Neighbours – part 8

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The next couple of weeks were mainly relaxing with the odd event over at Jane and Paul’s house where inevitably Paul ran the film of Sarah’s bukake birthday party. I had to admit it was a hell of a horny film and easily as good to watch as any professional job. I also had a couple of visits from Jane over at my house so all in all I was still my neighbours. By now though I think I’d fucked Jane and Sarah enough times to almost feel part of that strange sexual family and not just their neighbour.

I was working from home one Friday when Sarah breezed in and said “Hi Tom, are you busy?”

“Hi Sarah, not really seen you since your party, how are you doing? Shouldn’t you be at school today?”

“No it’s OK, the school is shut today so we get extra time off. Thanks for coming to my party, didn’t you think it was great? Everyone there just for me and trying to make my party so good for me!” It was then, looking into those sparkling wide eyes that I was reminded again just how young Sarah was. it just the best? I came so many times I lost count and I can’t even keep track when watching dads film of the night! You enjoyed it too didn’t you Tom?”

“Enjoyed it? Of course I enjoyed it Sarah, one hell of a party that will be a long time before I forget it. So, what are you up to now?” I asked as she moved over to me and put her arm around my neck. Her short skirt rode up and I felt the warmth of her thighs against mine and the soft little push of her breast against my chest.

“Glena asked me to remind you about her invite. She was wondering if I’d take you over today seeing as Lizzie will be there as well and we can have a little get together.” Glena was Lizzies mother and I’d met her at Sarah’s party.

“A little get together?” I asked as I gently stroked her pert titty through the material of her blouse, “now what exactly does that mean?”

“You know what it means Tom, she saw your car in the drive and guessed you’d not gone into work today, Lizzies dad is at the market all afternoon selling stock and she was hoping you would help her keep me and Lizzie from getting bored.” Those big eyes of hers drilled into me as she reached down and gently flicked her hand along my cock. How could I resist?

“OK you minx,” I said getting up from the chair and patting her rear as I followed her out to the car, “I’m nearly ready to fuck you now Sarah but I guess I can wait to see what else Lizzie and her mom have to offer as well.” With that she slapped my arm with feigned annoyance and then laughed as we got into my car. Usually, when I drove Sarah anywhere she would reach over and stroke my cock as soon as the car began to move and today was no exception. God, this little temptress was superb in what she did and I was rock hard before we had gone a hundred yards. “Sarah, do you want me to shoot in my pants?” I asked.

she giggled, “but I’d better leave you alone ‘till we get to Lizzies. I think Glena wants to feel you in her again after my party and I know Lizzie can’t wait to get hold of your cock again. She just keeps on and on about it. Maybe I should have kept you to myself.”

“Well, that wouldn’t be too bad but don’t forget, it was your mom who got hold of me first. Besides, I thought you liked to share things with your best friend.” She laughed again at that and I wondered if she had other young friends she shared things with or whether it was just with Lizzie. After all, both their parents seemed to share everything as well so maybe it was the done thing around here. We soon got to Lizzies house and Sarah jumped out of the car to lead the way inside. By now, my cock had calmed down a little and was only in a semi hard state as I followed those swaying little hips into the house.

Lizzie and Glena, her mom, were sprawled arm in arm with each other on the couch as we entered. They were obviously in some deep conversation and broke apart in mutual giggles when I came into the room behind Sarah. Lizzie was her usual beautiful redheaded teenage self and my cock twitched again at the sight of her. She wore a tight white T shirt which showed her pert little nipples through and her short pleated skirt barely covered her pussy. I could just catch a glimpse of her white panties as she flicked out her legs which were clad in knee high white cotton socks.

Glena got up and came over to me. She too looked good as she flicked her short blonde hair back from her eyes. She was barefoot and wore the skimpiest pair of denim shorts which had been hacked off almost at the crotch and she had a plain shirt unbuttoned but tied in a rough knot at the front just below her swaying tits. It seemed I was in for another hot afternoon and my eyes didn’t know who to focus on first. “Hello stranger,” Glena crooned, “I thought you were going to ignore my invitation. I’ve been sulking waiting for you to call” and with that she planted a hot kiss on my mouth and briefly shot her tongue inside me before taking my hand and leading me to the couch.

“It’s not been that long,” I hedged with a smile, “and I’m still recovering from Sarah’s party.”

