Giving the boss a raise

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My boss at work was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and a lot of guys who saw her agreed. One night I stayed behind to help her with inventory, she let her assistant go a day early on his vacation. I usually walked to work and like that night I walked. After we finished with the inventory we still had to take the nights deposit to the bank to drop off. She offered to give me a lift home and insisted I ride with her to offer her protection while she was making the deposit via the drop safe on the outside wall. After she drove me the short distance home we sat outside and talked. Mostly about non important issues but she did confide in me she that her and her husband were not getting along at the time. I then suggested she do what she could to make things better and number one was stop working so much and concentrate on her family.
I then suggested she come inside and call him to say she was on her way home. She does and while she did this I went to the kitchen to get myself a drink, and to offer her one as well. Before I could get back to the living room where the phone was I could hear my phone being slammed down and her saying, “That son of a bitch.” I walked in and said, “What Deb what did he do?” She then tells me that she called their house and he wasn’t home and he usually was at that time since he had to be at work early in the morning. I went to hand her a drink but while doing so I stumbled and she got it all over her shirt. I immediately began apologizing and offered to let her dry off and wear one of my shirts. She declined and instead took off her shirt and stood there with only her pants and bra on that I could see.
“This look good to you?” She asked me
“Sure does,” I mention staring at her lovely breasts.
She then walked up to me and bent enough to allow me a better view of her cleavage.
She was making me hard and she soon saw my huge bulge. Pretty soon she and I were making out on my couch and I didn’t care at that point that she was married. She soon had my pants down and she was giving me head, she sucked my cock better than most women I had been with and she gave great head. Before I could bust one in her mouth she stopped and stripped off her clothes and I stood long enough to do the same cause I wanted to bed her in my bed. She let me take her to my bedroom, where we continued. Only this time she laid on her back and let me mount her. My cock was soon pumping her sweet pussy and she was begging me to keep it up.
Soon after I made her cum several times I creamed her pussy with a massive wad and made sure she took it all.
We fucked a few more times that night and she told me that was the best night of sex she had had in a long time. She also said she’d want more another time, which I agreed as well. As I kissed her good night at her truck, she told me her husband was not as endowed as I was. I smiled and asked what do you mean? She responded he’s half the man you are. And I grinned and told her I’m here when she wants me. She had just told me her husband was 5 ½ inches.
When I went back inside I saw her bra on the floor and smiled, she has an excuse to return. Picking it up I looked at it and saw the tag that said she was a 40D Taking it into my bedroom I figured if she wanted it she had to earn it back.
Several days later at work, she approached me and asked if I enjoyed our time together.
"Yea Deb I had a great time. Why are you worried?" I asked her
"No no I'm not worried," she told me.
"Is everything okay at home?" I asked her.
"Can we talk about it later?" she asked me.
"Sure." I told her.
Later that day when it came time for her to take the deposit to the bank, she told me to punch out and she would give me a ride home.
She wouldn't say much on the ride, answering my questions with 'not now' or 'I'll tell you later'.
After getting the deposit in the bank and the short drive to my apt. She told me what was on her mind.
"Tim, I wanted to ask you how did you feel after we had sex? She wanted to know
"Well at first I felt kinda weird but happy in the end why?" I answered.
"I've thought it over and the more I think about it the more I can't stop wonder…." She says looking at me.
"Wonder what?" I wanted to know
"Would you tell anyone about us?"
"Why would I? I see no real reason to tell anyone you and I had sex." I explained to her.
"You wouldn't say a word?" She asked with a shocked look.
"Hell no. Hey your a married woman who by my guess is at least 5 yrs older than I am. And me being 21 just got off a relationship. And you know how that ended." Tim told her.
