Papa and megan-the beginning

sex stories

Martha and I have been happily married for 27 years now and we are still very much in love. Marty was my high school sweetheart and we were married a year after graduation. Marty is pretty, not gorgeous, but she carries her prettiness like the girl next door. She has a blue eyes, light brown hair, a girl with a smile that lights up any room she enters. I have only been with Marty, so my bias is obvious, but she was my beauty in high school and she remains my beauty to this day. We manage to stay in shape by doing some walking and exercise, she more than I, but we both have maintained our weight pretty well. Marty, I would guess is about 125-130 and I, well lets say, I’m just a little over my football playing weight of 175 lbs. Marty is totally devoted to the kids and I. And in the bedroom, well she has not turned me down in any request I have made and, in fact, has come up with some pretty kinky things herself. Our sex life is fantastic.

After we were married almost a year, I joined the Marines and Marty stayed home with our first born Danny and lived with her parents. It was a tough time for both of us, but probably hardest on Marty. After my discharge, I came home and started my life as many other twenty year-old fathers do. One kid became three and we moved and struggled just like any family until one day you turn around and Danny is graduating and in love with Shelly and her daughter Megan. Shelly lost her husband in an auto accident two years before, right after Megan was born. Now Danny found himself being a new husband and father all at the tender age of 18.

Danny was smart and more importantly, he was ambitious. As his family grew so did his position and stature with his company. They weren’t wealthy but they did manage all right. As a family, they continued to grow also, with the addition of a little boy, Robert Daniel, Bobby, a year after their marriage. Their girl, Megan, continued to grow up to become a lovely 11-year-old. She was truly and little doll, both figuratively and physically. She was petite and beautiful. Not many 11 year-old girls are truly beautiful, cute yes, sometimes attractive, but seldom beautiful. Megan was a girl. Maybe it is her personality, her petite stature or her outgoing, fun loving attitude. She is a remarkable girl. She did display some unusual tenancies at times but they were dismissed by most as fun loving curiosity or just ignored altogether.

Ever since I was young, I have always had a wondering eye. When I spotted a girl or woman walking towards me or away from me, my eyes would invariably go to her crouch, then to her breasts just in case there was something to see. I was looking for a panty line, a cleavage shot, anything that would give me a thrill. I don’t know if that is a male thing or if it is universal, I’ve also have done it so long, it is normal for me. I have not noticed it in other people I’ve met. When they look at you, their eyes are on our eyes. Mine are diverted, just for a second. Megan reminded me of myself. I always got the impression she was checking me out when she looked at me. Once when she was about 6 or so, she was sitting on the floor coloring in a book. She was wearing a skirt and she was sitting cross legged and when she noticed I was glancing at her panties, she looked down, then smiled and spread her legs even more and looked directly into my eyes as if to say she wanted me to see.

Another example, once when she was about 8, my second child, Stephanie, commented that her daughter was caught playing with herself and when confronted said that cousin Megan showed her how to make her feel all warm down there. Then there was the time when her brother, Bobby, was caught laying on top of Megan and both were naked. No one seemed to be concerned but I thought to myself that this behavior seemed awfully familiar. I was exactly that way I felt, as a youth, and I still had those tenancies.

One day, those tenancies, lying dormant for so long, reared their ugly heads. We have a heated swimming pool and the grandkids love coming over to swim in it. On this particular day, I stayed home to do some work on the computer and Marty invited Shelly and the grandkids over to swim. Then Marty and Shelly asked if I would watch Megan and they left with Bobby for a movie. I said sure and off they went.
After a while, Megan called from the pool, “Papa George, come swim with me.”
“Pretty soon” I said, “when I finish.”

It took me about five minutes to finish up my work, so I put on a suit and into the pool I jumped, much to the glee of Megan. We played the flipper game, where I put my hands on my knees, palms up. Megan puts her feet in my palms facing me and on three, I raise my hands rapidly and Megan does a back flip into the deep end. Once when Megan put her feet on my hands, she lost her balance and fell forward. I suddenly noticed her crouch was in my face. She let out a giggle and resumed the game. I noticed about every other time she would lose her balance and would put her crouch back into my face. Each time she would laugh and giggle. This started having a strange effect on me and I started anticipating the loss of balance with a nose right to her crouch. And I started getting an erection.

Megan was starting to fill out. She was starting to develop the first hint of breasts. Not swollen yet, but just the protrusion of the nipples. She was starting to spread out at the hips and take on the shape of a blossoming young lady. She was no longer a gangly girl but she was not developing yet into a women. She was beautiful though. She had long blond hair that flowed over her shoulders. She had always been a “toe head” and it was quite a contrast to the slender, tanned shoulders and back. I noticed for the first time that she wore a white string bikini that was too tight for her and her nipples stuck out a little and the fabric clung to the lips of her crouch. When she laughed and giggled I suddenly wanted to give her a hug and protect her and her beauty.

“I’m tired of flipper”, I said, think of another game.”

“How about “Bombs away”, she suggested.

Megan went on to explain that this game was played with her facing outward, sitting on my hands and her arms around her legs and I would throw her upward and she would splash down like a bomb. I said ok and we would try it. As I squatted down in the shallow end of the pool, Megan backed onto my hands and rapped her arms around her legs. As I counted to three, I realized that my fingers were making contact with the folds of her crack and I was massaging her pussy through her swimsuit.

I said and lifted her out of the water and before she had her footing, she was back in the cradle of my hands. Each time I would count slower and massage deeper until I realized that I was rubbing my crotch, I had a gigantic erection and she had her head back on my shoulder, panting breathlessly.
“Papa, you stopped counting,” she noticed.
“I know,” I said.
“Papa, it feels funny down there,” she said between pants.
“A good funny or a bad funny?” I inquired.
After thinking a bit, she said, “Good, I think.”
Then I did something stupid, I tried to enter her bottoms through the leg hole and touch her pussy directly. She sat up straight and moved my hand away, saying “Papa? Don’t put your hand in my /> I immediately backed off and stopped my intrusion.

“But don’t stop Megan begged as I stopped caressing her small eager crotch. But I realized that this had to stop before it went any further.
“Mom and Gramma should be home soon” I lied. I said, “we need to talk” “Go on and get dressed” I commanded rather suddenly, “and we will talk about this later.”

