Mistress jessica part 3

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Mistress Jessica part 3

To think, that in a night’s time, she’d experienced her first gentlemen’s club, given her first private party to a group of strangers in her husband’s presence, and had performed her first FMF threesome. These facts and a tough economy made her suggestion that perhaps she could give the dancing thing a try a no brainer. Hubby went from an expression of concerned surprise to one of serious speculation. With a smug smile he gave consent, “What the hell, I’ve let ten guys and a girl jizz you, may as well make some money off the general public”
Jessica‘s new and closer than most girlfriend, Kim, was happy to arrange the little slut and her husband’s request. Mistress J was to be the newest addition to the pole dancing money changers gracing the stage at the sexy bartender’s workplace. Of course there would be perks for each one of them, as both women and the husband, if he was lucky, were sure to hook up and play again. The night spent enjoying one another had been intense and they all desired a repeat performance.
Jessica made a trip to Vic Secret for some enhancing accessories and had her hair and nails refined to performance shine. Standing and viewing her full sexy image was as exhilarating as the thought of men clamoring to shove bills in her black garter or skimpy thong. Her breasts would be exposed and her nipples were hard with nervous anticipation. She could hear all the boisterous swinging dicks enjoying the girl working her wares on stage and at song end Jessica would make her debut.
The week of practice and tips from the most talented of the club’s dancers had Jessica ready to excite the patrons with her sexy body. With fresh meat on stage, a few who normally hugged the bar and a few from the pool room filled the available seats at stage with the men who were permanent fixtures. The long stage was lined with grinning men as she stepped from through the curtain and strut it’s length.
Music pumped through speakers and electricity through her flesh. At stage end, a spin and split with thigh and ass cheek smacking polished wood got the first uproar of hoots and hollers. She moved to the rhythmic beat, tits swaying, her hands tracing body, pressing tits together. She was hot under the lights and hot in her loins, nipples stiff and string of thong buried between sweet ass cheeks. The crowd liked the view and dollars flew, all wanting a brush of breast or a nose close enough to smell the vixen’s scent.
Her tan knuckles whitened as she grabbed the brass railing that sat six inches above stage level and ran the outer border. Lowering and jutting tits out she put boob tips so close to the tipping fans that she could feel their hot breath, those that weren’t breathless anyway. When she lowered her ass down in their faces, the brave, the forward, tried to stick a nose or even lips to her soft, smooth ass. A quick pull away and tease would be complete, a bill sliding over rail and dropping to stage between her knees or heels. The pole was good for flare, but the tips came quicker and larger when the dancers got up close and personal. Jessica worked each and every guy, a few per song, until she knew where the dollars flowed and where the pennies were pinched. By first sets end the new girl had two fistfuls of dollars and a taste for more. What she hadn’t counted on was the sheer exhilaration, the fact her pussy actually got moist with all the attention. No problem, it was considered a perk. The few big tippers granted the privilege of thighs pressed to sides of face, would get the musty scent of her sexual lust. Maybe a press of wet silky lace to the face.
The previous dancer sat at the bar on break, drink provided by a happy to chat man. The power of scantily clad women, from bartender, to waitress, to dancer was evident. Men who toiled jobs of all kinds had a common goal here. Sexy girls to serve them and stimulate their desires. By last call all would be ready to go home and screw their lady’s brains out or take matters into their own hand. Jessica, the latest addition would be the image in their horny minds eye.
Her husband sat at the bar and talked with Kim, both enjoying the show from a distance. Kim gazed at Jessica as hard as any man in the club, wanting a repeat performance with her tasty new friend. Hubby had aroused cock tucked in ever-tightening jeans., wanting both women together again. A few from the crowd at stage to complete the mix would make their play even hotter, another thought that went unspoken, but somehow known between them as their eyes met and mouths turned up devilish grins.
By nights end she was working it like a seasoned pro, all sets done she sat at the bar with a purse full of tips and a wet gash. Hubby and a half dozen other hard cocks sat on either side of the new girl. Kim and Jessica talked across the bar, holding hands and excited to talk about the night’s exhibition. The beer and booze flowed until last call came and the majority of the crowd cleared the bar. Jessica was intrigued when Kim winked at the bouncer, a lean athletic ebony god who appeared to be chiseled of stone. The cut of his pants at the crotch hadn’t escaped Jessica’s eye either. Sam the bouncer locked the door. Only thing, there was still a half dozen guys, not including hubby and Sam, still at the bar. With a big grin Kim announced, “Now the party starts boys!”
