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So hey, my name is Kim as said above if you read the little thingy above! Lol 😛 I am the youngest of three, little about me physically. I am 5’3 108 pounds currently(from this morning!). Breast wise I am actually pretty big for my small size, rocking a I like to think sweet pair of 36 C cup size. I have green eyes and naturally blond hair but I keep it dyed black cuz green+black is sweet!  So let’s begin!

The journey of how me and my mom began, started at the age of 14. I was dating this guy that my parents said were too old for me. Anyways, really to me everything started the day my mom came into my room raging at me. She was furious about his age, that I didn't tell her, and how she found out. (he is the son of one of her employees), woops? 😛

Anyways, we got into it really badly, we argued really intensely back and forth, till finally I told her I was not a child I am a teenager but I’m 14 not 4, and he is only 18 not 50. I told her to fuck off. After that she just gave me this beyond furious look and just slapped the wall and told me I was an ungrateful little brat and left my room.

I was pissed so I got on my computer to blast some music and relax. But about 15 minutes later. She came back *sigh*. So I heard the door close and I just I got up and saw her and just sighed, cuz I was like O COME ON. Round 2 begins is what I remember thinking. So my mom just stood there and closed the door, and then locked it. I remember her even pulling to make sure she locked it. I remember so well cuz I rolled my eyes thinking….how dramatic what are you gonna do, spank me?(didn't say it but was thinking it).
So my mom started to walk towards me though, and she had this really odd face that I just never seen before, she looked nervous and…I don't know just utterly thrown off I guess, she was even shaking a little and almost in tears. I honestly was like…mom? are you okay. Because the way she looked I swear I thought she was gonna tell me my dad was in a car accident or something.

Instead she just came up to me…and started feeling my arm too shoulder and then my chest. But I didn't think anything of it, like she wasn't feeling up my breast or anything, she was simply like rubbing her hand over my heart as if she had to tell me something horrible. Anyways I started to panic and I was like MOM plz say something! And she just squinted and started to cry a little. And I just…I mean my mom is cold and calculated, she is strong and never nervous, so I was really like…JUST TELL ME WHATS WRONG. So I just went to hug her but when I went in for the hug she responded by leaning in and kissing me.
Ya…so that happened and too be honest, I didn't even react at first. I just let her kiss me my mouth a little open. I remembering feeling even her lips shivering. It was just insane. So many thoughts running through my head. I was only a kid. So you might find this funny, but a part of me didn't stop her because I simply didn't want to be rude haha.

I just looked at her, but her eyes were close and I just I didn't know how to react. So I found myself starting to kiss her back, until I felt her hand go on my waist. Her touch just was a shock back to reality and I just broke the kiss and shoved her off me and was like. WTF WAS THAT?! She started to clearly panic and tried to apologize, but I was like what is wrong with you? YOU KISSED ME WTF And I was just crazy, full blown crazy. I told her to get the fuck out, threaten to call dad and the police… It was quite crazy moment for me, but in my defense it all happened so fast.

Now I understand I didn’t handle all this well, but you got to understand something. My mom is the over protective type who, always tells me if anyone ever touched me or hurt me she would find them and kill them. She raised me to tell people if I was ever sexually abused or anything she use to say even if it was her call the cops or tell someone ect ect.So ya…this was just too much? I didn't know how to react, I panicked and then, then well…it happened *Sigh* I threw a cd case at her. And it hit her right on the head and I just told her to get out and I started pushing her and she just left *sigh* Soooo anyways I just I couldn't breathe and I didn't want to be around her, I just I went for a run(on track love to run) but all that ended up happening was I over thought everything. So I decided to go to my dad’s and stay there.

My parents have been separated since I was 2 years old. Although they are great parents….more or less 😛 They even both live only a few blocks away, so that way we never had to pick. They never have had custody agreements or anything, we sort of just would fall where we please, all 3 of us got our own rooms at both places. So it wasn't too odd to my dad that I stood with him for a week+ He just assumed me and my mom got in a fight(we did often) and that I was avoiding her as usual.

