Missy, brother and dad (double incest)

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Missy, brother and dad (double incest)

My name is Sean, I got stuck helping out at a Prom for girls and boys. My sister Missy was inside dancing, and I was checking out all the young girls. They were all so hot looking in their fancy gowns.
I sat with my dad outside who was drunk. Dad started telling me about how I ought to get me a girl. He went on and on how hot they were. Finally he leaned over in his whiskey breath and said: “Your sister is hot son. I’m gonna tell ya someth‘in, and you must promise never to tell anyone ever.”
I said sure sure dad. He started telling me how it all started in his drunk‘in voice. I was in for the shock of my life. know she starting to get some nice little tits and ass on her. She being slim, and that long straight dark hair of her’s down to her butt crack. A sweet face like mom, that smooth skin with brown eyes with those natural long lashes.
She always been a lovable girl, and I love her as only a dad can. I watched as she started to become a woman, and she was starting to turning me on.

I went through the usual guilt feelings for even thinking such a thing, If I was caught, jail, all the bad things that could happen. The thrill of taboo

and the no no’s didn’t go away, it only increased. Nobody knows a man’s innermost thoughts, and I liked thinking about Missy.
I fantasized about kissing every part of her body, sucking her little titties, and licking her little slit.
I imagined having a 3some with your mom and I and Missy, and mom being OK for it the same as me. I tried not to think about fucking Missy while fucking mom.
The first time when I finally let myself think about fucking Missy, while fucking mom, I almost said Missy’s name.

I had a huge super cum, blast out, over and over like no other thrill I‘d ever had. Mom noticed my passion and smiled.

I gave the mom credit for being so damn sexy. I said to myself, fuck it, I’m going for a lot of this, no one will ever know, but I must never yell out her

It started out in the mornings after mom left for work, and you were gone to school. Missy had on this thin night gown, didn’t wear her little bra in the mornings. I could see right thru it and see her little tits. Tiny, with a little bulge at the nipples. She started hugging me real tight with my

leg between her legs. She started shoving her little pussy into my robe covered leg. She rubbed her pussy up and down just a little. I liked it, and not only let her do it, but pushed my leg to her pussy firm. I put my arms around her and moved her up and down on my leg slightly, to her delight.
I thought, damn,
she’s making me so hot doing that. The thought of it being a big no no and very taboo was exciting to me. I was very careful that no one was home and no one could see in the kitchen where she liked to do it.
There was always ‘the risk’ that she might tell someone what we were doing, after mom had gone to work. What if it got back to my wife or others. It wasn’t much, but I already mentally planned how to explain it away as nothing. I planned ahead to cover our tracks solid. This just made it more exciting.

The next morning, same thing but only I picked her up and held her up against me face to face, her legs around mine. She liked this and kissed me, but differently for the first time.

It was slow, and I could just feel her little tongue going across my lips, back and forth. She leaned way back and said: “Swing me,
daddy.” She pushed her little pussy in to me hard as I swung her around,…. and then she gasp! I slowly let her slide down my front until her little pussy was sliding slowly down towards my dick.
I had put on tight briefs, planning ahead for this. Her little pussy slid smoothly over the briefs and my restrained hardon. She held tight and then I stopped when my dick was right on her little clit. She trembled, moaned little, then I let her slide down past my bulging dick. She was a little out of breath, but had a big smile on her face. She said that was so much fun, and wanted to do it again, which we did.

Now Missy was really getting excited and so was I. We both were gasping and were getting so hot, we fanned our selves between slides. I could feel her hot breath as she laid her head on my chest. I could feel her little panties thru her thin little night gown. Her

little butt cheeks were so warm and felt good when I held her for another slide. Now my dick was real hard, but held back by the briefs, but still a pretty good bulge was under my robe. Up she went again, but this time she open up my robe and let her titties slide down my chest. As her titties began sliding on

my bare chest, she gasp real big, and pulled back stopping the slide. She had a shocked look on her face. Her nipples sliding down on me stimulated her titties and she held her hands to them and rubbed them. She whispered,: “ Oh my gosh!, that made my titties so sensitive! It was like a wonderful shock, Wow, that really felt good!”.