As I entered the shower, all I could thing of was what am I doing? What do I want to talk about? How in the hell did I get myself into this mess? But I couldn’t control myself. I wanted to rip her suit off and plunge my face into her snatch. God, what am I thinking of. This is Megan, my granddaughter! How could I even think of such things! But, God, it felt so good to rub her crotch and she did like it, didn’t she? I wonder if she has any hair down there yet. Stop it!

“George, is that you?” called Marty.
“Yes Dear, I’m in the shower” “How was the movie?”
I was trying to get rid of my hard on but it was only down to the swollen stage when Marty saw it as we passed each other in the bedroom.
She grabbed it playfully and asked, “Is this for anyone I know?”
“Just for you Honey”, I lied.
just have to see about that later”, she said, giving it a gentle tug and laughed.
After she left the room I trembled, almost uncontrollably at the thought of my actions. What am I going to do?

Later that evening, when Shelly was ready to leave with the kids, Megan requested to stay the night and be picked up tomorrow afternoon. Good, I thought. I can try to have that talk with Megan, if I could figure out what I wanted to say. Megan, Marty and I spent the evening playing games and joking around until bedtime. Megan came up to me for a goodnight kiss and waited until Marty was otherwise occupied then proceeded to give me a deep, passionate kiss, right on the mouth. I could not refuse kissing her back and giving her a squeeze on the butt. She squealed playfully and gave me a mischievous grin. Then she said goodnight and turned to her bedroom.

I walked into the bedroom and there hiding behind the door was my horny wife, waiting to attack me. Marty was the only woman for me. She was warm and caring, very well preserved for a 45 year-old mother of three. She was fun and energetic and most of all, a passionate lover. She was perfect for me, so why am I risking it all for a thrill with an 11 year-old? Before I could even think about an answer, Marty was removing my pants to get to my cock. She instantly went down on her knees and pulling down my underwear, started licking and sucking my throbbing dick. I instinctively reach for her top and unzipped it to lie on the floor. Then I ripped off her bra, unleashing her beautiful breasts and I immediately started caressing and pinching the nipples. They were hard already and she moaned through her sucking. With one hand, she gently cradled my balls and the other started working the fingers in my crack, finding my scrotum and driving me wild. I could feel it rise up in me, so I removed myself from her sucking mouth to stand her up. As I stepped out of my pants and underwear, I was struggling to get her naked. She helped me succeed, then fell on top off me onto the bed, all the while entwined in a mad passionate embrace. We were licking and sucking anything that was flesh while my hands were all over her butt and crouch trying to enter any hole I could. I moved her up so that I could suck her breasts while I had ample access to her anus and vagina. Her legs were straddling my chest and as I trust my fingers into her two crouch holes, she let out a cry of pleasure. She soon reversed herself on me as she stuck her ass into my mouth. My tongue licked her clit as my fingers found her holes once again. She was stuffing her mouth with my dick and her index finger found my anus. I was writhing under her squirming body until I felt that sudden feeling deep inside me. I could hold it no longer and letting out a releasing guttural sound, I proceeded in filling her mouth with gallons of cum. Tasting my juices, she tightens her ass muscles and climaxed at the same time as I did by gurgling her scream of passion through a mouth full of cock and cum. We lay there tense for a moment, then fell in a relaxing afterglow. It was only then that a saw a small shadow closing the door to its proper position.

The next morning, after breakfast, Marty said she was going to the market and asked if anyone wanted to go. I declined and I hoped Megan would follow suit, which she did. She wanted to go swimming again. As Marty was pulling out of the garage, I was stepping into the pool, anxious to talk to Megan. I had made up my mind that I had to stop this and stop this now. She came out of her room and dove into the pool wearing a full piece, black swimsuit that was last years and very small and tight on her. She went to the bottom and came up to me from behind to swim through my legs, something all the grandkids do. This time, as she got to my separated legs, she reaches up my trunks and pinched my butt, hard. I let out a yelp and grabbed her hand. As she came up I explained that it hurt and not to pinch so hard. She went under again and went back between my legs and this time both hands went up my legs in front and touched my cock. I was as shocked as she was and when she surfaced she asked, “What was that?”
I was stunned, so I blurted out “Well you can call it many names, but the proper name is a penis.” Then I asked, “What name do you want to call it?”
She thought for a moment and grinned and said “The Big Bubba.” Now I was at a loss to remember how I was going to end this and when she asked if she could see it, all I could do was untie the drawstring. She pulled down my trunks to expose my rock hard “Big Bubba” which she took into her hands to study.
“Is this where you pee?”
“Yes and where you make babies,” I added. “Why did you stop me yesterday when I tried to put my hand in your suit?” I asked.
“Because you didn’t ask,” she said, matter-of-factly. I felt as if an 11 year-old girl, who was in total control of the situation, had put me in my place and, in fact, she was and had.
“Well, can I see yours?”
As soon as it came out of mouth I felt like a little kid. Then, we heard the garage door going up and knew that this session had come to an end.
I hastily pulled up my trunks and she whispered to me “Put Big Bubba away for now, but I’ll see it again when we can be like you and Gramma last night.” She winked and swam away.

Marty came in with the groceries as Megan walked by to her room.
“My gracious child, that swim suit is small on you. How can you swim in that think?”
Megan wrapped the towel around her waste to cover up the tightness of her suit, which barely covered her breasts, rode up her crack in the back and emphasized her slit in the front.
“This is all I could find, Gramma,” she said. But I knew she wore it just to turn me on. What am I going to do?

Months had past without seeing Megan again, alone. School had started, the kids were busy with their activities when Danny called us with a request. He asked if one or both of us could come to their house Friday evening to stay with the kids while Shelly and he went up to Chicago on a job interview. His company was buying out another company and he was going there to interview for a big promotion. We said yes, of course, and marked it on the calendar. On Thursday evening before they left for Chicago, little Bobby came down with a terrible cold. So Marty agreed to bring Bobby back to our house so he wouldn’t expose Megan with his germs and I would travel to their house and be there went Megan arrive home from school. The thought of being alone with Megan again caused my blood to flow directly to my dick and I felt as nervous as a schoolboy did before a big date.

