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“Be good now” he said as he zipped up his trousers and I left his office.
My name is Natalie and I have been regularly sucking my Head of Year’s cock for the past two weeks. I am sixteen, just. I am 5ft 7” with long brunette locks and green eyes. I weigh 8st 9lbs and have a perky 34B sized breast. I have a slim/athletic figure.

How did this all start? Well, Mr Smith, or is my English Teacher as well as my Head of Year. I can be very polite when I want to be, but I have to admit, a bit of an attitude can creep up if I get reprimanded for some reason or don’t get my own way.

Previously when I got into trouble, Mr Smith would have to take the standard disciplinary procedures and either exclude me from school; I have been excluded 5 times already, give me detention, take me out of all my classes for a whole day and sit in isolation, or give me a punishment exercise! To be honest, I haven’t done anything that extreme, just disrespecting teachers around school mainly.

Mr Smith always knew what I wanted from him but he never showed any sign of interest. The school’s uniform code wasn’t too strict; Trousers for males and either trousers or a below-the-knee skirt for females, of course accompanied with a shirt or blouse and the school’s tie. Girl’s hair had to be tied back if it was too long.

On my 16th birthday, I decide to celebrate that fact and rebel a little. I walked into my registration class and Miss Young’s chin dropped, she was a Catholic women who wore clothing – she must have only been around 25, but anyway, she couldn’t believe what I was wearing; a little black mini-skirt which showed my red frenchies, a tight white blouse was away to pop at the buttons because it was so small – through which, others could see my matching bra. My hair was dawn and all wavy. I was wearing a little make-up too, not too much, just enough to achieve the look. Before I got a chance to sit down, she pointed at the down and ordered me to go and explain myself to Mr Smith. With pleasure, I thought. I gave her a dirty look and left.

I got to Mr Smiths office and knocked at the door.
“Come in,” he requested in a high pitched voice, “Oh. Natalie”, he said in his voice, “What on earth are you wearing? No more chances, I am phoning your father and getting him to come and pick you up straight away.”
My heart sank.
“What were you thinking? There is always something going on with you. Can’t you just go to your classes, studying and get on with things without drawing attention to yourself?” Mr Smith yelled.
“I am sixteen today, Sir”
“Well, it’s not the best way to start a new era, is it?”
“No, sir” I hanged my head in shame hoping he would take pity.
“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t phone home?”
“I don’t want my Dad seeing me dressed like this, Sir. He will go mad. How about I… make it up to you, Sir?”
“I do not know what you are suggesting, Natalie, but I’m not liking where this conversation is leading to”
“Perhaps I can try and change your mind, Sir?”
I stood up and walked around his desk, took his hand and he stood up. I unbuckled his belt but he seemed to hesitate.
“We both want this, Sir”
“But – “
“What goes on in this room, stays in the room.”
I shuffled down his trousers and briefs and I got on my knees. I started to caress his scrotum and massage his cock. Before long his flaccid dick was in my mouth. I began to lick his tip and then up and down his shaft. Gently, I sucked his dick and it enlarged fast. I was amazed at home how big it was, I’d say at least 10”, if not bigger. He put his hands behind my head and softly fucked my mouth. With his facial expressions and his cries of moaning, I could tell he was enjoying it.
“Have you ever tasted semen?” he asked with his cock still in my mouth, I shook my head to signal no, “Well, today’s your lucky day, Sweetheart” And with that, he came. It tasted usual, salty, but somewhat, /> He let out a sign of relief and wiped my chin.
going to get in serious trouble” he said.
“What others don’t know won’t hurt.”
“I suppose, at least I’m not breaking the law, well, I am breaking my contract, but anyway. Natalie? I won’t call your parents but I will need to send you home. I’ll give you an absence slip and you can take the rest of the day off. Regular uniform tomorrow, right?
“Yes, sir” I smiled and shut the door behind me.

The following day I was back in my regular clothes. I seen Mr Smith in English, we acted as normal, well, he walked past me and winked. At the end of the period he asked if I could go down to his office after class. I made out I was pissed out pleased that I hadn’t done anything wrong.
I sat outside his office and when he arrived, he asked if I could step inside; less than a minute later his wedding ring was on the desk, I was on my knees and he was back in my mouth. It has been like this for the past couple of weeks; Mr Smith coming to my classes asking to see me whenever he needed to relax and relieve tension.

I was happy to comply.

story by: Naughty-Naty

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Author: Naughty-Naty

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