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It was back in my college days when I just happened to meet Jo one day by chance on one bright spring day. The girlfriend of my roommate was visiting him one afternoon and she brought along two of her friends with her. They all were still in high school and we were both in our second year and as I was introduced to the trio of girls, Jo caught my eye. She more than just “caught my eye”, my heart stopped beating and my mouth must have dropped open when I saw her. She was the very vision of perfection.

She was absolutely stunning in appearance. She was smallish in stature, about 5’ 2 or 3” and she couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds soaking wet. She had medium length light brown hair that she wore down to her shoulders and she had those deep blue eyes that shown brighter than any sky that I have seen. Her hair framed the most awesome face that one could ever imagine and her body was something the men go to war over. In short, she was the most beautiful creature that I’ve ever seen and if eyes are the window to your sole, like everyone says, then her soul must be exciting and fun because they laughed with her innocence and twinkled with her enthusiasm for life.

She carried herself with the charm of a debutant but she seemed like an old farm girl at heart as she laughed and joked around with the give and take of the conversation like a pro. She smiled at me and flashed those big blue eyes that told me instantly that I had to meet this girl again. So I after they had gone, I asked my roommate for her number and he told me that he would get it for me.

It took him a while but he finally came through for his ol’ buddy and I called her that very evening. She wasn’t there but her mother told me that she would leave a message for me and hung up the call. Shit, I had to wait a little longer to talk to her again. This isn’t as easy as it is in the movies so I waited for the call and waited and waited.

The next evening I got the call that I had been waiting for and I took it with all of my enthusiasm showing in my voice and after a long conversation about nothing, I got up the nerve to ask her out. She said yes and my heart skipped a beat. It was for the next Saturday evening and I was to pick her up at her house and meet her parents. I reluctantly agreed and hung up the phone. I waited for Saturday to get here and I was at her house 15 minutes early.

I walked up to the two story house and rang the door bell and stepped back to await the inevitable. The door opened and there to greet me was an attractive looking woman in her mid forties and with a broad, welcoming smile on her face.

“Charlie? I’m Joanna’s mother Shirley. So nice to meet you. Come on in will you?” she asked opening the screen door to allow me to enter their home.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Mrs. Johnson. What I nice house that you have,” I said, remembering my best manners.

I followed her into the den where I saw Mr. Johnson reading a book and smoking a pipe in his easy chair and when he saw me enter the room, he took another puff on his pipe, finished reading the paragraph that he was in the middle of reading and stood to shake my hand.

“Mr. Johnson,” I said to him, taking his hand in mine. He had a firm grip but it was not too firm. Taking another puff from his pipe, he said through his clenched teeth, “Charlie is it, happy to meet you.”

He indicated for me to sit down in the chair as he sat back down in his easy chair, the smoke billowed out from his devise that he still had in his mouth. He took it out and placed it in an ashtray that was sitting beside his chair and look at me pensively. He was taking his own sweet time and I didn’t know if this was a “Get to know you or a taking out my little girl” warning that I was about to receive. I waited and then he spoke.

“Charlie is for Charles isn’t it?” he asked.

“Yes Sir. My family still calls me Charles but I prefer Charlie,” I said with confidence.

“I like it too. I had a friend in the army called Charlie and he was wild as a March hare,” he said looking directly at me. not like that are you />
“No Sir I’m not. I like to have fun in whatever I do but, but it is always good clean fun,” I honestly told him.

“What activities do you consider he asked as he took up his pipe again.

As he light it up again and puffed it back to life, I answered his question. “I like to dance a lot, go to movies and I like to bowl sometimes. I’m not very good at it but it’s fun anyway. I like to go to concerts, I like to go out and ride my bike in the woods. I enjoy fishing and hiking />
sound like anything my Joanna would like to do,” he said as he interrupted my monologue.

I looked surprised but responded with, “Oh, what does she like to do?”

My question took him by surprise because the smoke started puffy out of his pipe like an old train engine. He thought for a moment and then answered, have to ask her that question. Son, I don’t have to tell you not to mess around with my little girl. I want you to treat her like the lady that she is and have her home by mid-night tonight and every other night that you take her out, do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir I do. I will always honor your wishes. Thank you Sir for allowing me date your daughter and I will always treat her right,” I told him.

He didn’t say a word but nodded his head in a way that told me, “Enough said” and let the matter close.

About that time I heard someone walk into the room so turned my head as my bottom jaw dropped. Jo drifted into the den on a cloud that hovered over the floor. It was as if I saw an actual halo glowing on top of her head her beauty was so bright. I stood up with this big grin on my face to greet her as she shyly towards us.

“Did you get the “Have her home by mid-night” routine,” she teased her Daddy with a big smile on her face.