I had thought of nothing else since our last encounter in the pool, and I wanted to set some ground rules for our affair. What else could I call it? I was knowingly and willingly going to enter into a consensual sexually stimulating relationship with the most beautiful girl, who just happens to be 11 years old and my granddaughter. God, that sounded terrible! But I was excited. I was thrilled. I was sick! Ground rules. There will be no intercourse. Definitely not. How about sucking my cock? Yes, definitely, if she wanted to. And eating her pussy. Of course. Surely she’ll want that. Oh my God, what if she doesn’t want to do anything? What am I doing?

I unlocked the front door and when in. She should be home anytime now. Go out to their pool and see if the temperature is right. Yes the heater must be on it feels wonderful. All of a sudden the front door opens and there she is. Putting down her books, she ran to me and jumped into my arms, wrapping her long, gorgeous legs around me. Her uniform skirt flowed up her legs and my hands reach around to hold her ass. Just the panties are separating her bare butt from the touch of my hands. She gives me a squeeze and then we kiss one another in a never-ending kiss. I parted her lips with my tongue and she response in kind. With open mouths we explore each other with our tongues. My hands are busy finding her crack and pulling her little slit against my stomach. Around and around they go, frantically massaging the material of her panties hoping to wear it thin. The elastic of the legs rode up into her crack and boar down on her clit. She moaned with pleasure and ground against the material. She suddenly stiffens and lets out muffled scream of ecstasy as she climaxed there in my arms. I guess she wanted it too. I took her to the bed in the position she had climaxed. She was as if she was a limp rag doll. I laid her down upon her bed and her eyes remained closed. She was totally spent. I sat down beside her, gently caressed her hair and marveled at her beauty. I felt so much in love with her at that moment I almost wept.

The afterglow only lasted a few moments and, when she awoke, she looked up at me and grinned sheepishly, saying; “Now that’s a welcome home.” She inquired as to what just happened to her, why she had had those sensations. I told her that she had had her first orgasm and that it was a natural reaction to sexual stimulation. She asked if she could experience it again. I laughed and told her get up and change clothes because I was going to take her out to dinner. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and got a funny look on the face. She exclaimed, “I got to change my panties. These are all wet.” She walked over to the dresser and removed a pair from the drawer, turned around and said, “What does a girl have to do to get some privacy around here.” Heading for the door, I just looked back and grinned.

I took Megan to a chain restaurant, nothing fancy. After all, she did order from the kid’s menu. While we were waiting for our food, I brought up the ground rules, which technically, I hadn’t broken yet. I told her that there would be no intercourse. She asked, that?” I told her I would not put The Big Bubba in her hole because it would not fit and that’s where babies come from. She agreed that that would not be good if we made a baby. Then I asked her a question. “Do you still want to do this?” She looked at me funny and said “I think that is a little late coming. Of course I do. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since I saw it in the pool at your house, the day after I saw what Gramma and you did that night.”
“About that,” I said, “you know better than spying on people in their bedroom. My God, what a Peeping Tom.”
She looked kind of sheepish but replied “Well, at least I know what I want now, />
After our meal, we got into the car and I said that I had one more question to ask and that she must agree or the whole thing is off. She looked rather stunned and serious at the same time. I told her she must never talk about what we do with anybody, never, ever. If she couldn’t make that promise then it had to end right then and there. She looked at me a moment then said, “I know what we are doing is wrong. I know you could be put in jail for this. I know that I would be branded a slut by everyone if it where found out. I have as much to loose as you do in this. I would lose my family and everyone I love. So I will never speak of this time with you, ever, with anyone. Not even with my husband some day.”
“Are you sure you are only eleven?” I asked.
“I’ll be twelve in three months,” she replied.

When we arrive at her house, she said that she had a surprise for me. I was to go in to her parent’s bedroom, change into a swimming suit and wait for her in the pool. Since she had this all planned out, what could I do. I was having difficulty getting Big Bubba soft enough to fit in my suit easily but I managed with just a little bulge out front. After I awhile, she emerged from the house wearing the skimpiest thing I’d ever seen. It was three white triangles connected by string that barely covered her nipples and cunt. She walked to the edge of the pool and dove in, coming up directly in front of me.
“Do you like it?” she asked, smiling. She twirled around to reveal that it had no back to the bottoms, just a string going up her crack.
“Where did you find this?” I asked.
“I bought at the mall. It was easy. I told the girl who worked there that I wanted the sexiest, skimpiest swimsuit they had as a joke on my older sister. We had a ball looking at all the bikinis until I found this one. I had to modify the strings a little to make it fit. Well do you like it?”
“My God, yes,” I stammered.
I reached behind her and grabbed her by the ass and raised her up to give an appreciative kiss. She encircled my waste with her legs. I could feel her bare ass against my hands and my fingers found her anus. She stiffened and gasped. Then she started to relax. With just a little pressure, I started encircling her hole. She arched her back and pressed her almost bare pussy into my tummy. As I pressed with my finger into her ass, she tensed then relaxed again and shifted herself to press down into the finger. Our mouths explored again and we couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. Then she broke the bond she had with her legs and dropped down in front of me and immediately went to my cock. Into the front of my suit she drove her hand and grasped Big Bubba and started fondling and rubbing it. I loosen the drawstring and down went the trunks to mid thigh. I reached down and removed them altogether. Standing there naked in front of her with water covering just my dick, I started pumping into her strokes. In a short while, I had a decision to make, continue on to orgasm or stop her and take my turn. I decided on the latter and moved my hips away from her and told her put her legs on either side of my head. I squatted into the water and she did as she was told. I was face to cunt, ready to tongue massage her. I supported her weight with my hands to her back and buried my face into her cloth-covered crouch. She gasped again at the new sensation as I worked her slit with my tongue and lips and ran it around the edge of the triangle. Feeling the little down hair that she had, I asked her if I could remove her suit. She said, “Ok.” I settled her down on her feet and untied the back string of her top. Then, slowly, I raised the top over her head revealing her tiny little boobies. They were already hard as I took them in to my mouth and started to suckle. She gasped at this sensation. First one, then the other, I sucked and bit her nipples until they swelled taunt to the touch. Then again I raised her up and put her legs around my face. This time I supported her with one hand and untied the strings holding on the bottoms. Slowly they floated away exposing a perky little pussy covered with light-brown fuzz. Being just inches away, I look in the sight for just a moment. Her delicate lips quivered as the warm water brushed over her crotch. I could make out the lightest hair growing on her lips, waiting to be brushed. I placed my lips next to her warm little crotch and gently kissed them. She moaned and quivered just a little. I kissed her more feverishly and then, separating her lips with my tongue, I started to gently suck on her clit. When I did this she straightened like a board. Letting out a moan, she started pumping her hips frantically and grabbing my head with her hands. I did not need to support her any longer, so my fingers went to her ass crack and found their holes. About to the first knuckle was all I dared penetrate, but that was enough to send her over the top. With a muffled scream, she let out a flood of juices into my mouth that I hadn’t experience for a long time. Over and over again she strained and moaned and bucking up on my tongue she released the pleasure that she was feeling. Then suddenly she jumped down and when straight for my cock with her mouth. She tried to take it in too fast and got a mouth full of water and started choking. I backed into shallower water and she tried again. This time she managed to get her mouth around my cock but did not know what to do with it. It felt great and the effort was there, but soon I pulled her up and gave her a kiss of gratitude.

