My story – chapter two

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The Arrival
“Finally. I stated to Jay as the plane left the runway. Taking his hand, I glanced around and not seeing anyone looking, I stuck it between my legs and rubbed it against my crotch. Laughing, Jay kissed my cheek. We then laughed about him needing a translator. Jay not only spoke Spanish, but he also knew several dialects.
Last night after Paul and I had our final, or at least I hoped it was our last boring bout of sex, I went to the bathroom to clean up. Taking a long time, a smile came on my face as the sounds of his soft snoring was heard. I knew from experience that he was out for the night. Continuing to smile, I knew where to go!
Slipping into the guest- room, I could see the smile
on Jays lips as I entered. Returning his warm smile, I slipped off my gown. His eyes widened at the sight of my nudity. His cock, which had been semi -hard when I first walked in, began to grow. Whimpering slightly as I put it in my hand, I sucked it down to the root of my throat. His hands massaged my tits as my head bobbed on his fullness. After letting me taste him for scant moments, he pushed me away and held a finger to his lips.
Getting out of bed, he pulled me to his hard body. Turning me away from him, I was then bent over. Gripping my hips, his cock entered my still warm and hungry cunt. Finding my clitoris, he began rubbing it. I began to moan softly as his rod found the interior of my channel to its liking. With each stroke, my moans began to get louder until Jay cut them off by cupping my mouth. Stopping, Jay eased his cock from my chute. Pulling me to the carpeted floor, he straddled my heaving body. Working up my body, he stuck his sticky cock in my mouth. Tasting the mixture of our lovemaking on him made my cunt twitch with lust. Licking its length on the top and bottom I opened my mouth to accept him. Bobbing my head, I swallowed and let the complete length enter me. His balls were now lying next to my lips and Jay slightly groaned when I gave them a gentle squeeze.
The pressure of my lips brought a stream of honey from him that sprayed my throat.
I had to work fast to keep the heavy effusions from leaking around the corners of my mouth. Holding him until I had sucked the last drop from his shriveling cock, I then pulled it from my mouth and lovingly kissed the head. Pulling me to my feet, he pulled me back against him as his lips and hands roamed over me. Knowing that I needed a release, his hand went between my legs and for the next few minutes he expertly worked on and in my cunt until I exploded. .
This was one of the reasons why I loved Jay. He knew what I needed, when I needed it and how much I needed.
Night soon overtook us as the plane glided effortlessly through the sky. Jay kept dozing and I was reading as the other passengers were settling in. Having to go to the bathroom, I got in line behind a young man of about seventeen. To say he was handsome was a misnomer. To say he was perfect was the correct word. We began talking and his name was Wade Rowan. As luck would have it, he and his grandfather were going to the same town as we were.
He was waiting when I came out of the bathroom and introduced his grandfather. Mr. Rowan was a gentle type, slightly gray headed and in his mid fifties. He was a college professor and he was also going to the Hernandez site. For close to thirty minutes we talked about the site. Jay was almost asleep when I returned to tell him where I was. Going back to where Wade was at, I saw his grandfather nodding. Smiling, Wade stood and guided me to the rear of the plane. There was no one in any of the seats, so we were slightly isolated. Soon, we were laughing and getting along great. When he nervously put his hand on my upper leg, I smiled.
Misinterpreting my actions, he began to remove it. Laying my own hand on top of his, I instead covered and gave it a small squeeze. I let my fingers caress his hand and wrist as we continued talking. His freshness and demeanor was so sweet that when he had said something that was endearing, I did nothing to stop his hand when he pushed it up a few inches higher. His wide and oh so sweet smile, gave me a warm feeling.
“Wade, you are so sweet!” I said sincerely. “I bet you have all the girls after you?”
Giving me a big pearly white smile, he replied “I don’t know about all of them, but there is a couple in our neighborhood that I…get along with.”
“Get along with? What does that mean?” I jokingly quizzed him.
His handsome face slightly colored at my question. over, then… uh, /> “Ohh! I understand. You better be careful! Don’t let their mothers catch you.”
“Their mothers! No, no. It is their husbands I worry about!”
I began laughing and had to cover my mouth. With my other hand, I pulled his hand until it was within an inch or so of my crotch. Finally controlling my laughter, I looked at him again, repeated his statement about husbands, laughed again and then, he suddenly kissed me!
Our lips gently touched at first. Then with pangs of passion, they fused tightly. Briefly our hands fluttered over each other. It was all I could do to stop myself from grabbing him.
Another kiss and his hand pushed itself up under my already short skirt. My breath caught as his young smooth hand continued to rub my inner thigh. Our eyes met, and as I gave a deep breath, I put my hand over his and told him that I needed to go to the lavatory.
“Please; don’t go…I He said in a sad voice as his hand came away. Taking his hand, I returned it to my thigh.
“You don’t want me to tinkle on my self do you?”
My reply made him smile but I could tell that he thought I was issuing an excuse. Looking around to see if we were still alone, I pressed my hand down on his prominent bulge for a good ten seconds and replied,

