Hot night pt. 2

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"I'm not sure," you still a virgin."
I tell you there is nothing to worry about.
I tie your long dark hair back and hear you moan, you love it when I play with your hair. I straddle you and begin to run my hands all over your body, up and down your sides and over your breasts. I tease your nipples very gently sucking and seeing the shivers go down your spine. I begin kissing your neck and work my way down to your nipples now almost as hard as my dick, which has sprung back to life. I give each nipple a gentle bite and you tell me how good it feels. I prop your bottom up off the king size bed and make you spread your legs showing me your glistening pink pussy lips. As I gently touch the insides of your thighs you start to shake so I stop to prolong the suspense. When I begin again I finger the outsides of your well shaven lips ad then prop them open with my fingers. I lube my hands and gently run my fingers all over your insides touching every part but your clit which is engorged. I build you up rubbing small circlesaround your clit, bringing you to the edge and then backing you down over and over again. I stick my fingers wet with the mixture of your juices and the oil one by one into your tight little hole. I then use the juice to lube up my raging hard-on and watch the hunger in your eyes. This time as I stimulate you I begin to gently edge in my nine incher. I bring you higher and higher and then just as you begin to orgasm, I slip the last part in feeling your cherry break. I see the pain and pleasure mix in the expression on your face as the spasms of your little fuckhole send me over the edge as I shoot my load into your waiting cunt.
"Was it worth waiting for?"
"Oh god yes"
"Want to go again?"
"Oh god yes."

story by: shygrl

Tags: fiction young erotica male/female first time virginity sex story

Author: shygrl

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