The week was horrible for me 🙁 I was torn between so many thoughts. It was hell. I thought to myself if my mother was a pedophile, which I guess technically was, but then other horrible thoughts started to seep in. Like did she …dare touch one of my brothers? and they were hiding it. How could I even begin to ask one of them? Cuz if not they will know about her and ya… I just was scared like how long has she liked me? How long has she wanted me and it made me feel ….disgusting and made my skin stand on edge. I was torn between like there was two moms in my head, the hardass mom who just wants the best for us and pushes us a little too hard, and this other one(at the time) I thought a monster 🙁
Anyways finally I just, I had enough and I emailed her(didn't have courage to talk) I had been dodging her calls ect ect. I told her I needed to talk and that I'd speak to her that night. Instead my nerves got the best of me and I went to a party 😛 I was 14 but kinda cute in the older looking sorta way hehe, so my boy friend got me to go to a party with him where I got drunk for the first time -_-

Anyways fast forwarding a little, me and my boy friend where in his car now and he was getting very handsy. And I stopped him and just started to tear up freaking out and sadly he was actually cool about it, and honestly if we were in his bedroom, this story would of gone very differently 😛 I simply am not the car type of girl and my first time wasn't gonna be in a car ya know?

But sadly he was cool about it, I say sadly because I FREAKED anyways haha poor guy, he just said it's cool and he asked if I wanted to go home cuz I was crying and he had no idea why, he thought he did something wrong. I got out of his car and he told me to get back in NOW like he yelled but he was just being protective, he didn't want me walking home drunk.
I ended up calling my mom drunk and told her to come get me…and she was like…are you drunk? and she freaked asking where I was and I got annoyed and pissed and told her to come fucking pick me up or I'd tell(she immediately knew what I meant).

Then I tossed the phone to my boy friend at the time and haha again poor guy had to have the awkward conversation with my mom telling her where I was, and she, I found out later asked him to please watch over me till she got there. Poor guy I called him so many names, trying to get him to leave me alone but he just kept following me down the block and he even grabbed me, wouldn't let me cross the street or leave the block 😛

Anyways my mom came and got me finally. And she just tried to lecture me about what the hell am I doing. and I just FREAKED again I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS IS ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT. And she just apologized and I was like I don't want your damn apologizes I want you nto to be fucking sick in the head I want a normal none fucking perv of a mother. Anyways more or less I yelled and she took it till I went to sleep.

Sorry if this is a little dragged out, but trust me this is all very important 😛

The next few months I was a literal class A bitch. was being a jerk to everyone and abusing the knowledge I had to my advantage. I used it as an excuse to be a jerk. I would call my mom names and I sorta blackmailed her into being my bitch 🙁 I am not proud of how I acted but it is what it is.

It wasn't bad 24/7 sometimes if I was getting ready to go out with friends, I'd simply ask her how I looked and made little jokes like “Bet I’m good enough for you huh?” Stuff like that wasn't even being mean my tone was light and we both would laugh and she would call me an idiot 😛 But if I did something wrong, I knew there would be no punishment cuz I'd tell her and ya… 🙁 I abused her, not physically and not really mentally but verbally and I had no respect for her anymore or myself 🙁

I had started to slowly alienate my friends(though I didn't or care now cuz I kept the very close ones) 😛 Anyways back to my boy friend. I had treated him like shit and well….here is where everything changed…
It was just one of those bad situations, annd I had felt bad how I was treating him so I figured…haha I really do care about him he has been really good to me, and I wanted him to make a move, but at same time had been making it impossible for him to make a move -_- So I figured I'd ….haha have sex with him 😛 Let him be my first(ya had huge ego) and everything would be well! Right?

So I got ready and wore my best tight jeans, and my favorite t-shirt, perhaps not my most slutty t-shirt but it was the shirt I felt best in ya know? Not most comfy more like, most use to it? Like I felt just myself and thought I looked good in. Well I started walking over to him… And something I didn't see coming happened…I called him, you know to let him know I was coming He broke up with me 🙁 His lost 😛 but truly I understand it, I hold no anger towards him, I 100% deserved it.

I was very hurt at the time though, and I HATED HIS GUTS of course at the time. Now I look back and think, wow how did he put up with me for so long! but in the moment I was in tears thinking he was the biggest jerk a live and I even felt…small 🙁 Like I had this huge HUGE deal in my head of what was gonna happen that day, and instead I was dumped. I was devastated.

So I stormed home and, well tbh I was horny and frustrated and heartbroken. I mean I was kinda wet already and just excited, nervous of course but very excited about the idea of having sex, my breast were stirring with all sorts of emotions 😛

So I got home in tears and my mom saw me crying and asked what was wrong, I of course responded with a sharp ”Leave me alone!” She begged me to talk to her. But I really just wanted to go to my room. But I was kinda still horny and I craved someone to touch me. I was 14 😛 and ya…haha so I just looked at her and told her Ruben dumped me. And she said she was so sorry and I was like ARE YOU? ARE YOU? You hated me being with him then I just went on full attack mode and I was like tell me, did you really hate his age? Or where you just against anyone being with me? cuz you want me for your fucking self!