We lay beside each other on the hammock hanging on the patio. Gently caressing each other and making small talk about her body. She asked me to teach her how to take my cock into her mouth and satisfy me like Gramma did. I told her that the mere size of your mouth made it harder for her, but if she wanted to, I would try to teach her. First, I suggested we take a shower together and get ready for bed. She hopped up and we walk hand in hand to the bathroom to shower. We got in the stream of water and it ran down my body, over my still unsatisfied cock. Megan quickly brought it to attention as she spread the body wash all over my body. She really gave my hard cock some extra attention. Then it was her turn to be soaped down. I started at the top and worked by way down to her feet. I asked her to spread her legs so I could lather up her scantily haired pussy. I had her bend over to expose her anus to me. What a perfect sight. We got out, dried off and I went to the masters bedroom to put on some PJ shorts. When I arrived back at the family room. Megan was sitting there with her hair in a towel, wearing a nightshirt. I sat in the overstuffed chair and Megan immediately came to sit on my lap. I told her I would dry her hair for her if she would sit at my feet. She got down and after awhile, her hair was mostly dry. Then I suggested that we could brush it out, so she got up and went for a brush. After a few tangles, we managed to get it brushed so she as she turned her head from side to side and she made it fly. She then came up to my lap, facing away and brought her legs up to her chest. My hands started to move towards her butt, however, she was wearing panties. I said, “What are you wearing these for? Will you take them off, please.” Without a moments hesitation, she got down, pulled her panties off, then stood there a second, thinking. Then she removed her nightshirt and requested that I stand and remove my shorts. I complied with her request and standing there naked before her, she took my cock in her hand and asked me to show her how to satisfy me the same as Gramma did. I asked her if they had a banana. She ran off to see and returned shortly with a yellow banana in her grasp. She took my cock in her hand again and I told her to gently touch my balls. She took them in her hands as I explained to her what they were for and that they were very fragile and to never bite or squeeze them, even a little bit. I told her that just as a girl’s breasts are tender, so are a man’s balls. She seemed fascinated with the explanation and examined them carefully. She bent her head down between my legs to look at the under side. While she was there, I pointed out the scrotum and the part between the scrotum and the anus. I told her that this spot was very erotic to the touch for a man. She instinctively touched the spot and looked up to see my reaction. I laughed and pulled her to her feet. “We were going to teach you about oral sex,” I said wryly. “Do you have the banana?”

She gave me that mischievous look then she looked suddenly pensive. “How do your ball things make babies?” she asked as if she had never thought of it before. Well, why should she? It was a ligament question asked in a serious way and deserved a serious answer. I started “a man’s penis, if aroused, will produce a creamy substance called sperm. When he is aroused enough, this sperm comes out the hole at the end of his penis.”
“Big Bubba?” she asked with a grin.
“Yes, Big Bubba. When that happens inside of a woman and the sperm meets an egg up there, they unite and start to form a baby.”
she said. “But how does the sperm get from Gramma mouth to her egg and how does it get to her tummy and how soon will the baby start
I said, “take a breath. First of all, I didn’t say that sperm in the mouth started babies. I said that sperm down there,” pointing to her crouch, “can” start babies.” It must travel through the penis, up her hole and find an egg and unit before you can start a baby,” I tried to explain.
“Ok,” she said, “if I can’t start a baby from your sperm in my mouth, then teach me how to make it come out your hole into my mouth. What does it taste like?’ she asked.
“I don’t know. I’ve never tasted it before. Ok I guess, Gramma doesn’t seem to mind it. Now pay attention, there will be a test at the end of this session,” I joked.

“First of all, just like the balls of a man, the penis, or Big Bubba, is very sensitive.” I said. “Never bite, chew, twist, yank or tug on Big Bubba. While it is in your mouth, never use your teeth. Use your lips, your tongue, your jaw but never your teeth. Got that?” I ask. She nodded her head. She looked so intent and serious that I thought maybe she believed me about the test afterward. “Now take that banana. Peel it and slide it in your mouth,” I commanded. “Now, remembering not to use your teeth and slide it in deeper and back out and close your lips around it coming out.” I observed her practicing several strokes, then said, “Good. Something to remember is that neatness does not count for extra credit. You can be as messy as you want to be. The wetter your mouth is, the easier it will slide in and out. Take it into your jaw once in awhile. That’s it,” I said. “Now, apply a little suction to your mouth, like a Popsicle or lollipop.”

Just then the banana broke in half and she looked up with a mouth full of banana said, We both laughed at this point and we embraced. I sat down on the chair and took both of her hands and kissed her lightly. Then, as I opened my mouth to hers and darted my tongue into it, she pressed forward between my legs and started caressing my balls and dick, bring it to life. I then stood up and asked, “Are you ready to give it try?” She nodded and moved her mouth towards my waiting dick.