I held her at that point until it passed and she then continued the pussy slide. I let her slide very slowly this time. I wanted the peak of my bulge to hit her clit. We both were really turned on. This taboo was giving me a great hardon. I could feel her little heart beating hard, as was mine. This time I put my hands under her night gown, and I felt her warm

panties. I inched her down, I slipped my fingers under the leg elastic on both sides of her little panties. Her little warm butt felt so wonderful. She knew what was coming and started in with little gasps. I eased my fingers in her panties further. I was now holding her very warm bare butt cheeks. I eased my fingers to just enter her lower crack. I felt

the damp heat from her little wet vagina, and held my fingers there. She slid slowly down until my bulge hit her clit. She moaned and then a little tremble, she squeezed me real tight, then I heard a and she started rubbing her pussy

firm right on my hardon. She stopped and I heard a kind of moan as she had an orgasm. She put her head on my chest as her body trembled and slowly went weak. I let her down to the floor. She held onto me tight as her legs were wobbly.

She held on as best as she could with her weak arms. I picked her up and carried her to a dining room chair, and set her gently down. She held on to my body, her cheek resting on my dick as I stood

there, playing with her long hair. My dick was so hard, I could feel it throbbing, and she felt it on her face. I wanted to cum so bad. I wanted to end this so I could go jerk off in the bathroom. My balls ached. That’s when she asked me, “What does cum look like?”
My heart raced as ideas ran thru my mind. She said her girlfriend Lisa saw her dad’s cum once when she saw him jack off once, in their bedroom. He squirted cum on a magazine, and she found it later.
I said:” I can show you some of mine, but everything we do must be kept a secret /> Her face lit up and said: “ Oh yes, this will be our secret, forever dad!” “Now, lets go see what cum looks like, ok?” She got all excited as I took her in her bedroom. Her room was located to where I could see or hear if anyone came to the house. I laid her on the bed, and took my briefs off and finally let my dick out. She whispered, ‘wow’ that’s big. I said here’s how we get my cum to cum out. First we show me things that stimulate my dick.
I lifted up her little nightgown up to her neck. I feasted my eyes first on her new budding tits. Just a small handful. Her nipples were just sticking up a little, but firm. When I touched them it caused her to

shiver, they were a sweet pinkish/brown. I peeled her little yellow panties down slowly, taking in finally every inch of the little pussy I was forbidden to see. I was trembling in my gut. I felt so hot all over as I took in a gulp of air. It was so hot to take a good long

look, and see a tiny little patch of dark pubic hair over her slit. Maybe only 10-12 brand new hairs. My dick was now rock hard sticking straight out. I couldn’t remember it ever being this hard. My dick was bulging and pulsating, the full head was shiny
and dark pink.

Missy was just fascinated by it as she grinned and stared. I could feel my balls churning and they ached. I took my robe off and we laid there sideways, face to face. She reached down and gently felt all over my dick, her first time to ever do so.

We both started kissing and it built up fast, her little tongue now darting around my mouth and mine explored her lips and then deep in her mouth. She moaned so sweet as we devoured each other.

I reached down and lifted up her free leg. My dick for the first time slipped between those hot little legs. I felt the slick wetness of her little pussy as she began to rock back and forth on it. I didn’t know a 14yr old could get this wet.

We started feeling every thing on our bodies for the first time. I felt her little titties and nipples. I was burning up with taboo excitement.

She felt my dick head poking out thru her legs, and reached back and squeezed it and felt it. She felt my pre cum on her fingers. We pulled our bodies in tight and enjoyed our nakedness. We were 2 hot bodies meshing together now. Our hearts were racing with excitement. She whispered and told me she had a dream once , about us doing this, and how it made her get the hornys.
I was I told her I too wanted to feel her naked for a long time and feel her little tits and sweet pussy. I said there are a lot more thing we can do to feel good. I turned to a 69 position on our sides. I lifted her free leg and started kissing her little pussy.
She jumped with lots of tingles. She had my dick in her face now and fondled every thing on me. I felt her little tongue on the tip of my dick head. Then more licking and putting the head of my dick in her little mouth, sucking gently. My tongue found her little clit and licked it. She jumped again and moaned. I let my tongue explore all of her pussy, plunging deep as she squirmed. She had that little patch of pubic hair which I licked. I told her that ‘cum’ would come out the little hole in the end of my dick when it got rubbed just right. She started jacking me slow at first. I would tell her ‘a little faster now’ and she would jack faster.

