Higher education chapter 2

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This story is a long one. If you prefer shorter tales this one may not be for you.

This story is fictitious and is set in the west coast of the USA in the mid-1980's. I really appreciate the positive responses to the previous chapter. Constructive criticism and feedback is also appreciated. Hope you enjoy the story!

It was Friday morning and I knew I was grinning like an idiot as I attended classes but I couldn't help it. It was if I had been granted a wish and it had come true in the form of a stunningly gorgeous, playful and horny brunette. Just thinking about Kim and the fun we had the previous night made me so damned turned on. I just wanted to go find her and kiss her and fuck her until neither one of could kiss or fuck anymore. Unfortunately, I didn't know where she was. I knew where she lived and I had her phone number but I didn't know her schedule and she had left things vague when we parted last night when she said, "You will see me tomorrow". Now that I had found a woman that was not only willing, but eager, to have sex with me I wanted to try all of the things I had only imagined and fantasized about.

I got back to my dorm room a little before noon and my roommate Mark showed up just then and no sooner had he closed the door then someone was knocking on it. It was Paul and Ron coming to take me to lunch and find out what had happened with Kim after she and I left the party the previous night. I introduced my roommate and, after I couldn't reach Kim, we all decided to go to lunch together. Ron and Paul were grilling me for details and once they explained to Mark what had happened, he was grilling me too. They could tell from my involuntary grin that something really good had happened but they all wanted the details. Their curiosity was understandable but I found it hard to answer them as I was still having some difficulty accepting I could be so incredibly fortunate. It was strange when I thought about how much my life seemed to have changed, how much I had changed, in the last day.

As we walked up the street to the dining hall someone grabbed my arm from behind and turned me around. My cock seemed to register that it was Kim before my eyes did and I started getting hard as she snaked her right hand behind my neck and pulled my lips down to meet hers. As my new girlfriend was giving me a long sensual kiss, I felt her push a piece of paper into my palm with her left hand and squeeze my hand closed. She pulled back, looked me in the eye with a mischievous smile on her gorgeous lips and then turned around and walked gracefully away. I was going to invite her to join us but after her kiss I just stood there speechless, admiring the view as she departed. She was wearing a short red skirt and it swished delightfully back and forth as she walked away. I wasn't the only one enjoying the show and it was a good five seconds or so before anyone moved or spoke.

"Fuck you Steve", Ron said, a tone of awe in his voice, and then, starting to laugh, "Just… fuck you!"

We all laughed and I knew exactly how Ron felt. I knew he was happy for me but I also knew it was frustrating to see such an attractive, playful lady with any man other than yourself. I really wanted to see what was on the piece of paper she had handed me but I had a feeling it was something other than a little love note, so I pocketed it. During lunch I was able to discretely read the note, my hunch had been right, it wasn't a love note, but I was a little surprised that the only thing written on the paper was:

7th floor

What was that little vixen up to? Jameson was the dorm I lived in but I was on the sixth floor and I thought she knew that. I was even more distracted the rest of the afternoon, my thoughts alternating between remembering how I'd lost my virginity to her the previous night in the shower and wondering what she had in store for me today. Compounding my distraction, I'd discovered the note she had given me faintly smelled like her perfume and I kept getting hard every time I caught a whiff of it. I chuckled when it occurred to that me she might have planned it that way.

4:30 finally rolled around and I had butterflies in my stomach as I walked from my dorm room up the stairs to the seventh floor. Kim was waiting for me on a bench near the landing, her short dark hair stylishly coiffed with a slight curl, and she jumped up when she saw me approaching. She lept into my arms and kissed me passionately before I could greet her. "Mmmm, I've missed you…", she purred between smooches.

"I've missed you too, gorgeous", I managed to get out as I squeezed her tightly. I felt a lot more at ease around her now but she still scared me. If she turned out to be a psycho bitch I was screwed because I had fallen hard for her the first time I had seen her. Fortunately, she seemed to be a genuinely sweet person and had already told me she believed it was love at first sight.

Kim, still in my arms, looked around to make sure we were alone. She then fixed me with her gaze and whispered, "You remember last night when I told you that I'm a pervert?"

I chuckled, "Something like that is hard to forget!". She smirked at that but I knew her well enough by now to know she was a little uneasy about what she wanted to say.

"If you had said that to me I would have had a few she said softly, still uneasy. My stomach dropped a little at her implication. Just what was she into? Satanic blood orgies?

I thought about it a moment and replied quietly, "I guess, at the time, I thought you just meant that you're really horny".

Her serious demeanor instantly turned to a round of laughter. "I can see how you thought that!", she managed to get out and laughed some more as I held her in my arms. I hadn't meant it to be funny but it was hard not to laugh along with her remembering how she had enthusiasticly and thoroughly used me the previous evening.

"Just what are we talking about here?", I had to know.

"Well, I really love doing it in shower", she confessed. I was about to say 'Me too!', but she cut me off with a look as she continued, "and I had a little idea this morning". I remained quiet while she checked again to make sure we were alone. "I want to see if we can do it in every shower on campus!", Kim's excitement was growing as she could see me smiling in response to her initial presentation. "Well, not every shower but every bathroom that has a shower", she clarified. "Of course, we'll be limited to the communal she trailed off, seeming to take a moment to explore a new thought.

"Sounds like a fun way to explore the campus!", I couldn't help but observe (she and I were both freshmen). I was getting pretty excited too as this sounded like the kind of perversion I could embrace wholeheartedly. The thought of how many times Kim and I would have to fuck to fulfill her little project made my cock harden quickly and she noticed right away as we were still embracing.

"I'm glad you and your pal both like the idea", she answered playfully as one her small hands had found my erection and started to gently rub my hardon through my jeans. "I want to start out with the women's showers first though, ok?", she whispered.

I understood what she meant and I found that I was more comfortable with the idea of fornicating in the women's showers as opposed to the men's also. "Ok, are we starting… uh, continuing here?", I asked hopefully as we were on a women's floor. I was fully hard now and Kim had begun to almost imperceptibly grind against me.