She approached it a little slowly, not wanting to make a mistake. I instructed her to lick it with her tongue at first, to get it all wet. Then, she was to take one hand and guild it into her mouth. It was bigger that the banana and it took her a couple of tries to wrap her lips around the girth. She closed her lips and withdrew slowly closing her lips as it exited. She cleared her throat and tried again. This time it went in a little further and she started to choke. She withdrew again with tears in her eyes.
She looked up at me, cleared her throat again and said, “This is harder than it looks.” Then clearing her throat one more time, she opened her mouth and inserted my dick for another attempt. This time she only went up to her fingers on the shaft.
“Grab it with your hand,” I said. The fingers wrapped around it and she started taking it in and out slowly. “Remember to breathe through your nose,” I instructed, “and don’t forget that there are no extra points for tidiness.”
She took it out and said, “So many things to remember,” and immediately took it back in her waiting mouth. She was starting to let her saliva flow over my cock and she was picking up the pace. I was starting to really enjoy it and I told her to stroke my shaft with her hand on every stroke in. She complied and then cradled my balls with her other. This startled me and I let with a little involuntary jerk of my pelvis. Her response was to move her finger up to the spot between the scrotum and ass hole.
This really sent a shock wave through me and I started caressing her cheeks with my hands and started becoming more vocal. “Oh God, that feels good,” I said. “You are a quick study.” She opened her mouth and took in a big breath of air and plunged back down on my cock. Her finger found my ass hole and started prodding for an opening. With a wiggle of her finger, she inserted it to the first knuckle and my caress of her cheeks became a grasp of her head as I started to guild it in with more power. “Take it easy,” I said, the fire?” But she didn’t slow up one bit. With growing hunger for her now slippery mouth, I started to realize that the time for a decision was rapidly approaching. I needed to make up my mind soon or it would be too late. Then I went over the brink. I started grasping her head and jamming my cock into her mouth. She didn’t back away for an instant but managed to take it deeper and deeper into her eager mouth and relish every stroke. Then I started to well up with tension, held it for a moment, then erupted into an almost violent explosion. “Oh my God,” I screamed, “I’m cuming, I’m cuming! Oh God, Oh God, drink it in! Oh God it feels so good! Megan, drink it in, all of it, drink it in!” Megan, all the while was trying to comply, but the amount of cum was just too much for her and she started to gag and had no choice but withdraw and grasp for air. I lost my balance and fell backward on the chair, pulling her finger out of my ass as I fell. With my eyes closed, for how long I don’t know, I laid there unable to move.

When I regained consciousness again, I opened my eyes and almost burst out laughing. There, patiently waiting, was Megan, with cum all over her face and mouth, neck and hair, and even down her chest. I reached for her but quickly backed away, laughing as I did so saying, “Oh Megan, my wonderful Megan. You should see yourself. You are quite the sight. Look at you, cum
She welled up, about to cry and whimpered, “I tried to take it all in, Papa, but I just couldn’t. I tried, really I did.” Then she burst into tears like the little girl she was.
All of a sudden, my action burst upon me with avenges. “Oh Honey, no. It not your fault. Oh God, you were great. Oh God, Megan. I’m the one that should be apologizing, not you. Oh my beautiful little Megan. What have I done? Oh God, what have I done?” Then I burst into tears. Sobbing uncontrollably, I kept asking, “What have I done? What have I done?”

How she got clean up, I could not say, but suddenly she was there in front of my slumping body, crawling up on my lap, cleaned of the last remnant of my shameful deed.
“It’s alright, Papa, I wanted it too. I was just afraid I did something wrong and I bit you or hurt you. Maybe, like I squeezed your balls in my excitement. I was so excited to take your Big Bubba into my mouth and suck it and lick it, I don’t even remember what happened. Then, the next thing a knew, it was spitting this creamy stuff all in my mouth, down my throat and I started to gag and choke and I had to take it out and it kept spitting this creamy stuff all over me and on the floor and everywhere. I’m sorry I let it get all over. But besides, I wanted to put it in my mouth and you only taught me how. Don’t feel bad. I asked you to teach me. Please don’t be mad at me. You haven’t done anything I didn’t want to do”

I was taken back by her sincere feelings of embarrassment for her self-conceived lack of performance rather than the act itself. I thought to myself how perverted this scene was, this little girl’s apologizing for letting my cum fall out of her mouth onto the floor and making a mess but feeling no remorse over the fact of allowing me to put my cock into her mouth in the first place. If it hadn’t been so perverse, it would almost be comical. I didn’t know what to say so chose not to say anything, but just pulled her close to me, closed my eyes and drifted off.

When I awoke, it was late that night, maybe it was already Saturday morning. I looked down at the little girl lying in my arms asleep. The little naked girl, who had given me a blow job earlier that evening and had almost cried about not being able to take all of the cum in her mouth. What a wonderful little girl she was and she so beautiful when she slept. I suddenly felt such an attraction to her, I gave a little nuzzle with my nose and whispered into her ear, “I love you, Megan.” She just smiled in her sleep and nuzzled me back. I realized for the first moment that a line had been cross, there was no going back. Whatever happened in the future could not alter the past. The past had been great. It had been my responsibility. I was the adult and I had the choice as to whether to allow this action or stop it. I had chosen to allow it and now I had to deal with the consequences of my decision. I did love Megan. I knew that now. I still loved Marty. She was my life. But I felt a new love for my granddaughter now, the love of a lover.

I struggled up out of the chair with Megan, securely cradled in my arms, managed to turn out the lights and carried her to bed. For the first time since the incident in the pool, I felt alive. I felt in love with two females. One, my wife, my friend and my lover, and the other, my eleven year-old granddaughter, my brand new lover, my ward, someone to care for, protect and cherish.

Surprisingly, I slept wonderfully. I had a since of contentment I hadn’t felt for some time. There was not a feeling of dread or foreboding, but just a feeling of pleasure. Deep down inside, I knew that sometime in the future, I would have to answer for my actions. But that time would be put off as long as possible and I was going to enjoy every moment until it arrives.

