Naruto: slave for you ch. 4

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It had been a couple of months since that first day of training with Kurenai. True to her word, she trained them hard to get them ready for future missions. Mornings consisted of training in the shinobi arts which included sparing, chakra control exercises, learning about nature chakra, and other things that she believed suited them. They also worked on their teamwork so Naruto and Hinata could fight well together when Kurenai wasn’t there.

After that, they took on a couple missions a day. Every day Naruto had to fight the urge to yell out in frustration. They were shinobi, not the cleanup crew. And if Hinata was any bit as frustrated with this, she hid it very well. But, it paid somewhat well for dinner and stuff.

After that, it was sex training with Kurenai. And she taught them everything she knew. Hinata learned things like how to use her chakra to squeeze Naruto’s dick and how to help break in a new slave. This, of course, demanded that she lick her sensei’s cunt while Naruto pounded into it. Hinata was nervous as all hell, but did it anyways. As for Naruto, he learned how to use his chakra to stimulate a pussy through his cock as well as working things he found in the manual Anko had sold them.

At home, things were simple. Every morning, Hinata would wake him up with one of her blow jobs which Naruto loved. After that, they would have breakfast together and at night she made him dinner. Because of this they hardly ever went out for ramen. While Naruto did miss it, he had to admit that Hinata’s cooking was a decent trade off.
Their nights were almost always full of passion. They never trained like they did with Kurenai; they simply made love like anyone else would. Naruto was always gentle with her unless she urged him to try it a little rougher, but those times were rare. Another thing they tried was seeing how long they could prolong the pleasure before one of them came. So far they could go 45 minutes of nonstop sex. But their relationship wasn’t always about sex. Sometimes they would just lie in bed, simply talking while they held each other.

While most shinobi would insist on there being no need for clothing in the house, Naruto felt otherwise. He found the act of undressing each other to be sexy. Sometimes they would do a little cosplay with different outfits that Anko rented from her shop like a nurse’s uniform. But they always slept naked together, falling asleep in each other’s arms.


said the Hokage. “I am very please at your work so far. So, if your sensei believes you are ready, I will be giving you your first C rank mission.” He then looked up at Kurenai. “So, do you think they are ready?”

Kurenai closed her eyes and thought about for awhile. Then she nodded.

cheered Naruto.

“Very good,” said Sarutobi. “You will be working with Kakashi’s team to escort Tazuna, a well know bridge builder, back to his home and to guard him while he finishes building a bridge. Please be at the main gate in two hours.”


Sasuke and Sakura were already at the gate when Naruto and Hinata arrived. They were both surprised to see how much the two had changed. Sasuke noted that Naruto seemed to be a bit stronger then he had been. To Sakura, Hinata seemed to be glowing with happiness. Also, now that Hinata was no longer wearing that coat all the time, she could see how far behind her in the chest department she was.

A short while later Kurenai, Kakashi, and an old man who was probably the client came walking towards him. The old man looked them over and seemed troubled. He then made several wise cracks about them, causing Naruto to yell at him. After Naruto settled down a bit, they started their mission. Sasuke and Naruto were to lead while Kakashi and Kurenai walked next to Tazuna. In the back were Sakura and Hinata.

“So how have things been?” asked Sakura as she made ideal chit chat.

replied Hinata. “How a-are things with />
“I really lucked out,” replied Sakura. “I just wish you could know what it’s like to have a master like Sasuke-sama. I know that Naruto is a nice guy and all but Sasuke-sama is simply smarter, stronger, and has a great cock. Probably bigger than
Hinata, not liking Sakura’s bragging, turned to her with a serious look in her eyes.

is a great master,” said Hinata without stuttering. “He works hard every day to become stronger and he has a great cock. Not only that, he leaves me satisfied every time. In fact, we can go at least 45 minutes straight!” Hinata then stopped as she realized what she was saying and her face went red. sorry. I-I just didn’t like what you s-said about />
“No problem,” said Sakura who was a little taken back. “I shouldn’t have said what I did anyways.” Truth was that Sasuke wasn’t that good in bed, usually only lasting a couple minutes at most with no foreplay. And sometimes not even that. Afterwards, he falls asleep.

Soon they passed by a puddle on this hot day.


After taking care of the two missing nins, Tazuna spilled the beans about what was really going on. A crime lord named Gato had taken over the shipping ports in their island country and Tazuna was building a bridge in order to stop him. At first, the sensei’s wanted to turn back. However, due to their student’s insistence and Tazuna pretending to cry, they decided to continue. Once they reached the island country, they ran into Zabuza and the two jonin began to fight him. That’s when…

whispered Hinata with her Byakugan activated. “There i-is a Kiri-nin watching t-this battle. She l-looks like she’s g-getting ready to do Naruto nodded and the two of them jumped up into the trees.

“Where are they going?” asked Sakura. Sasuke didn’t say anything as he watched his sensei fight the sword wielding nin. This was more interesting in his opinion since his sensei had the Sharingan. Why should he care if Naruto and his slave ran away in fear?
Haku watched the fight between her master and the two Konoha-nins. Things were looking bad as the two of them fought seemingly well together. She was about to put on her mask so she could help him escape when two of the genin appeared in the tree next to her. Haku let out a growl of annoyance.

