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My name is Josh. My father runs this town. Well, he controls everything that happens here, but he aint exactly an elected official, if you get what I mean. Nothing happens here that he doesn’t have a say in, so I have grown up almost as royalty here. It may be a small town, but it is MY town.

One of the clubs my father owns holds a regular poker night and it is pretty popular. The stakes are big, and since I’ve been playing all my life, I normally do pretty well. As well as I do, however, there are a couple of guys who do badly. They lose every week. The only difference is that one of them knows when to stop, where the other keeps throwing money away. Obviously, in the kind of world in which we live, there is always someone willing to loan him money, with outrageous rates of interest. In this case the perpetual loser, Darren, is borrowing off a real bad dude. He probably owes him about £20k by now, and the shark is starting to want some payment.

After poker last Friday, things kicked off. When Darren went outside (having lost another grand on the tables). I won’t go into details, but Darren got hurt. Not too badly, this was just a warning. He had drunk a bit too much to drive, but I was surprised when his girlfriend came to pick him up. I was even more surprised when I realised his girlfriend was one of those girls that had been stunning since she was about 10. God knows why she was with this loser! And when her face caught the street lights as she drove away, I had another surprise. She was the girl I had chased all the way through school. When I remembered her name was Katy, and that Darren had been banging on about getting her a nice engagement ring for her birthday next month if he had won tonight, a plan began to form in my mind.

Over the next week, I thrashed out the plan in my mind, weighing exactly how to pitch it to Darren. On Thursday evening, the night before poker, I went to visit the loan shark, and arranged to pay Darren’s loan. The fact that the guy wanted to carry on working in the town meant that he had to stay on my father’s good side, and therefore my good side! Needless to say, I got the deal for £10k, which was the actual debt before the interest was added. Once this deal was negotiated, I headed home for an early night to get my head together for the big day.

At 9.30pm, I rocked up to poker. Sure enough, Darren was already there, trying to scrounge some more cash off the loan shark.

I called him over, “I think I can help you. Stay away from that guy, he’s trouble. How much do you need for tonight?”

After a bit of negotiation, and grovelling on his part, we settled on a loan of £2,000.

“Oh, by the way,” I said, as we were called to the table, “I bought your debt. So that £22,000 you owe me now.”

He was a bit stunned by this, but couldn’t say anything as we sat down at the table and the game started. Tonight he was playing quite well, which made me think I had made a bit of a cock up, but he soon started to lose heavily. During the interval, I lent him another £2,000, which he managed to lose by the end of the game at midnight. I didn’t win much, but finished up by about £500.

“I think I should drive you home tonight Darren, we need a talk.” I said, as one of the guys who worked for my father grabbed his arm and him towards the car.

£24,000 now Darren.” I said, slowly drawing out the numbers. “Now tell me, how much do you earn a year?”

Came the answer, so quietly I could hardly hear.

“So what you’re telling me is that I own you. Well, this is interesting. This means you’re in a bit of trouble, doesn’t it mate?”

He looked at the big man sat next to him in the back of the car and gulped.

“Yes Darren, you are mine. So, you wanted to win something to buy your girl something nice for her birthday? Well, here’s what I have got in />
Darren wasn’t at poker the next two Fridays, but he put in an appearance on the first Friday of the month. He didn’t play; he just came in, whispered something in my ear, and left without making eye contact with anyone.

The next night saw me and Rob, the guy who my father had basically looking after me, sat in a darkened car opposite Darren’s house. At about 11pm, right on time, a taxi pulled up outside the house, and deposited Darren and Katy at the kerb. They were clearly slightly drunk as they staggered up the path.

Once they had got the door open, they entered the house and Darren gave a little wave in my direction. After about half an hour, the bedroom light came on, and the downstairs lights were turned off.

We got out of the car, quietly closing the doors behind us. Coming from the bedroom we could hear music, clearly being played quite loudly. After a minute spent looking up and down the street, Rob and I entered the house through the door that Darren had left unlocked as instructed. Slowly creeping up the stairs, we watched for any sign of anyone coming out of the bedroom door. Soon we were at the door, and could hear that everything was going to plan inside the well-lit room.

After about 5 minutes, the door opened, and Darren stood there. Katy stood behind him, sideways on to us, wearing the dress and heels she had been out in for the evening. As instructed, Darren had taken her out, got her drunk, proposed to her, and then brought her home promising her the sex of her life. He had handcuffed her hands in front of her and blindfolded her, and then come to open the door to let me in. The loud music was to mask any sound we might make that would give us away.

He was clearly shocked to see Rob there, as he had assumed I would be alone. We just smiled and pushed him roughly to one side as we entered the room. Rob grabbed his arm and marched him to the chair in the corner of the room and sat him down, ordering him to remove his clothes.

Katy was one of those girls at school who would tease all the guys, but never date any of them. In her heels she was about 5’ 4” tall. She was very petite, with a gorgeous little body, and a nice round arse that was good enough to eat. Curly brown hair hung down her back, covering her slender shoulders. I was looking forward to this.

Katy shifted her weight, clearly getting impatient. This disturbed me from my reverie. I stepped up behind her, and put my arms around her waist. As I started to kiss her neck, she backed into me, her arse feeling really good against my cock. I continued to nibble her neck as I ran my hand down her side and over her hip. I only stopped when my hand reached the edge of her skirt, and I gently touched her smooth thigh. The effect was electric. My cock hardened almost immediately. I wanted this girl so much. I gently guided her to the bed and sat her down on the edge. Standing in front of her, my cock was about level with her tits, small but firm looking, and totally in proportion to her slim body. Yep, I was going to enjoy this evening!

