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It was dinner time with my family – dad (Henry), mom (Phyllis), my twin sister (Andrea) and me (Alex). Andrea and I were twins and now 18-years-old. My dad and sister were engaged in a conversation and laughing together as they usually were.

My mom was nagging again because I had just graduated from high school (I had no intention of going to college) and I didn’t have a clue about what I wanted to do next. I was working as a pizza delivery guy while my sister had received a full academic scholarship to a local college and was planning to become a doctor. Even though my sister seemed perfect, I didn’t have anything against. She was always kind to me.

Mom: “Alex, do you know what you plan to do with your life? “

I just shrugged my shoulders.

Mom (speaking to dad): “Henry, we have been paying for our son to meet with a psychologist for over a year so he can figure out his life. We are just wasting our money.”

Mom was in her mid-40s, and tall and beautiful. She was a hard woman. She had built her own successful business through perseverance, and didn’t have any patience for underachievers like me. Dad was a simple guy and I was not sure how he was able to get a hot woman like mom to marry him. She never seem satisfied with her marriage. They rarely talked to each other.

After dinner, I went to my bedroom and watched television until I fell asleep at night. I was then awoken to the sound of my sister’s voice.

Andrea: “Alex get up but don’t say a word.”

The lights were on in my bedroom and as my eyes began to focus, I could see my sister standing next to my bed with her hands bound together with duct tape and there was a man standing behind her. He was holding a handgun and wearing a black mask.

Andrea: “Alex don’t panic. Everything will be okay. This man broke into our home and is just looking for money.”

Intruder: “Go to the living room.”

As we entered the living room, mom and dad were sitting on a sofa – their hands were bound also. Andrea sat next to them on another sofa. I sat on a chair at the dining room table that was adjacent to the living room. The intruder walked up to me and bound my hands in front of me just like everyone else.

Intruder: “If you cooperate, then no one will be hurt. Do you He then walked behind Andrea and held gun over her head.

We all nodded />
Intruder: “Where do you keep your valuables?” There was a quiet pause. />
Dad: “In the basement, behind the painting, you’ll find a safe. The combination is 21-16-39.”

My mom was just shaking her head. The intruder walked down to the basement and a few moments later he returned with a small bag.

Intruder: “Thank you for your donation. I think there is close to $10,000 here.”

Mom (looking at dad): “Why did you tell him where the safe is?” with a look of disapproval.

Dad: “Because our safety is more important. I am sorry that you never like my />
Intruder: “It seems that your family is dysfunctional. Since you have helped me tonight, I am going to return the favor. Your family needs an intervention. We are going to explore the roots of your />
Intruder (turning to mom): “You appear to be frustrated with your husband. When have you had sex with him?”

Mom (hesitantly): “It’s been more than 3 years. I don’t enjoy sex with him. I’ve never had an orgasm during 20 years of marriage. His penis is very, very small.”

Andrea (yelling): “Stop it! Dad’s penis is />
The room became completely silent as we all looked at Andrea.

Mom: “Andrea, you whore. Have you been fucking your dad?”

Andrea: “No, I have been only sucking his penis for 2 years. He was depressed and he needed help.”

My dad was now looking down at floor – looking totally frightened. My sister then stood up and walked to him. As he looked up at her, she smiled at him. She took his hand and led him to the center of the living room. They stood face-to-face for a moment. Next she kneeled in front of him. She proceeded to remove his boxer shorts revealing a tiny limp penis.

Dad: “No Andrea.”

Andrea: “I love you.”

Andrea plunged her face onto his penis, which she was easily able to swallow. Her head rapidly moved forward and backward. At the same time, she caressed his balls which made dad moan in approval. She then pulled his penis out of her mouth so she could take a few deep breaths which revealed a fully erect penis that was less than 5 inches. Next, her tongue began to swirl around the tip and then her tongue slid from the tip to the base, back and forth. She moved her face under his balls and began to swallow them, while she used her hand to stroke his penis. Her mouth then returned to his penis. She began sucking up and down at a swift pace while her hair was flying around.

Dad: “I am coming.”

These words only made Andrea quicken the pace of her blowjob. Finally, my dad shot his load inside of Andrea’s mouth. She eagerly swallowed every single drop of cum. She then kissed the tip of his penis and they sat together on the other sofa. They held each other tenderly.

Intruder (talking to me): “What do you think about your mom?”

Me: “I am so unhappy. You criticize me every day. I don’t have any self-confidence or self-esteem. I’ve never had a girlfriend. I haven’t even been on a date. I am 18-years-old and I am still a virgin.”

Tears began to form in the corners of my eyes.

Andrea (looking at me): “Alex, I want to help you. Come here with me. I will make you feel better.”

Intruder: “You have been repressing your feelings for a long time. You need to express yourself now. What would make you happy?”

