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Random Call
By Straight Man

Straight single man – relaxing home alone one day when his phone rings at his apartment. He answers the phone and the caller simply says, “I want to suck your dick". It was a random call from a gay man who he never met or knew. The caller stated he lived around the corner and had just called at random from the phone book. This unexpected statement arouses the straight man to imagine the />
My name is Shawn Tyler. This is a True Story that occurred 11 years ago when I was twenty four year old. I am a straight man who was employed full-time as a Computer Programmer. I attend college during the evenings – working towards my B.S. Degree in Information Systems. I recently broke up with a women (three months ago) who I had been dating for 18 months. I have a healthy sexual appetite and my ex satisfied all my needs in the bedroom as I did hers. It was an amicable breakup. Our personalities just clashed. I had missed her the last three months (primarily in the bedroom), but realized it was for the best in the long run.

One Saturday afternoon while relaxing at home watching College Football, my phone rings. I answered the phone and the caller simply said, “I want to suck your dick". It was a random call from a gay man who I never met or knew. The caller stated he lived around the corner and had just called at random getting my number from the phone book. I admit I was shocked and surprised that this unexpected statement had aroused me.

The caller stated he lived on Brown Street, which was one block away. He again asked me if he could suck my dick and wanted me to come over his house so he could take care of me. He asked me would I like that. I imagined the possibilities. He asked me how big my cock was. I never had discussed anything like that with a man before. I admit it excited me. I told him that it was 8 inches long. I then told him that I was straight. He said that I would not have talked this long on the phone if I was not interested. I must admit he was correct.

I had not had my dick sucked in over three months. My erection won out. I told the caller that I would come on one condition – he needed not only to suck my dick, but also was required to lick my balls and ass “real good” like my previous women had for me. The caller quickly stated that he would love to handle those duties for me. I got his address and told the caller I would be there in 30 minutes. I took a quick shower and sprayed cologne on my legs and on my groin. I like to feel refreshed and smell good when I know I am going to be orally serviced.

I arrived at the house and the stranger let me in. I did not even ask him his name. He offered my something to eat and drink. I was paranoid about drinking or eating anything there in fear of being drugged. I had heard how men had been “turned out” after being drugged by gay men who then took advantage of their />
I politely told the man that I was not hungry nor thirsty, but thanked him for offering. I then decided to take control. I asked him was he ready to take care of me. He said yes and took me upstairs to his bedroom. I sat on the edge of his bed. I told him to take off my shoes, and then I unfastened my pants and told him to pull them off for me. The man eagerly complied. I took of my shirt and tee shirt. He asked if he could strip down to his underwear. I felt kind of uncomfortable, but informed him that it was okay.

I then moved in the middle of his bed and told him to come over to me. I told him to kiss my thighs and rub them gently. I then put my hands on his head and guided him to my dick. He licked my shaft all over. Soon, I told him to lick my balls. He seemed to be in a trance and did everything I asked – enthusiastically. As I lay on my back watching this man do only what women had done to me previously – I felt a certain powerful feeling I had never experienced previously.

Finally, I told him to lick my ass real good for me. He proceeded to lick and eat my ass as if I was the best Sunday meal he had ever had. He licked from my ass to my balls, up and down, over and over. I put my ass all up in his face and rode him like a horse. I was being satisfied to the fullest.

I felt strange because normally only women had ever pleased me sexually and I always enjoyed pleasing them in return. I knew that under no circumstances that would happen in this case.

The way this man licked and sucked me to completion (twice), I knew he had got his reward. My guilt was removed. I left his home an hour after I had arrived. I never returned to that home and never heard from that individual again. I tried to block the entire episode out of my mind. I had to. What had occurred only had to be done by a woman for me in the future. A random phone call had turned into an unexpected and unforgettable sexual adventure. One that would never or could never be duplicated.


story by: STRAIGHT GUY

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