We forgot to turn down the thermostat before we went to bed so I awoke about 7 in the morning, sweating uncomfortably outside of the blankets. The sun was barely up on this Indian Summer morning and was shining through the curtains into the bedroom. I looked next to me and there was Megan, also out of the covers, lying on her back with one leg bent at the knee. She was sound asleep. I wanted to wake her with a kiss, but decided to let her sleep and just look at her. Her beauty radiated in the defused sunlight, as her hair partially cover her face. My glance next followed her neck down to her tiny bumps under her nipples. They were so cute at this stage, so small and tender, waiting to immerge in a few years into the beautiful, full breasts of a young woman. Then my eyes went past her navel, along her hips, and stopped at her open crouch. The light brown fuzz glistened in the light from the window; it hardly covered the slit of her pussy. Then on to her legs, long and lean, beautifully bronzed by the sun this summer. Onto her feet, tiny and petite, then my eyes retraced their every move back to her face. I felt the urge to pee so I gently slide out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve myself. When I returned, I tried to gently slide back into bed, but the movement woke her up and she opened her sleep eyes, yawn a sleep smile and said “Good morning Papa.”
“Good morning, I replied and bent over and gave her a kiss. She noticed her position outside the covers and rolled over on her side facing me and kissed me back.
“How long have you been awake?” she asked.
“Not long.” I replied, “just long enough to drink in your beauty.”
she asked, blushing at the thought.
/> I put my arm around her shoulder and moved my face closer to hers and whispered, /> That sign of affection caused her to meet my lips with hers and she rolled onto her back, bring me partially on top of her. I open my mouth slightly and she filled the void with her tongue as she pulled me on her even more. I was worried I would crush her, after all, she weight a mere 80 lbs. soaking wet and I was much more than that. I rolled to one side as not to put so much weight on her but she pulled me back. My free hand started down her tummy to her pussy. She responded by spreading her legs open and meeting my probe with her up-thrusting pelvis. She was wet to the touch already. I then raised myself on my elbows directly over her and supported my weight with my knees between her legs. Then, after another kiss, slowly started down to her nipples to suckle. She arched her back to meet my lips and after erecting both, I moved down to her navel and stuck my tongue in roughly. Her reaction was expected, rough back, writhing with the pleasurable experience. Then I hovered over her pussy and I started to lower my head when she said, “Papa, I’ve got to pee.”
“Then, go ahead and pee,” I said jokingly.
“Right here?” she asked.
“No, not here. In the bathroom, Silly” I said, rolling off of her, letting her up.
She scrambled into the bathroom and I heard a familiar then a flush and out she came bounding like a little rabbit and jumped right on me. I had turned onto my back, so I instinctively curled up in a ball when she landed. She laughed and tickled and put her hands down on the back of my legs to caress my balls and scrotum. She was a little rough but did not cause me any pain. Then as I lowered my legs, she was upon my chest, straddling me like a horse. She started tickling me under my arms, but I grabbed both of her wrists and pulled her down to my waiting mouth while placing her arms around my neck. She stopped laughing and started kissing me passionately. We opened our mouths and darted our tongues, encircling them and exploring deeply into each other. I then pulled up on her arms and as she raised up I lifted so she was straddling my face. Her pussy was right on top of my eager mouth and it knew what to do. Having her pussy worked over by my mouth caused her to move and moan to the rhythm of my sucking. Then I rolled her off me and proceeded where I had left before. I took both ankles and raised them skyward, separating her legs as I went. When they were straight, I bent her knees and placed them at her shoulders. This gave me a perfect view of what I wanted to see. There, before me, was a wet little pussy, open from my sucking and a fresh young ass hole and I was dying to stick my tongue into each. Shifting my hold on her to the back of her legs, I slowly lower my mouth to her crouch. When it arrived at it’s destination, it was met with a convulsive twitch and sent a shock wave through my body. My mouth covered her anus and her pussy and I sucked hard with a full mouth. Then I tongued her ass hole and probed and prodded until it was wet with saliva. Then I separated her pussy lips with my tongue and I found her little clit with my lips. With this, she started gyrating her hips back and forth and up and down, screaming uncontrollably for me not to stop. I had no intention of stopping. I lowered my hand to her crouch and inserted my fingers into her. This was too much because as I sucked her clitoris, she started screaming in ecstasy and filling my mouth with her juices. She tightened her legs around my head and squeezed and squeezed until I though she was frozen there. Slowly the vice loosened its grip and she fell back exhausted. I, too, rolled over unto my back and wiped the pussy juice from my face. Then I thought, what the heck, and I licked my hands clean.

I must have dozed off because, when I awoke, there was Megan on her knees beside me staring at me intently. I open my eyes, smiled and asked, “How was it?”
She laughed a little and said, “I don’t know how you can make me feel so good every time. How do you know where to touch, how to touch, how hard to touch, that sends me to places I didn’t know were there.”
I said. “I am a professor of making love to a woman, or in your case, a girl. I know what stimulates you. I know how to stimulate you. I’m the perfect lover.” When she didn’t laugh, I grabbed her and pulled her on top of me, tickling her as she moved.
“How can you know all the right places?” she asked seriously. She almost seemed annoyed at the flippant way I treated her question.
“Well, Sweetheart, guess I just learned from the experience. Marty, er Gramma has been the only woman in my life, until now. Gramma likes to experiment with our love making, as do I. I just did with you those things that I know Gramma likes.”
“Gee, you’ve only been with Gramma? I thought you must have been with hundreds to know everything you know about making a girl, woman,” she smiled, “feel so, so good and funny inside.”
“Well, when you are dealing with the best lovers, I guess, that’s all you can expect.”
“Do you think I’m a good lover?” she asked.
“You are a fantastic lover,” I said and meant every word.

