Jane and carroll; little sister breaks the ice

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Jane and Carroll; Little Sister Breaks the Ice
My senior year in high school created several great memories for me, most were great, and some not so. One memory that I will never forget is Jane.
As a junior I had taken Jane La Rue to the prom, she was a sophomore at the time. This was just a friendship date we weren’t really into any other kind. During the summer after that year we chummed around. Although we saw each other several times a week nothing happened; we were just friends, but our relationship cooled as a new year started.
Jane had convinced me to rejoin the marching band; tuba player and she plays sax, but as far as spending time together that was it. We were still friends, but Jane, still a junior, had developed an interest in someone else. I enjoyed our brief moments, her smiles and laughter; she was intoxicating.
Jane was just as introverted as I, maybe even more so, and thus my interests were never conveyed. Jane’s little sister, Carroll, a sophomore was way out there, she would say anything and everything that popped into her head; always cutting up and enjoying the clown act that she portrayed. Carroll was also in the band, a trumpet player, and so most of Jane’s and my encounters were over shadowed with Carroll’s outgoing interruptions.
Jane had dated her interest all of our senior year. I on the other hand had not dated much. In fact I took one of Jane’s friends to prom; Sharon’s boyfriend was out of school and by school rules could not attend the prom. We double dated.
As the school year ended the band teacher approached several of the band members, he was asked by the town to get together a small band for the town’s Crazy Days Celebration. His selection consisted of: My sister, clarinet, her boy friend Ray, a snare drummer, Carroll, on trumpet, Jane on sax, and me on the tuba.
The band teacher wanted us to dress up in outlandish costumes and walk around town and play during the festivities. My sister wore a ballerina tutu, pink I think. Carroll wore Mini Mouse ears, had whiskers painted on her face, and wore a white dress with large red poke-a-dots and black shinny slippers for her feet. Ray had on a tie dyed headband and a shirt with a large peace sign, shorts and sandals. I had on an old kaki army shirt with patches and a pith helmet, cut off jeans and combat boots. Jane surprised us all; she had on hot pants, turquoise blue, a long vest, woven from Mexican blanket material with fringe from the waist down, red high heels and a head band made from a long red silk scarf. (I had known Jane for almost three years and had never seen her legs above her knees, she always wore slacks and on rare occasions knee length shorts, wow I was impressed). And of course we all had on sunglasses. We named ourselves “The Hungry Five”, what a bunch of nerds!
Of course our proceeds were donated to charity, as the sign indicated, but the band teacher slipped each of us fifty dollars in cash, from the town’s merchants. After the long hot day, 95 degree temperature, and eight hours of playing the same nine or ten songs over and over we were ready to relax and cool off. I had driven, being the oldest, my car a 67’ Pontiac Bonneville. The trunk was large enough for all of our instruments, even my tuba fit. Sis and Ray took the back seat and Carroll; love her, pushed Jane to the center of the front seat as she took shotgun. I cranked up the AC and we returned our instruments to the band room of the high school. Ray and Sis left us, but our seating arrangements didn’t change. I suggested that we get a pizza and go to the lake. Jane objected that she needed to change, but Carroll convinced her that it would be past sundown if they went home first and then to the lake. We ate our pizza at a table near the swimming beach, Carroll as usual the center of attention had Jane and I laughing constantly. I had taken off my combat boots and put went bare footed; Carroll had pulled out shorts and a tee shirt from her hand bag and scooted off to the restrooms to change. I ask Jane if she wanted to remove the hot vest, but she shyly declined, she had left her high heels in the car. We walked in the sand to the water’s edge and out onto the dock and set down letting our feet dangle in the cool water. Our conversation was relaxed and simple. Carroll returned, but did not join us until after she had cannon-balled off the dock, drenching us in the process. I stared as she walked towards us on the dock, her tee shirt, now almost transparent, clung to her tits. The cold water had her nipples hard and pointy. Jane elbowed me and then pulled Carroll down beside her so as to avert my attention. She set close to Jane, and as her norm took center stage.