"Well… um, there's something else…", her unease had returned and her ministrations ceased. "I… uh…", Kim usually didn't struggle for words this much so I was getting a little worried.

"Kim, please just tell me", I pleaded softly, trying to reassure her with my tone.

I felt her take a deep breath and she pulled my head down and whispered in my ear, "I like to have sex with women too". I was both stunned and relieved. Out of all the possible perversions she could have named, Kim selected the one that turned me on the most. And she was serious! I couldn't believe this perfect woman kept getting better and better. She paused to gauge my reaction, when I seemed to take it with an excited smile she continued whispering, "I want to make it clear that you are my man and I'm your woman and I will never cheat on you, ok?". I nodded and was going to say I felt the same way but I was too eager to see where she was going with this and let her talk. She paused only a moment before whispering, "Would it be ok with you if another woman joined us for sex? I mean, would you consider it cheating if we were both there and agreed to it?"

I was about to ask her if she was serious but then I had a little epiphany about what she had going on here. I whispered in her ear, making sure my lips and breath would gently tease her sensitive ear, "I would not consider it cheating and I can't wait to see you molest Blondie." I really hoped my hunch was right, not only would it be fun to impress my new girlfriend like this but the thought of Kim fooling around with the cute long haired blonde from last night really turned me on.

She pulled back and her dark eyes went a little wider as she examined my grinning face. She started laughing softly and then said, "When we first met last night I must confess I was a little… concerned that you weren't… very bright…" She blushed a little when I just nodded and shrugged a bit. "I can see now that I seriously misjudged things", she beamed. She was just so damned gorgeous and she seemed so happy, I just had to kiss her some more. She returned my affection and started slightly grinding against me again.

When we pulled apart to catch our breath I asked, "Is she waiting for us?"

"Oh! Yeah… wait here!", Kim said as she released me and practically skipped down the hallway and turned a corner to her right. I waited only about five or six seconds before she reappeared, motioning for me to hurry up and join her. We turned the corner and hurried into the large communal bathroom. I could hear faint jazz music as Kim led us to a shower stall with the curtain closed. I could hear the shower running behind the curtain and that's where the music was coming from also.

"Hi Blondie!", I whispered as I walked past the curtain, pleased I had been able to figure out Kim's plan. I heard Kim giggle behind me. Standing that close to her I noticed that she was built similarly to Kim, slender with a smaller chest and a perky little derriere, except she was about a half foot taller than Kim's 5'1". Her long pale blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail and I noticed she was almost as tanned as I was.

"Hey Cute Guy!", she whispered back, also using my nickname from last night's banter. She was smiling nervously as Kim fixed the curtain. I was a little nervous too but I knew that, if I didn't do anything too stupid, I would probably have the time of my life.

Kim then pulled us both down to her with her arms around the back of our necks, like she was the quarterback and we're in her huddle, "Amy this is Steve, Steve this is Amy". I reached across and we shook hands. Amy was best described as the cute blonde girl next door. She had really pretty blue eyes and I found it difficult to break eye contact with her.

"You can keep calling me Blondie if you want, I kind of like it", Amy giggled.

"Ok, here's the rules", Kim said softly, "Basically anything goes except intercourse. As long as you guys aren't fucking you don't have to worry about me getting jealous or weird, ok?" Blondie grinned and nodded and I got the impression that this is more than she was initially led to believe would happen. Kim turned to me grinning and asked, "That gonna work for you?"

"Works for me", I replied cheerfully. On a whim I added, "I'm probably going to wake up pretty soon anyways", which made them both laugh.

"Ok Blondie, give me a hand undressing this Kim said quietly as she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and started tugging it up. I raised my arms up for shirt removal as Amy started working on my belt. As Kim was pulling the shirt over my head Amy pulled my pants and underwear down and I heard her start giggling and then Kim started giggling too. "You thought I was exaggerating, didn't you?", Kim asked as she got my shirt off. A moment later Amy started caressing my already hard cock and I realized what Kim was talking about.

"Seeing is believing!", Amy replied, smiling up at Kim and I. "Very nice, by the way", she added with a wink to me and a couple of soft tugs.

"You seem to have strayed from your assigned task there Blondie", Kim whispered teasingly, squeezing my ass as she knelt down to help with my shoes.

"Sorry, I got a little… distracted", Amy replied a little sheepishly and gave my member another gentle tug before her hands moved to my other shoe. They quickly had me nude and before I could decide which one to I wanted to undress first Amy beat me to it, "Help me undress your sassy />
"With pleasure", I agreed as Amy went high and I went low. Kim's red high heels came off quickly and I moved up to her skirt. As I reached up I saw Kim's shirt was gone and Amy had a hand on each of Kim's perky mounds. I took my time unzipping Kim's skirt as I watched her respond to Amy's gentle touch, her eyes had closed and she seemed to slightly lean into Amy's hands. Once I had Kim's skirt off, I slowly slid her underwear down to her ankles, caressing her toned legs as I did so. Her cream colored skin was so tantalizingly smooth. I gently encouraged Kim to step out of the panties and then stuck my nose in her crotch. I inhaled deeply, savoring her womanly scent, as I slid my hands up the back of her legs. Kim moaned softly and I looked up to see Amy had taken one of Kim's erect nipples into her mouth. I really wanted to watch Amy fool around with Kim but there was something I needed to do first.

I gently smacked Kim's tight butt to get her attention. She opened her eyes and I whispered sternly, "You and I have some unfinished business from last night, young lady." Kim looked at me puzzled until I cupped her moist pussy and started gently rubbing her.

"Oooh yes, I suppose we do", Kim beamed as she seemed to remember how I wanted to return the favor after she had given me my first blowjob the previous night. "But first things first", she said grabbing at the buttons on Amy's jeans. I gladly helped by slowly pulling Amy's shirt off, caressing her sides as I lifted. Once I had her shirt off I stepped behind her to unhook her bra. I slowly removed Blondie's bra and gently cupped her breasts from behind. Amy's breasts were slightly larger and weightier than Kim's but the main difference I felt was her nipples. She had really big, long nipples that were almost irresistible to play with.

