My wild night with the sexy thick nurse – part 2

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After the intense orgasm Casey had just given me I had to return the favor. There she was standing in front of me in her sexy black bra and panties looking at me in anticipation of my next move with those big beautiful eyes. I leaned in and started kissing her with passion and purpose as my hands slowly slid around her sides and up her back to where the clasps were holding her sexy lace bra closed. I undid the clasps one by one as I moved my kisses from her mouth to her neck, then down her chest and finally as I slid the bra off to first one rock hard nipple and then the next. I purposefully teased, licked, suckled and nibbled on each pert, perky nipple before guiding her thick muscular frame towards the bed. I gently lowered her down to sit and then lie back on the bed as I continued to fondle and tease her ample milky white breasts one by one. As I slowly circled and teased her rigid nipples with my tongue I allowed my hands to move about freely exploring her every curve, slowly, deliberately, causing soft murmurs to erupt from her throat as I teasingly inched up the inside of her thick meaty thighs to her moistening honey pot. I slipped first one finger and then two under the edge of her panties and ever so softly brushed across her damp outer lips. As I did this I heard a heavy sigh and soft murmur of pleasure before she cried out ecstatically PLEASE stop teasing me, my clit needs your touch so bad. To increase the anticipation and thereby later the pleasure I pulled back and started to slowly kiss my way down her belly. I paused to circle her belly button with my tongue, while still caressing and pinching at her nipples with my hands. I continued my soft deliberately slow kisses down her abdomen, across her panty line to her legs and kissed, breathing hard, for dramatic effect, down each leg, around the ankles and back up and across her inner thighs, stopping just short of her panties each time. When I had finished with both legs I slowly pulled her bottom up so I could slide her now soaked panties down and off her legs. She rolled over and around to get better positioned in the center of the bed and I raised myself up to start kissing her full on the mouth again, before once again teasing my way down her body, suckling each nipple, kissing each ankle and then finally gently spreading her legs to see her glistening, neatly trimmed Pussy sitting there waiting to be eaten as it so desperately deserved. I lowered my head down deep between her creamy white thighs and lapped slowly and gently at the hot, sweet juices emanating from her lips before taking a long, hard lick up and through her tight moist lips to find her nice hard clit. I teased and circled it with my tongue as I could feel her legs tighten around my head. Starting off slow I quickly found the rhythm that gave her the most pleasure as I licked, suckled, and gently nibbled on that beautiful thick clit. She rocked her body back and forth in time with my licks and gyrated with my circles as I could start to make out moans of pleasure escaping her throat. I reached up under the cheeks of her soft buttocks and pulled apart her ass cheeks so I could slide first one finger into her saturated, hot slit and then another. I slowly penetrated her love canal with my fingers getting a nice thick layer of lubrication built up in my palm. I then took a finger from the other hand and got it nice and wet with her juices before slowly inserting it in her anus. I heard the moans get louder and felt the increased pressure from her thighs as I continued to eat her hot wet clit and pleasure her with the erotic double penetration of both of my index and middle fingers. Since she was new to all of this I figured I would see how much she was willing to try and slid down a little further on the bed, lifted her legs up over my shoulders and pushed her body up so I could get a nice clear view of her now well lubed anus. I slowly slid my tongue back into her slit to get some more of her hot sweet juices and then lowered it down and circled and teased her hot salty ass before slowly siding my tongue all the way in as deep as I could. I could hear her moaning more intensely and even cry out, OH god yes, FUCK my ass with your tongue Denny, OH Fuck yes, eat my ass baby. After a few moments and lots of hot screaming I worked my way back up to her Pussy and went gangbusters on her clit with my tongue while sliding my fingers back in her ass and cunt. Foregoing any past gentleness I gave it to her hard and fast now. I knew she was enjoying the reciprocation of her oral pleasures as I felt wave after wave of her hot sweet fluids gush out of her pussy and run down my chin saturating my thick bristly goatee. She was screaming now with intense pleasure as I roughly banged my fingers in and out of her pussy and ass while simultaneously biting down hard on her clit. The waves of juices turned into squirts that nearly shot me in the eyes as she climaxed over and over from intense stimulation I was inflicting upon her. She gave one last load moan before pushing away my face and slamming her legs closed almost pinching my nose in the process. I pulled my fingers out of her ass, leaving just one slowly sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy and lifted myself up next to her on the bed, pausing to tease each nipple once more before stopping right next to her head. Still in sensory overload she slapped my head away from her nipples quickly. She rolled over to get my finger out of her and threw a leg up over my waist before resting her head on my chest. She was breathing extremely heavy and I just noticed for the first time that her whole body was trembling with a very satisfied and fulfilled feeling of intense pleasure. She leaned up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before returning her head to m pussy juice moistened chest and sighed, WOW that was incredible! Hold me for a little while so I can calm down a bit before we explore what else you can offer me tonight…

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