“He never mentioned it but if that is the time of your curfew then mid-night it will be,” I said for his benefit. I glanced in his direction to see if my little lie met with his approval and from his expression, I think that it did.

He stood up to give his princess a hug good night as he told her, “Have a good time and give me a call if you need to.”

I caught the drift of his parting comment that was meant for me as much as it was for her. As we exited her home and walked to my car, she said, “I’m sorry about that but he’s just a little over protective and sometimes he likes to prove his />
“I would do the same thing if I had a daughter that looked like you do,” I told her.

She smiled and looked down at her hands and then looking directly at my smiling face as she waited for me to open her car door, “Thank you Charlie, that was a very nice thing to say. That makes two marks in your favor,” she said.

“Two? What’s the second one?” I inquired.

“Being a gentleman and holding the door open for me,” she said as she slid in.

I grinned to myself as I walked around the car to get in and drive away. I didn’t have to look back at the house to know that my chivalry was seen by her mother as I recognized that it never hurt to have her on your side if and when I needed it.

We had a remarkable time one our first date. We went out to dinner, well it was more like a shake and hamburger than a actual sit down dinner, followed by a movie. I was the perfect gentleman during and after the show and I offered to take her out for a soda when we got out. She accepted so we could actually have a chance to talk and get to know one another.

We sat in a booth at the local diner for over two hours, just talking, laughing and joking around like two young people should do. I looked at my watch and saw that it was just about time to head back to her house. As I pulled up in front of the two story structure and walked her up to the front porch, under the light that her parents had left on to guard against any intruders or anybody else who may stop by their front porch, I took her hand and said to her softly, “I had a wonderful time tonight. I would like to do it again real soon if you don’t mind. How about next Saturday? Maybe we can go to a concert or something,” I told her.

A big smile came over her like a wave of fresh air as she agreed whole heartedly by saying, “I would love to. A concert sounds great. Who’s playing anyway?”

“I don’t know but I’m sure we can think of other things to do if it turns out that they aren’t very good,” I said.

She blushed at my comment and then said to me, “Yeah, we can think of something to do.”

I told her good night and retreated to my car once again. I waited for her to turn off the porch light and then started my car and drove back to my apartment. My mind kept going back to her last comment and I wondered if she meant anything by it. “Yeah, we can think of something” seemed awful suggestive but I dismissed it out of my mind.

That was the start of a two year relationship that blossomed that summer into a glorious love affair. We had dated throughout the spring months as I became a real fixture around the Johnson household. Jo’s older brother had gotten married just before I met her so she was the only one left in the Johnson’s house, except me and I became a substitute older brother, especially to Mr. Johnson. When I went over to their house, he always had me out in the garage sharing my somewhat limited mechanical skills with him or in his den discussing the latest political happenings. I was beginning to wonder just who I was dating.

I had kissed her on the second date in the car before we ventured into the glare of the front porch. She must have voiced her objection to the porch light because it was always off after that night when we arrived at her house. And on the third date, we made out in the park on a park bench and things got kind of heated. But it wasn’t until much later in the summer, in fact it was in late August before things really heated up.

We had planned to attend a concert on campus that summer evening. I had decided to take some courses so I maintained our apartment lease all by myself. My room mate took the summer off so I had the entire place to myself. When we arrived at the concert, we discovered that neither of us was that enthused about seeing this particular band so we went out for a coke and then back to my apartment to watch some TV.

When we entered my place, I walked over and threw my car keys down on the table and when I turned around, Jo was standing right behind me, looking up at me with those beautiful deep blue eyes. I looked down at her and felt all of the love in the world for her just then and I bend down, took her into my arms and gave her a warm, passionate kiss.

When my lips met hers, the lights started to flash in my brain as she parted her lips and kissed me back with passion. I instantly realized that now was the time and here was the place so I looked down into her eyes ad raised my hands up to the front of her dress.

She had on a front button dress that buttoned all the way down all the way down the front and the look in her eyes told me that she wanted those buttons opened. Without taking my eyes off of hers, my hands went up to the top and unbuttoned them, one at a time until the dress hung loosely at her sides. Her eyes ever left mine and mine never left hers as I slid both hands under the dress and removed it over her shoulders.

Still our eyes were locked on each others as I placed my hands on her shoulders and slowly slid her shoulder straps of her bra off of them and allowed them to fall down to her elbows. Her perky breasts were so firm that they held up both cups and they rested her bra on top of her mounds. She continued to stare up into my eyes but I could not continue without seeing those two wonderful globes.

I looked down at them withstanding the weight of the world as I placed my finger under one of the cups and gentle ran the back of it on her soft little breast, she closed her eyes with my touch and let out a slight little gasp from her mouth. I place both hand on her shoulders and squeezed them together, trying to free her bra from its grip around her breast line but it still remained upright and in its place. The last resort was to reach around her shivering body and unfasten the thing and with expert dexterity, it fell free down to the floor. She look at me straight in my eyes as her breasts became freely visible but when my gaze went down to take in the sight, she closed her eyes tightly as I moved down to them with my mouth.