I stepped in closer so my erection was resting between Amy's buttocks and looked down over her shoulder to see the hard nipples I was playing with. The contrast between her tan lines was a surprising turn on. I whispered in her ear, "Have you ever licked a pussy before?"

"Mmmm…. not yet", Amy answered dreamily. I looked down and saw Kim had finished undressing Amy and was now massaging her genitals.

"Me neither, want to learn together?", I said softly in Blondie's ear. She nodded and then I met Kim's eyes and she looked as happy and excited as a kid on Christmas morning. "Let's get her nice and clean first", I suggested to Amy as I stepped away and looked around for the soap.

"Good idea", Amy replied as she started pushing Kim into the shower. I joined them a moment later and handed Blondie a bar of soap. We proceeded to slowly soap up Kim's tight little body. Kim held her arms out and her legs were spread slightly as she let Amy and I lather her up. Amy seemed to want to make sure Kim's tits were extra clean, like the areolas were a couple of tough stains that required a little extra elbow grease. I was enjoying soaping up Kim's shapely little butt and once I had her backside well lathered I couldn't resist rubbing my rock hard cock between her soapy buttocks. Kim moaned and Amy must have thought I was slowly fucking Kim's ass, as her eyes went wide and she quickly moved over to see what I was doing.

Blondie watched my dick sliding between the soapy buttocks and then, whispering to Kim but looking at me, "I wish you could see his big thick cock sliding between your soaped up little ass cheeks, it's… so fucking hot!". I felt my cock twitch as she muttered, "God, I wish I had a camera", and I had to admit she had a point, it was a spectacularly lewd sight.

"Ooohh, it feels really good too", Kim cooed.

"Sure does…", I said a little hoarsely and then I realized I needed to stop or I was going to cum pretty quickly. "Let's get you rinsed off so we can lick your tight little pussy", I suggested quietly and moved Kim to the shower spray. Amy and I caressed her again as we rinsed Kim off. This time I was the one paying special attention to Kim's chest.

"I think I have the cleanest tits in the world now… thanks", my gorgeous girlfriend chuckled dreamily once she was thoroughly rinsed. Blondie and I chuckled and gave each other a high five.

I said to Amy, "Usually I'd be a gentleman and let the lady go first but…"

"Unfinished business", she nodded, "I'll watch and learn." I thanked her with a grin but then realized I couldn't think of a position to lick Kim's pussy in the shower stall that wouldn't become uncomfortable for one of us after more than a minute. Amy seemed to be thinking along the same lines and she suggested, "Up against the wall, I'll hold a leg up and you sit under her?"

I thought about it for just a second and decided, "Good call". We got Kim, who was being strangely passive, up against the wall as Amy had described. I sat Indian-style under her as Blondie squatted next to me and put one of Kim's legs over her shoulder. I wasted no time and planted a wet kiss on the top of Kim's pussy to start off with. It looked like she must have trimmed her dark pubic hair, as it was short and soft. I explored her puffy outer lips with my tongue and her soft humming moans and squirming told me where I was going right. I used one arm to push her hip against the wall to keep her still while my other hand spread her lips open. I saw what I thought must be Kim's swollen clitoris. I knew what a clit was but had never really seen one before. I didn't want Blondie to feel left out so I asked her, "Is that her clit?"

"I think so, better give it a lick and find out for sure", she whispered mischievously I looked up at Kim and she was biting her bottom lip in anticipation. I snaked my tongue out and grazed Kim's clit with the tip of my tongue and she twitched a little. I heard Amy giggle and I started gently licking around the edges of Kim's swollen little nub. I knew I was doing well when Kim immediately placed a hand on my head to hold me in place and steady herself. Encouraged, I dug in and used my tongue to familiarize myself with her clit and inner folds.

I was surprised at just how wet Kim's pussy was and surprised at how little taste and smell her pussy juices had but I wasn't surprised at her twitchy reactions to having her most sensitive areas licked. I loved how easy it was to tell what was really getting her off. It wasn't long before I had taken the hand I was using to hold her open and inserted a finger slowly inside her vagina.

"Oh God yes…", Kim moaned loudly. She had both hands on my head now, holding on and pulling my face in her groin. Her little spasms and moaning told me she must be getting close to climax and I felt Amy stand up beside me. I redoubled my efforts to get Kim off by sucking on her clit and sliding a second finger into her slick hole. Kim's moans became muffled and I felt Amy holding her against the wall above me. I glanced up to see Blondie had her mouth locked onto my girlfriend's mouth and was restraining her by pressing her forearm against Kim's chest, right across her breasts. I could hear Kim panting through her nose and, like the previous evening, the sound of her breathing like that was really turning me on. I had two fingers buried in her hole and when she clamped down hard on my hand I knew what that meant.

Amy and I held on tightly to Kim as she wiggled and bucked through her orgasm. My fingers were audibly squishing into Kim's tight, sopping pussy as I lapped at her clit like a dog. I thought I heard Blondie giggling into her kiss with Kim but it was hard to tell for sure over the brunette's muffled moans. Kim pushed my head away and, before I could look up, Amy was pushing me backwards. It took me a moment to realize what Amy was doing but then I saw she was guiding Kim down onto me. I laid back into the shower's spray and Kim came to rest, her petite body straddled on top of me and her hot groin resting at the bottom of my belly. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly as the warm water splashed over us. I gently caressed her back and enjoyed feeling her rapid heartbeat and breathing against my chest. Amy was sitting Indian-style a few feet away, grinning at Kim and I. With this view of Blondie's crotch I could see that the carpet did indeed match the drapes and it looked like she had trimmed her bush also.

"I'd say you did pretty well there, sport", Blondie whispered. I felt Kim nodding and giggling in my ear at that.

"Thanks, and thanks for the timely assist", I replied with a grin of my own, proud of my first attempt at cunnilingus, and then I realized had kind of monopolized things, "sorry if I hogged all the fun."

Even with my recent crash course in sex ed, it really shocked me when the cute blonde whispered lustily, "You can make it up to me by cumming in her pussy before I eat her out!"

