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More or less a Fantasy story told by my 22 year old daughter!

This story was originally written in Danish, so please accept for misinterpreted words and phrases.


It's a bit difficult to begin my story, how it all started.
My name is Sandra, and my story starts about 2 months after I had turned 18.
My story is based on notes from my diary, so every day should be properly listed.
I had no innocence, as I had been with 3 "boys", but every time I felt incredibly cheated because they had been triggered, before I had even had time to feel anything.
Yes, I felt that at the nearest they just had themselves over me, without thinking of me.
I had no doubt that my mother and father had had a fairly sex life, too often I had heard mother from inside their bedroom.
From time to time, I had since I had been about 12 years, often imagined to be fucked, and I wished that one day I would experience the same /> When I was about 14 years old, my mother had taken me to the doctor and made sure that I got the pill.
Not as an endorsement of that I just could "bun loose", but mother expressed that she just wanted to protect me from an unwanted pregnancy.
Mother had fortunately trusted me, and it took some time before a boy took my virginity.
As it probably is quite common, I was disappointed back, without having received anything out of this first sexual experience.
I remember, however, that "run" had been so exciting that when I got home, I had pill myself to release, with the idea that I was fucked, and got release at this.
When I was 15, my mother died after a short illness.

A few months after I turned 16, I had an evening been to an event with my classmates in high school, and one of the boys had been too "close" to me, but without that there was "something /> When I got home that evening, I was again quite sad, purely sexual, and when my father also appeared to be "way down in the basement," we fell a little into each other's arms.
Father has fortunately always been good to me, and was soon realizing that I seemed sad.
I could not help but to entrust myself to him, and he said, perhaps I should consider, to find a more mature man, at least to "get something out of it."
Although the "guy" would be somewhat older, he would not oppose this, as he felt that it was important that I learned my body to know in this way.
Oh, at that time did not feel for a man, but could actually understand the father's point of view.
I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly we were on the couch in a so tenderly embracement that I actually wished that he should just fuck me "here and now".
Dad was a bit embarrassed about this, but I was told that I would feel much more "at ease" by if he would "help" me.
Before we realized what happened, da took me there on the couch, and even though dad is significantly better "built" than one of the three boys I had previously been with, his cock just felt so beautiful in my tight young pussy,
I'm not sure how many orgasms I got before father "gave in" and gave me all his /> Afterward father was just so embarrassed, but my joy at having got so much out of our intercourse, made me so happy, and promised him that I wanted to try this again with him.
Somehow dad sent me up to my room, but inside my bed, I had to "help" myself to another release.
Oh God, this was the incest, but this guilt was completely overshadowed by my satisfaction.