I looked at Andrea and we smiled at each other. I paused a few moments to think and then I stood up. But instead of walking to Andrea, I walked to mom as she sat on the sofa. I kneeled in front of her and leaned my head between her comforting breasts.

Next, I began to unbutton her pajama shirt. She resisted but I ignored her attempts to stop me. When I opened it, it revealed two 36 D-cups. They were perfect and I began to suckle the tip of the right breast. As a baby, I was bottle-fed so after 18 years of frustration, I was finally able to feed on her breasts.

I alternated between both breasts. My sucking was so strong that her breasts were turning red. As I continued, I slipped my hands under her pajama pants. Her pussy had become wet. I began to play with her clit. Mom closed eyes, her head titled back, and she moaned quietly.

This continued for several minutes. I then directed mom to stand up and follow me to the middle of the living room, and told her to lie down on her back. I then stood over her in a dominating position. I could see panic in her eyes and she nervously waited for my next move.

I slowly removed my pajama pants to expose my penis.

Mom (gasped): “Oh my God!”

My fully erect penis was standing at attention. My penis was an enormous 10 inches. But even more impressive was its thickness. It had a gigantic circumference, almost the same as my mom’s wrist.

I kneeled between my mom’s legs and removed her pajama pants. Her pussy was neatly shaved. Now her reaction shifted to fear.

Mom: “I am afraid. It’s too big.”

Me: worry, I will be gentle.”

Next, I inserted one of my fingers into her pussy, then two and finally three. I knew that she would need a lot of lubrication before my penis could fit into her pussy. As the anticipation was building, pre-cum began to drip from my penis. When I was satisfied that we had both produced enough lubrication, I moved forward and rubbed my pre-cum onto her pussy.

Mom nodded at me to continue. She now seemed excited about what was happening.

Mom: “Alex, pull out when you cum. I don’t want to become />
I slowly began to insert my penis inch-by-inch.

Mom: “Owww, it hurts.”

About half of my penis was now inserted. I stopped to let her pussy muscles adjust to my wide penis. Then I began to slowly pump my penis back and forth.

Me: “Mom, am I a good boy?”

Mom: “Yes, Alex, you are mommy’s special boy.”

I continued to thrust in and out.

Me: “Are you proud of me?”

Mom alternated between saying “Yes” and groaning after each thrust.

I decided that inserting half of my penis was not enough. I needed more. I then pushed the full length of my penis inside. Mom screamed with a combination of pain and ecstasy.

Mom: “I can’t believe this is happening. This is like a dream.”

I increased the pace as I wildly assaulted her pussy with my penis.

Mom: “Faster … faster … faster.”

I could feel her body begin to tense. Her pussy muscles then tightly clenched onto my penis like a vise. Her legs began to shake as though she was having epileptic seizure and the toes on her feet curled.

Mom (shouting): “I am coming!”

Juices exploded from her pussy like a volcano and poured down my penis. She gasped for air and then her body became limp.

Now that my penis was drenched with lubrication it made it even easier to continue to fuck mom. I quicken my pace and this seemed to revive mom. She began to moan uncontrollably and screamed, “I am coming again.” As I continued to pump into mom’s pussy, she managed of a total of four orgasms.

Me: “Mom, do you trust me?”

Mom: “Yes, Alex, you are my hero.”

I then removed my penis from her pussy. I re-targeted my penis and aimed for her ass. As I pushed the tip inside, her body jumped.

Me: “Are you okay?” I paused to see if she was okay.

Mom: stop.”

I slowly pushed forward. Her ass was incredibly tight like a cork in a wine bottle. I slowly navigated the full 10 inches into her ass. I was proud of my accomplishment.

Mom: “Alex, I want you to fuck my virgin ass as quickly as />
I didn’t need to be told twice. I followed her instructions and pounded her hole like a jackhammer. I was grunting with each thrust while mom moaned in total pleasure. My balls loudly slapped with each thrust.

During this whole episode, I had been totally fixated on mom. Now I took a moment to glance at dad and Andrea. I didn’t realize that they were engaged in their own affair. Dad was sitting on the sofa and Andrea was mounted on top of him. She was bouncing up and down at a frantic pace.

I then re-directed my attention to mom. I continued to slam her ass with as much force as I could muster.

Mom: “Perfect. You are />
Her body began to become tense and she screamed as she unleashed another orgasm. This triggered my own excitement. My balls swelled with pressure. I tried to prevent my orgasm for as long as possible which helped to build more pressure. A moment later, I shot a powerful load of cum into mom’s ass. My body shook as a series of cumshots exploded from my penis like a cannon. My cum filled mom’s ass beyond capacity and the overflow poured out.

I looked into mom’s eyes.

Me: “Thank you, you have made me very happy.”

I then collapsed onto her. My chest pressed against her huge breasts. I felt a sense of security as we cuddled.

