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Moving was always painful and it seemed like all we did was ever moved. My mom was
recently moved to a small town in Iowa. Everyone knew everyone or at least almost everyone.
I had lost dozen of friends before until I had finally just stopped even trying to make new friends.
I lost track of most of them anyway, and it didn't seem worth it anymore.

Arriving in town, I looked out the window thinking about how nice all these houses looked.
We had money. But even so my mom wasn't big on the big houses. She had shown me the house
before we left, and it had been a nice, but fairly small house. Three bed rooms, two bath, full kitchen,
nice dining room, and big living room. Again it wasn't huge, but I suppose it wasn't small either.

Turning into our drive I notice some teenagers outside huddled in a small group. They looked
up when we drove up in the driveway to the now occupied house. One of them caught my attention.
Of course it was a guy. But this guy seemed different from all the others. Jet black hair, and icy
blue eyes stared back at me. I quickly looked away afraid he might think I was some weirdo.
I grabbed my bags out of the car, walking up to the house I could feel their eyes on my back
watching every move I made.

Opening the door and stepping inside the house looked spacious and inviting. Our furniture
for the most part was not accounted for, and we would have to do with sleeping bags for the
first few nights.
"Isn't this great? Brand new start-"

"Brand new I finished for her. She turned to look at me, and gave me a frown.
"You've said it every time we moved." Throwing my bags down I decided I should walk around
town and see if there was anything good around here.

I heard my mom say before I could get to the door. I turned to look at her, and she
walked over to me. "I just wanted to say I love you."

She hugged me, and then turned toward the kitchen. I didn't really care about the house.
I had plenty of homes to say this one was just another temporary stop. There was no reason
to get acquainted. When I got outside the group had disappeared, and along with the the blue
eyed boy. I sighed and started making my way downtown. My mom said when we got here she
would buy me a car, and I had told her I could buy my own. She had insisted though, and I wasn't
one to argue with her. I had been so deep in thought I didn't notice the blue-eyed boy had c
rept up on me.

"Hey. Your the new girl right?" His eyes looked me over not caring that I could see him do it.
He grinned at me as he brought his eyes back up to mine.

"Yes and I'd appreciate it if you kept your eyes off these things," I pointed to my breast, "And kept
them up on these things." Pointing to my eyes. His grin only got wider.

"So what brought you here? To this little town." He ask tilting his head. He stuffed his hands
in his pockets, and waited for me to respond.

mom…she moves a lot. Part of her job." Catching me off guard with the question.
"How many times have you moved?" He asked his gaze I realized wasn't on me. I turned to
look at two girls walking down the sidewalk in just bikinis. They smiled and waved at Derek,
but he didn't even seem to notice.

"My names Derek and you are?" He asked now staring at me curiously.
I said narrowing my eyes at the girls' back.

"Oh well I was wondering if you'd like to go to the beach sometime." And see me in a bikini? No way.

"Umm..well I have to be back home soon. I can't." I said pointing to my house. "I live just
there." Oh your smart. You just told him where you lived.

see you later then." He said.

I nodded. I had expected him to stop me, but he didn't. He just let me go with a
small smile on his face. I didn't know what that smile was for. All I knew was that he was
bad news. Those girls knew him, and for whatever reason it was, it wasn't good. I walked
for about ten minutes before I got to any stores. The first store I went to was called Drew's
Books. It was a book store. I read a lot and over the years books had been my only companion.
This store had a lot of books, and as I explored I knew I would be coming back soon.

"Are you looking for something specific?" I spun around to find a small, and by small I mean
not so tall woman, with reading glasses. She looked like a real librarian and seemed nice enough.

" was just looking." I smiled slightly, and she nodded. Turning back she went
back the way she came.

For the next hour I spent my time looking at books and making a list. I finally looked
at the clock and pocketed my list. It was probably time to head back. I noticed that when I left
that Derek was just come out of a store across the street. He saw me, but didn't acknowledge
me. He turned walking farther into downtown. I shook my head, and started my walk home.
When I walked through the door I smell Chinese. My mom must have picked something up.

"I'm home!" I yelled.

"Oh good. I just order Chinese." Walking into the living room my mom was sprawled out
in front of a big TV.

"I see you got a TV. What else did you get?" I asked sitting down next to her. I picked up a
container, and opened it up. I took a bit, and wow did it taste good.

"Did you find anything interest?" She asked ignoring my question.

"Yeah, I found a book store. It has a lot of books." I replied with my mouth full. She raised her
eyebrows, and then sighed. She set down her food, and focused her entire attention on me.