"Try at least 10 yrs older. And I have a son who is turning 6 in 2 months. And Mandy I could tell she wasn't right for you. You are too nice and I saw how she treated you. Always telling you what to do and when you weren't around she would flirt with any guy who would look at her." Deb said explaining her thoughts on the matter.
"So how do we proceed then?" Tim pressed.
"Well for starters you can invite me into your apartment again. I believe I left a bra there." She informs me.
"Okay want to come in and get your bra?" I asked her both amazed but glad she was willing to do so.
Opening her car door Deb exits her car and waited for Tim to open the door to his place. As they climbed the stairs to his apartment Tim tells her she'll have to earn her bra back.
"How so?" Deb asks laughing
"Do you give your husband head?" Tim asks
"No. He don't like it." She tells him
"Huh? He don't like it. Okay do you like giving head?" he asks
"Yes I've given head a few times. You remember Tony?"
"Yes I do was he one of them?" he asks her
"Now don't tell anyone but yes I sucked him and I even swallowed his cum." She says
"Wow I thought something was up between you two when he came in to the shop." He tells her as they entered his living room.
"Yes and please don't tell anyone." she begs
"Hey not a soul." he assures her
"Thank you" she says relieved.
Stepping in the bedroom for a second Tim returns with her bra and hold it for her to see.
"Oh my did I leave that here?" Deb asked shocked to see her bra.
"Yep and if you want it, it'll cost you.
"And what would that be?" She asked wondering
"Well I don't think we have time for sex." he began
"No I have to get home soon. My husband will be home soon." She explains.
"Well then how soon will he be home?" he asks
"In about and hour and I still have to make dinner." She says as she sat down on the couch.
"Okay that gives you time to give me head then." he tells her as he walks to her.
"All I gotta do is give you head?" she asks as she sits forward.
"Yep and you gotta swallow when I bust." he tells her.
"Really? that's all I have to do?" She asked shocked and was ready to get up
"Well did you think I'd hand it to you, without getting something in return?" he asks her
"Well I thought you'd give it to me, and….." she tails off
/> "I thought we were friends and you'd ask me to fuck." she murmurs
"Huh? uh no I'd rather get a blowjob from you." He states
After she thinks about it for a moment she motions him over and after undoing his pants she strokes his cock to a stiffer state then she slowly engulfs his cock.
Grabbing the back of her head Tim helps to get more of his cock into her mouth and pumps his cock into her open mouth as well.
Deb's mouth and tongue work his cock sucking as slow and deliberate as she can. Tim can only stare down at this amazing woman and marvel as to how great the blowjob was.
Deb took complete control over how she gave head to him and he allowed it. She was way better he thought than his ex.
Soon Deb must have realized he was reaching his crescendo and she quickened her pace orally on his cock. Almost as soon as he was about to bust she slowed down and teasingly she went almost to the point of getting his cock out of her mouth, leaving him wondering.
While she sucked the head of his cock, she unbuttoned her work shirt and reached for his hand to reach down to grab a tit.
Seizing upon this opportunity Tim pulls his cock away and sits on the couch next to her and allows her to resume her task. As she goes down on him, he reaches for her breast now that she had removed her top and was now only wearing her bra.
Unclasping her bra he feels for her breast and fondles it as she works his cock over and this time when he gets his build up she quickens her pace and keeps it going until he explodes in her mouth.
Deb swallows as much as she can sucking fast and deep while his load shoots into her mouth. Getting as much as she can Deb releases his cock from her mouth and gets a final shot in her face as he launched it upwards hopping she'd swallow it.
Taking a gulp to swallow his last bit she did get she laughs as he apologizes for getting her in the face. She tells him she didn't mind as long as he enjoyed his blowjob.
Nodding his head Tim tells her it was wonderful and tells her not to worry he wouldn't tell a soul and tells her he'd return the favor.
Saying she couldn't stay Deb puts her top back on and grabs the bra she had left behind and asks him to walk her to her car.
As they get to his apt door she turns to him and informs him.
"Keep this, I want to really earn it back." She tells him handing him her bra back.
"Okay." He shrugs
She tells him she wanted to actually have sex tonite but was unable to due to the time. But she promised to make it up to him at a later time.

story by: byrd569

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Author: byrd569

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