The sun was setting over the hills and with the wispy clouds we were soon bathed in an orange after glow. Carroll asked if I had anything to start a fire with. I told her that in the trunk I think there might be matches in the box, and that she could use the pizza box. As Carroll left us Jane slipped her arm around my waist and pulled herself closer. I was in heaven. We started kissing, like we had never done before; we had kissed, but just our lips brushing the others. Soon our tongues were probing the depths of the others mouth. Jane pulled herself closer and our bodies mashed into each other. I let my hand slip to the buttons on her vest; Jane didn’t resist as I undid the three buttons and slipped my hand inside. I was surprised, almost shocked, when I realized that Jane did not have on a bra, just the vest. Her flesh was warm and moist as I let my hand cup and squeeze her ample tits. I started tweaking her nipples and Jane not wanting to break our kiss mumbled softly into my mouth, “Easy, that coarse material has rubbed them raw.” We enjoyed the closeness until Carroll’s shouts that the fire was ready. Jane let slip an obscenity, but quickly covered her mouth as if a retraction was in order. She removed my hand and then buttoned her vest, “Better go.” We spent the rest of the evening next to the fire laughing at Carroll’s outrageous antics.
Upon delivering Jane and Carroll home I managed to stutter out a very lame question, essentially “Want to go to the movies?”
Jane answered, “Yea that would be nice. See you tomorrow.” We kissed but only the touching of lips as she pulled away
I picked up Jane about 6:30 and we went to see the only choice there was in the one theater town. Jane was back to her old shy and conservative self. She wore grey slacks and a ruffled log sleeved blouse with buttons down the back. Her hair, always cut short and usually allowed to lie where it fell, was fixed; her bangs sweeping across her forehead framing her pretty face. She looked great.
Setting in the upper corner of the balcony seating I assumed I could continue where last night had ended, but was told to stop as my hand slid across Jane’s clothed breasts. We kissed some, but without the previous nights passion. The movie ended and I cannot even recall what played, I was so confused with Jane’s lack of emotion. I took her home, her parents were away for the weekend, and Jane asked me in. She asked if I wanted to watch TV and I agreed, but was puzzled as to why. Jane turned on the tube and handed me the remote. She said that she needed to go to the bathroom and left me to find something on the TV. I flipped through the channels and found and old black and white move with Carry Grant.
I was surprised when Jane returned she had changed her clothes; she had put on a royal blue pleated skirt and white pullover sleeveless top. “Do you want a snack and something to drink?”She asked as she passed through the den to the kitchen.
“Yes that would be great.
Jane returned to the den with a tray, bent slightly and set it on the low table in front of the sofa. A rare view, but Jane’s legs were beautiful; slim and yet muscular, pale and smooth, something I had noticed yesterday, but didn’t really register until just now. Her toes were painted the same shade of pink as the lipstick she had added. Jane stood up and turned to face me, I could make out her dark nipples through the thin material as she stretched to turn off the lamp on the end table. Jane pulled the knit throw from the back of the sofa as she kneeled onto the sofa with her legs curled under her; her skirt strategically smoothed into place leaving just her knees uncovered She spread the throw across us and settled back into the soft cushions of the sofa.
I was again confused by her actions; when she had sit down she had not sit next to me but had sit near the end of the sofa and not in the middle. And that throw thing was a total puzzle. I was a little uncomfortable as what to do; I reached for the tray and got a soda and some chips.
Jane asked, “Can you pass me the chips?”
I handed her the chips and she pulled a small bunch from the bag and handed it back to me. After several minutes of silently watching the movie Jane said, “Can I have a drink of your soda?”She had only brought one out of the kitchen. I gave her the can and she drank from the can and then leaned forward and placed it back on the tray. Jane then brushed the chip crumbs off the throw and raised the corner as she said, “It’s lonely under here do you want to join me?” I quickly shuffled closer as Jane let the throw cover my legs and lap.
Our shoulders touched as well as our hips, but I was unsure what to do with my arms, so I just let my hands fall to my lap and hunched my shoulder forward so as to give Jane’s shoulder all the room she needed. Jane giggled slightly as she reached for my hand. She pulled it into lap and placed it on top of her other hand. I let my shoulder relax and sink into the cushion next to hers. We sat this way for maybe twenty minutes and as the movie ended Carry Grant kissed the leading lady, I turned to Jane and we kissed. Not like last night’s parting kiss, but like the kisses on the dock at the lake, with passion; tongue’s probing, lips smashing lips, great kissing. My arms encircled Jane and we hugged as well as kissed.