Next morning I looked a little at myself in the mirror:
Long blond hair, almost to the end buttocks, about 162 cm tall, breasts of a size "A +" or B-", and a solid small /> Compared to my size, I was rather slim.
I knew that many younger, and for that matter, older men, looked after me.
I could not help but think that I largely resembled my mother, just in a younger and slimmer version.
Father and mother had met when mother was 19 and father 23, and with the pictures I had seen of them as newly engaged, I could well understand that my mother had fallen "head over heels" in love with him.
Down in the kitchen, Dad was just so ashamed, and tried really to lament;
he was my father and the eldest, and felt he had used me purely sexual.
I took the father and said that I was well aware of this, but I had thought about our and had experienced some of the best ever, I might be able to experience as a woman, to be released by a man.
When I came home from school that afternoon, I headed quickly up to my room:
I was horny as hell, and it was with the idea that it was dad's dick I had in me when I came for probably the fourth time.
Dad came home from work and I had been trying to get ready for dinner.
Ugh; father felt like H … .
Yes, I can understand him, because he had at his daughter.
However, I didn’t care at all; actually I was willing that we should have sex again.
Just the memory of that evening before he had "filled me out", made me more or less horny.
Dad tried to apologize many times, but when I sat on his lap and told that this might be our secret, just that he had been "so good" to me the night before, I would not have anything against that we "repeated success".
Dad was very on top of my exclamation, but we had eaten our dinner, and cleaned up the kitchen.
Dad had some things he had to fix after dinner, and I had also just done some homework.
At bedtime, he would just say goodnight to me, but soon it was with a kiss on the mouth.
I was not so experienced with kissing, but felt that the father tongue-kiss, could awaken a dead, so very quickly, I was horny, and took hold of the father's groins and asked him to fuck me again.
Dad was fortunately not a "wooden man", as soon we were inside the double bed where he again fucked me something so wonderful.
Dad was almost in tears of shame, but I lay in his arms and said that it was my fault, so he might not be so bad conscience because I had given me "to him".
We simply fell asleep so, and the next morning father woke with something of a />
Oh, how the bad conscience shown from father when he discovered that his daughter was in his arms, lovely satisfied from the night before.
Down at the breakfast table seemed dad something over his but I took him and told him I loved him for what he had done.
Dad was at work and I'm in school, so we had to have "a more detailed about this when we were home again.
It was hard for me to concentrate in school that day:
The whole time circling my thoughts on father, and his big cock, and what it had previously done to my pussy.
On the break, I was spending most of the time on the toilet, and had to give myself a few orgasms, with the idea of father's cock.
I was a little earlier free that day, so when I got home, I found some of my pocket money, and visited a “Porn Street” in Central Copenhagen, where I bought a dildo.
The assistant looked a bit of my age, but said nothing.
At home, I unpacked my "new and had inserted the batteries before I tested it.
I got several orgasms, but was interrupted as my father came home.
Dad and I had to have a "serious talk", but for my part I was quite different on father's attitudes to /> He was my "tool" to lovely orgasms, and just feeling his cock in my pussy, could make me forget that he was actually my father.
Dad had himself some evenings earlier even said that maybe I should try a more man, and it was in this light, I just saw him as my mature love, which I tried to explain to him.
Father was well aware that he had "put up to" this but not that it should be him who would "help me on the way".
Again, I had to fall father around the neck and tell that in my case, it was all right with me, and that this would be our utmost secrecy.
It seemed that father more of the top of my message, and we were done dinner, and the subsequent cleanup.
It was bedtime, and a little careful, I asked Dad if I could get into double bed with him.
It seemed to get pretty quickly himself, and soon I lay in his arms, and enjoyed his caresses.
If the father had been as good at mother in bed, I could understand, having heard her scream quietly several evenings.
This evening, we ended up in a 69-'s and father's tongue could fucking do something about my pussy, I had not even imagined in my wildest fantasies.
I had never tried to suck cock before, but had an idea of how I should do.
Well, I had seen several porn movies, so I did the best I could.
Father had me before he came, but in my zeal, I did not move his mouth so that some of his sperm shot into my mouth, and the rest over most of my face.
Just this experience got me on the next to come a second time.
The taste of his semen was not even as bad as I had originally imagined.
Dad was trembling all over with excitement, and I was "far up and running."
We had to go out and wash, and I discovered that the father did something "wet" in the face.
A little grin got dad say something that he thought I looked like my mother, because she had also been able to "juice" quite strongly.
Inside the bed, I lay in father's arms, and he was loving on me and kissed me gently on the mouth.
Just this made me horny again, and I took his soft cock.
Quickly father realized that I wanted sex again, and asked me to suck him stiff.
There was nothing I wanted more.
Fast was dad's cock stiffened again, and he asked me to try to "ride" him.
This I had never tried before, but was immediately willing to try.
After a few attempts, he dashed all the way into my pussy.
God, that was just wonderful.
Dad kept hold on my hips, and when I had gotten used to his in my pussy, dad took over the movements.
Oh, the sense was just indescribably beautiful.
I think I came very quickly, and felt that I just wanted to have his cock there, forever.
At a point, father's hands came "too far down" around my buttocks, and a couple of his fingers, hit my "rear hole".
It tickled but from the porn movies I had seen, I knew that my rear hole could also be the object of a man's /> Father got aware, this just wasn’t "the right time", and got hold of my hips again.
In the end, he got his hands in between us and hugged my breasts quite strongly, and this just made me get quite just before father ejaculated into me with something of a roar.
Oh, I just collapsed on top of father:
I was quite exhausted.
After a good grooming, I was allowed to put myself into bed with father again, this time "in spoon", and so we woke up Friday morning.

