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Okay people, before I start this story, I’m going to address some problems with my last 3.
To those who love my stories, give positive feedback, and tips, I thank you. But to those who have been commenting negatively, there are a few things you should know.

First off: this is a fantasy story; I don’t have a real sister, so stop flipping out!

Second: If your going to point out a mistake I made in my typing, yet you say the story sucks, your retarded for reading the story cause you just said you hate it.

Third: If you hate incest altogether, don’t bother reading mine! Mine has incest in it, IT PLAINLY SAYS THAT WHEN YOU SEE IT!

Fourth (and last): Those who think incest is gross, you only think that way cause of the morals of your life, you were taught not to do it for 1 (cause your too young) and 2 (because its your sister). Both these reasons are bullshit.

Teenagers are never too young for sex, IF THEY ARE READY! And who the hell cares if it’s your sister? It’s your sister even if another guy fucks her, so how’s it any different from you doing it? If you don’t get it, some other random guy that could end up raping her or giving her a disease will.

Anyway, thank all the positive readers, love you all, and keep up the nice comments/positive feedback…that alwayse helps

To refresh your memory even boobs) As of last time: Kassy sat down across from us, sighed and said: />
I took all votes and polled them those who were hoping I would keep the mom out, sorry to say that the polls had more votes for the mother in the story but I promise ill do my best to make the story enjoyable still. if i dont, ill try to add a little more spice *wink wink* lol

“Kids, I got promoted at work! As of tomorrow I start work a little earlier, but get paid more!” my mother was so exited she hugged my sister again. This time rose let out a low moan, but my mom luckily didn’t hear it through her shouts.

Rose stood up afterwards and started jumping up and down in excitement. More for me than mom as her boobs jumped up and down almost freely under her shirt.

“I’m going to take you guys to dinner to celebrate! Get dressed in something better rose! Hurry!” Rose ran to her room leaving me and mom looking at each other silently.

“Now listen to me little boy…. Don’t think that rose gets your hot cock to herself. Kassy jumped up and held me close to her.” She reached in my pants suddenly and grabbed my shaft and squeezed it, just like rose does.

“I am going to enjoy this son. Your not the only one who is into fucking!” she squeezed my shaft again and kissed me on the lips suddenly. She moaned and stuck her tongue into my mouth. I had stuck mine out too from reaction and intertwined our tongues together. She was skilled at this; I found my eyes closed and my hands wrapped around her waist. Then she heard roses door open, and she pulled away fast and wiped my saliva off her lip.

“Okay, I’m ready mommy! – Did I miss something Brandon?” she asked me because of the expression on my face.

just excited about my job promotion! now go get yours shoes Brandon." she said

I jumped a little and ran off to my room. When I was in my room, I closed my door, pressed up against it, and sighed deeply.

point of />
(While Brandon is gone) “Now you, little girl. I saw what you were doing with Brandon!” she had a stern look on as she starred at me.

I said kind of scared

“I saw you and Brandon fucking!” she looked very upset, and rose was speechless; “but he didn’t see me, I felt I should address you about this first!”

Kassy snaked a hand into my pants and shoved a finger into my pussy. I almost fell to my knees about to cum already. and I moaned slightly by accident.

“Your cunt is so wet you little WHORE!” Kassy pulled her finger out while talking and shoved it back in my pussy after saying and I moaned loudly, almost cumming again.

“M-Mom! Please stop!” Kassy pulled her finger out and rose fell to the ground. Kassy licked her finger and whispered in my ear as i hung my head sighing: “I would love to get you alone, and I will one day!”

Kassy helped me up and rose breathed deeply a few times, her breathing steadied soon after and Brandon finally came back.

point of />
“Sorry I took so long, couldn’t find my Brandon starred at rose and she starred back. Rose sighed and said: “No, its ok, mom and I had an ok time talking while you were gone”

“Well, time for dinner! Lets go you two!” Kassy said as she forced us out of the house. We sat in the car for a few minutes as mom stopped and said she forgot her purse. Rose started to close her eyes and sighed as she rubbed her pussy through her clothes. "That was soo much fun! i want to fuck you again right now!" She got close to me and whispered: "but first tell me about that dream!" rose grabbed my pants and i whispered: the dream was i fucked your ass hole hard you bad sister!" I smacked her ass and she moaned loudly, but my mom came outside and she stopped, not wanting to get caught.

We had a nice dinner. We went to a steakhouse. I ordered a steak, and rose had a sirloin steak. Mom had a salad though. “This was a great dinner you two, we will be able to do this more often too. I’m so glad you two are finally getting along good. I wonder how you’re doing it.” Both rose and me looked up at her.

“We just…. get I said as plain as possible. The car ride home was deafly silent, till we got home. Rose ran to her room and closed the door. I walked to my room, but my mom snaked her hand back in my pants and squeezed my shaft again.

not going ANYWHERE little man!” She kissed me again and pushed me into her room. Kassy pushed me down onto her bed and immediately pulled my clothes off. She smiled and stared at my hard shaft.