We kissed nonstop for several minutes, I was afraid to let go in fear of Jane changing her mind. I liked kissing her and didn’t want it to end. Jane finally pushed me away and gasp for breath. I could see even in the dim light her pale skin was flushed and her pink lipstick was smeared onto her cheek and our saliva glistened on her lips. Jane breathed deeply several times and pulled me back for more.
Somewhere near our third or fourth break for air we hear the back door bang open and Carroll shouts, “I’m home”.
“Dam she has the keenest timing,” Jane whispers as she pulls slightly away and looks at the TV, a blank screen is all that is on. She quickly grabs the remote and switches channels. Carroll wanders into the den and says, “Oh, hi I didn’t know you were here. You know it’s about time you guys did something about each other, your all Jane talks about, since what’s his face dumped her.”
Jane says her voice high pitched and scolding.
“Well it’s true, just the other night you were /> “Shut up will you.” Jane pleads interrupting Carroll’s sentence.
Carroll’s short dress rides high up on her thighs as she plops down on the sofa next. She asks, on,” as she reaches across me for the bag of chips on the far end of the coffee table. As she drags the bag towards her she lets her hand slid across my lap and bumps my hard on.
She lets her hand linger for a few seconds; longer than an accidental bump.
“Jane you’d better do something for him before I have to jump his bones and relieve his ailments,” Carroll says.
“Shut up! Carroll,” Jane says again, her lips pursed and another level of agitation in her already strained voice.
Bouncing up from the sofa Carroll picks a movie from the VCR rack and puts it in the player, as she says let’s watch a movie.”
Jane shifts her legs from under her and props them on the coffee table and then slides her arm through mine and then settles back quietly. I can feel the tension in her stiff movements.
Carroll holding the VCR controls fast forwards through the previews and then starts the movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Carroll then flops back onto the sofa, closer to me than before, her hand landing in my lap, and giggles as she slides it across my stiff cock and back into her own.
“Carroll, stop!” Jane admonishes.
I look at Carroll’s thighs her dress has slid up further than before. Her legs are slightly heavier than Jane’s, but just as attractive. Carroll shifts pulling one leg under her; her knee pressed into the side of my leg and then she slightly twists towards me as she props the other leg on the coffee table. I glance down again and can see her red panties; just visible under the hem of her dress. My breath quickens and I look back at the movie, but Jane has seen my looking and pinches me hard on the inside of my bicep. Our eyes meet and I just shrug and flex my arms as if to say what am I supposed to do? she whispers.
Carroll finally settling down starts to feel the cool of the AC and tugs at the edge of the throw, “Can I have some,” She whispers. Jane relinquishes some of the throw and allows Carroll to cover most of her legs and arms.
Several minutes pass before I feel any movement from either girl. Carroll lets her hand slip from her leg to touch mine mid thigh. Almost simultaneously Jane’s free hand slides over my stomach and up my chest as she shifts her posture, her head coming to rest on my shoulder. I lift both of my feet and prop them on the coffee table letting my legs separate slightly; giving room for my aching scrotum to move from its confines.
I notice that Carroll keeps leaning forward looking around me and at Jane. Jane is watching the movie and not paying any attention to Carroll. I look at Carroll and our eyes lock as I feel her hand slid onto my hard cock, trapped in my tight jeans. Carroll’s eye brow’s arch as she starts to rub against my fly. Only softly at first with just the tips of her fingers and then getting more aggressive she rubs the palm of her hand slowly up and down my shaft. After several minutes of this Carroll stops and pulls my arm free of Jane’s hand and under the cover of the throw slides it over her bare thighs and up under her dress. I’m allowed to feel the satin of her panties. They are damp with moisture. Carroll lifts my hand from her crotch and presses it tight to her tit; my hand closing around her firm globe I lightly squeeze and massage until I feel here nipple harden in the palm of my hand. She moves my hand to her other tit as I repeat the squeezing and massaging. Carroll leans very close to my ear and sighs heavily letting her hot breath flow. I shiver in response.
