jumped right into the pool. The three of them were in the pool for a couple of hours and Alex was getting tired so she headed off to her room to rest. Elaine thought to herself finally we are alone. So she enjoyed herself now and then catching Christian starring at her boobs. But soon enough Elaine was getting tired so she told Christian she was going to leave too. Before she could turn, Christian grabbed her hand and Elaine felt her heart stop.
~Before you go I want to show you something tonight.
So the two got dried up and headed up an unfamiliar hallway. All of a sudden Christian stopped in front of a suite and took a key out and opened the door and turned on the lights. When Elaine walked in she saw a king sized bed and a sofa. It was like one of those expensive rooms that never got rented out. Elaine looked around the room she heard the door close but she didn’t worry about it. When she was inspecting the room she saw another door across the room and thought it must be an extra closet. All of the sudden she was surprised when Christian came up behind her and was holding on to her.
~You know I like you Elaine, way better than Alex. So I wanted to do an experiment.
Elaine gasped suddenly when she felt Christian’s erection pushing against her ass. She turned around to see him only in his swim trunks and that’s when she felt herself getting all hot and wet. The two reached for each other and started to kiss each other like savages and running their hands over each other’s bodies. But soon enough Elaine started to get nervous and she stopped Christian.
~What’s wrong?
~Nothing this is absolutely amazing and all but it’s just that it feels wrong since you’re going out with Alex.
~Oh I don’t care about her anymore I just want you.
Elaine heard a gasp from the other side of the room. She turned to see Alex standing there, in the door which she thought was a closet, with tears in her eyes. Elaine guessed that Christian must have sent her a text to meet him here so she can see that he doesn’t want her anymore. Alex started crying and ran away guessing to her room. Elaine turned to Christian looking worried but all of that melted away when she saw him getting closer to her with a hunger lust in his eyes. Then the process started all over again instead this time they went farther. After hungrily devouring each other’s mouths Elaine and Christian both stripped of their swim wear and lay down on the couch and started to rub their bodies together. Elaine felt Christian groan into her mouth and she knew that his tool needed some attention. So she got down on her knees and started giving him the fastest hand job that she could. It wasn’t even a minute before out of nowhere he exploded onto her body. Elaine didn’t know what was going on with her but she started to lick up every bit of cum off of her body that she could. Next thing she knew she was being picked up and she was thrown onto the bed. She looked up to see Christian looming over her already hard as a rock. He started to position himself at her sopping wet entrance and waited. Elaine looked up from his manhood at her beautiful flower to Christians eyes. She smiled and pulled him down into another erotic kiss. Then he pulled away from her face and slammed all of his 9 inches into Elaine with all of his power. Elaine screamed in pain as since she was still a virgin and since he was pounding her not thinking that he was hurting her. Soon enough she got used to his dick and started to enjoy the feeling moaning as he went along. Elaine had cummed 7 times in those 10 minutes of pounding and Christian 3. Christian had pulled out of Elaine and flipped her to her stomach and roughly pulled her ass up high into the air and entered her with force again. This time Elaine screamed with pleasure and no pain she had cummed 3 times this time and Christian as well had cummed 3 times. Christian was out of breath but that didn’t stop Elaine. She wanted more while Christian was lying on his back trying to catch his breath Elaine climbed on top of him and buried herself onto him and started rocking back and forth. Soon she felt Christian get hard inside of her so she picked up the pace and rode him good, until they both passed out. During all of this not a word was said except the cries of them cumming and the moaning of pleasure.

story by: Phoenixgirl

Tags: male/teen female school young blowjob erotica first time teen male/teen female virginity cum swallowing cheating hardcore romance fantasm teen male/teen females water sports/pissing oral sex sex story written by women

Author: Phoenixgirl

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