"Your such a big boy now…." she said not taking her eyes off of it. "and i have got you right where i want you!" she said exitedly as she started to kiss my cock. she moaned and sighed softly as she started to lick around the head of my half-hard fuck stick. I starred blankly at her not sure what to say or do.

Kassy asked lustfully: "want to fuck my pussy you bad boy?" she got really close to my ear and whispered: "you want to fuck my hot cunt dont you?" she licked around my ear after saying that and then licked in my ear after a few seconds.

Kassy got up off the bed and told me to wait on the bed, as if i could go anywhere…She took soo long to come back , my dick was now completely limp.

When she finally returned, she was in a leather outfit, the exact same one that rose had been using! kassy filled it out more though, her boobs were a little bigger than rose's because of her age, she was fully matured, and her boobs were even closer to popping out of that outfit, and her ass was as well rounded as rose's. its then i realized that rose was just about the same as kassy, it ony took seeing them both in leather to figure it out….

Kassy decided to be a cock tease and whispered in my ear:

From pussy to clit,
I have to admit:
When i am touched,
my fires combust!

I looked at her with a weird look, my left eyebrow lowered to show i was confused. She giggled and sais :"Let me show you…." She lowered her leather panties to reveal her pussy, it was soo neatly trimmed, the only pubic hair she had was a small patch right above her clit in the shape of a fire.

"that fire brandon, my pussy is almost three times as sensitive as my pussy or my tits! i call it my fire because of that. it alwayse gets me turned on….." she lightly touched just the tip and her hips thrusted forward. "oh god!" she yelled as i watched her clit, it exposed itself from the hood as i starred at it. It swelled to twice its size already, and sat there protruding and throbbing slightly.

She pushed her hips down on my dick and rubbed her wet lips over my dick, and the tip of her clit touched and scrapped it lightly making her moan loudly. i had not even realized my dick was hard again till she did that. Kassy pulled the top of her leather off and shoved one of her nipples into my mouth

"SUCK ME YOU BAD BOY!" she yelled moaning loudly. years of no sexual love, she had alot of tension built up, and it was already releasing itself, right when i pinched her nipple between my teeth, she started to moan loudly, grinding her pussy and clit hard into my cock soaking it in her juices. I pinched her other nipple with my left hand's thumb and index finger. Her brests were huge! the nipples were hard, but still were soo smooth to touch and rub the bottom.

"I want you to fuck my pussy you bad kid!" she whispered in my ear sexually

"then what the fuck are you waiting for mom?" I said sexually back at her, and smacked her ass after saying 'mom'. just as i figured, she was like rose, and lifted her ass up and shoved the head of my dick into her pussy. she liked to be told she was my mom, even when fucking me, like how rose liked to be called my sister.

SON!" she yelled the last words as she pushed my dick all the way into her hot and tight pussy. i would never have believed she had had 2 kids with how tiht she was, a few years of no sex can do that i guess….

Both of us were gonna cum in no time, i could tell already, because she had already had an orgasm once already, and she had a few tricks to use on me. I could feel her having a second orgasm, as her pussy walls contracted around my cock, and i could feel my balls starting to push up my hot cum. Then she reached a finger behind my ass and wrapped her legs around me, anass, and pushes it hard against my prostate. This shocked me into not cumming soo soon, but i kept thrusting as she smiled and kissed me.

"OH GOD SON! YOUR DRIVING ME INSANE!!!" she yelled as she had a third orgasm, her pussy walls squeezed my cock hard sending waves of pleasure through my fuck stick. Finally i couldn't take it anymore. My mother could feel my cock head twitching, so she started to talk dirty again.

"yes son, cum in your moms fucking cunt you bad boy!" i came hard, slamming my hips against her, and shooting glob after glob ot fhick firey cum deep into her fuck hole. She smiles as i collaped on her chest exhausted.

"suck on my titties son….." i did, oddly, there was something different this time. Her boobs were making milk. they felt swelled a little too, she just smiled at me. "i had to nurse the neighbors baby for a while, because she couldn't remember? i kept some of the hormone pills for myself…." she giggled as i sucked lightly on them.

After about 5 inutes, my breathing was back to normal, and i decided to go back to my room for some sleep.

I was in my room. Just got through squir bed after hearing my mom cum. heheh I decided to sleep nude tonight….kind of a bad idea on my part now…. soon as i started to drift off to sleep, i felt someone push my legs apart. "Mmmm?" i said acting asleep thinking it was brandon.

He started licking my pussy slowly. I kept acting asleep, deciding i thought i would catch him off guard, moaning lightly to make it seem like im asleep, he started to finger fuck me slow, and then picked up some pace almost right away. I wanted to jump on him and fuck him hard for thinking he could rape me in my sleep, but i held back on the thought.