"Oh, you naughty girl!", Kim laughed and then, sitting up and looking at me, she laughed some more and then finally got out, "You're so naughty you made my sweet, innocent boyfriend blush!" We all laughed and I blushed a little more at being described as sweet and innocent. Kim gave me a couple of tender smooches for being a good sport. "You want to watch us fuck, don't you?", Kim softly asked the blonde and then without waiting for a reply, "You want to see him shove his big thick cock into my tight little pussy, don't you?"

"I want to see him pound your wet little fuck hole with his huge hard dick!", Blondie confirmed quietly with a lewd grin. I couldn't help but laugh when I realized they were trying to one-up each others naughtiness.

"Well, help a girl out", Kim said, her eyes gesturing to the rear. Amy moved around behind us and Kim added, "and make sure he's fully hard for me." A moment later I found out what that meant as I felt Amy's lips gently kissing around the head of my shaft. I was already at maximum hardness, and had been for what seemed like quite a while, but I wasn't dumb enough to say anything. Kim must have been reading my mind when she leaned down, almost nose to nose, and inquired teasingly, "You'll let me know when she's got you fully hard, right?"

I started to say something but forgot what we were talking about as I felt Blondie slowly sucking my erection into her warm mouth. Her wet lips were locked tightly around it as she literally sucked in the first couple of inches of my manhood. Kim's was giggling at my sudden change of expression and inability to speak but Amy must have done something to her, as the brunette's expression quickly changed also. I could hear and feel Amy's muffled giggles along my shaft and, when Kim grunted and rocked forward slightly over me, I figured out that she was being fingered.

"I seem to have strayed from my assigned task again…", the blonde lady sighed as she lightly stroked up and down the entire length of my shaft with one hand and finger banged my sassy girlfriend with the other hand. "The curse of being blonde I suppose…", as Amy continued I could hear the smile in her voice and I could now hear her fingers squishing into Kim, "so easily distracted by shiny objects…" Kim and I were both having trouble laughing and, at the same time, having trouble not laughing. Blondie seemed to be enjoying herself also, "God, you guys are so fucking sexy!" She punctuated this by pulling Kim's hips down and stuffing my cock into the brunette's tight wet pussy, which caused us both to grunt in surprise

"Ooohh yeah, stretch out that tiny pussy!", Amy commanded as she pulled Kim down farther on my manhood. It felt like Kim was even tighter now than she was the first time we fucked and I wasn't going in very easily. "Oh my God Steve, it's… almost absurd how much you're stretching her out…", Amy said quietly and I could feel her fingertips tracing along the border between my cock and Kim's pussy.

"I gotta see this", I decided after it occurred to me I had yet to really get a good view of my cock penetrating Kim's pussy. I sat up and grabbed Kim by the waist and lifted her off of me. She squealed delightfully as she was suddenly hoisted off and I set on her feet by the nearest wall. I loved how light she was and how easily I could lift her and move her around. I stood up and turned Kim around to face the wall. Kim knew what I wanted and she put her hands against the wall and stuck her cute little butt out. I wasted no time and pushed my cock head into her slightly parted lips. We both moaned softly as I slowly sunk a couple inches into her. I examined the view and saw what Amy was talking about, the sight of the thickness of my manhood invading my girlfriend's tiny, wet vagina, framed by her incredible ass, was almost obscene. "Wow!", was all I could get out and Amy was giggling at my side.

"That must be so tight around your cock", Blondie whispered.

was all I could think of, as I couldn't find the words to describe the feeling. I began to slowly feed more and more of my steely erection into Kim.

"Fuck me hard!", Kim demanded with a whisper and then she looked back and met my eyes with her lusty glare and added, "Don't worry about hurting me, just… fuck hard!"

I grinned and looked at Blondie, she was grinning too and had a hand on her own pussy. "You heard the lady", Amy urged quietly and then she surprised the hell out of me by slapping my ass hard, causing me to buck forward into Kim. Her little stunt got me almost all the way inside my girlfriend's pussy, eliciting a yelp from her. I took my cue and firmly grabbed Kim's hips and started pounding away. I fucked her as hard as I could without making too much body slapping noise, which turned out to be still pretty damned hard after I found some angles that minimized the sound. Kim was really loving it and Blondie had to clamp a hand over the brunette's mouth to keep her moans and groans from getting us discovered. It was incredibly arousing watching her sweet little ass bounce against me while holding her firmly in place and ramming her hard.

Amy had been fingering herself with the hand that wasn't muffling Kim but when she sensed we were both getting close to our peaks so she reached down and started rubbing Kim's clit. That set Kim off and she pushed back hard against me, burying me to the hilt as her cunt clamped down. That set me off and I thrusted forward, even deeper and came hard, blasting huge torrents of hot semen deep inside her. I had no idea I was being noisy until Blondie put a hand over my mouth too. I managed to look over at the cute blonde and she met my gaze the hugest grin on her face as she muffled the both of us. I tried to keep thrusting but it was hard to hold Kim still as she squirmed and twitched, so I just pounded in as deep as I could and let her grind and squirm against me as we both descended from our intense climaxes.

Once we settled down enough, Amy unmuzzled us and had Kim cup her hand over her pussy when I pulled out and then laid the panting brunette down on her back, out of the shower spray. Blondie laid down in between Kim's spread legs and wasted no time in lapping away at the stretched out cum hole before her. It was an amazingly erotic sight to see Amy so enthusiastically attacking Kim's swollen cunt. My girlfriend hadn't really recovered from her last climax and was getting too noisy right away and it was my turn to keep her quiet. I laid down beside Kim and gently kissed her beautiful, full lips and twiddled her perky, pink nipples as our blonde friend licked and slurped away.

When Kim bucked hard all of a sudden I had a feeling that Blondie was now using her fingers to dig for more cum. Kim seemed to be twitching her way to an orgasm a lot quicker this time and I helped Amy hold her down so she could continue her assault and I could keep my mouth on Kim's. Kim's leg kept bumping into my newly hardened member, so I went with that and started humping her upper thigh, hoping that would turn her on even more. I wondered if she even noticed, as her climax crashed over her just then and her hips were writhing. Kim bucked hard again and her mouth moved off of mine and she let out a nice loud grunt before I could get her muffled again.