Some people describe breast as being the certain size or shape or they assign a certain letter to the breast in question. But when I saw what Jo had under her bra, the only thing that I could think of to describe them was They were white as snow and soft as a velvet glove. They were firm and round yet pliable to my touch. Her areoles were small and pinkish but shriveled up and hard went stimulated. Her nipples were tiny little pebbles sitting atop for the world to see and when I saw them, I knew that I was in heaven.

I leaned in with my tongue and at the first touch of it onto her nipple she gasped out the fulfillment of her anticipation as she tilted her head back and stuck out her chest. I flicked my tongue upon the other one and her reaction was the same. I bit down gently on just the tiny little pebble as she started to moan and squirm her beautiful little body under my stimulation. As I slowly went down to my knees and brought her forward into my body with my hands, she opened her eyes again and walked into my oral assault on her breasts.

I had a snaring look on my face as I bared my teeth and took in a breath and then opened my mouth out wide and consumed her entire breast into it. I sucked it into my mouth like I would suck on an orange, trying to take in all of the juice without losing a single drop. At that very moment, my hands went down to the back of her panties and grabbed on to her lusciously firm little butt. I took hold of both of her cheeks and squeezed and kneaded them with all of the power of my hands. Massaging and pulling them apart, I ripped at her back side as the air took its first look at where to sun doesn’t shine.

She was breathing rapidly now as she panted her acceptance of my hands and mouth but as I placed them at the leg holes of her panties and inserted them under the fabric she stiffened her muscles in reaction and cried out in an audible expression of lust.

“Oh Charlie please be…oh Charlie I…I love what you are doing to me,” she cried out to the ceiling as her head was still back and her eyes were still closed.

I felt for the first time the warmth, the firmness and eventually the moisture coming from within her panties. She had tightened up her glutes and had separated her knees just a little as I kept hand massage directed at her major muscles but as I slowly withdrew them and slid them around to brush up against her inner thighs, she slammed her knees together as quickly as she drew in a big breath of air.

Now she was trembling throughout her entire body as her arched her back away from my touch but slowly let it back to its normal bow. Her breath was ragged and her facial muscles were all drawn up. I though she still looked beautiful as the lines crossed all over her face as my finger made its way up to where her legs meet one another. With the lightless touch that I could muster, I pressed my finger in between her legs and it was met with the wetness that told me that she was excited as I was.

She groaned out loud as she reached and grabbed me under each arm to pull me up to my feet. She opened her eyes and I saw a girl who knew what she wanted and that was to rid myself of my clothing as fast as possible. Taking off my pullover shirt and jettisoning my walking shorts, I was standing there in just my boxers as she single handedly stripped me down to my underwear. The look in her eyes told me that she wanted it out and in her hand so I hooked my shorts with my thumbs and took them down with one pull. She instantly cradled my stiff cock with both hands as her eyes met mine and then she went down to her knees.

“Oh Sweety no,” I insisted bring her back up to her feet. “I can’t right now. I’m too turned on and I want it to be perfect. Thank you for thinking of doing it to me, but not now, not this time okay?”

She relented but as I looked into her eyes and saw the crazed look that was in there, I decided that time was short and to speed up my action. I slid my full palm down and cupped her full crotch as she moaned, threw back her head and opened her legs to receive it. Probing in between her legs with my stiff finger, I drug it up through her little slit to the top where I pressed into her little button that caused her to cry out with appreciation.

“Oh my God Charlie! Oh yes, right there. Oh it feels so good when you touch me right there. Oh Charlie yes,” she cooed.

Her knees started to give way so I gently aided her in lying down on the bed with her two legs hanging over the side. Her feet were still touching the floor but were wide apart to enjoy my probing hand. But as I placed my hand on the waistband of her panties and started inserting it down the front, she threw back her chin, arched her back and spread her legs out as wide as she could.

Feeling her curly little patch and her wet wanting crotch made my groin start to ache and my cock start to twitch with excitement. I knew that my time was limited so I pressed on to see where it would go. I knew that I wanted it and I was sure that she did too, but no one ever knows for sure when it comes right down to making that decision. But it was a long ways off yet so I let myself slide down to rest on my knees between her legs and placing my hands on her rear end and took the waistband of her panties down over her little butt.

She lifted her hips off of the bed by rolling up in a ball on her back. Pulling her panties over her rear end, the first thing that I saw was her tightly pressed together puffy lips with just a hint of pubic hair covering them. I smelled her essence as I detected a spot of moisture forming amongst her lips but as I took her underwear up and over her knees and removed them from her legs, she once again lowered her butt back down to the bed and dropped her feet to the floor. I saw her entire crotch for the first time in all of its glory and my heart skipped a beat with excitement.

