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Soft, leather boots made nary a sound as they brushed along the worn, dirt path that cut a thin swathe through the dim forest, as Mariat's lithe frame glided along it, akin to a shadow in the cool night. Her curved, succulent breasts, though small, still flowed about easily, despite the poorly laced, dark blue leather vest holding them tightly to her. The bare, pale skin of her taut stomach gleamed underneath the gentle touch of the moonlight, before giving way to the tight, worn leather of the breeches that held tightly to her firm rump, and long, lucious legs. Her soft, almond shaped face shone like an ambient ghost within the gloom of the night, her bright jade eyes standing out majestically from the frame of her short, tight cut crimson hair. Her full, red lips curved in an elated grin as she speeded along, for this was the first time she truly ventured out into the world. She had already sent a letter to the Lion's Pride Inn, in Goldshire, and had been granted a posistion as maid there. She only had to get there. And that would not be a problem. So, there were Defias bandits in the woods. She wouldn't pay fifty silver for that guard that stared at her rump to her through the woods. She would be fine.

And as that thought passed through her mind, a figure seemed to detatch itself from the brush alongside the path, and Mariat found her arm twisted behind her back, with a bit of cold steel pressing against her through. The scent of leather and sweat filled her nostrils as the man whispered into her ear, his putrid breath washing across her pale cheek, as fear flooded through her veins.

"Not a sound ta' pass yer pretty lips, Aye, lassy?"

She nodded vigorously, failing to surpress a soft whimper of fear from escaping.

Oh Light…

She thought desperatly, as he began to drag her, her soft back resting upon his muscled chest, his legs doing all the work as hers seemed to have failed her, dragging limply through the leaves.

Once he finds that I have no coin, he'll let me go… Of course he will…

It seemed to last for an eternity, but only a moment later, they were in a clearing, far from the path, as he whispered once more into her ear, his tongue running along the back her soft lobe,

"What little treasures do ye' have for me, lassey?"

Immediatley she yelped,

"I have no coin on me… No coin."

He laughed, a dark laugh, before saying in a sinister tone,

"I am not looking fer coin, lassey."

The blade at her throat fell away and the hand that had held it immediatly slipped to the front of her vest, tearing it away from her like a simple rag, letting her plump, juicy breasts fall free, the pink tips atop the pale mounds hardening instantly in the cold, night air.

No! Light, No!

She felt hard, calloused fingers grasp and carress her teat, his fingers curving about the soft, yeilding flesh, manipulating and teasing it, two of the tapered digits twisting and teasing the hardened, pink nipple atop it, as his other hand slipped south. She couldn't move, or resist, in any way. She was frozen in fear, in denial, as his hand tore at the lace of her breeches, before they fell away, exposing the soft, snow like flesh of her creamy thighs, delicate calves, and as the boots came away, her soft, dainty feet. He laughed that same, horrible laugh, before throwing her to her knees. Yelping, she brought her hands to the cool grass, shutting her jade eyes, attempting to stop herself from falling, before beginning to crawl. She was spurred into motion by the sudden movement, and hearing the rustle of the Dafias' clothing, she felt the fear glimmering with hope. She could escape! She could-. That's when she felt his rough hands close about her curved hips, pulling her back. She let out a shrill yelp, as he came up behind her, and before she could struggle an inch further, she felt it. A sharp, hard pressure between her firm, yet soft skinned rump cheeks. And then there was pain. Shrieking, she felt him enter her, his rigid, powerful member violating her inner, heated depths. Her knees ground into the yeilding earth, as he called out in pleasure, his member being gripped with a near vice like rump, as she continued to screech in agony with every one of his frenzied, powered thrusts. But despite the pain, she felt something stirr, something dark, deep within her. But the moment she noticed it, it was gone. Whipping her head about as his hips continued to slap against her hind, she grunted and whined and squeled for mercy. Then his hand left her hip. She didn't notice it until it cracked against her, sending ripples across her skin, before it hit again, and again, leaving a horrid red mark across her right rump cheek. She bit into her lower lip, as she felt utter revulsion flood her soul, her jade eyes sliding shut, her shrieks disappearing.

And then the member was gone from her, leaving her feeling… Empty.

Before she could even ponder the absence, his hands whipped her upon her back, her lithe form hitting the earth with a soft thud, producing a yelp. And then he entered her once more, pulling himself between her lucious thighs. She cried out, and resisted this time, her delicate hands pressing against his muscled chest, but it did little to stop him as he rammed his wet, rock hard member deep into her virgin depths, tearing away the innocence and puirty from her. She felt something tear within her soul, as well, as his thrust ground her rump into the earth, his member delving deep into her sweet innings. Shrieking, she turned away, refusing to look at him, as one bear like paw gripped both of her wrists, pinning them above her head, the other ravaging her plump breasts, molesting the lucious flesh. She sobbed, tears pouring down her exotic features, as he entered her, again and again, his cock ripping deeper, and deeper, into her, slowly forcing her body to betray it's master as it ground against the soft nub at the surface of her sopping wet mound. The disturbed clit hardened, sending wave after wave of pleasure through a body that refused it. She nearly went mad, fighting between pleasure and pain, revulsion and exctasy, as her long, succulent legs fell into the pleasure, unconsciously wrapping about the rapist's waist, unwillingly pulling him deeper into her, forcing himself into a deeper frenzy of thrusting. And, then she felt it. Climax. Bliss. Electricity ran through her veins, her blood turned to flame, and her souls screamed it's lust, as she came, her inner depths spasming, gripping her rapist's powerful member, forcing him to explode deep within her, as she cried in lust, fear, pleasure, and revulsion. That dark thing within her soul craved more, yet she pressed it down, and away, as her body shook, and her back arched. He laughed, as he pulled himself from her, his rigid self dripping with the numerous juices, yet, horribly still hard. She could barely move, and not even a thought of resisting entered her mind, as his bear like paw curled in her crimson locks, pulling her to her knees, bringing his horrible member to her face.

She, without a command, understood his dark want. And fulfilled it. Running her soft, wet tongue along it, she immediatly fixed her curved lips about the bulbous head, gently suckling upon the tip. But he would not have her gently. He forced her head down upon the stiff member, and her eyes shed more tears as it rammed itself deep within her throat. But she continued to run her tongue about it, curling it around the pulsing member, her lips going to the hilt, her throat sucking it deep within itself, as he began to pump her head along his shaft. Gagging, she found herself fighting for breath, as his speed inscreased. Faster, deeper, she felt the violation, until her throat was raw, and her tongue ceased to carress. She shuddered, her arms beginning to flail, as she found no air to be had, as his hips slammed into her face. Tears fled her, as it happened. A wetness erupted down her throat, at the moment she thought she would die, when her vision darkened and clouded. But then his member fled her throat, and he was walking away, chuckling as she fell to the earthen floor, gasping for breath, her violated, well raped form shuddering with sobs.

story by: Mariat

Tags: blowjob spanking fantasy anal hardcore rape domination/submission sex story

Author: Mariat

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