His finger left y moist pussy and i moaned a little as it left, feeling empty. i felt i knew what he was doing, getting ready to fuck me. I still layed still as i felt his left leg go under my right and his right go under my left. it felt weird, but i thought this might be a new position, then i felt something moist push against my pussy. I inhaled sharply, feling its warmth.

It started to rb up and down my pussy, then i realized it wasn't a dick. it was a pussy! i started to moan louder, and tried pulling away, but her legs were intertwining mine.

"you like that cunt dont you little girl?" my mom said as she pulled away and turned herself around, resting her pussy in my face as she started to suck me away.

"suck my pussy you bad girl!" she yelled as she stuck 2 fingers into my pussy. I reached out and rubbed a finger between her pussy lips. it felt soo weird to be giving in like i was, i must have been blushing beet red, but i kept rubbing. Kassy picked up speed fingering me as she bobbed her ass up and down trying to get my finger into her. I finally sunk my fingers into her pussy, it felt loose after her and brandon just fucking, so i stuck 3 fingers in and started to lick around her pussy.

"shiiiit baby! that feels nice….fuck that cunt with those fingers!" again kassy was talking dirty as she fingered me and pinched my clit hard, making me thrust my hips forward. i decided to make her pick up pace by squeezing her clit, so i started to squeeze her clit with my lips closing around it and pulling. She automatically started bucking her hips. after another minute of this, she jumped off of me and grabbed something from off the ground.

"you will like this baby!" she said as she started to suck on it, then pushed the other end into my mouth. It was a 2-sided dildo, and it was HUGE! looking at what i could, it was maybe 17 inches long, and about 4 inches wide. I indistintly started moaning a little thinking about it, moing my tongue in a circle around the head. Kassy was taking alot of it deep into her mouth. I actually stopped and immagined her sucking a real dick like that. It was deffinately turning me on. She pushed me back and held the dildo between both our pussies, and pushed us together so the middle of it rested between us, and she started rubing up and down the length of it making her soaked pussy juice cover the dildo in slick juice and start running down the dildo onto my pussy.

i could feel the juices flowing into my pussy, making me burn with lust. my mom was great at turning girls on apparently. but i was gonna try and leave her shocked with my suprise!

I started to fuck the dildo too, Kassy saw my movements and started to moan.

"oh yes you bad cunt girl! fuck that dildo! fuck it like it was your big brother!" she pickes up alot of speed suddenly, and started slamming her pussy against mine as she fucked the dildo. I started to moan loudly as an orgasm ripped through me, having my mom fuck me. Another orgasm ripped through me after the first one, and mom started to scream.

Kassy fixed her position so she was ontop of me as if it was missionary position as she pushes the dildo down hard into me against my cervix.

"you like that cock dont you rose? you want to fuck that cock dont you?" she teased me as she slowed down. "you want me to fuck you hard with this cock? tell me how hard you want me to fuck you!"

I was going insane now, wanting her to fuck me with that hard fuck tool! "FUCK ME MOM! FUCK ME HARD AS YOU CAN! I WANT HAT COCK TO MAKE ME CUM!!!

My pussy was shooting juices everywhere as Kassy fucked my cunt hard. "oh shit mom, yes, YES! im gonna cum! MAKE ME CUM />
I started to squirt with a force soo hard that when her clit pushed down into my hot shooting cum, it made her cum. but i didnt know she was a squirter too! She started shooting cum back all over my chest, and it was with just about as much force as mine.

we both yelled as she continued to fuck my cun with that dildo, making us scream as we pounded each other, riding our cunts together throuhg the hot orgasms! Kassy collapsed on my chest, very tired, and very out of breath.

"oh shit honey….oh shit…..I havent squirted like that in a long time….thank you baby….." Kassy started running her had through my hand, and over my cheeks, everywhere. then she suddenly kissed me quickly, but the kiss itself was slow, and passionate….I started moaning as i felt her tongue wiggleing around in my mouth.

GOD DAMN! i couldn't sleep with them screaming soo loud…..I had a boner again. i decided i would rub one off quick, and try going to sleep while they screamed, i imagined kassy and rose fucking me with their pussies and i wraped my hand around my dick and started to pump fast, wanting to sleep already! when i heard them screaming as if i was there, i knew they were squirting, and i imagined mom and rose shooting cum all over each other. fnally i felt my bals tighten, and a small amout of cum burst out of my dick. I had soo little cum now from my two siblings….

"ah, damn their pussies!" i mumbled. "trying to sleep and i keep wanting to fuck them…." i mumbles again, finally i drifted off to sleep, i drempt about fucking my sister again in her ass again. then i felt a warm sensation on my dick, and woke up to find……..

you all know me… one to stop it when you want me to keep going huh? sorry bout that. and im sorry you had such a wait on this one, but viruses fucked me up, and half the story got deleted at one point….pissed me off BIG TIME! i actually quit cause of that for a while…..but im back now! c ya!

story by: MasterFaker200

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