And she just tried to be calm and told me that isn't it she just wants me to be happy and I just yelled at her calling her a bitch saying this was all her fault…Then she finally broke and just said “YES YES everything is my fault!? I kissed you and now everything you do in life is my fault right?!” Then she started to give it to me she was like “Gaby I LOVE YOU more thqn anything else in the world, I fucked up okay? I am sorry I am a horrible mother but I am trying, I have given you everything, I work hard for you, for your brothers, do you realize how bad so many people have it? She even went on to say, I should be god damn grateful for my life.

And I just was like “Yes yes I should be, no, your right, my mother coming onto me I should just shrug off.” Then finally how I truly felt just came out… I was like…mom you have no idea, you think it's just a kiss? ( I wasn't even crying or screaming as I said it just weakly whispering it) I was like…it wasn't just a kiss, it ruined everything. When I am around you when I see you looking at me I feel your eyes on me 🙁 It's horrible I feel disgusted I feel like I somehow made you feel this way its maddening you have no idea how much that kiss made me hate myself.

I told her the truth how sometimes when I am touching myself I am thinking of Ruben but sometimes not often, probably less than a handful of times she has came into my mind and I just stopped. I would literally end up crying thinking o god am I turning into you(I said to her). I told her that I am frustrated and mad and don't want to be but I am and it just is too much and I love dad but you’re the one I always come to when something really big and bad happens it's always been you, but now I lost that, you took that away from me and then I yelled and saying I HATE YOU FOR THAT I FUCKING HATE YOU. You took my mom away from me with that kiss and I HATE YOU, I am not being dramatic I am just so mad at you and I love you and I always will but I hate you…

She took a step forward and I backed up and she was in tears shaking, she stuttered the words “I’m sorry.” She took another step forward asking if she could please just be my mother, if she could please just hold me. I just nodded and she went forward to hold me but I grabbed her arms and lowered them and I just kissed her…

I kissed her and it wasn't a romantic kiss probably, my mouth was closed shut as if I was pecking her but my lips were pushed hard against hers then I broke the kiss. and she just…was shaking her head no 🙁 saying she ruined her perfect child and started to apologize again 🙁 I just, I told her I needed her and I…just took my shirt off…and she just looked at me and yelled at me “NO, please stop!” And I just told her I needed her that I wanted her to touch me, to show me what she wanted so badly! I then proceeded to take my bra off, and then considering tight jeans) slipped my pants down, stepping out of them with a feeling of authority.

My mother just began to cry some more, telling me this isn’t what she wanted. That she was wrong and she is gonna get help and she is gonna be a better mother. Then I just….heh I was standing there in just my panties and I was getting a little annoyed and hurt like I just had imagined if she ever got to see me like this she would be all over me, and I was just dumped hours ago so I just my self esteem wasn't exactly high.

So I just raged and said "THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU DAMN IT, YOU STARTED THIS, This is about me and what I want…what I need, you can't be my mother anymore, not the way you want, you killed that. Give me this, give me what I need, give me what you fucking wanted just moments ago."

She just stood silently frozen for a moment before she said this is wrong, she was mistaken to do this and she handed me my shirt, and I just I cried and…I am not sure if I meant it or was just being dramatic but I asked gently if she thought I was beautiful and she just….said of course. Then I asked if she still wanted me…and she said she doesn't want to hurt me and I asked if she still wanted me again..And she just said always. and I asked her why. She told me she loved who I was but I’m her daughter and more importantly she is my mother and she said she was hurting me. But I just like I said I am not sure if I meant this or was being dramatic, but I said I wanted to die…that I needed her now not as my mother, I needed someone to make me feel special, I needed someone to make me feel important.

And then she was silent and I just there was just a long pause maybe a whole minute with nothing said. and I just dropped my shirt(I was covering myself with it) And I just asked her again, please…Finally she just, like her whole body dropped in defeat, not sure how else to describe it, her shoulders, her face, her fingers went dead and her body just dropped in defeat.

She then nodded, no words said, simply nodded as she walked to me and, I remember my breath literally just…I couldn't breathe, I always thought people were being dramatic when they said their breath was taken away, but I get it, my stomach just sucked it's self in and my breast out and, and my head was shaking, my body only shaking from how much my head was. And she came to me and kissed me again, this time I closed my eyes, kissing her back, our first real kiss. Her hand felt my body from my waist up to my breast that she cupped in her hand and I just was trying not to cry and just make myself say this is what I wanted, needed.