“Oh no you’re not” she chastised, been recovered enough to go over and fuck Jane several times since then so you have no excuses.” She perched me in the centre of the couch with her on my left and Lizzie on my right as she then reached her fingers through the gap in my shirt and began to stroke my nipples erect. Lizzie meanwhile had dropped her head to me belly as she slid her hand along my pants over the bulge of my cock. “I love this cock mom,” she said “it’s such a great shape and tastes and feels so />
“Well, baby,” Glena replied, “I’m sure Tom won’t mind if you have another sample of it but I hope you are going to share with your mom and your best friend.” With that we all laughed and Sarah joined the group by kneeling on the floor in front of me and sharing the stroking of my cock with Lizzie. “Now come on Tom, let’s see this prize of yours,” said Glena, now taking the lead and sliding my zipper open as Lizzie undid my belt. Next thing, Sarah was pulling my pant off from under me and I was slipping out of my shirt to leave myself sat there naked between the three of them with my cock standing to attention as three willing hands stroked it.

I sat there and looked down at Sarah’s hands cupping my balls whilst Lizzie stroked my shaft and Glena, her mother, twirled her finger over and around my cock head, teasing the pre cum from me. Sarah was staring straight up into my eyes with a big grin over her face as she watched me slide my left hand inside Glena’s shirt to take hold of her firm tit whilst my right sneaked Lizzies T shirt up so that it could hold her pink tipped cone. Glena leaned over and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth as she eased herself out of her shorts and the tied shirt. It was then that I felt the heat of a teenaged mouth on my cock as Lizzie slid her lips over it and swirled her saliva around the head.

I broke from Glena and we both looked down at these two girls. Lizzie was bobbing her head on my cock whilst Sarah had stripped herself and had pulled Lizzies panties from her and pushed her pleated skirt up to her waist so that she could lap at her pussy lips. I reached across and pulled Lizzies T shirt over her head to get a good look at her lovely little titties and I switched gaze from her to her mother and imagined them growing over the next few years to the size of Glena’s which were full and bobbed seductively with her every move. Between the four of us, the only items of clothing still worn were Lizzies white socks and her pleated skirt and now she was sliding these off to join the rest of us and be fully naked.

Glena now hitched her leg over so that she was squatting on my lap holding her tits to my mouth. I suckled them each in turn and she said over her shoulder, “Come on now Lizzie, put that cock in mommy’s pussy, I want to feel it fuck in me now.”

At this I felt Lizzies mouth rise from my cock and a delicate hand swirl it around and place it at Glena’s opening and then hold it rigid. Glena then slid herself down onto me with a moan of “Ohhhh, that is just sooo good. Mmm I can feel that lovely cock muscle buried up in me. Stroke his balls baby whilst mommy fucks on this cock” and she began to ride on me in long gyrating circles whilst Lizzie stroked my balls. “Yes Sarah,” she added “lick my pussy lips and my ass hole for me” and I guess that’s what Sarah did, though I couldn’t see her.

Next I heard Lizzie moan and say to Sarah, “Yes, that’s it, faster and deeper, I’m cuming now” and I figured Sarah was finger fucking her as she licked Lizzies moms pussy lips and my cock shaft. “Yes, yessss” cried Lizzie as she hit her orgasm and shortly after I felt her moms pussy twitch along my cock in her own spasm.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside the room and a rustling and scratching sound on the door followed by some whimpering noises. “Damn it you two,” said Glena lightly, “I should have known they’d smell you both from there. Go on then Sarah, you might as well let them in” and she eased herself off my cock and turned to the door as Sarah opened it. “These fucking dogs, I told you both you were giving them too much and now they think they can just get a fuck any time they want.” Sarah opened the door and in bounded two wildly excited shaggy haired dogs, the leader of the two shooting straight across to Lizzie where he proceeded to flick his tongue deep into her pussy and lap the juices from around it. The second dog hopped from side to side eagerly waiting his turn until Glena grabbed him by the scruff and pulled him to her own pussy where he lapped at a comparable rate to his companion. Sarah sat back on her haunches and howled with laughter at the site of these two crazy over sexed dogs gulping Glena and Lizzies juices down.

“Jesus Glena,” I exclaimed, my cock now left un attended and not knowing whether to go soft or get harder, tell me you three fuck these dogs as well!”

she gasped, “oh yes, oh yes. If you could lick as fast and deep as they do or if you could fuck at the pace they do then you can question it but if not, then each to their own. Don’t be such a prude Tom, I know you’ve watched these two girls suck the horse so why should you now be surprised that they also fuck dogs? I’ve done it for years and taught Lizzie who, as usual, passed it on to Sarah so now we have regular sessions with the dogs and Jed joins in when he’s here. Come on, go with the flow!”