Jane realizing I have shivered asks, “Are you cold?” as she pushes the throw higher up on my shoulder and snuggles closer. I did not answer her rhetorical question, but thought no I’m hot, hot as hell. I could feel my face was flush and my underarms were damp with sweat.
Carroll finally can’t stand the constant pressure on her tits and pulls my hand away and slides it back under her dress and into her hot satin covered pussy. My fingers fumble with the elastic of one leg hole to gain access to her mound of hair, moist from perspiration and female juices. Carroll adjusts her position and allows me dip my fingers into her hole without me having to move. I can feel Carroll’s sticky juices coating my fingers. Carroll squeezes her thighs together trapping my hand in her now wet humid hole. After a few minutes of slow in and out movements Carroll again removes my hand and leads it to her lips and gently sucks the fingers clean.
Carroll after cleaning my fingers disengages herself from me and with one last grab at my hard on stands and says, “I’m going to bed.”
Jane mumbles, “Good night Carroll,” and turns to watch her leave the room. “I thought she’d never leave,” Jane says in a heavy whisper. Under the cover of the throw Jane allows her hand to slide from my chest to my rigid dick. “Umm, this feels like it might need some attention,” she coos. My hand instantly goes to Jane’s tits, cupping and squeezing them through the thin fabric of her top. Jane, her eyes closed tightly, gasps quickly and slowly lets her air flow out. I can feel her tremble slightly as I pinch her hard nipples.
With Jane’s hand rubbing on my cock and my hands busy on her tits, we were unaware of Carroll’s return to the den. I see her first. She is standing behind the sofa directly behind Jane. Her dress is bunched around her waist her panties at her knees; she has one hand on her bare tit and the other pushed into her cunt. I stiffen (pardon the pun) at the sight and Jane’s eyes pop open taking in the view of her sister. “Oh my god Carroll what are you doing?” she shouts.
“What you should be doing and if you don’t start soon I’m going to fuck him for you,” Carroll answers. Jane already on the move is up off the sofa and has Carroll by the hair and is pulling her out of the room. I hear Jane shout, almost scream, “He’s mine dam it don’t fuck it up.” I hear shrieks of laughter from Carroll, as she replies, “Well it’s about time.”
And then nothing, no sounds from the other parts of the house, just silence. I wonder what’s happened but I’m afraid to move. Several minutes pass and still nothing. After several more minutes I hear giggles and then louder giggles. Carroll and Jane emerge from the hallway and each return to the sofa. Jane kneels on the sofa and pulls me into a hug mashing her tits into my face, and Carroll sits on the edge of the sofa and starts pulling at my belt and unbuttoning my jeans.
My hands find Jane’s bare legs and I slide them upwards. Jane sighs a throaty, as my hands contact her bare ass and her hairy bush. Jane struggles with her top to free her tits; pulling one arm free of the sleeve hole. My mouth finds the rubbery nipple and I suck hard as Jane emits more throaty words.
Carroll has managed to remove my belt and open my fly and is tugging at the opening of my boxers. Her hand finally slips into their opening and grasps my cock. She squeezes it hard, almost painfully and pulls it free of the fabric enclosure. Her mouth is on it almost as quick as the light is.
I have managed to pull Jane’s skirt down to her knees and am pushing my fingers into her hole as her juices quickly lubricate her insides.
Carroll has dropped to her knees and is using her tongue on my dick; licking up one side and down the other and then swallowing the shaft until I hear gagging sounds. Her hands are busy pulling at my jeans and boxers. Soon she has them tugged down from around my waist and almost to my knees. Her mouth lets go of my dick only to swallow one of my balls and then the other one. Her hand, almost a blur, rapidly strokes my cock.
Jane moans, “Oh, god yes,” with every advance of my now three penetrating fingers and gasps for breath with each retreat. I push again and feel Jane hump back trying to impale my fingers deeper into her cunt as she repeats, “Oh, god yes.”
I feel the semen start to churn and boil in my nuts and am about to shout I’m cumming, but don’t want to let go of Jane’s sweet nipple. I explode into Carroll’s mouth and as she pulls off gagging the second and third globs strike her in the face. I manage to look at Carroll; she is momentarily stunned with the outcome of her manipulations and is holding her hands free of my cock, my cum dripping from her cheek onto her tits.