I licked her little clit at the same speed as she twitched with each lick. I could hear her breathing increase and feel her breath on my dick. She was moaning more now and put her little lips around my head. I said to leave it there and just suck and jack a little faster. I ran a finger in her little pussy and massaged it, going a little deeper each time. She pushed her pussy to my mouth as she squirmed. I told her, breathlessly: to…..cum now…oh god here it… Cummmm!
She was jacking fast and sucking my head when my cum came splattering out. The first shot filled her little mouth, and she stopped to taste it. The cum then blasted her face and she locked her body up and moaned loud as she climaxed. She started licking the cum and put her mouth back on my still pumping dick. She tasted and swallowed some, then licked it up from all over. She had a pulsating moan as her little pussy tightened up on my tongue.

We both sat up out of breath. She said: “ Oh daddy, your cum looks like cream. It tastes tart, and a little salty, but I love it! That made me feel so good when you licked me I had a special feel good that was out of the world!” She closed her eyes and took her finger and wiped my cum off her face and all around, and licked it over and over.

I said now part two for more feel good time. I laid her down and opened her little legs. I started putting my dick in her, a little at a time. She put her hands on my arms and pulled me to her tight. She winced a little as I put in more of my dick. She moaned steady as we started a rhythm as my dick slipped back and forth in her wet tight pussy. She moaned out “Oh daddy, you make me feel so good! Oh daddy! Yes, Yes…YES!, I felt my balls get ready for our first ever fuck. She squirmed and twisted while she pumped with me. I started pumping her faster. She just moaned, “oh oh oh oh oh Oh Oh OH! , OH DADDY!!!! /> I shot a big load in her pussy as she climaxed. We both moaned something, I don’t remember it all. I felt my hot cum fill her little pussy and leak out the sides with her juices soaking us. She was muttering something, whispering in my ear. Her breathing was like a panting dog. I felt her little pussy squeezing down on my dick as she shook. Her little arms were locked around my neck. Her muttering died off as her pussy still tried to pulsate around my dick.

I couldn’t believe dad was telling me all this. My own dad, tapping my 14 yr old sister. It sure was doing one thing, It was making me hot for my sister. I too saw her getting tits and a nice butt, but I had girlfriends and they kept my mind on them. My mind was racing, if he could fuck her, why not me too. Now I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I had a raging boner over my own sister.

The prom was letting out, and soon Missy came over to dad, kissed him and said: “That was great, dad!, thanks for bringing me.”
Now I looked at her and all had changed. She looked at me, and sat down next to me and whispered in my ear: (“ dad’s been drinking, can you help us get home, he can’t drive like this.”) I said yeah, I’ll drive us home. She hugged me around the neck, kissed me on the cheek and said: “Oh, thank you Sean!” Of course she didn’t know what dad had just told me, and that didn’t help my huge boner to go down.
She was so hot looking, her little tits were not quite filling out her low cut gown. I got a nice view. She smelled so good. I got him in the car in the back seat, as he laid down. She got in the car and scooted over right next to me. She had to have noticed my boner.
/> * Missy thought to herself: Wow, dancing with all those boys, sure made me horny. I could feel several hardons. All I had to do is whisper anything in their ears, and they got hardon’s Looks like dad won’t be in any shape to give me some play time when we get home. Sean ignores me. I wonder if…oooo I see a hardon!. I wonder what he’s thinking about. Wow, it looks bigger than dads. Dad will be out for at least 10 hours..hmmm.. I think I’ll come up with a plan and see what Sean‘s thinking about.
/> I got dad to stand up, and lugged him in the house. Mom was gone for the weekend, so we had to put him in bed. I tried not to look at Missy but I couldn’t stop. I now had that picture of her doing it with dad.
She looked different now to me. I went in my room and laid on my bed, thinking about all dad had told me. Missy came in my room, twirled around and said: “So, how did you like my dress Sean?” Oh god she looked so hot. I patted my bed for her to sit down on it, and scooted over for her.
She didn’t sit, but lay down next to me on her tummy, and smiled big. She said: “I’ll need your help unzipping my dress in the back.” I turned and moved her long hair and slowly unzipped it. I know she saw my boner. She did and whispered: “ Who are you thinking about Sean?” I said: “Why do you want to know?”
“Well, you’ve had a hardon ever since I got out of the dance.”
“Do you think I got it over you?”
on Sean, tell me if you did, please, please, /> I said. She started hitting me on the arm laughing.
“Come on Sean! I want to know.” With her dress unzipped, her front was exposed and there were her little tits. They looked so hot, with nipples budding out. I said: “Come here“, and pulled her to me.
I whispered: “If my hardon is over you, what shall we do about it?” I barely got the words out of my mouth when she kissed me, and pusher little tongue in my mouth. I started feeling her bare back and she started breathing hard. We kissed and felt our body’s all around. “Is this the first time you’ve got a hardon thinking about me?” she asked.
I said: “How do you know I have a hardon?” Her hand immediately went over my pants and felt my hardon, and grinned.
“Maybe I have a sausage in my pocket,” I said. She said: DO have a hardon thinking about me…SAY IT!”
She started un doing my belt, pants and zipper. I felt her warm hand on my dick. She closed her eyes and felt all around and took my dick out, and jacked it slowly. We took each other clothes off, I turned down the light and closed and locked my bedroom door. She was so hot looking, and so taboo, my heart was pounding. She got on top of me and put my dick between her warm legs. She said: “Josh, tell me about the first time I made you hot.”