Sarah now crawled over to the first dog (which I found later was called Hero and the second was called Jip) and reached under him to stroke his sheath. His pink cock head had already begun to appear and she soon coaxed out the rest of him so that her hand held a fat pink cock with a little point on the tip and she began to milk it for Hero. “Ha ha look at this Tom. Hero’s cock is nearly as big as yours. I can jerk him ‘till he cums and when he does it’s in lots of thin shoots and he licks it up afterwards” she laughed. I looked around and both Glena and Lizzie had their eyes closed as the dogs licked at them and Sarah was on all fours jerking Hero as he got more and more frantic. Her pert little rear was so inviting so I moved behind her and slid the tip of my cock along her wet slit. “Mmmm yes Tom,” she murmured as I then slowly slid my full length into her and began to work myself in and out of this little teenaged cunt.

Now Lizzie leaned across to reach under Jip and she bobbed her head under him to flick her tongue over his emerging cock tip. He was a little larger than Hero and he was enjoying the attention when he moved forwards to try and mount Glena but the position made it nearly impossible and he just finished up straddling her leg. “Oh, I want a cock in me,” murmured Lizzie as she turned herself over and backed her rear into Hero. He leapt up onto her with no further urging and began to try and push his cock into her but he kept missing the mark.

“Help him in Sarah,“ said Glena, “but keep his knot out of her. She’s not ready to take all of that yet.” Sarah held onto his cock and guided it to Lizzie’s hole where he slammed it in deep. She kept her hand wrapped around the base of his cock so that his knot couldn’t get in her friend as Hero began to frantically fuck into Lizzie. The dog was going like a steam hammer and Lizzie was getting overwhelmed with the feelings he was giving her and she just kept cuming and cuming as she squealed in delight.

Jip was still licking Glena as she held him to her by the scruff of his neck. His cock was thrust out and dribbling a little fluid on the floor. Lizzie had her face flat on the floor with her rear stuck up in the air as Hero frantically fucked her and Sarah kept a grip on his cock so that he couldn’t knot Lizzie as she pushed her own rear back onto my cock. “Yes Sarah,” I called, ”Now! I’m going to cum! Oh yesssss!” and I began to shoot stream after stream of hot spunk deep up into this little teen cunt. My cock felt like a steel bar as I watched it slide in and out of her and my spunk began to ooze out around the sides.

Almost at the same time as I’d been yelping as I came, Hero had cum into Lizzie and he was making all sorts of strange doggy noises as he pushed hard into her trying to get his knot in. Sarah wouldn’t let him and he hopped off and I saw a massive dribble of dog cum pour out of Lizzie onto the floor and he slunk over to the corner where he began to lick his own cock.

Meanwhile, Glena hauled Jip over and knelt in front of me. “Guide him in Tom,” she said, mind him getting his knot into me as I can take him and just love that full feeling.” It hardly registered what I was doing as she got down on all fours and Jip mounted her. He thrust towards her and, like Hero, kept missing his mark so I reached under him and guided his cock to Glena’s hole where he slammed straight into her and began fucking at the same pace as Hero had done Lizzie. Glena moaned in her pleasure and I watched as Jips knot pushed into her and her cunt swelled wide to accommodate it. He wasn’t long before he started his crazy high pitched yelps as he shot his dog cum into her and she flopped down as she also orgasmed in this frantic fuck session. I could see her ass hole twitch as she began to cum and it pursed for ages as she was rocked in her spasms and Jip flipped over to try to get out of her but his knot locked tight and pull as much as he could it was held in Glena’s cunt.

Now hero got up and came investigating as he sniffed at my spunk dripping from Sarah and began to lap it from her. “Looks like I’m just in time,” came a voice from the door and I looked round to see Jed enter. “I thought you three would be fucking something with this extra day off school so I sold up quick at market and came home to join you. You know how I can’t resist your little pussy Sarah” and he peeled his shirt off and pulled his pants free as he crossed the room to her.

“Hi Uncle Jed” she giggled as she took his already rigid cock into her mouth. “Hi dad,” purred Lizzie as she dreamily wiped dog cum from her hole, “Hero just fucked me and Jip just fucked mom” she said in a matter of fact sort of way which sounded like she was just telling her father what they had all had for breakfast.