Dad was still somehow embarrassed, but I could sense that he seemed happier than he had done since mother got seriously ill.
I arrived home 3 hours before father, and would "enjoy" me with my dildo.
In one way or another, I had "hit" a bit wrong, as I would put it up in my pussy, so instead it hit my rear hole.
Oops, it felt nice in fact, and with the memory of that a couple of father's fingers the night before had touched this, I could not help but imagine that I might one day be able to try to get a cock there.
I was almost afraid my attitude to this, but choose carefully to try to get the dildo up there.
The dildo was a bit moist, but I got it a piece up, but could sense that "something was wrong".
I hurried into the bathroom and got on the toilet, and a little later I appeared somewhat /> I was already so anxious to carry on with my that I had looked in the bathroom cabinet for something and found some Vaseline.
A good dollop on the dildo and in my rear hole, and then it was just to try again.
The dildo came over halfway up in my rear hole, and I turned it /> At first it was just a tingling sensation, but soon I found out that I enjoyed being expanded there.
Just the idea that father one day also would take me there, made me get orgasm a few times before I was fairly satisfied.
I had to quickly grooming and cleaning the massager, which had been a bit /> Via the porn movies I had seen, I knew that women apparently also would be able to orgasm this way, so I was now confident that I could possibly find as much pleasure in this kind of sex.
Inside my room, it was a little hard for me to concentrate on my homework, because I wanted to find out more about anal sex.
I was looking at some porn sites, and here I was able to find movies where women were not only fucked in the back hole, but in both holes and 2 dicks in either one or the other hole.
My God, a feeling I got in the abdomen.
Without realizing it, I got quite horny again.
I got hornier, as I had found some movies where women were in the front hole, not to mention when I found some where this also happened in the rear hole.
I was struck dumb.
Could this really happen?
At first I thought they were but quickly realized that the scenes were real.
Well, my pussy had felt very tight on the first night with dad, but simply had managed to get his relatively big cock, almost all the way, so why not?
Father's homecoming interrupted my further thinking.
I had to just breathe deeply a few times before I came down the stairs to fall on his neck, which I had done so often throughout my childhood, when he had come home.
During dinner, came conversation into sex, and father had made it quite clear to me that it was very important that I remembered to take my pill every day.
He could be quite quiet, for this I had remembered from the outset.
Furthermore, it was important that I told, if there was anything I did not like, but that I even had to come up with /> Ugh, I was just about to about my desire for anal sex, but chose to remain silent.
We ended up in bed, and since it was Friday night and not had to get up the next morning, it was just such a lovely evening and night, as father ejaculated into me three times.
Dad had taken me "from behind", and it felt as if his cock came even further up in me, but it felt just wonderful.

