Heaven & hell

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Chapter 1: Heaven

It has long since been known that angels and demons despise each other.. But for these two lovers, neither can agree that that is entirely true.

It started out easily enough with her taking watch at the Purgatory gate and graciously welcoming the new incoming souls.
And then he showed up, taking watch over his own gate. She found it strange though that when he would snap at her for taking "his damn souls" or would growl in annoyance and flash the whites of his teeth that rather than feeling frightened, she was….intrigued, to say the least.

Maybe she was a bit screwed over in the head, and she could've just as easily found someone on her own side- it's not like she had a problem finding one who would gladly start any sort of relationship with her… But something about this demon got her attention. Something about this demon caused her to flirt and slowly bait him closer and closer to her- until there was absolutely nothing but clothing separating them.

Sounds easy enough, don't you think?


He loves the way she feels around him as she slides down; adores the way the muscles of her body ripple when their hips finally connect. And there's no way he can not notice the way her face flushes or how- when he runs his nails over the soft downy of her wings- her muscles slide taunt both externally and internally.

The simplest way to put it is this- he loves her.

Slowly, he sits up, listening to his petite angel groan his name under her soft breath. Her small hands are on his bare chest, trembling as his cool skin merges with her own when she squirms in his lap, letting another soft moan grace his ears.

He's actually surprised she's managed to keep her quiet routine up for this long- though he's not really worried about the noise since they'd locked the door and most everyone else was away or asleep at the moment.

One of his hands trails across her right hip, nails gently scraping against the skin and resulting in those same hips snapping forward in what he assumes is need before his hand continues down to her thigh, gripping the soft, pale skin before pulling her leg closer to bend around his waist. He finds his lips meeting the sharp bony point of her clavicle and nips it rather sharply just as she's adjusting to him again and moving her other leg to hook around him and a soft whimper falls from behind her pale, trembling, parted lips.

He feels her hips begin to move again- slowly, gently moving against him, causing an appreciative growl to be pulled from deep within his chest. And she, of course, trembles out of sheer instinct and whimpers once more.

"L-Lu-" Her powder blue eyes- lust-filled and misty- slit open as his large, normally rough hands weave their way through her shoulder length blonde hair for a moment.

He chides, absentmindedly running his fingers through the remaining strands surrounding his digits before once again trailing his hand down her back.

A rare smile graces his features as his lover nods softly and closes her eyes- her hips slowly picking up speed all the while and her nails digging into his shoulders, trapping bits and strands of his own blonde hair under her thin, surprisingly cold fingers.

Though, her silence only lasted for a moment-

"Ahn~" Her rather loud cry echoes back off of the walls and he smirks devilishly against the left side of pale neck, his fingers still racing over the light, soft structure of her now taunt wings as she shudders and tightens around his length.

"Mm…do you like that, my angel~?" Again, he trails his fingers over her soft downy feathers- this time pulling his head up to rest his forehead against hers, a smirk still playing on his lips.

"O-oh God…" He watches as her blonde eyebrows furrow in frustration, a soft moan escaping her in a quick, hot breath that's mixing with his own. It's only when he's this close can he hear her quickening breaths and quick pants. Of course, that only gives him more to tease her about…

"Ah ah," His own blue eyes are alight with mischief and, now that she's stopped moving at the moment, he rocks his own hips up into her own, "Don't use your lord's name in vain, sweetheart. Or I might just have to take you down with me when I leave…" He murmurs, his smirk widening as his lover lets out another low whimper.

Oh he already knows what she's going to start begging for, and before she can even finish her sentence, he's running one hand up and down her backside to massage and press every little nerve spot he's spent nearly forever figuring out; his other hand is gripping her butt to encourage her to speed up and pick her hips up higher.

Her chest is heaving after only a few minutes of the quickened pace, her hot breaths becoming shallow and rapid and her body tightening and winding up with each thrust. And thus her chanting and warnings began-

Oh- />
"Ssh." He soothed, only to growl lowly as slightly sweaty hands tugged at his blonde locks and nails scrapped his scalp.

She was a single millimeter from falling off the edge, and with the way she was groaning and occasionally throwing her head back, the demon knew she was quickly going to spiral. The blonde bucked up his hips once more, planting his lips against his lover's at that exact moment and swallowing every last, loud noise from the both of them as they spun off the edge.

When his vision finally cleared, his back was against the plush, white suede headboard of his lover's bed and his small lover had her sweat matted hair resting on his left shoulder- her body was still shuddering and, when he finally focused, he noticed she was still convulsing around him.

Then, slowly, hesitantly, the angel lifted her head and brushed her lips along his jawline as Lucian finally managed to drag the crumpled comforter from the floor and over the two of them.

He glanced down at her, splotches of demonic black slowly fading back into his dual blue irises, "What is it, my Rose?" He asked cooly, running a hand through her sweat dampened hair and still delighting in the small shiver she gives off from the cold air.

"I love you…" Again, his lips are brushed over and gently pressed against before she pulls back and nuzzles her face into his chest.

A deep chuckle runs through the air as the blonde demon presses a short, chaste kiss to the top of his love's blonde head. "I love you as well, angel."

story by: XxMorganXx

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female discipline sex story written by women

Author: XxMorganXx

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