“I figured that baby,” he replied, “when I saw the cum running from you as I came in and jip was still stuck in your mom. Why do you think I’ve got such a boner when I came in if I’d not seen what you were all up to. Oh yes Sarah, that’s nice. You get better at cock sucking every time I see you” and he held onto her head as it bobbed on his cock. Hero seemed to like the taste of my cum as he licked Sarah clean and he moved around following the scent and began to slurp on my cock. I have to admit it was a strange and good feeling as this rough tongue lapped around the head but I was more than a little wary in case he got carried away and took a bite out of it. He soon lost interest though and moved behind Sarah to try and mount her. This time he hit straight away and began to fuck hard and fast into her. This was an amazing sight as I watched this cute teen getting a frantic fuck from this big hairy dog as her best friends’ dad had her head bobbing on his cock.

Glena leaned over and grasped Hero’s cock at the base, “Damn you lot, don’t let him knot her. I keep telling you these two girls are not ready for that yet. Come on then Tom, don’t just stand there looking useless! Get that cock of yours in me quickly. I want to feel it fuck me hard like at Sarah’s party.” As she leaned under Hero to grasp his cock I moved behind her and slammed straight in. After all, I figured, the way she enjoyed that dog fuck I didn’t need to bother with any sort of foreplay so I just started to fuck her hard and fast.

“Daddy, what about me?” pouted Lizzie and she lay back on the couch with her legs apart and dog cum dripping from her. Jed pulled away from Sarah’s mouth and knelt before her to slide his cock into her red fringed cunt.

“Here baby,” he said, want you to feel left out when daddy can help keep you happy. I’m sure I can save some for little Sarah later.”

Although I was fucking Glena at the time, and she felt superb, I did look on with a bit of envy at Jed stuck inside Lizzies lovely slit. Jed must have seen what I was thinking and said with a chuckle “This teen pussy is so sweet Tom, on both these girls, but Glena can grip a cock so tight you’d think she was strangling it.”

As if on cue Glena gripped me hard and looking over her shoulder said, “How does that grab you Tom?” and we both laughed at the pun and I had to admit she made her cunt grip so tight it was like a virgin hole. “Oh he’s shooting Sarah,” she said to the girl as she gripped Hero’s cock, “damn that a lot of cum he’s />
“Oh yes, yes, yes!” mewled Sarah as the dog emptied himself into her. “Oh that’s so good. It feels so hot inside me.” Again Hero hopped off as soon as he’d finished and retreated to the corner where he lay down to lick his cock. A thin stream of dog cum dribbled from Sarah, just as it had from Lizzie before.

Now Lizzie was cuming again as her dad slid into her and she closed her eyes in ecstasy. “Oh Tom, you want to be feeling my little girl twitch now,” Jed called across, “now that’s what makes fatherhood so rewarding but I’m going to finish off with my little friend Sarah over there, just to check them off against each other” and he winked as he pulled out of Lizzie and went over to slide into Sarah’s dog sopping little cunt. “Ah yes, that’s my sweet girls little friend alright and Hero’s just got her nice and ready for me.”

Lizzie was just laid on the couch and looked exhausted as she slowly stroked her clit and dipped her fingers into her open pussy. Jed was now rhythmically pounding into Sarah who was smiling like the cat with all the cream. Glena then slid me out of her and eased me onto my back where she then lowered herself onto my cock again and speared it fully inside her. “Now you’re going to really feel what these muscles of mine can do.”

With that she remained with my cock right up inside her and without seeming to move, she began to massage my cock with her inner muscles. She just sat there impaled on me with her arms outstretched and a hand holding down each of my shoulders as she stared intently into my eyes. This feeling was amazing. It was something like an intense hot hand job as her muscles smoothed along my cock and she began to bring me off. She nodded as I tensed and smiled seductively as she licked her lips and I began to cum high up into her. Pulse after pulse of my spunk flew from me and washed her insides and the sensitivity was intense and she continued to milk me with those muscles as she gradually slowed the waves down and then stopped to lower herself onto my chest to rest.

She lifted her head to dip her tongue into my mouth and we looked to the side as we heard Jed cuming into Sarah. They were both laughing out loud as he shot into her with his hands holding her hips tightly to him. Now Jip had roused himself and was stood in front of Lizzie with his nose buried in her crotch. She held him by the scruff as he licked the juices from around her pussy and his cock began to emerge again. Hero too began to get up from his corner and come back over to the group and tired as we all seemed, I figured that the afternoon games were going to carry on for much longer yet.

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