"You ok in there?", a young woman asked from beyond the curtain. Amy's head came up and looked at me as Kim twitched between us. I moved my hand over Kim's mouth to make sure she was quiet.

Blondie and I were frozen for a moment before I thought of something, and then whispered to Amy, "Stubbed toe."

My blonde friend caught on immediately and said loud enough to be heard, "Stubbed my freakin toe! Arrrrhhhgg… God, that hurts!" I had to stifle my giggles when I saw her resume squishing her fingers into Kim, who was at the tail end of her climax.

"You gonna be ok?", the voice inquired.

"Yeah… I don't think it's broken… just… hurts like the dickens, thanks for checking", Amy replied convincingly.

"No problem, take care", the young woman said, voice retreating. I gave Blondie a thumbs up for her performance and we giggled quietly. Kim moved my hand off of her mouth and leaned up and grabbed Amy and pulled her down on top of her. They started making out and it became very passionate, very quickly with Blondie grinding her tanned, wet body against the smaller, pale brunette's. Fucking Kim and kissing Kim had quickly become tied for my favorite thing in the world but I found that watching her passionately making out with another woman was now number three on that list. It was hard to imagine anything more amazingly erotic to watch, but then, somehow, I did.

I grabbed a bar of soap and started lathering up the side of Amy's chest. She caught on quickly and leaned up so I could soap up their chests and bellies. I quickly got them lathered up and the ladies resumed their steamy, groping make out session. I kept lathering Amy, moving to her back and then buttocks. The muffled moans and heavy breathing and soapy, grinding bodies had me spellbound. Kim had her legs in the air, bent at the knee, and it looked like Amy was fucking her missionary style while making out. Amy had a nicely rounded, firm derriere too and I was really enjoying gently soaping and kneading it while she rocked back and forth on my girlfriend.

When I finally got around to soaping up her pussy, I noticed she was rubbing it vigorous against Kim's pussy. Jesus Christ! This just kept getting hotter and sexier! I felt a powerful, primal urge to just plunge my throbbing cock deep inside Blondie's tight looking cunt. I was amazed at the siren-like pull of this feeling but I knew I had to resist it at all costs, there was no way I could let Kim down like that. I did the next best thing and started fingering her snug little cunny with one hand and soaping up my girlfriend's with my other hand. They were quickly creating more than enough lather themselves and so I got the idea to push Kim's legs back a little farther so Amy could get a better angle and thrust on more of Kim's pussy. The twitchy brunette responded immediately when Amy took advantage of the better angle, Kim was now trying to push her pussy up to meet Blondie's grinding thrusts.

I had yet to see Amy climax and when it happened it was a stark contrast to Kim's. I could hear her grunt into her kiss with Kim and then Amy just thrusted hard and locked up. It looked like she was holding her breath and her face was flushed. Kim was the opposite, twitching and bucking upwards, struggling to pull her blonde friend in closer so they could cum harder. Once Amy finally exhaled, her body started trembling and she was moaning loudly into Kim's mouth. They both slowly ground to a halt and I let go of Kim's legs. They shared a nice gentle kiss before Blondie whispered to me, "Thanks for the timely assists"

"I'd say you did pretty well there, sport", I said, teasing her quietly, and gave her a little smack on the butt.

"I'd say you both did pretty damned well!", Kim chuckled. "I've never cum so much, so quickly", she sighed contentedly. She looked so relaxed now, I half expected her to curl up and take a nap right there. Amy slowly lifted herself off of her friend and moved to rinse off the thick lather that had accumulated on her sides and groin. I came up behind her and began slowly rubbing my stiffy up and down between her still soapy buttocks.

"Oooh, that does feel good!", Amy whispered. I wrapped my arms around her, one hand going to her pelvis and the other to her chest, and pulled her close. I slowly ground my cock into her backside as my hands explored her breasts and groin. My thick hard shaft sliding between her soapy butt cheeks felt so exquisite, as did groping her chest and playing with her long nipples. She started grinding back hard against me when I kissed and nibbled her neck. I glanced over and saw Kim sitting in a corner watching us, still covered in lather, with her legs spread and a hand slowly massaging her groin. Now that I knew roughly where a clitoris was, I quickly found Amy's and paid it some special attention as I humped against her. That got her going as she started humping faster against me, making it tough to nibble her neck. Kim was mesmerized and had two fingers working into her soapy snatch in time to my thrusts. I wanted to see what would happen if I rubbed Blondie's clit and fingered her pussy at the same time and found that in this position it was pretty easy to do with one hand.

What happened was an almost instant orgasm from Amy. She seized up and we almost toppled over as I wasn't ready for her to lose her balance. I was able to jerk her back and keep thrusting between her buttocks and fingering her tight wet hole. I had to use the hand that was fondling Blondie's boobs to muffle her moans as she started gently shaking against me. I almost laughed when it occurred to me that if someone barged in on us right now it would probably look a lot like I was anally raping Amy. Kim came over and helped us out by fondling Amy's long nipples as her blonde friend rode out her trembling climax. I had slowed down my ministrations and, as she relaxed, I released her.

I expected Amy to be a little unsteady after her climax but she whirled right around and started stroking my throbbing manhood. A few moments later she must have deemed it rinsed off enough as she got on her knees and wrapped her lips around the thick head. Kim moved around and glued herself to my side and we watched Blondie slowly work more and more of my rod into her mouth. Kim stood on her tip-toes to whisper in my ear, so Amy couldn't hear, "That's the one hole on her you can fuck!" My girlfriend and I grinned at each other and I took her hint. I took Blondie's head in my hands and slowly started stroking into her mouth. It was so deliciously naughty, fucking her mouth with my meaty cock, as opposed to letting her give me a blowjob. Our blonde friend just put her hands on my thighs and held on as I worked several inches in and out of her stretched out mouth. It was a very arousing sight made even better when she looked up at me with her pretty blue eyes. Her lips weren't able to smile but Kim and I could see it in her eyes, she was enjoying it.