Saturday morning I woke up in father's arms, and although he was my father, I felt that I wanted to wake up like every morning, the rest of my life.
After breakfast, I was keen on sex, and father was not very difficult to persuade.
It was a "ride" where father's fingers again hit my rear hole, and this time I more or less encouraged him to try with a couple of fingers.
Fairly quickly father had a few fingers the right way up, and even if they didn’t fill as much as my massager, it seemed much better.
In one way or another, I felt that I wanted to try with more fingers, and has apparently been expressed that, because when we both came, father had shown 2 x 2 fingers pretty much up in my rear hole.
I was almost in tears of excitement, and father looked a bit frightened at me.
At first he thought that he had done me harm, by having all four fingers in my rear hole, but I could reassure him that it had only increased my enjoyment.
A little giggling got dad to say, I seemed to be as my mother, as she had also liked this /> I asked a little cautiously, if mother also had been decidedly to anal sex.
A little hesitantly got father replied "oh yes", and if I knew what all this meant?
No, I had not tried this before, but just the fact father had all four fingers up in my rear hole, led me to expect that I would be able to accommodate his dick.
Slightly embarrassed, I told dad that I had a dildo, and already had "secretly trained", and actually had a desire to try.
Dad shook his head in despair and said something like "as a mother, then /> After a quick grooming, daddy and I were back in bed, starting to suck him stiff.
In the bathroom, I had found Vaseline, and smuggled it into the bedroom.
When I thought that Dad's cock was stiff enough, I asked him to “take care” of my rear hole, because I really wanted to try.
Although I had not tried before, I felt that father knew exactly how he should "open" me with his fingers before he smeared a big blob on his dick and started to penetrate into me from behind.
Although I had thought about using my dildo there the day before, it felt even better with father's cock, even if it was just a little thicker, but father's made me to "relax even more."
Since it was the first time I had something that big there, made it a bit sore, but soon it felt just wonderful, not even as uncomfortable as when I had lost my virginity.
It felt as if Dad's cock pretty quickly came into me, and just the fact that he apparently could come all the way in me, without did, his cock apparently hit something in me, that I liked.
Father would "raise" my enjoyment by massage my clitoris, but I told that I would like to try this first, without /> It took some time, but suddenly a nice sensation flushed all over my body by a so I guess I almost started to cry.
Father appeared a bit frightened, but I asked him to continue.
Oh, how it felt just great when he finally came into my rear hole.
It just felt great in a different way.
Dad came right up to me, so I guess I got to moan a part of this, but it was just fucking great.
In the bathroom, I flew into the father's arms and said thank you, because he had extended my /> I was looked down on father's cock, who wore a little touch of where it had been, so I washed it lovingly.
Just this got his cock to rise again, and before long we were again in bed, in a nice /> Since my rear hole apparently had been somewhat open, Father had quickly 2 x 2 fingers in my rear hole, and we both came at the end of a fantastic orgasm, this time I didn’t remove my head, and Dad filled my mouth with his hot sperm.
It felt as father’s orgasm had been extended in this way, so I was quite proud to be able to do this.
So we were both somewhat frazzled.
After grooming, we fell fast asleep.

