Me and milly – part 2 : the party

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After stopping off at the shopping centre we hit the road again at around 10am, I still had a good 6 hours of driving ahead of me and the party was at 6. So I had to get going. A few minutes after setting off I got a call from Julie asking where we were. I explained that I was tired so I had to stop off over night with Milly and get some sleep. She seemed ok with this. While we where chatting Milly started rubbing my cock, I was trying to get her to stop but I couldn’t as I didn’t want to seem suspicious to my wife. Eventually the phone call was over and Milly stopped rubbing it. I had to tell her to be careful with things like that as we could not get caught. Ever. Milly understood, but still gave me that knowing grin.

A few hours passed and we stopped off for a bit of lunch, I had made really good time and was only about 2 hours from our destination. I told Milly we could go into the service station like a couple. Holding hands and such. She seemed to love this. In public she still acted like a bit of a recluse and a geek. So it was weird being with her, especially as I knew how confident she was. We walked in a got a couple of funny looks but nothing too bad. Kissed and cuddled a bit like any normal couple, sat down and had our dinner. Milly kept sliding her foot up to my semi erect cock and playing with it which was driving me mad. But I could do nothing about it, or so I thought. I told Milly to finish up her food and took her back to the car. I said to her, that when we set off again I want her to suck my cock. She looked at me and nodded in agreement. So we got going again.

She said to me that she had never given a blow job before and wanted to do it right, so I reluctantly agreed to let her jack me off as we drove instead. So she pulled out my cock and started to wank it. This time spitting on her hand and giving me a wet one. She did it for about 5 minutes all the time telling me what she wanted to do to me. I couldn’t believe some of the filth that was coming out of her mouth. This young girl must have watched a serious amount of porn. I was ready to cum and let her know, but the only place she had to aim my cum was onto my shirt. So I blew my load and made a total mess of my shirt. Again she scooped some of it up and liked it off her hand letting out a sound. I felt amazing, and couldn’t believe my luck. My sex life with Julie had stopped being interesting about 2 years ago so I was as excited as a teenage boy to be doing all this again. Milly said that she hoped I enjoyed it and that she hopes to have more fun over the weekend.

We continued our drive and made our destination at about 4 in the afternoon. I got out of the car and quickly changed my shirt into a clean one. Julie came over and said hi to us both and took us inside. She took me up to our room and then pointed Milly to hers. Which was 2 rooms along from ours. Julie was in a rush to get things sorted for the evening. The party we were going to was a 30th wedding anniversary for her parents. So she was sorting it out with her other sister (Julie was one of 3, Her 29, Zoë 26 and Milly 15) Her parents had them spread out, and Zoë and Julie were very close. She left me to get ready after giving me a kiss goodbye, so I got ready and watched a bit of TV until she came back. We went down to the party. All of her family and friends were there, about 100 people in total, but their was only one person I was looking for. I spotted Milly from the other side of the room. She looked amazing, better than last night in the hotel. In her new black dress that I brought her and the Red heels she had borrowed from Julie.

I walked over to her and whispered in her ear that she looked amazing. I said she was the most beautiful girl in the room. She blushed and told me she wasn’t wearing any underwear. My eyes instantly looked at her boobs. You could tell she didn’t have a bra on, but it was very subtle as her boobs were pert anyway. Just the slightest hint of a nipple poking through her dress. There was no panty line either, so there was defiantly nothing there either. I wanted to fuck her right there and then, but obviously that was never going to happen. She was however my little whore, a whore in and around all of her family and family friends.

Next came the sit down meal portion of the evening, and as luck would have it I was sat between Julie and Milly. We drank and ate for an hour or so, with me occasionally rubbing Milly’s leg. Also, to my surprise Julie was rubbing mine too. Perhaps she was getting frisky. People kept coming over to chat to us, and as usual Milly was quiet and reverted back to being a bit geeky. Eventually we could all get up and move around the room.