"You better share that cum", Kim whispered and Blondie's eyebrows perked up at that. Damn, these ladies were so nasty, and I was loving it! I was fucking Amy's mouth pretty good and she was doing a great job of not gagging too much. She was keeping really good suction on my dick and, somehow, keeping her teeth mostly out of the equation. I was relishing the arousing feeling of power I felt as I kept forcing my manhood in and out of this kneeling blonde girl's willing mouth. Once I saw the string of drool swinging from her chin, it triggered my climax. I held on to her head and pumped my hot seed into her. My sudden orgasm surprised all of us, most of all poor Amy who choked at first then swallowed reflexively. This didn't go unnoticed by the pale brunette at my side. "Hey! Don't swallow!", she demanded quietly and then started chuckling. I continued to fill Blondie's mouth, groaning as I savored my release.

Kim got down on her knees by Amy and waited only a moment or two before I cried uncle and released the blonde's head. Kim got right in there and grabbed the back of Blondie's head and initiated a mouth lock. With her other hand Kim reached down and started fingering her friend. Not to be outdone, Amy's fingers found their way to Kim's pussy. I sat down to rest and to take in the little sapphic show, enjoying the water cascading over their glistening, toned bodies as they passionately responded to each other. I loved to watch these two make out and knowing they were lustfully sharing my semen made it that much more arousing. I felt an ache in my loins and looked down to see my cock was almost fully hard still. I couldn't help but stroke my meat as I watched the ladies go at it.

Blondie started watching me as avidly as I was watching her, and Kim soon became curious and turned to see what she was watching. My girlfriend smiled and urged her friend, "Go rub your pussy on his cock." Amy immediately moved to comply and she once again pushed me backward. Kim was luring us as close to intercourse as we could possibly get. I met her dark eyes and the look she gave me seemed to say, 'Better be careful, buddy!' Blondie straddled me and immediately started grinding her pussy lips on my erection. She grabbed the cockhead and held my pal off of my belly as she leaned back. Amy was giving me a fine view of the action now and insuring I accidentally wouldn't penetrate her. I could feel her slick juices gradually coating me as she ground almost vertically up and down my pole. It felt so wicked to have her so brazenly rubbing her cunt all over my manhood.

"I need him in my pussy again before he cums", Kim quietly warned.

"Just a sec…", Blondie said a little distractedly. I was starting to feel a little distracted too and I was worried she would make me cum before Kim had her turn.

"Um… Amy, you better…", I hated to say anything as she was obviously getting close too but I didn't want to piss off the boss.

"Almost there…", Amy pleaded as she increased her pace.

"Steve, are you a football fan?", Kim softly asked me out of the blue.

I must have misheard her. Just then, Blondie ground hard on my cock and locked up. Kim was giggling as she moved over to make sure the blonde lady didn't need to be muffled, taking the opportunity to play with a long nipple while she was at it.

"Are you a football fan?", Kim managed to get out, her giggle turning into a laugh that she was having trouble stifling. I finally got it that she was trying to distract me so I wouldn't cum when Amy orgasmed on my boner. And it had worked. I couldn't help but laugh with my clever woman as Blondie was working her way through her shivery climax. When Kim figured Amy had coated my cock with enough girl cum she started pulling her off.

"Geez, pushy broad!", Blondie chuckled as she reluctantly dismounted.

"You had your turn!", Kim hissed as she eagerly hopped aboard, quickly lining me up and impaling herself. We both groaned contentedly as she sank down on my shaft. She leaned in kissed me passionately while her hips bounced up and down, taking more and more of my meaty cock into her warm, snug cunny. Kim started giggling into our kiss and then whispered, "She's licking my butthole." Her hips suddenly stopped their motion and her giggles changed to a more serious demeanor. I could feel it when Amy's finger began sliding into my girlfriend's anus. "Oh God…", Kim muttered, she seemed frozen now as her blonde friend probed her asshole.

The thought of Blondie fingering Kim's pale little ass was so deliciously raunchy, but then being able to actually feel her do it and see how it affected Kim was amazingly arousing. When I felt another finger work it's way in, I started involuntarily thrusting up into my girlfriend's even tighter pussy. I grabbed Kim's hips and forced her down onto my thrusts, and she was being still. Her far away, distracted expression reminded me of the look on a cat's face as it's scratching a tough itch. Amy must have changed her angle of attack because her knuckles began firmly and quickly rubbing against the underside of my shaft. I could feel her banging Kim just as hard and fast as I was. It all too quickly became too much and I grunted hard and bucked up, pounding my cum into the brunette mini-goddess. As I pulled her hips down hard on me, Kim collapsed down onto my chest and I locked my lips to hers. It was just in time, as she started panting and moaning loudly into my mouth as her pussy muscles squeezed more cum from my thrusting shaft.

I wrapped and arm around the back of her waist and held her firmly as Blondie and I fucked her through her now familiar twitchy climax. As we slowly ground to a halt Kim's kisses became more and more tender. "Damn, you guys really worked me over!", she giggled through the smooch, and then, "you can take your fingers out of my ass now." I felt Amy give a few more playful thrusts before she extracted her digits. I could feel my manhood softening and it was all too soon when it was squeezed out. My dissapointed whimper was echoed by my girl.

I felt Amy pat my shrinking penis as she whispered, "Good boy!"

I just chuckled and said what I was thinking, "You guys are so much fun!" That got a good laugh from the ladies and Kim slowly dismounted me. She sat with her back to the wall, with her feet and legs being splashed by the shower. I sat next to her and took her hand, as we had done the previous night in the shower. Blondie sat next to me and I held her hand too. She seemed to sense that this was a quiet time for us and we all sat and enjoyed the water splashing over us as we savored the moment.