With a devilish grin Kim looked into Jess’s eyes and told her that she was needed on the stage. Not to fear, she would be joining her. When Jess appeared from behind the curtain at stage head she was in a new outfit, totally fucking nude except for heels! Full nippled breasts and tight trimmed cunny supported by sweet smooth legs enhanced in form by the spike heels. Tits swaying and ass bobbing to the music had all the cock’s attention. When Kim stepped through the curtain in matching outfit all cocks stood at attention. Kim didn’t dance, never had and this fueled the guys that had undressed her mentally each time she’d served them a drink. The sexy bartendress and Mistress Jessica had everyone’s gaze locked upon their hot bodies. Some stood, some still sat, all had wood in their pants.
Kim embraced Jess from behind and squeezed the new dancer’s tits, pulled at nipples with wet fingertips. Jess laid her head back exposing her neck to Kim’s lips. A lick, kiss and nibble of neck, a hand tracing down Jess’s smooth belly to her spread thighs and dripping pussy. Kim’s other hand still kneading tit and tweaking nipple. Fingers gently twirling clit before spreading glazed pussy lips, Kim stuck two long smooth fingers in Jess’s snatch and cupped pussy in palm, juices flowed as the girl rocked the welcome insertion of her cunt.
By now all men were standing with bulges in their pants. Hubby was the first to act and Jess watched him unzip and pull out his swollen shaft. Ice broken, all cocks were out within seconds and the men stroked to show there approval of the girl’s action. Kim dropped to her knees and pulled Jess down with her, spreading the girl wide on the stage. While sharing a kiss she held Jess’s arms above her head together at the wrist. Before the unsuspecting girl had a clue she felt the cuffs lock tight. Wrists secure a second set of cuffs attached the dancer to pole Kim moved to her girlfriends legs next. With the help of hubby a hesitant yet excited Jess was secured by ankles to opposite stage rails, spread eagle and helpless.
After a long wet lick of pussy, Kim rose to ask the men if they thought they had what the girl’s wet pussy needed? The immediate strip down answered her question and the six naked men filed onto the stage and encircled the girls. Jess got her first clear view, spread out exposed she absorbed the sight of six pulsing cocks above her. Thoughts of abuse flooded her mind and wetted her pussy. The sexual excitement had her pussy dripping down taint to the crack of her sweet ass. Cock heads glistened with precum, ready for the assault to begin.
Kim straddled Jess’s head, leaned forward and nuzzled the secured girl’s pussy . Her dripping cunt was right over Jess’s face, close enough for her scent to fill her friend’s nostrils. Sexual aroma escaped both pussies, lusty moans both of the vixen’s mouths. Jess watched as hubby went to his knees and pressed his face between Kim’s legs, twiddling her clit and sliding fingers in her pussy, spreading ass cheeks and rimming her asshole. Kim raised her head from cunny to accept a fat cock in her mouth, just as Jess’s hubby replaced his tongue with his cock in Kim’s pussy. With the girl getting it from both ends right overtop Jess, it freed the restrained dancer for insertion of cocks.
Kim was pulled off of Jess and her dual assault continued, sounds of slurping gags and flesh slapping flesh as hubby pounded her quim doggie style. Cock filling her dripping cunt and cock tickling her gagged throat. Jess gazed at her husband thrusting cock in Kim, wanting some hard dick for herself. An abundance was at the ready.
A straddle of head had a nut sack and cock right above her face. She lusted for the tight balls and thick dick to greet her lips and tongue. More stimulation as hands massaged tits and pinched nipples, bulbous cock heads swirling around areolas glazing her tits. The feel of hands on her thighs just as cock parts her gums, she taste sweet precum as a tongue tastes her wet pussy. Tongue in her pussy replaced by probing fingers, tongue moving to puckered asshole in a swirling assault. Jess squirms, grinds, bucks on the hand and the flickering probe of her ass. Teased and tormented she craves a fucking, unrestrained and by all the cocks she can handle. She spits the cock from her mouth and demands freedom of movement, promising to take on all comers, all kind of ways.
Hubby stops fucking Kim long enough to throw the handcuff key to the anxious cocks surrounding his wife. Legs and hands free Jessica grabbed the first two cocks she could reach. Hard, hot, pulsing, dripping precum as she pulled and squeezed the veiny meat poles, drooling at the sight and the feel of stone hard cocks. She pulled one then the other close in and suckled the swollen heads, tasting and teasing as her tongue parted cock slit. The sweet juices glazed her lips and chin, then she pulled both cock tips past her lips. As the two swords clashed in her mouth she felt hands spread her ass cheeks and then a face bury in close. Tongue tickled her asshole as the fourth guy slid under and between her legs and rubbed her from clit through pussy lips with the head of his cock. Lined up with the wet gash the cock plunged deep and hard, splittin her wide and filling her cunt. She moaned and gagged at the same time, mouth and cunt both filled with thick meat. The tongue at her ass was replaced by a finger pressing at the tight hole. One knuckle deep it popped her virgin ass, then it was slid in all the way and started stretching her open. The sensation of all holes being punished at once had her head spinning and her tits heaving, tipped by stiff nipples..Two fingers found access in her ass, then three. With a handful of hair her head was controlled and pushed on alternating cocks, gagged spittle slickened both. When the three fingers came out her ass and she felt a warm smooth cock head touch her hole the reality of a double penetration hit her. Jess was nervous and excited at the same time. The cock passed ass ring slowly until all eight fat inches filled her, the shorter, yet girthy cock working her pussy plunged in unison to the cock in her ass.