After she we kissed for a little she broke the kiss, making sure I was alright. I just nodded and then she smiled, almost a motherly smile, you know like when you get all As on your report card kind of smile haha. Well I just gave her a like faint smirk back and she grabbed my hand and as if she read my mind she lead me to her the hallway, and she asked me if I'd feel more comfortable in my room or hers…haha it was beyond bizarre, as if we were talking about like I dunno, where to do my homework. I told her, her room(I didn't tell her why but her room seemed just more adulty) haha…I still had pink on my walls in my room for god sakes.

Anyways 😛 we went to her room. and I am not sure why but when we got…to her room I became intensely aware of how naked I was hahaha. I remember just how fast I became very nervous and covered my breast with my arms, and she just looked at me sharply and smiled, I was worried she was gonna ask if I wasn't ready for this or not up for it. I was very wrong 😛
She turned to me and grabbed my arms gently and lowered her head and took my right breast into her mouth -_- …. : It felt incredible and I just felt wrong? But in a good way I guess… naughty? hehe so with trembling hands, I just stroked my mom's hair while she sucked and nibble on my nipple, her hand sliding up my body and cupping my other breast, massaging it. Haha i found out that day, my mom really likes breast 😛

She did that for awhile actually and my legs where becoming weak and then just…my mind went crazy she stopped and kissed me again, and it was a quick kiss, because as she kissed me her hands slid to my butt, grabbing my cheeks and massaging them, spreading them…and then gently but quickly, sliding to my waist, her fingers finding them quickly around the edges of my panties and she broke the kiss, seductively, falling to her knees, taking my panties down with her, her eyes never not looking up at me as I watched her…

She hehe, touched the back of my legs signaling me to step out of them, and then she gave me a kiss um kiss over my thin hair, erm over my pussy and leaped up, excited like a kid that just got her dream gift haha, and she with a huge smile gave me a quick peck, and I remember thinking for just the briefest of moments…I love her smile like that. I never EVER seen her smile like that, and that smile gave me what I needed more than anything, just a face, a smile that only I could bring out in her, I felt but that thought only could last for a second cuz my mom grabbed me and literally tossed me on the bed, which actually made me yelp and laugh 😛

Well like a virgin idiot, I just laid on the bed smiling at her, legs held tightly shut as she just stood at the edge of the bed smiling looking down at me. And she just winked at me and started to….strip for me and haha this is gonna sound dumb but it never occurred to me she might strip her clothing too haha.
So I just watched, nervous to the point that I was childishly trying to make myself sink further into the bed haha. As if that would somehow hide my fear. But she just, took her pants off first, and then her shirt, slowly. she then winked at me again as she reached back and unstrapped her bra, letting it fall just a little. She then gripped the bra from the front, and said she loved me, biting her lip, making me gulp hard as she lowered her bra and revealed her freakin amazing pair 😛 And then, she leaned forward, letting them hang as she stuck her butt out away from me, her thumbs I remember going into the waist, and phone went off haha.

She quickly jumped up like as if she forgot we weren't the only people in the world 😛 She just laughed and I didn't really laugh more like fake laughed…and took that moment to breath, and she just looked back and picked her phone up off the counter and without looking even at who it was(which made me smile) she just picked it up and popped out the back and took the battery out 😛 Then turned back and raised her brows up and down like, let’s get back to business haha, and I just again faintly smirked in response.
She was now at the edge of the bed again, took the same pose as before, and slipped her panties off, slipping them off her foot as she lifted it up and tossing her black panties to me… They landed on my chest and I just felt tingly, and hot and I just, my hand barely able to control, I grabbed em and I looked at her and I don't know just, they kinda smelled nice not like, perfume nice like, her…and I just sniffed em and found myself biting my lip as I did so. She just smiled and started to crawl on the bed.

All I know is I don't remember anything in my life as I remember that EXACT moment, I remember everything, the weight of the bed changing as my mother climbed onto it. Her hands grazing my thigh and then my stomach then my breast feeling the heat of her body over me, as she climbed over me, my feet curling in from nervousness and I felt her lower her body gently onto me, her hand reaching down and gently pushing my thigh to open my leg…haha her right leg nudging its way between mine and her left hanging over mine, the heat of her pussy over my leg.

It was just very intense, and she just began to kiss me everywhere. My lips, my cheeks, though she started with a light kiss to my forehead 🙂 hehe but she made her way to my neck, my breast Her hands were all over the place, her hand even went as far to caress my face and stick her finger in my mouth…I didn't suck or anything, I sorta just was enjoying the feeling, to lost in what was happening but her finger, hooked it's self on my teeth and just…felt back and forth, she then stuck another finger in, they worked together. Her thumb massaging my lower lip while she while she cupped my breast with her other hand, her teeth now biting gently the nipple of the other.

