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I had managed to sleep for a few hours. When I got up I went to the hotel for my few things and got some of my money back. I went to the bank as well as I didnt trust John at all. I knew my luck would not hold out and went to take a shower when I got back to the flat. I was so lost in the hot water I didnt hear the door open or close. I was shocked when I left the bathroom and found John in the room. He motioned me over and was already taking his cock out of his pants. I knelt down on the floor expecting him to push into my mouth. Instead he pushed me to my hands and knees and went around behind me. As I felt my knees forced open I was reminded he didn't before as he knew a virgin would get him more. As he plunged into me I felt as tight as the first time as there was no gentleness or prep. He held to my hips as he fucked me hard and as he was cumming, bent and whispered "See you fuck like a good dog. Youll know that by the end of tonight."

I tried to protest as he came around in front "No I won’t do a dog." He laughed and plunged into my mouth "Suck you little bitch. Remember you are mine." I was forced to clean the cum off of him. He was doing up to go when he asked "You told me your name was Stacey and them Rose." I looked up "Rose is my middle name." He smirked "A shame I thought you had come up with a hooker name. By the way I noticed your birthday is tomorrow." I nodded "I was hoping to…." He cut me off "Mark and Jen heard and they are having you for a second time this week. They want to celebrate." I felt tears in my eyes but collapsed silently on the bed. He came and brushed my tears. "I am sure they will give a nice tip for your birthday and for one night, I will only take half. Think of it as a gift."

He threw down an address and informed me I had an all night client waiting again. He seemed generous and had called and paid for a cab. I found he had laid out clothes and again. I dressed and touched up my make up. The cab was waiting and again stayed in Manhattan but this time a Brown stone mansion. His words about a dog ran through my head as I forced myself up the stairs.

A good looking man in his forties opened the door before I knocked. "Ah you must be Stacey, come in. My wife is waiting up stairs." I found myself led up to a massive master bedroom and looked around. "Your wife." A woman in a teddy came out. "Of course John told us you specialize in threesomes." I blushed and looked away "Once." She laughed "We were told you were almost new but that you love to eat pussy." I was reminded of the night before and tried not to wince and forced myself to say. />
The woman pulled me in hard and whispered "I personally dont but dont worry your pussy will get plenty of attention." I was forced to strip for them and lay down on the bed. I started to freak when the furry handcuffs came out but I was forced to allow my hands cuffed above my head to the headboard. They each stripped before laying down on either side of me. I was about to find out that night about what John said of rich people having sick hobbies. The woman slid a ball gag into my mouth. "You wont be needing to talk for some time."

Her and her husband bent down over my nipples and began to suck. It was not tender like before but rough, they bit and pulled. I thought it was over as I felt their lips move but I felt something metal against them. I opened my eyes just enough to see metal clips. I sobbed and fought as the toothed clips went down on my breasts screaming against the gag. The couple shared a long hard kiss over me, and I felt them both slide a hand between my leg and both start finger fucking me over and over.

The pain in my nipples was starting to go down a bit and it seemed that wasnt allowed. The man pulled out what I recognized as a huge dildo, larger than the one I took last night. I tried to remain calm but when I felt it pressing against my anus. I began to buck and fight, I knew it had been used when I was drunk the night before but I couldnt remember. There was no alcohol or lube this time. The woman leaned down and whispered. "Be good or we will tie your legs." I screamed desperately against the gag as he started forcing dildo up my ass. The pain was so intense I passed out as it was only half way in but I was woken by a slap across my face. I realized the gag was removed but before I could say anything I found a pussy lowered down over my mouth as the night before. He continued to fuck me with the dildo as I was forced to lick her. I found her pushing down further forcing my tongue to do deeper as she panted over and over. I felt cum cover my ass as she cummed and realized he had been jacking off while fucking my ass and his cum covered me. Now I was coming down from my own forced climax when she got off of me and after feeling the dildo shoved into place to stay in my ass, the man came to my side with his slimy cock ready to be sucked.

He shook his head when I almost took him "Up on your knees slut. I tried but with my hands cuffed I couldn’t. Laughing he removed the cuffs but threatened. "One wrong move and you will need a good spanking. I turned bright red with the thought and nodded. I hadn’t seen his wife but she had left the room and had come back accompanied. I didn’t see by what until I felt a strange feeling on my cunt. I whimpered from the odd tongue.

The man sunk his cock into my mouth as he whispered. "You like Bruno dont you? Bruno likes a good new bitch to try." He allowed me to look and I saw a huge German shepherd. I tried desperately to pull away. "No. No." I felt a hand crack down on my ass cheek. "Oh yes and for that you will be whipped before Adam takes your ass when Bruno is done with you." The cock was shoved back in my throat to cut off any more protests.