Hubby, cock in Kim’s tight cunt and watching his wife filled by cock couldn’t hold back any longer,. He pulled out and shot a rope of cum on her ass and up her back, the guy fucking Kim’s face erupted in her mouth at the sight of her being cum splattered. Kim swished and enjoyed the texture of the hot load before letting it flow down throat and chin. A strand fell to her tit and she massaged it in and pulled her nipple. Feeling slighted she asked what was wrong with her asshole. One of the cocks in Jess’s mouth moved quickly to Kim and bent her forward on all fours. Hubby moved to his wife and let her lick Kim’s juices and his cum off his cock. Jess savored the taste and licked him clean. Hubby stood back and commanded the other cock to fill his slut wife’s belly with cum.
Cock in Kim’s ass, cock in all of Jess’s holes, the juicy wet sounds, moans, smell of sex filled the air. Bodies melded into sexual chaos, lusting for the release of cum and sensations of animalistic fucking. Jess was being pummeled, cocks stabbing cunt, ass and mouth. Hubby moved back to Kim and shoved his cock in her mouth, fucking her face while she gazed up into his eyes. Jess was overwhelmed by the stretching of her holes, eyes rolled back in her head, waves of heat then cum released. Cock exploded a load in her ass, then her cunt, then her mouth. All removed she collapsed with cream running from puckered ass, ravaged cunt and soiled mouth. A true cum slut, abused and used as a semen pit.
Kim was next to feel hot jizz fill her ass, then another rope in her mouth. Balls pressing chin she swallowed the whole load, tasting the salty cum as it went down. The girls laid out spent, soiled and recovering from the assault, the guys wearing nothing but smiles looked down on the victims. Hubby spoke up, more to get his wife’s attention than anyone else, “we aren’t quite done girls, there is another cock that needs to be /> The men knelt around the creamed vixens, fingers tracing smooth, soiled skin. Hands groping, cocks hangin but coming back to life. Hubby supported Jessica’s head in his lap, his cock pressing against her neck and he leaned over to kiss her and whisper in her ear. Her eyes widened as she tried to sit up only to find her arms and legs being grabbed and spread. Pinned with four guys and hubby controlling her, Jess viewed the stage end, Kim standing nude and dripping leading the final assault to his victim. The dark ebony skin lit up with a broad ivory smile, Sam stood ready with only his package Tight bikini briefs stretched to the contour of the biggest cock Jess had ever seen, and it wasn’t even fully erect!
Jess was dragged to edge of stage and her ass was propped up on a cushion. Legs held pointed to the ceiling by her ankles, head still propped up in hubby’s lap. By tight grip of her wrist and command she was forced to stroke two cocks. Hubby cupped her tits and squeezed them, pinched and pulled at her nipples to torment her further. She squirmed and struggled, but only half as much as she concentrated on the growing monster being unholstered. Sam didn’t step from his briefs, he tore them off with one quick powerful snatch. Jess’s jaw dropped open as the cock dropped hangin fat, long and still room to grow. Sam stroked it while eyeing her pussy and licking his full lips. His smile returned as he stepped in and took her by the hips.
Hubby stroked his cock right beside her face, squeezed some precum out the slit onto his fingers and fed it to her. His other hand still worked her stiff nipple, she continued to stroke two fat cocks. The guys holding her ankles released them as Sam moved between her legs and pulled her close to swollen ebony cocktip. Free from holding her legs they dropped beside Jess and ran their cum covered hands on her belly and tits, rubbed their glazed cocktips across her body also. The other two men had Kim lined up for a double penetration and Jess had a clear view of this too. Six hard cocks plus Sam’s monster had Jessica reeling, wet and wanting more. She wanted to be covered and filled with cum, to feel the stretch of the bottle sized black cock.
Kim had her ass pointing toward ceiling, legs bent at hip and knees to either side of her face. Held by hips a long slickened cock touched her tight ass, pressed against the hole. At the same time a doorknob sized cockhead was beginning to spread Jessica’s tight cunt, her pussy lips split wide by the monster. A simultaneous pop of ass and pussy had both women screaming out in painful pleasure. The guys worked stiff shafts while watching, stroking, waiting their turn. Sam slid a couple inches of the fattest cock ever to part her pussy, every square inch of her wet cunt filled as the cock continued the plunge. Her eyes widened like her pussy when Sam thrust the last half of his ten inch snake and bottomed out. With each stroke she thought she’d split, then each thrust of cock became a full sensation torment of her cunt. It was one thing to have a baby, it was another to have a baby shoved back inside. The giant black shaft pummeled her pussy, filled and ravaged her. The men were cheering at the sight, that and the second cock being slid in Kim to complete her double penetration. Both women were taking it hard, hubby so turned on he felt the load building.