I was so wet, and so turned on, I know most say that, but the truth is I just she was teasing me so much, making sure every body part of me was attending to except the part of me I REALLY wanted touched now haha. Finally, she just removed her hand from my mouth nad sat up. My legs now very wide as she sat on her legs, between mine, she smiled and called me beautiful, told me she loved me, and that I was doing well in her motherly voice, as her hands went up and down my leg, from my knee to my sides of my butt, only her nails gently touching my skin making me shiver.

Talking to me as she did so, asking me Do you like how your mom looks like this? Between your legs naked for you baby girl" And I just I didn't even respond, I just…It was so wrong but kinda cool? Amazing even, she just kept on going up and down saying things like "I love your body sweetie, I love how you tremble to your mother's touch". After making me feel, crazy and small(not entirely in a bad way) She looked at me sharply and stopped her touching, placing her hands on my body, over my pussy. She leaned in and looked at me, and told me word for word "Tell me what you need, tell me what you need me to do for you my love."

I just, my face didn't tighten or nothing it was like a quick shot that tears just shot out from my face, it almost felt as if the tears had fallen on me instead of coming from me. Her face immediately got serious, heh even in that situation, she still is protective 🙂 Her hand went to my face and with her thumb she wiped one of the tears away, and was about to say something, but I cut her off, saying I needed her to make love to me. I then said "Please make love to me mom, for me."

She just quickly jerked back her hands now resting on her lap, and she just closed her eyes and nodded, saying "Nothing would make me happier.” She then slowly slid off the bed, licking her lips until she was off the bed. Though once she was off the bed she began to now slide her body back onto the bed, grabbed my ankles and putting my feet on her shoulder. So as she slid more and more back onto the bed, my legs were going over her back…as her head approached my pussy.

Finally, she wrapped her arms around my thighs, and her eye contact finally broke as well. No longer she looked at me and I felt so SO embarrassed as her full attention was on my pussy. She just looked at it, and as her face lowered, I was unable to see her facial expression, making me go insane and almost wanting to push her face away it was almost too much. But then a quick lick from bottom of my lips to my clit, caused me my body to go crazy, my body wiggled back and forth as my hands immediately, shot to my head, hitting myself almost enough to hurt a little.

She raised her head a little and laughed at me, and asked if she was the first to ever do that to me.. I just nodded quickly and she just actually got tears in her eyes, and said "Good" Then she lowered her head, and proceeded to lick and stab into me with her tongue, for only five minutes, maybe less seeing as I was on the edge this whole time and then just my entire body tightened and I just I screamed. I literally just screamed in bliss and the only thing touching the bed was my head as I dug my feet hard into my mother’s back, her arms helping me up as they tighten around my thighs, her face followed my rising body, as she felt me cum she didn't slurp me up anymore, instead she bit gently but a little hard on my clit nibbling on it, making the orgasm last even longer and making it far more intense…

When I finally fell to the bed, I just was gasping for air, my hands were all over my face I was in disbelief in how great that felt. I was just like haha feeling my own body…making sure I was a live 😛

My mom then, just smiled and did the DUMBEST THING EVER, still makes me giggle till today, she just patted me above my pussy on my hair and went "Great job!" I just began to laugh a little like still gasping for air but laughing and I just went "um…thank you? I didn't really do much" And she was like "Dunno seems like you did a lot to me" And she winked me as she swiped her finger over down and up my pussy making my entire body jerk, my legs closed as much as her body allowed. She then sucked my juices off her finger, and I guess she could just tell by looking at me, but she go off the bed and went to the closet, grabbing the extra blanket, and got on the bed, the side of me, rolled me on my side(I helped) Put her arms around my waist, which was nice but crazy cuz I also felt her breast against my back.

It was then I realized she is still my mother, loving and protective, but she is now also my lover 🙂 And she just proceeded to kiss my neck and I told her I loved her, that I truly love her and she isn't a bad mom. I could tell she was holding back tears as she sniffed, saying I am the best thing in her world, and that she loved me too. I then just grabbed her hand and squeezed it and went to sleep with her holding me 🙂

So ya haha that's the story of me and my mom's first time 😛 It all was a very life changing time for me, and it all just lead to me to fall in love with the most amazing woman in my life 😛

story by: Kimzilla

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Author: Kimzilla

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