Jane continues to moan and has started to grunt in cadence with each of my fingers advances. I try to ease her down onto the sofa, but Jane’s body spasms and then become rigid as she reaches her peak. I feel hot white liquid ooze from her pussy coating my fingers, hand and forearm. I remove my fingers and hold her tight until she melts into a pile in my lap.
Carroll moves to take her spot, grabbing my slippery hand and guiding it to her burning hole.

As Jane’s climax subsides she stretches her legs out straight and slides to the floor with a resounding thump. She leans against my legs still propped on the coffee table. My legs are still pinned at the knees with the jeans and boxers restraining their movement. I can now see Jane and what a beautiful view. She is still in a state of satisfied bliss; her smile radiating from her flushed face. She’s trying to catch her breath; her tits heaving with each gasp.
Carroll has started to grunt just as Jane had earlier. I intensify my finger thrusts and soon Carroll is screaming, “I’m fucking cumming!”
Jane is amazed as she watches her little sister thrash about and then slump in exhaustion, “Was I that out of control?” she whispers just loud enough so that I can hear over Carroll’s diminishing cries.
I smile and nod a response.
Jane starts tugging on my jeans and finishes what Carroll had started; I’m finally able to spread my legs and remove them from the coffee table. As soon as I spread them Jane slips in-between my legs and garbs my semi-erect cock and starts pumping it; at first using one hand and then two. “This feels so funny,” she says giggling. “I’ve never held a guy’s cock in my hands.” Her eyes fixed on the spectacle, she continues, “It’s soft and spongy and at the same time it’s getting rigid.” I watch her as she lovingly kisses the hood. Her tongue slips between her pretty pink lips and licks the underside of my cock. She stops and runs her tongue around her pink lips examining the flavor; tasting the semen from Carroll’s previous sucking, deciding that the taste is not all that unlikeable; she swallows half of my dick, backing away gagging after she does. She is determined and tries again only with the same results. “Carroll how did you get this thing so far down your throat without choking?” she asks, vigorously shaking Carroll back into reality.
Carroll again drops to her knees and pushes Jane’s face away. “Like this,” she says, opening her mouth wide and slipping her mouth down over my cock. As Carroll felt the tip pass out of her mouth and into her throat she sucks in air and swallows at the same time. Carroll lets her lips close on my shaft applying pressure and then she slowly pulls her head off of my dick. “It takes practice,” she says, almost triumphantly.
you have any practice?” Jane asks, mocking Carroll’s enthusiasm.
“I’ve been working on Richard’s dick for months.”
“Carroll you little slut, He’s married and almost 25 years old,” Jane scolded.
“Yea, I know, but Sue doesn’t like to give head and Richard pays me $10 for a quickie and more if I let him feel me up while I suck.”
“Wow, I love it you really are a little slut,” I say.
The girls start laughing realizing that I’m still in the room and not just a stiffie that Jane is stroking. Jane, between giggles sucks my cock into her mouth letting it touch the back of her mouth and then using her lips as Carroll showed her applies pressure.
Carroll says, a fast learner soon you’ll be a little cock sucking slut like me.”
This causes Jane to choke from laughter. After recovering Jane swallows more and more with each try. I can feel the tip of my dick entering the restricted confines of Jane’s throat. After several minutes of practicing her technique Jane lets my dick fall from her mouth. “Carroll do you any have any practice at this,” Jane straddles my legs facing me and lowers her pussy onto my cock.
“Carroll answers, “It’s going to be a little painful, so go slow.” But Jane was already pushing down hard and unable to slow.
I felt her hymen rip as Jane screamed with pain.
Carroll says, “Told you to go slow,” grimacing through her sister’s pain.
Jane held her ground for a few moments; tears streaming down her cheeks, and then slowly, ever so slowly her movements start anew.
After several slow strokes Jane could block the pain and start to feel the stimulation. Jane leans into me, her bare nipples brushing against the rough material of my western shirt. Jane pulls hard at the shirt and the snaps pop open exposing my chest. Enjoying the feel of the sparse hair and the moist skin touching her tits Jane increases the speed and intensity of each stroke.