worry; I want to check this out when I come back.”
I then leaned forward and got the sweetest kiss that I had enjoyed in a longtime.
Standing, I began inching toward the aisle. Just as my body passed in front of his,
I jumped slightly as his hand went up my skirt and roamed freely up and down the insides of my taunt thighs.
His young hands felt so good as they went within millimeters of my warming cunnie. When his fingertips brushed against the moist material of my panty crotch, I whimpered slightly.
“Wade! Ohh! ” I said in a choked voice. “No! Wait! Please! I will be right back and umm, and then you
Another caress on my tender thighs and I was allowed to leave. My crotch was damp with the thought of what was going to happen when I returned. I found it hard to wait for his touch on my torrid skin. Young or not! Who cared? Not me!
A wave of relief came over Wada’s handsome face as I approached him after using the toilette. Smiling down at him, I turned and began side- stepping back to my seat.
YES! His hand came up and touched the outside of my right thigh in a signal for me to stop. My breath caught when without warning as his other hand homed in on the apex of my thighs. Gasping as he rubbed my panty covered cunt back and forth, I ceded to his silent command to open my thighs more. Suddenly both hands went under my skirt and my wisps of panties were stripped down to my feet. Stepping out of them, I again was signaled to open my legs. A gruff grunt told me to be quiet when I started to speak. His thumbs followed the outline of my hair-lined slit. Back and forth, back and forth they went. Hooking his thumbs just inside the tender flesh, he began pulling the lips apart. Stretching my skin to a delicious width, my throat gave out with a low moaning sound. The feeling was outstanding. This was not the first time I had my cunt done like this.
A lesbian picked me up one night and when she had finished, I was well aware of how pain can work with pleasure. However, Wade stopped way before reaching that point as he let me sit down.

Quickly grabbing a blanket from the overhead compartment, Wade spread it over us. Kissing me deeply, he whispered for me to pull my skirt up.
I had just reached the hem when, “Sorry folks, but our radar has picked up some turbulence and we need you to buckle in.!”
It was one of the stews. She was smiling, as it was evident that she knew what was going on. We returned to our seats, and gave each other a smile before sitting down.
The next morning, I was sleepy and stiff as the plane approached our destination. The terminal was packed. Seeing Wade, I waved. He and his grandfather looked tired and haggard. I lost sight of them as we went through customs. We were all staying at the same hotel, so I knew I would see him soon. My cunt twitched as the little shit had promised to give me a fuck to remember. I had no doubts that he could deliver what he said. My mind was alive with the thought of what I hoped was going to happen. For sure Jay would keep me full of his cock, and now Wade, had promised to do the same.
Wow, I thought, another couple of hard cocks, a sweet pussy or two, and this could be a hell-of a vacation!
Being tired we showered and took a nap. Awakening two hours later, I looked over at a nude sleeping Jay. His body was well muscled and he looked so very handsome. His cock even though it was soft, looked impressive as it lay on his leg. The circumcised head was wide and when it was up me, its girth gave me a lot of pleasure. His scrotum was hanging with what looked like golf balls inside. A tremor shook me as I remembered the many times I had licked and sucked them. Starting to reach out and touch him, I stopped and decided to let him sleep instead.
Dressing in a low cut sundress, I omitted any underwear, as the heat was oppressive. The moons of my breast were visible and the tapered waist accented my figure. Quietly closing the door, I went down to the lobby. Spotting the bar, its darkness and coolness beckoned me inside. I ordered a Tequila Sunrise and the liquid was good when it went down.
It was Wade. He was dressed in shorts and a tank top. His body was well muscled and he looked so sweet, and so…!
“You sure look good.” He said as his eyes went to my bosom and then back to me with a smile.
“Me or my boobs?” I chided him
“You look good period. I just wish that I had my hand on those.” He said as he motioned toward my chest.
“I do to. But right now, my brother is probably waking up and is going to come looking for me.”
“Damn! Yeah, my grandfather should be here himself any minute. God! How I wanted to touch you today.”
Just as I was getting ready to suggest that we look for a place, in came Mr. Rowan. We spoke for a few minutes, and then they excused themselves and left.
I also started to go back to my room when I saw Jay. He had just awaked and was looking for me. We went to dinner and then to a couple of nightclubs in town. The music and shows were flashy and well presented. However, jet lag was still with us, so we returned to our hotel room quite early.
Showering again, I crawled in bed and straddled the lean body of my smiling nude brother. Our lips met and feasted on each other. Reaching between my spread thighs, he found and began rubbing my clit. Gasping for breath, I grabbed his hardening cock. Raising myself up, I guided it up my sheath. Jay’s eyes got smoky as he cupped my boobs and slowly screwed his hardness back and forth in me. Our pubic bones ground together and I grunted involuntarily. Slowly we began to strain against each other. His rampant cock was filling me perfectly and after a few minutes, my cunnie started squirting around his pole.
Flipping me over on my back, he bent my legs back until they almost touched my shoulders. Our pubic hair was mating on each forward – stroke as my cunt lips seem to reach out and engulf his fiery rod of steel. His cock was just long enough to almost bottom out against my cervix and the sensation was unbelievable. Jay then began pulling back until just his cock head was inside my wet and sensitive lips. Each time he pulled out of my cunt it made a sucking sound. Jay began to increase his speed as just as he gave a grunt; his cock swelled and dumped a load in me. His discharge was always so much that it leaked out around his pole. As soon as it cock wilted and oozed out of my slimy hole, I cupped myself and went to the bathroom.
Returning, I washed Jay’s cock off with a cool rag and then for the next twenty minutes,
I loved on it with my mouth, tongue and boobs. Pulling me to him, we kissed. His hand went to my boobs and then over the remainder of my body. He kidded me about having to take on some lovers so that I could stay sexy when he went to check on the sites.
“Jay, /> In reality, I secretly wondered what it would be like to have all the hard cocks available at one time. The thought caused me to whimper and taking Jays leg between mine, I humped my warming slit against it.
“Nancy, you are the hottest cunt I have ever seen. I knew that just the thought of an extra cock would be enough to set you off. Take a break, go to sleep. Lord, how I need Arty here!”
With that said, he kissed me and rolled over.
Arty! Gosh! How could I ever forget him I thought as I lay there? Umm! He did know how to stroke you! Oh yes indeed! I remember the time…

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Author: penstroke

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