Sunday morning, I was still somewhat exhausted, and while we ate breakfast, my rear hole reminded me that dad's cock had been there the night before, but it was a wonderful kind of reminder, and father could also feel my reaction when I sat on the chair.
This caused dad to laugh a bit, and asked if there were other things I'd like to try.
I shook gently on my head and said this in the first place was "good enough", but that I wanted to try again.
Dad shook his head and said something that I was just as hopeless as my mother, but smiled very wide when he asked what I would have repeated.
Quickly I had been to the toilet, and was inside the double bed, but this time on my back, with buttocks lying on a thick pad.
Dad had quickly licked me to orgasm, and had four fingers almost all the way in my rear hole before I could feel his cock penetrate slowly into me.
Just this position caused that I could sense that his dick hit the tip of my uterus mouth in this way, which made me very excited.
It didn’t take long until I climaxed, and it felt as if my pussy was about to "run over".
I got an uncontrollable urge to be expanded even more in my abdomen, so quickly I had a couple of fingers inside my pussy.
It was also three fingers, and this was what I had previously been able to do "on my own" in my lonely moments, but despite dad's cock in my rear hole, I felt for more, so suddenly I had four fingers up.
Dad was somewhat surprised, and said that if I continued in this way, I would feel so tight that he could not hold on much longer.
That was a bit of a dilemma, because I felt that there was room for more in my pussy, but just the sensation of dad's cock in my rear hole, made me wish he could go on for hours.
I got several orgasms in this way before father came into me and sank down a little over me, still with my four fingers in my pussy.
Oh, how did it just feel wonderful, and I wanted his cock would be there much longer.
Eventually his cock got out of my rear hole, to my great /> Father could clearly sense my disappointment, and asked if it was so for which he sensed?
Yes heck, just being expanded so much, was simply wonderful.
A little asking got dad to ask if I wanted something "real" in my rear hole?
Oh, that would be great, because even though it would have been nice to be fucked in my pussy, I felt that I wanted to remain extended in my rear hole.
Dad had to go out and grooming, and said that we had to make sure that I have for the future was "totally empty" when we had anal sex.
I looked wonderingly at him, for I had just been to the toilet and could not imagine that I could be further.
I got turned a little in bed, and had looked at my abdomen, through the mirrors on the slanted wall.
My God:
It was almost as if my rear hole looked like a big /> I pinched a little, and just to see my rear hole tightened, was pretty exciting.
I wondered a little at how much space there would actually be in both of my holes, because I remembered the movie I had seen in women who had been /> Imagine if one day I could get a whole hand into my pussy, or for that matter my rear hole?
Dad came in from the bathroom and saw me and look at my abdomen.
A bit cheeky, he asked if I liked the sight?
I could not help but talk about the porn movies I had seen, and my fantasies.
Dad quickly understood and said that he and mother had often in this way, and soon my mother had been able to get his whole hand into her pussy.
Although I only had just turned 16 a few months ago, he thought that I without much effort could get my hand up, but with a little practice.
If I wanted to, he would /> Dad got off this part of the conversation and asked about my desire to be "constant extended" in my rear hole?
Yes, I would at least like to try the feeling.
Quickly began father to get dressed and said he would run for an hour, because he was just shopping.
Meanwhile I could be groomed, and possibly get me a nap.
Before being aware, father had left, and returned after about 1½ hour.
When father came home, he had a plastic bag with him and let me look into it.
Wow; father had been in “Porn Street” and bought sex toys:
A dildo larger and longer than my own, an artificial hand, a and "large" an inflatable dildo and a "rubber thing", which I would later learn was to "purge" of my rear hole.
Dad thought this might be enough "to start with", but urged me to tell if I had other ideas.
As I wanted to try to be expanded further in my rear hole, father took me into the bathroom, where I got a bit of a /> The first portion seemed a little strange to me, but when I sat on the toilet, and the water poured out of my rear hole, I could feel that I was further depleted, and just the idea that father might "get better" access, gave me the courage "for another one”.
It was pretty exciting, and when I felt that I was completely I had to have a quick wash ".
Inside the bed father made ready to take my rear hole under the "loving care".
I was well lubricated, and after Dad had three fingers up at me, he took the medium and led it gently into me.
I was just getting used to it, but soon I enjoyed the feeling.
When I knew that father had also bought a large one, I was curious to try if I could accommodate this.
Dad was very helpful in getting the medium out of me, and I was actually very grateful for his help, because I tried to tighten, rather than relax.
Dad got to laugh a little at this, but said that I just had to learn the /> Dad tried for several minutes to get the big up in me, but lacked a few centimeters in that to manage, as it seemed a bit too large in diameter.
Dad was convinced, however, that one day it might have to be managed.
I had been following this whole "scene" through the mirrors on the wall, and I was inclined to approve with dad.
It was the medium again, and Dad told me to lie down on my back.
He found the new dildo, and as I was already “soaking wet”, it quickly hit at bottom, into a single /> Oh, it was just naughty, and I felt just so horny.
Father had thrown off his underwear, and his big cock came up to my mouth as I automatically opened.
One of Dad’s hands came down to insure that the dildo wouldn’t fall out of me while I took care of his cock.
For a short while we were into this position, but quite soon, we were in a 69-is, with me at the top.