Not surprisingly, Kim was the first to declare, "Sore butt", and she stood up. That was the cue to get dried off and as we were toweling off Amy grabbed me and started kissing me. I was surprised at first but was able to quickly match her ardor. She was a pretty good kisser and it was very enjoyable. I glanced over to see my girlfriend grinning at me.

Blondie finally had enough and released me. "I just realized we hadn't kissed yet", she whispered by way of explanation.

"I'm glad you remedied that situation", I assured her with another quick smooch.

As we got dressed Kim asked if she could treat us to dinner and Amy and I readily agreed. I thought she meant go get a burger or pizza but apparently she had something else in mind. I was instructed to go get dressed up and they would pick me up when they were ready. A little while later I felt very under dressed in my dress shirt and slacks when they showed up looking stunning in evening dresses. Amy was wearing a longer blue form fitting number that was pretty close to the same hue as her pretty eyes. Kim was wearing a dark red knee-length dress that really showed off her narrow waist. They were both very nicely made up and Amy had her hair up. They both looked quite elegant and sexy but the stylish brunette was so radiant it was a little intimidating.

"Wow! You ladies look amazing! Do I need to change? I have a suit…", I asked.

"No! You look perfect!", Kim assured me and punctuated it with a kiss and then, looking around, asked, your />
"I don't know", I lied. I had a little surprise for Kim about my roommate but I wanted to bring it up when we were alone. Kim gave me a funny look and I wasn't surprised she could tell I wasn't telling the truth.

"Do we have time to molest him again?", Blondie asked playfully.

"No, I want to get there before sunset", Kim replied a little flatly and then added, "let's go."

"Awww", Amy pouted and walked out.

I grabbed Kim before she could follow and whispered in her ear, "I found out today that my roommate will be gone every weekend."

she whispered eagerly and then quickly figuring out why I lied, "You want to be alone tonight?"

"Alone with you, after dinner, yes", I said quietly. Kim gave me one of the best smiles I had ever seen from her and then a kiss to match it.

"We seem to have strayed from our assigned task…", Amy chuckled. She must not have gotten far before realizing we weren't behind her.

Kim replied, still wearing the big smile. We finally got underway and Amy drove us in her little Toyota coupe south, out of town. They wouldn't tell me where we were going and I had no clue as this was unfamiliar territory for me. We continued south on to a winding coastal road and it was a clear evening and a fantastic view of the inlet that lead to the Pacific to the west. I recalled Kim said she wanted to get there before sunset and saw that it wasn't too far off.

"It's been a really special evening so far", Kim said as we traveled the scenic route and then continued before we could agree, "and the place we're going to is pretty special too but it would kind of ruin it for me if you guys fussed about the prices. It's my treat, I want to splurge, and I can afford it so please just enjoy Blondie and I agreed and then, "It's coming up on the right", Kim warned. After we turned onto a cobbled drive Kim directed Amy to park at the valet. We all disembarked and strolled into the lobby where I saw a sign indicating a coat and tie dress code. Shit! I knew I should have worn the suit, this was going to be awkward…

I started but was quickly interrupted.

"It's ok", Kim reassured me and then, "hang back a second." She strode forward and intercepted the approaching hostess, who was eyeing me and smiling but it was a forced smile. Kim quickly had the taller brunette turned around so their backs were to Blondie and I. They spoke for about ten seconds and when they turned back around the hostess said, "Welcome, follow me please." Her eyes were smiling along with her mouth now and she led us through the moderately busy restaurant, which had floor to ceiling windows that really showed off the view to the west. I was worried about getting dirty looks from the other patrons because of the dress code but all eyes were on Kim and Amy. It was amusing to watch people's reactions to Kim as we walked to our table, a couple of the men we passed actually stopped what they were doing and just stared at her as she walked past. We were led to a horseshoe booth in the far corner of the restaurant that was removed from the other seating and had a spectacular view of the cove we were in and the inlet that fed it. Kim made sure I sat in the middle and as I looked around I saw the hostess pull an approaching waiter aside.

"Did you pay off the hostess so she wouldn't hassle Steve?", Amy asked.

"We can order drinks too, only one or two for you though Blondie", Kim replied, answering the question slyly.

I wondered how much Kim slipped the hostess for this kind of treatment but it seemed gauche to ask but that train of thought led me to wonder, "Is this like a table they keep reserved for those who know how to ask for it />
Kim laughed and said, "Yes, and that's a really good way to phrase it." She laughed again and added, "That sounded just like something my father would say." The waiter arrived and introduced himself and asked for our drink order. Kim chimed in first with a tequila sunrise and that sounded good to me and Amy ordered a Long Island iced tea.

After the waiter departed, Kim excused herself and left the table. I immediately wondered what kind of mischief she was cooking up now. After she was out of earshot Amy said almost exactly what I was about to say, "Pretty damned

"I'm pretty damned impressed! It's fun to watch her show off", I gushed.

"Yeah, it is fun to watch her show off! Usually, she's pretty modest but you just make her so happy I don't think she can help it." Amy confided and then laughed, "I can't decide which one of you I envy more!"

"Seems an easy choice to me, I'm the luckiest guy in the world", was my simple and easy reply.

"Were you really a virgin yesterday?", she asked bluntly.

I laughed when I realized that I was a virgin yesterday, so much had happened in the last day it seemed like a lot longer than that. Kim rejoined us just then and so I answered, perhaps a little too loudly and dramatically, "Yes, she stole my innocence when she had her way with me last night"

"Oh you poor dear!", a very pretty and very busty redhead in a low cut green dress sympathized as she approached with our drinks, "do you need a hug?" I could only laugh along with Kim and Amy as I blushed. "I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean to embarrass you", she apologized, more with her cleavage than her words, as she slowly leaned in to deliver my drink. I was only vaguely aware of my companions increased laughter as I drank in the sight of this pretty lady's ample charms. I managed to eventually tear my eyes away from her chest and she gave me a little wink, as if to say, 'all in good fun!'