After about 90mins for chit chatting with people Milly came back to me and whispered that she was horny. She asked me to follow her, so I went with her and she lead me to the disabled toilet. She looked around and pushed me in. I was surprised she was so sexually aggressive so soon, but I wasn’t going to complain. She sat on top of the sideboard and pulled up her skirt and told me to lick her pussy. She really was a horny little bitch tonight. I didn’t need to think twice about sucking on her delicious little clit. So I immediately went to work on it. She spread her with her legs spread and in the air and held them with her hands. The taste was sweeter than the night before, so she must have been wet for a while. I licked around her pussy lips and made my way to her now slightly swollen clit. I heard her moan and start breathing a bit heavier. I worked it for a good 5 mins before we changed things up a little. I slipped a finger into her pussy and wiggled it to try to find her g spot. She seemed to enjoy this even more. But I didn’t want her to have too much of a good thing, so I popped it out and slid it down to her sweet little asshole. She let out a very audible gasp at this point, clearly not expecting it to happen. But she carried on moaning too. I gently brushed my finger around her asshole for a few moments, while still licking her now dripping pussy. Until the breathing got heavier and she eventually came. She seemed to cum harder than last night too. She put her legs down and told me how good it felt when I played with her ass. She absolutely loved it. She got up on her feet, re adjusted her dress and walked over to the door. Before she left she turned and said “Maybe we can explore my ass more another time” With that she left, telling me the coast was clear too.

I rejoined the party after cleaning my face a little and found Julie. She came up to me and kissed me on the lips, and all I could think about was “ If only you knew where these had just been” I could see Milly over her shoulder too, who gave me a sly wink. Julie then said something that shocked me. She said in my ear “I want to fuck you….all night long!” Now to say this was a shock was an understatement, she had not really been interested in sex with me for about 2 years as I said before. So this came totally out of the blue. Julie, I think was getting very drunk, and when she was drunk before she always became incredibly horny. I was in a pickle; I wanted to fuck her little 15 year old sister tonight. How was I going to get out of this? I decided the best thing to do was to get her more drunk so she passed out before we did anything. But this was to prove harder than I thought. Julie was all over me. She even tried to get me into the same toilets I had been in with Milly. I had to keep refusing.

The party eventually wound down and Milly came over to me and gave me her room key. She also got very daring and rubbed my cock in the middle of the room. Luckily no one saw, but my heart jumped. I shot her a look of annoyance but she just smiled and walked off. Julie then came over and made a passing comment about how Milly seems to be opening up with me. She then said her goodnights and led me up to our room. No at this point I could tell she was pretty drunk, she was staggering and slurring all over the place. But she still seemed keen on sex. We got in the door and she pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. She leaned in and kissed me deeply. I kissed back and grabbed her ass too. She told me to get naked, which I did and so did she. Boy was she desperate for a fuck. She grabbed my cock and started to jack it off to make it hard. She spat on it too to lubricate it up. She then got on top of me and guided her pussy over me and began to fuck me. Now this was very unlike Julie. But I went with it, she was going for a few minutes on me until she shuddered a bit and came. Almost instantly she rolled off and fell asleep. I was effectively a booty call. I laughed a bit to myself. But all I could think off was Milly 2 rooms over. So I got off the bed, put on a bathrobe and slipped out of the room. The hallway of the hotel was slient and dark, so I quickly made my way to Milly’s room, I put in the door key and unlocked it. What I saw then took my breath away.

She was standing there in black 6” heels, red stocking, red lace French knickers and a red bra, all the things that I brought her from the shopping centre. It blew my mind, and almost made me cum in my bath robe. “You look amazing, but first things first I need to clean off my cock, your sister has just fucked me and fallen asleep” I said. To my amazement she dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth, she licked and sucked it totally clean. She got up and kissed me, and said “mmmmm, Julie tastes good” I was in awe of this little whore. She constantly surprised me. Not only was she sucking my cock, but she was sucking my cock with her sisters’ pussy juice on it. Next thing she did was told me to take off my robe and lay back on the bed. She was going to give me a blowjob. So I laid down and closed my eyes. I could feel her breathing over my cock and kissing it up and down. Then a little wiggle as she licked the tip. It felt incredible. She had clearly seen it done a lot. I opened my eyes to see the sight of her dressed like a little whore for me and her mouth wide open ready to take my cock.