Her creamy white abdomen gave way to her equally wide pubis that, in turn, gave way to her lightly covered labia lips. I could see the groove in between the two that held her hidden treasures from the whole world. But I was about to discover them all to myself so as I spread her legs out wide and moved my body in between her lily white thighs, I ran my touch up to spread her delicate pedals and to see for myself her Holy Grail of experiences.

Her breath was being held deep within her lungs as I peered into the darkness of her slit. The wet, pinkish little canal gave way to an inverted little hood that I knew from experience was only one of her many treasures that I would explore, but would I do it tonight? I would save something for another event but I had just one other treasure to uncover and it was the opening of her soul that I found right down near the bottom of the slit.

It looked all pink and tight as it jerked open and closed in an effort to seek what it was craving so I leaned down with my tongue and tasted her nectar that was oozing out of her to see if it was as sweet as her smell.
She reacted to my oral touch by jerking her hips away from my tongue but after maintained the contact and intensified my desires, she accepted it stimulating powers and arched her back in acceptance.

I dug my tongue deeply into her opening and pulled out a fresh batch of her gooey juices that I so wanted to taste and finding it to my liking, I dove back in for some more. She was going mad with desire with her hands pulling on the back of my head. But when I shifted my assault up to her clitoris, it was more than she could take and she flooded my mouth with those same delicious juices that I so wanted to taste.

Her hips were jerking and her vaginal canal was convulsing as she pulled my face deep into her young snatch. She started this low growl that turned into a loud scream that I thought would surely alert all of my neighbors of an assault in progress. But hearing no sirens blaring from the local police, I enjoyed her orgasm almost as much as she did.

But her pressure on the back of my head turned into pulling me on top of her and as I looked into those beautiful blue eyes, all saw was pure, uninhibited lust. I threw her legs up and over the side of the bed and crawled in between them. She clawed at my back like a cat trying to get at a rat and I knew, in this instant, exactly what and where the rat was. She took hold of my engorged cock and drew it closer to her now drenched vagina and slowly yet firmly guided it in between her stretched out lips to pry apart the opening that she sorely wanted filled.

It slid into her like a knife into butter for the first couple of inches and then it became much tighter. So tight in fact that when I looked down into her face, I saw the strain in her closed eyes and the wrinkles on her face as she cried out in silence and I pressed on between her tight walls. Feel the pressure of her cunt pressing against my cock made it impossible to proceed without blowing my wad. I tried my hardest and did every trick to sustain it that I knew, but in the end, nature took its course and I shot my first rope deep into her womb and the results were that I further lubricated her canal and it slid in and out with the greatest of ease.

I kept on shooting my essence into her pussy and the more I shot, the easier it was to slide it in and out. She was straining to release all of her emotions and just as I gave it one last drive with my hips and my cock probed deep into her womb, it set off a chain reaction that culminated in a giant orgasmic release for my daring lover. She tried to hold it back orally but the pleasure seemed too much as she let out a cry of submission that would shake the windows from their casings in the wall. Every muscle cried out with tightness and her breathing had stopped all together. The delirious feeling finally escaped out of her and in its aftermath, it left a shacking, convulsing mass of nerve endings trying hard to catch on fire.

I had never been part in such a massive orgasm in my life. She jerked and twitched herself into a frenzy as she experience wave after wave of emotions release from her body. Her breathing became worrisome as she gasps for every breath. Her lips were curled and her teeth were bared as she looked deep into my eyes, trying to find herself in this insanity. She could feel my cock still buried deep inside of her and she knew that it hadn’t softened as normal but already to duplicate the last performance, so as she continued to look longingly into my eyes and bare her teeth and her soul to my lust, I started to move my hips slowly in and out of her vagina and she slowly closed her eyes to participate in our love once again.

We made love many times that evening, turned night time. In fact, I had to drive like a madman to just get her home right at the stroke of her curfew. On the way home I felt like I had died and gone to heaven as I awaited our next date and to see if we could find the time and the place to enjoy each other like we did that night.

We did make love a lot during the next year that we dated. After one particular explosive session, I was lost in my emotions and asked her to marry me. I was only partway serious but her answer did nothing to make our relationship grow any further. In fact, our relationship began its decline from that night forward. She told me that although she loved me, marriage at her age just didn’t make any sense. I told her that I knew that she was young and I didn’t mean that we would get married tomorrow but I thought that I needed a commitment. Her entire attitude changed from that moment on. I knew that I had blown it with Jo and that no matter what I said or how many times I apologized, it was never the same between us.

So when I went over to pay her an unannounced visit and saw her walk hand in hand with another man up to her house, I knew that it had ended, forever. She saw me drive by and as she did, she simply waved her free hand and I knew it was a wave of good bye.

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