A few moments later, we heard Andrea scream as she orgasmed.

Mom (to me): “Alex, you are a man now but you are not finished. Lay down on the sofa.”

When I pulled out my semi-erect penis from mom’s ass, it made a popping sound. I followed mom’s direction and laid on the sofa on my back. My penis was covered with a mixture of my cum and mom’s cum. Mom kneeled beside the sofa so her face was directly above my penis.

She gently caressed my penis with her hand and used her tongue to clean all of the cum. She continued until she cleaned every drop and once she was done, she smiled and swallowed.

The blood began to surge into my penis as it returned to its full 10 inches. And mom looked excited like a child with an ice-cream cone.

Mom: “Your cock tastes so good, Alex. It is />
Without hesitation, she impaled her mouth with my penis but gagged at first. She struggled to engulf the thickness of my penis. Her lips were stretched to their maximum. So she only managed to swallow a few inches.

She continued to move her head moved up and down like a piston.

Me: “Mom, put your finger in my ass.”

She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and nodded. I raised my ass to give her better access. Without interrupting her rhythm, she reached under my ass and inserted her finger. She gently began massaging my prostate. I groaned in pure ecstasy.

Next, mom decided to become more ambitious. She pushed my penis deeper and deeper into her throat with each stroke. She advanced further until my penis bumped against the back of her throat. While she wasn’t able to swallow the entire length of my 10 inches, I give her credit for trying. She managed to swallow about 9 inches.

I felt like I was in a dream. My mom was now my sex servant.

Mom then paused and removed my penis from her mouth. She turned to dad.

Mom: “Henry, I need you to come inside of me.”

Dad quickly got up and walked behind mom. He positioned himself in a doggy-style. After stroking his penis several times, it was fully erect and thrust into mom’s pussy.

Dad: “I am sorry, Phyllis. My penis is smaller than />
Mom: be ashamed. Your penis is beautiful. I love your penis.”

Mom smiled in approval as dad pounded at a manic pace. Mom then turned her attention to sucking my penis again. She matched dad’s rhythm.

Soon Andrea joined us. She climbed on the sofa and straddled my face. I eagerly probed the inside of her pussy. As I moved my tongue in and out, Andrea bounced up and down to magnify the intensity of her pleasure.

Our family was now sharing quality time – we were bonding.

As our group sex continued, our house was filled with the sounds of moaning, squealing, gasps, and screaming.

Our mutual excitement infused us with boundless energy. We continue this frantic pace for 30 minutes until our excitement reached its peak. We all climaxed simultaneously together with several shouts of “oh God.” We then collapsed together in total exhaustion like a pile of laundry.

Intruder: “I hope we have all learned from this session. I will consider the money that I am taking as a co-payment for my services.” And then the masked intruder walked out of home into the dark.

Next, dad went to the kitchen and returned with a knife. We cut the duck tape that bound our hands.

We were all standing in the middle of the living room. We looked into each other and engaged in a group hug.

Dad: “I don’t think we should discuss today’s events with anyone. The money is a small expense to save our family.”

We all nodded in agreement.

Mom and dad walked to their bedroom.

Andrea (turning to me): “I am going to take a shower.”

Me: />
After Andrea finished and left the bathroom, I entered the shower. I returned to my room with only a towel on. I was surprised to see Andrea was laying in my bed under the covers. I removed the towel and joined her. She was completely nude.

Andrea: “Alex, I promised to make your happy when this incident started. I am going to keep my />
She proceeded to move under the covers and to give me a blowjob. Her technique was exceptional. I guess two years of sucking dad’s penis gave her a lot of practice.

While I was enjoying the pleasure of her mouth, I could hear the squeaking of my parent’s bed. Then mom said, “Put it in my ass” followed by “I am coming.”

After several minutes, Andrea’s mouth released my penis. She then climbed onto of my penis as she rocked back and forth. We tenderly fucked until I shot a massive load into her pussy.

Andrea: “You are I was brimming with confidence as we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Three days later, I was sitting in my (Dr. Parker) office for my weekly session.


Dr. Parker: “How are feeling today Alex?”

Me: “I feel terrific. My relationship with my parents and sister are great. We are communicating well and they are very supportive of me. I recently decided to enroll in college courses and I’ve got a date this weekend with a pretty girl that I had admired for months.”

Dr. Parker: “I am glad my therapy is />
Me: “It couldn’t be better. In fact, I am ready to stop these therapy sessions. I think I am cured.”

Dr. Parker: “Okay, that is fine if you feel like you have achieved your goals. But remember if you need help in the future, you know where to find me.”

At that moment, Dr. Parker opened one of the drawers at his desk. He reached for something and placed it on the top of his desk. It was a black mask!

“If you need another ‘family session’ I am always available for an additional session,” he said with a smile.

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