We continued to talk and joke around for awhile. She would ask questions. I would do my best to answer them. It was great just lounging on the bed, both naked, talking, bantering playfully and occasionally, caressing each other in a matter-of-fact, casual way. We continued like this until about 9 or 9:30 that morning when I suddenly said, “I’m getting hungry, are you?”
She said she was so I suggested we put on something and go to the kitchen to find out what there was to eat. I went into the bathroom to pee and as I got there Megan stuck her head around the corner and said, “Can I watch?”
Taken back a little, I replied, “You really want to see me pee?”
she said excitedly and raced around the corner to stand next to me. “Can I hold it while you pee?”
I laughed and said “Sure, I guess. Just be careful to aim it at the toilet.”
With that she grabbed it with her hand and I corrected her grip to her thumb and first two fingertips. I told her aim for the water and as I started the stream, she watched with amazement as the stream when down on the porcelain bowl, then correcting her aim, hit the water with a splash. She giggled with delight as the stream lost its force and became a trickle, then stopped, then squirted the last bit of urine out.
“Shake it off,” I instructed.
She looked up, with that “I don’t understand” look so I repeated as I placed my hand over hers.
“Shake it off, like this,” I said, giving her hand and my dick a quick little shake. Then the last drop fell from the hole of my dick and I explained, “A man always shakes, he never wipes. Women wipe, men shake.”
She asked another question, “Why does it come out in a stream when you pee and squirts out when you shoot your white stuff out?”
I thought a moment, then said, “Megan, I don’t know. Maybe its because when you pee, it comes down from your bladder and when you cum, squirts your sperm out, it is pumped up from your balls.”
The look on her face was wide eyed with astonishment. She had never dreamed she would be helping me pee and learning so much at the same time. All she could say was “Wow, that’s cool.”
“Now can I see you pee?”
“What are you going to do, sit down in to toilet?” she asked, giggling.
“No, just stand up here and straddle the toilet and try to hit the hole.”
“Ok, here goes,” she said.
As the pee started coming out, her eyes grew wide with astonishment. Then she said gleefully, “It works, Papa, I can do it!”

I wondered out to the family room to gather my PJ shorts and put them on and picked up her shirt and panties from the night before. “I’ve got to make sure we sweep the house before we leave,” I thought. That would be a nice way to end this, leaving incriminating evidence out in the open to be discovered. We would have to be thorough. As I was wondering back towards the kitchen, Megan came out of her parents room wearing what looked to be Shelly’s sexy little see-through nighty. It was kind of an off white, tie round the neck thing with a textured bodice that was meant to show the plunging cleavage of the wearer. Then the fabric turned into a see-through material through the mid-section. The texture started again and went down the front and flared out into a lacy skirt that exposed the high thigh of the wearer. It was lovely, however, looked rather ridiculous on an 11 year-old. Megan had tied the ties higher than they were intended, trying to place the bodice over her boobies but the proportions were all thrown off and it end up showing off her pussy, covering up her mid-thighs and ending with the frilly lace falling at her knees. I must have shown my surprised amusement, because she said, “Looks kind of silly on me, doesn’t it?”
“Well, it will give you something to grow into,” I said, trying hard not to laugh.
you dare laugh at me,” Megan said in her best, indignant tone. Then she started to grin and the grin turned into a giggle, then a laugh as she untied the ties and it fell off of her. As she stepped out, I had an urge to pick her up into a warm embrace and kiss her and start all over again. But as she grabbed her shirt and through it over her head to settle down to cover her body, I decided to control my instincts and refrain.
“Do you want some cereal or pancakes,” I asked.

We decided on cold cereal since we couldn’t find the all of the ingredients to make pancakes. I wasn’t in the creative mood anyway so I was fine with cereal out of a box. As we eat, I told her that we must make sure that this house was spotless of any evidence of our activities. We must make sure that your cleanup at the chair was thorough, that is no dried sperm anywhere. The pool area must be cleaned. The hammock must be checked. Anywhere that we were at, we must recheck. As I stopped to think of other places we had been, I noticed Megan was looking at me with a puzzled look on her face.
I asked. “I just want to be /> She looked at me with those sad eyes and said, “Then, it is over? The weekend? We just go around and make sure no one finds anything that will point the finger at us and we walk away and forget what happened here. Is that it? Well, I can’t do that! I love the weekend! I don’t want it to be over and I will never forget it!”
She burst into tears as she ran to her bedroom and slammed to door behind her. I followed and heard her sobbing into the pillow of her bed. I felt like as insensitive jerk. In my anxious mind, wanting to cover all the bases, I guess I was obsessing over the obvious and ignoring the sensitivities of a fragile young girl. The young girl only hours ago, I had expressed my love for. What a first class jerk!
“Megan, Honey?” I said through the closed door. “I’m sorry for being so insensitive. Honey, can I come in?”
“Oh, Papa, just go away,” she said sternly. “I just want to be alone for now. I’ll be /> “I can’t do that, Megan,” I said. “I made you cry and I want to apologize to you in person, one on one.”
The door slowly opened as she turned her back to me and walked back to her bed and sprawled out on her tummy. I followed her in and sat beside her on the edge of the bed.
“Megan, Sweetheart, I’m sorry for being such a jerk,” I started. “But men do that. We are jerks some times. We don’t mean to be, but we are. We say the wrong things at the wrong times. I feel the wrong things or we don’t feel the right things when we should. We don’t think like girls do. Men are passionate lovers until we get what we want, then after we cum and rest a moment; our minds are on to other things. We satisfy that desire and move on. That’s the way men are made. Girls are more sensitive. When they make love, after they climax, they want to cuddle and coo, want to be held and touched. Men want that too, but they get over that feeling much sooner than girls. This is a very old battle between two people who love each other. We are not the first to have this talk and we won’t be the last to have it. The problem is that I knew what the potential was and I forgot it. I am so sorry, Megan. Will you forgive me?”
She rolled over on her side, the tears still moistened her cheeks. She looked up at me and said, “What would I do if I didn’t have you to explain things to me?”
She then sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her.
“I will be here to explain everything you want, my love. I’m not going anywhere,” I promised.

I, in turn, embraced her with all my strength, and kissed the tears from her cheeks. She started crying again as she hugged my neck and dug her face into my shoulder. She cried and sobbed for what seemed an eternity, then slowly she stopped, pulled her face from my shoulder, looked into my eyes and, with more love than I had seen from her, kissed my lips tenderly.
Then, she said sweetly, yet seriously, “Papa, I love you so much, I really do.”