She put it in her mouth over the tip and closed her mouth over it and began to suck. It felt good, she then started to move her head up and down in a bobbing motion. I could feel her tongue licking the shaft too as she went about it. She then pulled her head off and spat on my cock. The again went back to bobbing her head up and down. Eventually she was able to take about 5” all at once, which was pretty impressive. But she seemed keen to do more. She then grabbed onto my hips and began bobbing up and down more vigorously. I could hear the cock slopping about in her mouth, and I though she was gagging. However she carried on and eventually was taking the whole of my cock in her mouth. He eyes were watering a little. She seemed to be enjoying it, as one of her spare hands was rubbing the material over her pussy. She then did another thing that surprised me; she got off sucking my cock and lifted my legs into the air and pushed them back until they where near my head. She then proceeded to get down and lick my balls and massage my cock. This felt amazing. But after doing this for a few seconds she moved her tongue down to the bit of skin under the balls and licked it, then again she went lower until she was licking my asshole. It felt incredible. She was doing something that I had always dreamed off and she was only on her second time with a guy. She did this for a while, gently licking my asshole and playing with my cock, until I announced I was ready to cum. She then stopped and put my legs back down and put my cock into her mouth again. I started to cum straight into her waiting mouth, and it felt like the most I had cum in a long time. Pulse after pulse went into her. I could see her struggling to keep up and some came out the sides of her mouth. When I stopped she licked my cock clean and then licked her lips. It was a sight to behold.

She then stood up and let me see her in all her glory. Her hair and eye liner was slightly messed up from where she was giving me a deep throat blowjob, and she looked even sexier for it. I have said it many times before, but I didn’t think I would be getting turned on by this geeky 15 year old that I have known since she was 8. She then said to me that she wanted to fuck me, plus that just before we came upstairs for the night she slipped me a Viagra into my last drink so I could fuck her for hours. This had to be true, because I was almost instantly hard from Cumming recently. With that she whipped off her panties and bra and left on the hold up stockings and heels. She knew I loved a woman in heels. That’s why I got her such high ones. She then jumped on top of me the same way Julie did not half an hour ago, but this time I was far more interested to give it back. I kissed her, and tasted some of the cum on her breath. I then span her over so she was on her back and got her into position. She held on to the heels of her shoes and presented her wet pussy too me. I didn’t need to be told twice so I slipped in my already rock solid cock and began pumping away.

I also grabbed hold of her boobs this time and started playing with her nipples. Pinching and rolling them within my fingers. They were like bullets by the time I was finished. We were both sweating at this point and our bodies were sliding over each other. It was amazing. I was pumping her deep and she was loving it. I leaned back and started to finger her clit too. She bit her lip in order not to let out a scream. I then pulled out and told her to get on all 4’s. She did and I got round behind her, positioned myself and drove my cock into her pussy. I was fucking my little slut doggy style 2 doors down from my passed out wife, and she was loving it. Her boobs were swinging around and he ass was jiggling just perfectly. I slowed my fucking down a little so I could get a finger to her asshole, I massaged this for a bit, and eventually slipped my thumb in. She started pushing back harder on me and telling me it felt amazing. She also said she wanted to save me fucking her up the ass for another time. A time when we could be alone and she could make as much noise as she wanted. So I kept pumping away, thumb in her ass until she began to shake again. I knew she was Cumming, as her whole body tensed up. She let out a moan and then turned around and told me to cum as hard as I could too. All inside her. Apparently she was on birth control so it didn’t matter how much I came inside her. So after a few more pumps I did. It wasn’t as much as the last two times, but I think im all spanked out after the last 24 hours of madness. I got out of her and laid beside her and gave her a kiss. I told her I had to go back to my room so Julie didn’t get suspicious. I gave her one last squeeze of her ass and kissed her again then snuck back to my room.

Julie was still passed out, so I snuck into the bed and laid along side her naked. We woke up in the morning to the smell of sex in the room, and she asked if I enjoyed it last night. I said it was amazing. She grabbed my cock and stroked it some more. I told her we had to get going, so we couldn’t do anything this morning. But to my shock she got under the sheets and popped it in her mouth. She sucked on it for a bit before coming up and telling me “Just cleaning it off after I fucked you silly last night baby” I couldn’t believe it, she had just sucked her little sisters dried cum off my cock and thought it was hers. I had to be more careful.

We packed up and set off that morning. My head was spinning from the weekend’s events, and all I could think about was doing more. The journey back was not as eventful as the way there. But I don’t think anything will be ever again. We got back home late that night and me and Julie both hit the hay and fell asleep. But all I was dreaming about was seeing Milly again. I was awoken in the middle of the night by a text from her telling me she had just masturbated thinking about me. I think I am going to have fun with this little slut.

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