I dropped my trousers and stepped out of them. With her hands still cuffed together, I held her wrists and guided her slim fingers towards my swollen cock. She slowly took hold of it and started to work her hands up and down, before taking the tip into her mouth. As I looked down and watched the blindfolded babes red lips slid up and down my shaft I wanted to blow right then! I looked over at Rob and Darren, catching Rob’s eye and nodding towards the bag he was holding. From it he produced a small video camera, which he passed to me. I smiled at Darren making sure he still had the defeated look in his eye and turned the camera on. I focused it on Katy’s face, as her mouth worked my cock. With my other hand I reached down and slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Pulling my cock from her mouth, I leaned forwards and kissed her shoulders and neck, before pushing her backwards to lie on the bed.

I dropped to my knees between her legs, and slowly started to kiss her ankles and calves, before working my way up, past her knees, and onto her thighs. As I kissed slowly up the inside of her thighs she began to breathe heavily above me. With the video still rolling, I pulled up her dress to reveal a tiny black thong, which looked like it was already wet. By now her hands were on the back of my head, but I refused to allow her to rush my face towards her pussy until I had her begging for it. Suddenly getting to my feet and dragging her upright, I pulled her dress up and over her head in one smooth motion. I checked the blindfold was in place still, and then threw her onto the bed. She landed face down with a gasp, so I pinned her down and kissed the back of her thighs, heading towards her arse. Her nice round buttocks above me, separated by the string of her thong, looked so inviting.

When my mouth reached her arse, I gently caressed and nibbled at her buttocks, and began to rub her pussy gently through her thong with my free hand. When she was really wet and squirming back towards me, I pulled her thong to one side and got an excellent close up video of my fingers entering her wet pussy. Wow, she was so hot and soft in there. My cock was twitching at the thought of it.

Flipping her onto the back, I guided her hands towards her pussy as I removed her thong. By the time I had it off over her sexy black heels, she was starting to groan and arch her back from the frigging she was giving, her long thin fingers working her clit expertly on the screen of my camera. Now Katy was naked apart from her sexy shoes, I took the opportunity to remove my clothes too. I looked over and Rob already had his cock in his hand and was rapidly getting hard.

Once my clothes were off, I pulled her hands above her head, and fastened them to the head of the bed. Now she was naked and vulnerable. And boy did she look gorgeous as she lay there rubbing her slim thighs together in pleasure. Even her defeated boyfriend couldn’t take his eyes off her body, and the scent of her ripe, wet pussy filled the room. Making sure it was all captured on video, I advanced towards her body. I worked her wet clit, before pushing two fingers into her warm tight hole. She was so wet! Once my fingers were thoroughly soaked, I kissed her nipples as I put my fingers to her lips. The dirty bitch licked then clean, squealing with delight at the taste of her own cunt.

Before I really knew what was happening, I was driven wild. I lined my cock up on her pussy lips, and slowly but firmly guided it deeply into her. The sensation was amazing. She seemed to suck my cock into her. After taking a moment to savour the sensation, I slowly started to thrust deeply into her. She wrapped her gorgeous legs around my waist as I rode her as if my life depended upon it. In and out, in and out I thrust, faster and faster, harder and harder.

Suddenly the bucking beauty squeezed me tightly between her thighs, arched her back, and exploded into a screaming, throbbing orgasm. I continued thrusting, and she bucked away under me, grinding her swollen clit against my pelvis.

The orgasm subsided as quickly as it had risen within her, and she lay back panting.

“Let me suck your cock, that was amazing darling. I’m so lucky to be with you.” She said.

I looked over at Darren, smiled, and then pulled my cock out of the panting brunette.

I sat her upright, and stood on the floor as she licked her pussy juices off my cock. I wasn’t far away from exploding, so as soon as my cock was clean I pushed her down on the bed again.
This time I turned her onto her front, lined my briefly dipped my cock into her pussy.

“Not yet, I haven’t recovered.” She said. I just smiled wickedly at Darren, withdrew my cock from her cunt, lined it up on her tight arsehole and thrust forwards. She screamed so loudly, but could do nothing to resist as my cock was already inside her. She bucked and wriggled, yelling at me to get off her. Darren looked sick watching his beautiful girlfriend get anally smashed. All the while Rob is wanking furiously next to him.

After about 10 thrusts I realised I was going to cum. Withdrawing my cock, saying sorry over the noise of the music, I forced her down to the floor. I pushed my covered cock into her gasping mouth, forcing her to either suck it clean or choke. Feeling the pressure welling inside me, I pulled out. Simultaneously, Rob and I both shot our loads into her face. The double cum load ran over her blindfold and pretty nose, down into her nice mouth and dripped from her cute chin onto her firm tits. Once we had both drained the last of it from ourselves, I nodded to Rob who, while I pulled on my clothes quickly, thrust Darren’s face into the mess on Katy’s face and chest. He obediently lapped it all up. Before making our exit, I leaned to Darren’s ear and whispered,

“This covers the interest. Just £24,000 to pay now. Either you think of a way or I will. /> With this we left the cumcovered lovebirds in our mess……


story by: dematt101

Tags: fiction anal rape coercion non-consensual sex blackmail ass to mouth sex story

Author: dematt101

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