Carroll now was on the floor, her head was shoved between mine and Jane’s legs and she was sucking on my nut sack.
I wasn’t going to last very long and I gave this indication to Jane, but she was too far gone and I had shout “Jane I’m going to cum. I took Carroll hearing what I was saying to realize the severity of the situation. Carroll pulled Jane off of my engorged cock just as it exploded shooting steam after stream of hot semen on Jane’s legs and dark bush.
Jane groaned with displeasure, but after the fact breathed a sigh of relief.
Carroll, being the little slut of experience pushed Jane into a setting position on the coffee table and really gave her a tongue lashing. I mean she was licking Jane’s legs and bush with such furry that all Jane could do was push on the back of Carroll’s head and continue into a electrifying orgasm.
I was awash with new sensations. I’d seen pictures of girl on girl, but never thought that I’d experience anything in reality as vivid as this scene. But here in the flesh were two girls, now women actually, embraced within their passion. My cock started a quick rise.
Carroll was the first to notice as she yelled, “It’s my turn,” and pushed me flat on the sofa and mounted me reverse cowgirl. Carroll immediately started pounding onto my boner. “Oh god, you’re much bigger than Richard,” she screamed as her climax neared.
After several minutes of Carroll riding me Jane pulled her off. I started to rise and Jane pulled me to the floor and then top of her as she laid flat on the carpet. I pumped for all that I was worth; concentrating on nothing but another ejaculation. After several minutes of raw pounding I realize that to achieve another I’d have to change Jane’s position to heighten the stimulation. I scooped up her legs and pushed them over her head, her knees were touching the floor on either side of her head. I started pounding again. Carroll joined in, she was behind me and started squeezing my nut sack and chanting, “Fuck her, fuck her harder.” I had pounded Jane through at least two of her trembling orgasms, her shrieks drowning out Carroll’s chant. Sweat was dripping from my body in rivulets. My cock started to swell and my nuts churned as semen started for the surface. I pulled out of Jane’s hot pussy, letting her legs flop. On my knees I scaled Jane’s body; straddling her heaving chest. I shot my hot load into Jane’s open mouth, onto her pretty face, into her hair and onto her tits. I’d never shot so much not even if I counted numerous jerk sessions.
Jane choked on the semen as she swallowed, but managed to get it down. She started scooping up more from her tits and licking her fingers clean. Carroll joined in as if it were an ice cream cone she started licking her sister’s tits. With a mouth full of cum Carroll would kiss Jane, pushing her tongue deep into Jane’s mouth. After cleaning up Jane’s body Carroll pushed me forward until Jane could suck the remains of the cum from my rapidly deflating cock.

The three of us spent the rest of the summer nearly inseparable. In a month and a half I was at college three states away, but Carroll; love her, kept me informed of our newly created little slut.

An excerpt from one of Carroll’s letters:
still trying to be first at something, it may never happen, but here is her weeks accomplishments, she fucked (we actually) Wally and Saul at the city park last Friday night. Jane was fucking so hard that after they left Jane looked like someone had turned the garden hose on her (rode hard and put up wet accurately describes the scene).
Jim and I followed her to the movies on Monday and saw her duck out the back with Larry. Later we found them parked on the hill overlooking town. Her feet were in the air and her shrieks could be heard over the blare of the stereo.
Wednesday Jane met Richard for the second time this week (you know there’s not much to say there I’ve already described Richard).
And last but not least on Thursday, just after lunch Jane and Bill Watson were seen out at the lake, on the far shore in the weeds. They really flattened the spot out and rubbers were everywhere, but they were all empty. I think that she drinks the cum after they are filled (Still not a first). And later after we had dinner with mom and dad at the house, she slipped out to meet Frank. You don’t know Frank, he’s new around town, been here only a week or so. He’s black as the ace of spades with a body of chiseled steel. His dick, well now, how to describe thee… ten inches long and nearly two inches thick, he can cum maybe five times a day and produces buckets of cum (Yum). She only thinks that she had him first.”
XXOO Love Carroll
You’re little cock sucking slut!!
P.S. I miss your cock!

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