With that, she opened her mouth slightly and we kissed in a way reserved for lovers. Tenderly at first, but with ever-increasing pressure and our mouths opened and we explored each other’s, we melted together. She lowering herself to her back while I kept our kiss going and coming to rest on top of her. Her hands were all over my back as my hand went down to the hem of her shirt. It came to rest just below where her legs meet. She raised her knee and moved into my touch and, feeling my warm caress, let out a little moan and moved her hips up to meet the pressure. My fingers met at the crouch and, using the first two fingers, I started rubbing on both sides of her pussy. As my stroking increased in velocity, it was matched in firmness as they finally separated the lips and I was stroking her wetness. Touching the clitoris with a rhythmic motion, I was causing her to become increasingly excited and vocal. Then I switched and when down her lips and pressed into her vagina. She started to move frantically, then pushing me off on my back, she straddled my face and started humping with all her might.

Her shirt covered my head and I could see up at her hard little nipples. As my tongue started licking her clit, she suddenly reversed herself and assumed the 69 position with her pussy planted into my mouth and her face on my crouch. With one pull she removed my shorts. Then grasping my swollen cock with her hand, opened her mouth and stuffed it in and started to suck. She had learned a great deal in a short period of time. She had learned how to restrict the depth of her thrust by her hand wrapped around the staff at the desired depth. She closed her mouth every time she withdrew with a little suck of the lips and she always managed to generate more than enough saliva to make it very slippery. This, with an occasional cheek action, and she was giving a very respectable blowjob. I slid her shirt up to her shoulders and grasping her upper thighs, buried my nose in her vagina as my tongue encircled her clit. I would alternate a suck of the clit and a tongue-lick the length of her pussy. I raised my hand to her crack and found her ass hole and started messaging it until the moisture lubricated it. Then inserting my two fingers into her holes, I started pumping her crouch with my hand as she started writhing with excitement. Then, as I was pushing in with my fingers, she pushed down with her pelvis and the fingers popped the barrier and she began moaning and jerking uncontrollably. Her mouth action increased dramatically as she started to peek towards orgasm. I, also, was starting to feel the urgency rising up in my groin and I knew that it was just a matter of time. Suddenly, she stiffened, then accelerated her actions. She removed her restraining hand from my staff and rammed my cock into the back of her throat just as I started to climax. As I shot hot cum deep down her throat, she was expelling her juices into my mouth. Gallons of cum streamed from my cock down her throat while she let out gallons of her juices inside my mouth. I drank it all in, just as she did with my cum, as we peeked almost at the same time. After we strained the last bit of juices out of each other, we collapsed.

The ringing of the phone woke us up. Megan rolled over me to run to answer it.
“Hi, Gramma,” she said excitedly. “Oh, nothing much. Yes, we’ve spent a lot of time in the pool. Yea, I am kind of wrinkly,” she said, being careful to be herself. “Yea, he’s here somewhere. I’ll see if I can find him, just a minute,” she said as she covered the mouthpiece with her hand and brought me the cordless phone, giggling all the way.

I waited a moment then answered by saying, “Hi Hon, what’s up?” She said that Bobby was still not feeling well enough to go meet Danny and Shelly at the airport, so she was wondering if I would mind taking Megan and going to pick them up. Then we could swing by our house on the way home and pick up Bobby. I asked for the arrival time and she said 3 p.m. I glanced at my watch and said okay. All the while I was talking to Marty, Megan was trying to play with Big Bubba and making a pest of herself. Marty asked at one point, going on?” “Oh,” I said “I’m just having trouble with this damn screen door out by the pool, I’m sorry, Hon, you were saying.” After I hung up, a tried to grab Megan but she scurried out of my reach and laughed and giggled at me. I scolded her for being so careless and brazen, but it was something I would have done also. We laughed when I finally caught her and she squealed as I swung her upside down in the air. Her shirt flew up to her head exposing her tender little bare body. As she reached the ground, she grabbed her shirt by the hem and pulled it down hurriedly, in her, fake, indignant look. I laughed and try to peek under as she held it down and backed away. We continued for a moment, then I said it was time to start getting cleaned up.

I went around and checked everything where we had made love. I did find our swim suits out by the pool. They weren’t quite dry so I put them in the dryer when I added the linens from the bed we shared, I then went into the master’s bedroom and changed into street clothes and came out just as Megan appeared wearing a sundress and sandals. The sundress gathered at the bodice in an elastic type material and flared out to the hem. It was a white cotton fabric and looked very flattering on her. She had fixed her hair with a barrette holding the two outer strands of hair together while letting the middle fall down her back. She looked very grown up and especially beautiful. Then she raised her skirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I laughed, then I said, “Are you sure you want to pickup your parents like that? What happens if you get turned on and start to lose your juices? How do you explain the wet spot on your dress?” She looked down sadly, then, producing a pair from behind her, pulled them on and seemed very pleased with herself for fooling me once again.

After checking around one last time and remembering to take the suits from the dryer and putting hers away in her secret hiding place, we locked up the house and looked at each other and I gave her a little kiss. Neither of us said anything, but we knew the remorse we were feeling as we drove away from our special weekend.

“Hi Mom! Hi Dad,” she sang as she ran to greet them coming out of the security area. “I missed you so much!” she said. I thought that she was laying it on a little thick since they had only been gone one night, but I smiled and gave each a warm hug.
“Where is Bobby?” Shelly asked.
“He’s still not feel well and stayed home with Mom,” I explained. “Well, how was Chicago?” I didn’t expect the reply. I should have. After all, they did go there for a job interview. I should have thought that maybe he would be offered the job. But when Danny said, “I’ve accepted the position,” I was floored.
“Oh, really,” I stammered. “When do you start?”
“Next week,” he said. “We will list the house tomorrow, take the kids out of school and be up there a week from Monday.”
I was confused and hurt. I didn’t want the grandkids to move. I didn’t want Megan to move. My God, he couldn’t do this to us, Marty and I, Megan and I.
“So soon?” I asked.
moving?” cried Megan. “We she yelled. What about my friends? What about Papa George? What about Gramma Marty? What about what I want? Then she burst into tears and ran from her parents as fast as she could. I wanted to run with her but all I could do was stand there and watch.
“My God, what am I going to do without my Megan?”

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