“Stand down,” said Naruto as he pulled out his double kadaicha. He then pointed one of them at her. “I don’t want to fight you if I don’t have to so please come quietly with us.” Haku looked over at her master out of the corner of her eye. Kakashi was mirroring his every move! She had to act quickly or else…Haku reached for her senbon needles and pulled out a handful of them.

“My master needs help and I don’t have time to deal with you,” she said. She then threw them at Naruto and as they neared him he began to deflect them with his blades. Haku then made several hand signs and created several ice spikes floating in the air around her, all of them pointed at her enemies. Then, on her command, they flew at the two. Neither Hinata nor Naruto moved at the ice pieced their flesh. Haku turned to look down at her master, never realizing that the two she had just killed vanished in a cloud of smoke. She was so concerned for her master that she never realized that they were behind her until she was hit in the back of the head by the handle of Naruto’s weapon. The last thing she saw was her master’s death by Kakashi’s hands.


“You both did a good job,” said Kurenai to her student. They were now at Tazuna’s home where he lived with his daughter and grandson. “If you two hadn’t acted like you did then Zabuza might have gotten away.”

“Please, the dobe just got lucky,” said Sasuke. Kurenai turned to face him with a serious look that caused him to flinch.

“When you get more experience, then you can decide what is and isn’t luck,” she said. Kurenai then turned her attention back to her students. “Now then, since Naruto made the capture, it’s up to him to decide what to do with the girl.”

“What do you mean sensei?” asked Naruto.

“Remember when I was explaining the rules?” asked Kurenai. “If you capture another kunoichi you have the right to either claim her or kill her.” Naruto’s eyes widened a bit and then nodded.

“I think…I think I need to see her before I make any decisions,” said Naruto. Kurenai nodded.

fine,” she said. “Right now she is up in the attic. You have until this mission is over to either kill her or make her yours. I’ll take these two outside and train them while their sensei is resting. You and Hinata take all the time you need.”


Haku was face down on the ground, naked. The only things on her were three leather straps that went around her body. Her arms were behind her back and the straps kept her from moving them. The first strap was just above her perky breasts and the second was just below them. The third was just below her navel. A steel bar was held up by leather straps that were attached to her feet so that she would have a hard time running away as well as having easy access to her pussy. Her color was still on, but Zabuza’s tag was gone. She knew what would happen next. They would either kill her or convert her. Well, she would rather die than let that happen. Besides, Zabuza was dead now. What purpose did her life have now without him?

Then a door opened and in came the blond she had fought as well as his pale eyed slave. Haku looked at them in disgust. If they hadn’t shown up then she would have been able to save Zabuza.

“I don’t know where to begin,” said the blond. “I’ve never really done this before. Oh, my name’s Naruto and this is Hinata-chan. My sensei has given me the option to either enslave or kill you. />
“Just kill me,” said Haku. “Without Zabuza-sama, I have />
“W-What about a family,” asked Hinata.

“My father killed my mother because of my bloodline,” said Haku. “Back home, people like me are seen as monsters. I managed to survive and was alone for a long time. No one needed me until I meet Zabuza-sama. For him, I became a weapon. But now that he’s gone, I’m all alone again so what’s the point.”

Naruto and Hinata looked at each other in amazement. She was like them in a way. Hated and unwanted. Hinata gave Naruto a nod that she was ok with what they were about to do. Naruto then made a cross shaped seal and yelled out “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” and created a single clone. The clone went over to Haku as the other two in the room began to undress each other.

Haku watched in amazement at the two nude figures in front of her. Hinata had larger breasts than her and that made her a little jealous. Naruto seemed to have a decent sized cock. Haku blushed as she looked at it. She had only given Zabuza blowjobs in the past because he was more interest in power than pleasure. She then gasped as hands grabbed her sides. She had forgotten about the clone! The clone genteelly picked her up and moved her so that she was eventually sitting on his lap.

Soon she felt his hands cupping her breasts. Her face began to redden a bit as they began to kneed them. Pleasure from this cause her to let out a small sigh and she leaned back a bit. One hand soon left her left breast and began to slowly move down her stomach. As it did this, the hand that was on her breast began to play with her nipple. She shut her eyes as she fought the pleasure, but opened them in shock as she felt the other hand rub her pussy slowly.

Naruto and Hinata were now kissing as their bodies were pressed closely together. As she watched them, Haku could help but picture her in Hinata’s place.

“You want that, don’t you,” whispered the clone into her ear.

“No,” moaned Haku as she felt the clone lick the back of her ear.

“Just submit,” whispered the clone. “If you do, I promise to take good care of you. You’ll have a home. You’ll be needed. Just say you’ll be mine.”

“No,” moaned Haku again. Now the real Naruto was on his knees as he began to lick Hinata’s slit. She watched at Hinata moaned and then put her hands on the boys shoulders in order to support herself. Naruto keep going as his tongue darted in and out of the girls pussy. Then, once he knew that she was close, he gave her clit a long and slow lick that sent her over the edge.

worry,” said the clone. “This is just round one.”

story by: Brony-wan-Kenobi

Tags: fiction bondage and restriction teen male/teen females slavery fan fiction sex story

Author: Brony-wan-Kenobi

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