"Amanda. I want you to promise something for me." She said taking my hands.

"What? " I asked suspicious.

"Will you try to make friends this year? I just…see you every year…no friends…" She trailed off.

"How can I do that if we keep moving all the time?" I said pulling my hands back. She flinched
and looked down at her hands. She stayed that way for a minute and then she lifted her head

"What if I promise that we will stay here until graduation?" She asked, eye pleading with me.
She felt guilty. She should.

"Then I'd say okay. Thank you." I said hugging her tightly. I felt better now that I could focus on
other things beside where we'd be moving to next.

When we were both done I went up to take a shower. The water felt good against my
skin, and when I got out to dry and search for some pjs in my room there was a bed! It was
a good sized bed too. I found some pjs and threw myself on my bed falling asleep instant.

I woke up to the sun hitting my face. I smile and knew that today was going to be great.
I threw some cloths on and headed down stairs finding my my in the kitchen cooking some

"Hey honey, bacon?" She was behind the stove cooking away, and I remembered our
conversation last night.

"Yes, please." She came over and drop some bacon on my plate that was already fill with
eyes and some toast. Then she came to sit beside me.

"So are you going to do anything today?" I nodded.

"I was thinking about going to the beach. It'd be a great day for it."

"Well of course you should go. I'm going to do a little bit of shopping and getting the house fill.
Beach is a good idea so you don't have to sit at home bored to death." She said glancing at
the clock.

Finishing up breakfast my mom dropped me off at the beach. It wasn't a huge beach
but it wasn't small either. I walked past a group of guys who were playing volleyball. They all
looked me up and down, but only one took real interest.

"Hey, wanna play?" He had a nice chiseled jaw, and chocolate eyes that you could get lost in.

"Umm…maybe in a little bit." I said smiling.

"Well my names Jason. Yours?"

I left them playing and found a spot not far from them and settled down. I put on some
sun screen and sunglasses, and laid back. Yes, this day was going to be just fine. It was
long though before I felt something nudge my feet. It was a volleyball and one of the guys had
hit it out. Way out.

"Hey, wanna toss it back, or join us?" Jason asked.

I looked over to the boys and then all smile encouragingly. "Sure." I said turning back
to him.
He took the ball and I join his team. One of the boys stepped out to make it fair, but he insisted
that we could win any way. We played for about a hour, and then Jason and I separated from
the rest of them. We walked along the board walk looking at the water. He suddenly looked
up, gave me a sly smile, and pulled me into one of the changing booths.

What came next I'd never in my life though would happen. Jason grab my around the
waist and kissed me. It was a great kiss and he was a great kisser. He took his time, and
held me tightly against him.

I didn't know what would happen, but I wanted this. Years of isolation were taking it's toll
and it was time to make the best of this situation. Wrapping my arms around his next I
deepen the kiss letting him pull me down on the ground. He pushed his body against mine,
and then his hands reached for the ties that held my swimsuit together. He undid it and
the slowly pulled it away.

I didn't know what he say, but he must of liked it because he came down again to
kiss me. My heartbeat sped up and so did his. I could feel it against mine beating away.
He trailed a bunch of kisses right down the center of my chest. Then he pulled down my
bottoms just a bit and kissed me there. His eyes came up to meet mine, and then he pulled
them the rest of the way off. Standing just long enough to take off his shorts, and then
coming back down to press our bodies back together again.

Jason spread my legs, and then push his penis through my lips inch by inch. It hurt
at first but then he was all the way through and slowly thrusting in and out. It felt so good too.
I loved the feeling. He got faster, and I held onto him tighter, and I thrust my hips to meet his.
Our bodies thrust and thrust and we didn't stop until about half hour later when we were tired,
and sweating away. He kissed my neck, then my nose, then my lips tasting me. Then we fell
asleep in each others arms.

Waking up after sex, I still felt everything as if it just happened. I look over to Jason and
he was still sound asleep. I woke him up, and he smile at me. We got dressed, but it was kind
of hard since we both stop to kiss each other again and again. But we finally got dress, and
we made our way to his car. He drove me home, and right before we got there I realized I had
a lot of explaining to do to my mom. She would find out, and I would be in some serious trouble
if I didn't tell her now. I had to tell her, and god knows it might as well be now.

Walking into the house I searched for my mom. I found her sitting in a chair in the kitchen.
She was reading a newspaper and when I got up to her she smiled at me.

"Mom….I have something I need to tell you." I said nervously.

story by: DannyLuv

Tags: fiction consensual sex teen male/teen female virginity romance sex story

Author: DannyLuv

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