I whimpered as I felt the tongue sliding in and out of me. I felt such shame it was disgusting to have a dog but I was growing wet. I prayed it would end but to my horror the dog jumped up on my back, wrapping his paws around me and I could feel something hot pressing and trying to find entrance. I screamed against the cock in my mouth as the dog found my entrance and I felt his thick hot cock slip between my pussy lips. As the dog fucked me, the shame was worse than the pain. I barely noticed when the cock in my throat finished cumming, and I found my head forced down to lick out the woman’s pussy once again. I screamed and bounced when I felt a hard ball forcing its way in and realized it was the dog’s knot. I thought it would rip me in two when it entered my pussy. Tears slid down my cheeks as I was filled with dog cum. The most horrifying part I could feel my own juices flowing as a dog brought me to orgasm. I found my mouth full of the womans cum and my mouth finally free but I was in so much pain and shame I couldn’t speak. The dog’s knot finally was small enough for him to pull out and he left the bed.

I was relieved when I felt the dildo ripped out of my ass but I felt something force into my pussy. The woman whispered. "A plug. We wouldnt want to waste any of Brunos good spunk would we?" I found myself on my stomach hands and legs tied spread eagle . I heard the whip coming before it did slicing into the skin of my legs and back. She sat next to me and kissed my neck. "Count pretty girl and we will remove the nipple clamps and take it easier." I was forced to count as I took ten lashes to my ass and legs. When it was done they each reached under me and the pain was intense when they each removed a clamp and the blood came back to my nipples. I was recovering when I felt a cock press into my ass, this time a real one and jerked as I was fucked hard by a human this time. I slid into the welcome oblivions of blackness as my body took too much and allowed me to slip away.

In the morning I found myself alone in bed on my back but handcuffed and with Bruno licking me. I whimpered and fought the bonds as the dog brought me to a new climax. I prayed it would end soon and the man came into the room. He bent down and kissed me. "Good girl, I think it is time to let you up and let you shower." I was relieved when he undid my wrists. "Thank you." He followed me into the bathroom and his wife joined us. "You will find there is enough room for all of us." I found my ass and pussy fucked, a dildo from her before I was washed from head to toe. I was relieved when allowed to put on my clothes finally.

The woman kissed me. "We tried to book you all weekend but it seems you are already booked tonight." Her husband nodded. "But you will be coming to the country with us tomorrow. Bruno has some more friends including a nice stallion who he wishes to share you with." I shook my head "No." The woman laughed. "Oh yes and trust us we will have the whip. We will see you soon."

I was handed 300 and a fifty dollar tip and allowed to flee. John was waiting when I got back. He smiled "I hear you enjoyed your first dog. Tomorrow I am sure you will enjoy your trip to the country. Not many whores get invited to the estates." I pulled away "I will not fuck a horse." John pulled me in. "You are expected at Mark and Jen’s tonight. You dont show back tomorrow morning the police will be looking for you."

Part 2

I didn’t know why I sat in the cab. I knew I would not go tomorrow and the cops would arrest me. Prison couldnt be that bad and maybe the judge would take it easy. I would tell the judge of the blackmail. I couldnt have sex with a horse, the dog had been bad enough. My entire body was covered in bruises and I could barely sit. I knew I could have just done it. But I found myself going to the other couple. I told myself it was just because I didnt want to go to prison on my birthday. I just kept telling myself that over and over.

Mark smiled when he opened the door. "There is a birthday girl. My beautiful Rose we are so honored you want to spend tonight with us." I knew I had to play along. "Yes." Jen motioned me out of my coat. "Oh my Pretty rose we were so happy to have you for a second time this week. Now would you like some wine or scotch?" I remembered how much easier it was with booze so said. />
Mark motioned me over and I noticed they had some food.He handed me a glass."Drink up." Jen began to undo my bra as I drank the scotch. He noticed the bruises on my breasts as his wife saw the ones on my legs. "Oh beautiful what happened to you?" I winced and admitted to them, "My last clients." Jen kissed my lips. "They whipped you?" I nodded in shame.

They pulled me down on the couch and Mark’s hand went between my legs. "I promise my Rose you will never be bruised by us." I shook my head "This is the last night." Jen laughed and shook her head. "We have booked you." I rested my head back as they both had fingers in me. "I will be arrested tomorrow." Mark made he look. "And why would you be my love?" I had tears as I told them about the video and the couple. "They want me to fuck a horse." Jen shared a look with her husband and then kissed me. "Go into the bedroom and lie down, we’ll be with you." John handed me some more scotch. "I think you could use more of this."

I drank the scotch and lay down on the bed after removing the last of my clothes as I knew would be needed. I waited and waited, I knew at the least they would be gentler than the night before. I finally felt weight on the bed and found only Jen. She pulled me in for a long passionate kiss. "Mark will be back soon. He has gone to have a little talk with John." I was shocked. "Why?" Jen smiled. "Oh Rose we are not about to allow you to go to prison. Now lie back Rose and I am sure by the time you have cummed he will have come back with good news."

I lay on my back and allowed her to suckle on my breasts as I wondered what he would do. I was scared what he would do. As I lay there I reminded myself it couldnt get worse. I told myself I'd go to prison and hopefully I'd be out soon again. As Jen began eating me out I allowed my mind to focus on her and I cummed hard in her mouth.

She was right and her husband appeared in the door and she asked "How did it go?"

story by: MissKitty30

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Author: MissKitty30

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