He lined his cock up with Jess’s mouth, pinched her jaw open and shot a thick hot load in the hole, on her face, across her tits. The sounds of cocks sliding in and out of juicy cunts and ass, the smell of spent cum, the moans and cheers, the balls slappin flesh, the room was filled with sexual flavor and frenzy. Kim was taking the banging of her life, both cocks in sync and pounding her holes. One of the cocks in Jessica’s hand traveled over to Kim and finished the trifecta, shoving his dripping cock in her last hole, her moist mouth. Jess watched her friend get abused, felt the abuse of her own pussy by the massive flesh pole, tasted her hubby’s salty jizz flow down her throat. A true cum slut she had evolved.
Hubby’s cock layed across her face, over her chin, his balls pressed against her nose, his scent filling her nostrils, his juice glazing her. She felt the remaining cock in her hand spasm, twitch, expand. She peered through the junk hanging in her face and watched an eruption of cum shoot from the purple headed cock. A rope of white elixir landed on her already soiled tits, on her flat belly, splattering her torso completely. Hubby moved to her push, knowing she wanted a clear view of the wet action. Kim in the meantime was gagging and grinding, getting handled like a rag doll, being fucked like a cum slut also.
Another cock moved to Jess’s mouth, the last replaced the cock that had been working Kim’s ass. The cock talen from her ass was transferred over to Jess and shoved in her mouth to join the other. Kim was cumming waves, orgasm after orgasm rocked and wetted her. The loads blowing in her ass, cunt and mouth finished her off, she was drippin juice from every hole and totally spent.
Jess was building up a heated intensity in her cunt, the fat long cock had rubbed her to submission. It clinched, squeezed the monster, she had a spine tingling shutter and geysered a series of squirts with each stroke of cock. The cocks in her mouth were removed and their owners stroked them furiously while watching her buck on the big cock buried in her gash. As she finished her draining explosion of cum both men shot milky loads across her body from chin to belly and beyond. Sam’s dark skin was a backstop to the shooting cannons catching some cum splatter himself. That was okay, the women would be required to lick all the cum off everyone, including each other.
The men dragged the creamed Kim beside Jessica, both women held in a sitting position, heads pulled back by handholds of hair. Sam removed his rock hard monster, veins full, head fat and glistening, the shaft so thick neither Jess nor Kim could touch fingertips when holding it. It flexed hot in their tugging hands, the slit dripping a strand of precum greedily collected by Jess’s free hand. She rubbed the slick juice in her palm and amongst her fingers. Then she licked her hand and fingertips, savoring the texture and taste. Smooth and sweet was the juice on her tongue. Kim collected her own sample and did her own taste test, gazing hard into Sam’s eyes just like Jessica.
Sam took matters into his own hands, he grabbed his cock and shoved it in Kim’s mouth, the corners of her lips feeling like they would split, like her jaw would unhinge. Jess and the men watched lustfully as the cock went in and down throat. When Kim began to gag the ruler length cock was pulled free dragging a string of spittle with it. Jess leaned in and licked cock and Kim’s lips, kissed her and tasted the cock on her tongue. She pulled away and Sam shoved it back in, another gag but only slight withdraw. He began fucking her face after grabbing hold of her hair himself. Kim got the rhythm of cock and breathing down and was consuming the deep plunge til balls pressed against her face. Spittle and precum glazed her chin and dripped to her tits, Jessica’s hands quick to grope and massage the mixture into Kim’s smooth skin. Pinching and pulling at her nipples, squeezing the perfect melons, Jess was getting the same treatment from the clutching men. Both women had men between their thighs licking pussy, cleaning up the cummy cunnies.
Sam’s large balls tightened up, lifted in anticipation of release and he removed his tool and pulled the two cum sluts faces together. They took the hint and gladly opened their mouths, waiting for and wanting the blast of creamy cum to cover face and feed belly . They didn’t have to wait too long. He grabbed his balls and pulled them down as he squeezed and stroked his shaft, the first stream hit Jess square in the face. The next stroke splattered Kim head on. The remaining streams as he tugged his shaft were fed directly into the girl’s mouths. With faces dripping cum, lips glazed and mouths full the two vixens locked in a tasty kiss and laid back on the stage surrounded by drained men. Hubby spoke up, “Come on guys, let’s get a drink and let these girls recover for the next

story by: Lookn4awillin1

Tags: fantasy domination/submission group sex sex story

Author: Lookn4awillin1

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