I couldn’t tell her dad just told me about her and him fucking, so I stretched it out a little. I felt her little body while I talked. Her little butt, and tits too, all so young and smooth.
She rubbed her little pussy on my dick as I talked. I told her I thought she was hot a long time ago, but it’s such a unthinkable thing, I couldn’t let you know. The more I talked, the hotter she got. Then as I talked she started in kissing me, all out of breath as she gasp.
She then moved up and put her little tit in my mouth and started moaning. “Josh, I’ve wanted you forever, I saw you naked a few times and my mind went crazy. I had to hide my thoughts, but I told my friend Jen about wanting you to feel me up, and I wanted to feel your dick.
I figured she would say, ewwwwww, but instead, she ask me for details about seeing you naked.
While she talked I was going crazy wanting to put my dick in her. I rolled her over and felt her little pussy. Just a small patch of pubic hair, and her pussy was really wet.
I scooted down and opened her little legs, and started in licking her slit. She moaned and held my head. “Oh Josh, that feels so good.” she moaned.
She would shiver when I licked her little clit.
She was panting and moaning. I ran my hand up to her tits, and massaged them. She would gasp when I rolled her little nipples in my fingers.
We heard a noise. It was dad. I put my hand over Missy’s mouth, and told her not to make a sound. My heart was really pounding now. He just got up to go to the bathroom, then back to bed.
Whew, that made us really breathe hard now. I kissed her and continued to feel her tits. She was really hot and tried not to moan. She whispered:
“Put it in me Josh, I can’t wait any longer.” I eased my dick in her entrance. She held me tight and wiggled.
She moaned ….oh yes Josh. I put more in, and she wiggled some more. She was panting, and gasping as I started fucking her, each stroke getting deeper. She gripped me tight and worked her little hips with my strokes.
She buried her mouth in my neck and moaned. “Oh god Josh, yes, fuck me Josh.” She was nice and tight, warm and wet. I felt her little legs lock with mine as we pumped together.
I whispered: god, I’m cuming …oh god …ahhhhh. She grabbed my butt cheeks and moaned in my neck. She yes, oh my god Josh, you make it feel so good! Fuck me big brother, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee!”
I could take no more and as my balls pulled tight, I felt a hot load of cum shoot out my dick and into her tight little pussy. She climaxed and moaned louder that we realized. “Josh!, oh Josh, oh god Josh, you make me feel so good….oh my god.”
We lay there both in a daze, I had just felt the best cum I ever had, her tight little pussy still tight around my dick as I kept stroking that feeling. She squirmed, panting out of breath and shook some, as she whispered: “ Josh,…. that was my best climax, ever!!!”

story by: blueheatt

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Author: blueheatt

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