Being Kim's sexual plaything must have done wonders for my confidence, as I would have probably been paralyzed and speechless in this kind of situation prior to meeting her. I managed to recover relatively quickly and said, "Well, that was a very… sincere apology so all is />
"Thanks, honey", she replied with a chuckle as she delivered Amy's drink with a similar show with similar results. As she was dishing out the same treatment to Kim she said, "If you would like to order now we can stay out of the way during the sunset. I highly recommend the poached salmon, I had it earlier and it was even better than usual." Kim and I both went with the salmon and Blondie selected the Dungeness crab. We all decided to stick with our drinks over the suggested wines. "And here's a little something to nibble on while we prepare your dinner", the redhead added as the hostess delivered a large platter of what appeared to be a serving of every appetizer they offered. "Anything else? No? Ok, enjoy!", she said and they both departed.

Kim pulled a coin out of her handbag and showed it to Blondie and said, "Call it." I wondered what kind of shenanigans my girlfriend was up to now as she flipped the coin and Amy called heads.

It landed on heads and Blondie exclaimed, "Yes!". Amy grinned and Kim muttered an obscenity as they both scooched closer to me. I was about to ask what was going on but then Amy started unbuckling my belt and things became a little clearer. I gave my amazing girlfriend a huge smile and put my arm around her. We enjoyed the view as the sun started to dip below the horizon while Amy leaned down and revived my fatigued but willing manhood. If there was any doubt I had the best woman in the world it was gone when her cute blonde friend giggled and licked the head of my shaft. Amy was using her hands a lot more this time to very good effect. She was doing an excellent job and I was really enjoying the suction she used but, because I'd already cum three times recently, I wasn't sure if I could cum anytime soon. Kim seemed to anticipate this, or maybe she was just being her naughty self, when she started whispering dirty things in my ear.

"It felt so nasty when your huge, thick cock was pounding my tight little fuck hole…", Kim said slowly and seductively in my ear and then paused to nibble my earlobe. "Mmmmm, I loved how you held me firmly in place and rammed me harder and harder, deeper and deeper, stretching my tiny cunt out with your big, hard fuck stick!", she continued as I watched the beautiful sunset and caressed her blonde friend's buttocks. Her breathy words in my ear and little nibbles were having the desired effect on me, I could feel my orgasm in the distance, rushing up at a pretty good clip. Amy seemed to sense she was making progress and redoubled her efforts, her head bobbing up and down as her hands milked my shaft. "God, I get so turned on when you get forceful! Your big strong hands forcing me to be still while you just fuck me silly. Mmmm, I get so wet when I think about how easily you could just overpower me if I tried to resist." Her words were really turning me on, I'd be rock hard now even if I didn't have a cute blonde lady's mouth and hands bobbing up and down on my johnson.

"Gonna cum", was the warning I was able to choke out for Amy. I hoped she heard me.

"Mmmmm, give her your cum baby! Shoot your spunk down her throat!", Kim whispered lustily. I felt Amy's tongue swirling around my helmet as I seemed to cum a lot more than I thought I would. I pulled Kim's face to mine and she kissed me eagerly while I tensed and relaxed during my climax. Blondie was a real trooper and swallowed it all and kept going until I had to tap out. It felt really, really good but I could already feel the soreness setting in. Amy tucked me back into my pants and popped up and took a sip from her drink.

"Mmmm, thank you Amy, that was awesome! Sorry if it didn't taste so good…", I said, sensing she was trying to get the taste out of her mouth.

"I just want to clear out the taste so you'll be more likely to kiss me", she said with a wink. I took her hint and gave her the best thank you kiss I could muster. As I suspected, it tasted like Long Island iced tea, which was pretty tasty. We nibbled on the appetizers and sipped our drinks as we watched the last of the beautiful sunset. When our meals arrived they were served by the pretty, busty redhead and I wondered what became of our first waiter, not that I minded the change. I was quite pleased when she served our food with the same style she had shown before. The food was excellent. It was some of the best food I had ever eaten, but the best part of the meal was the two gorgeous, smiling ladies on either side of me.

Kim kept ordering us more drinks as we leisurely enjoyed our meals and desserts and, as she had warned, she cut Amy off after two. I was getting a real nice buzz as I kept pace with Kim but, because she was substantially lighter, she was getting pretty drunk. I was getting a little worried as I didn't know what she would do when she was drunk and the last thing we needed was for her to get sick. I whispered in my girlfriend's ear, trying to be tactful, "I don't want you to get so drunk you can't remember this amazing evening."

She smiled and said, slurring only a little, "Ok baby, mmmm… I get so drunk when I'm horny!" It took me a moment to figure out why Blondie was laughing so hard and then I couldn't help but to join her when I realized Kim meant to say, "I get so horny when I'm drunk." Kim looked at us like we were crazy until she finally figured it out and laughed harder than either of us.

We had been there for almost three hours but it seemed all too soon we were making our way to the exit, fully sated and very happy. Kim must have handled the check on one of her trips to the restroom as no bill was presented. The drive back to campus was in mostly satisfied silence and once we got back I walked the ladies to their dorm. We dropped off Amy first and after I gave her a good night kiss, Kim stepped in and gave her one too. Scandalous! I wondered what kind of rumors would go around if someone saw them smooching in the hall like this. Once we left Blondie, Kim went to her room and changed and we headed back to my place.

As soon as we got to my room Kim started disrobing. She was still drunk and horny and hopped into my bed when she was nude and beckoned me to join her. As I undressed, I hoped she didn't expect me to be able to fuck her but I was more than willing to lick her. I turned off all the lights except for a desk lamp and hopped into the sack with her. "Thank you for arranging such a special evening for us. You really did a fantastic job and I really enjoyed it", I said softly to Kim as she snuggled up to me.

"Thanks for going along with everything so well, our little tryst with Blondie went better than I could have hoped", she replied smiling.

"How did you recruit her to join us?", I had been curious about this all evening.

"She saw what we were up to last night with the towels. She was grilling me for details at breakfast", Kim revealed and added with a grin, "It didn't take much to set it up"

We drifted into a tender make out session as the conversation petered out. After about a minute Kim stopped kissing me and, before I could wonder, the sound of her gentle snoring explained why. I laughed when I observed that even Kim's little snores were cute.

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