Dad got turned on the dildo while he licked me, and I can tell that I just by thunder and lightning.
When father finally came into my mouth, he had increased up the speed, and pushed the dildo as deep into me as possible.
Oh, I just fell over on his stomach, completely exhausted.
Dad slowly turned down the speed, but let the dildo remain in me, until I somewhat "lazy" rose from him.
I got on the toilet to pee, but chose to let my stay in my rear hole.
Dad came out to be groomed, and I could see that he was something wet on the face of my juices.
I was a little embarrassed by this, even though I knew that I hadn’t urinated on him.
Dad embraced me lovingly and said that I should be happy to "juice" as much, that I didn’t seem to me in my front hole.
I chose to take a quick shower, so the juices between my thighs, and the lubricant around my rear hole could be washed away, but father had discovered that my "butt plug" was still in my rear hole, and began to laugh a little.
I was just different; the sensation was just /> A little grin got dad to say that I should be prepared that it could feel more when I sat down.
We got dressed and went down to the kitchen for some lunch, and when I sat down, I tell you that it felt as if my came further up, so at first I expelled a small squeal.
Dad could not help but laugh a little, but said he hoped that I liked the sensation.
Yes I could, and annoyed me a bit that it was not the thick one, I had there.
It was good to have lunch, but we were somewhat tired on top of the night and the morning's so we took us an afternoon nap, separately.
However, I had taken the inflatable dildo with into my bed, and soon it was up in my pussy, I began to inflate it.
I was damn horny for this, and I think that just the fact that I had a in my rear hole, enhanced my enjoyment.
I quite a lot, and just being expanded so much in the pussy, made me think about how it would feel to have a whole hand up there, and how it must feel to give birth.
At this point I remembered that my father had also bought "a hand", and this would be my next /> I had to make myself into a few orgasms, but my fatigue was too much, so I only managed to get the air out of the dildo, and I fell out of me before I simply fell asleep.
I slept for a couple of hours, and felt quite fresh again, but also horny.
Yes, no wonder, as I still had the up in the rear hole.
I could hear the washing machine was running down the hallway, so dad had to already been up.
Quickly I got groomed, and washed the inflatable dildo.
Down in the living room father relaxed a little, and without further ado, I sat astride him, and gave him a huge hug and said thank you because he was so "good" to me.
Dad had squeezed my buttocks lovingly, but a couple of fingers hit my and pushed it a bit further into me, which made me /> Father was aware of why, and me that my rear hole could run the risk of not being able to properly together again.
His best advice was that I should remove it later when I went to bed tonight.
I understood my father's concern and promised him that, although the feeling was awfully nice.
It was a and father were very nervous about our because I had just started high school, and our family and friends would probably be surprised that we suddenly kept us more to ourselves.
As father was not in doubt that many male creatures looked at me, they might also wonder why I didn’t have a boyfriend.
I could understand my father's but promised him that I would keep silent, because in worst case, he could go to jail, and with this we wouldn’t have each other more.
This I would avoid at all costs, and promised that when we were with others, I would behave /> As usual, I helped dad to take care of the house and while dad started making dinner, I made sure to empty the washing machine, and get laundry to dry.
While we ate, suggested dad a new "house rule":
We only slept together up to the weekends and holidays because we both had our job and school to attend to.
Apart from this, there should be nothing to prevent us for having sex.
I remember that I had a hard time accepting this, but could understand my father's attitude.
Since we both had to get up the next morning, we should not sleep too late, so I asked father into having sex again.
Dad was easy to persuade, and before long I was lying and enjoyed his caresses before his cock penetrated my wet pussy.
Oh, what a wonderful feeling, because I still had my in my rear hole:
I felt quite tight and father also liked the sensation.
I got some solid orgasms before Dad finally came into me.
In the bathroom, I had to have the father's help again, to remove my but it felt somewhat easier to remove it.
Dad looked something intensely on my gaping hole, and said something like he had certainly forgotten how sexy it looked.
We made the agreement that my two should be in his bedroom, so I did not get to cheat, but I could have the dildos with me.
It was a little hard to find rest in my bed, because I felt horny again, and before long, I had the big dildo in my pussy, and got a few orgasms this way.
I didn’t feel quite satisfied, and began to insert my fingers in my pussy, and soon had four fingers up completely.
I raised myself up on the left arm and curled up, and soon my thumb also well on the way up.
Oh God, it was just great to be expanded so much.
I couldn’t help but think of that until a few days ago, I had so far only been able to get three fingers up, and now I lay here, and had most of my hand right up.
Just the idea that I might soon manage to get my entire hand up, made me orgasm, without any kind of /> Oh, I for a long time and sighed with satisfaction afterwards, while I licked my juices of my hand.
Then I just fell asleep.

I woke up with a start when the alarm clock rang.
Boy, I had slept well, but also had a naughty dream that I was fisted.
We got a quick fix breakfast, and kissed goodbye.
In high school, some of my friends along with me at lunch, asked curiously to my weekend, as I looked as if I had fallen in love.
Ugh, it was a little hard to explain, so I told I "only" had pretty much cock.
This led to a number of questions, but when I told the man was a little and I did not want to give further details, it seemed that they accepted.

To be continued…

story by: HenrikLDK

Tags: fiction male/teen female masturbation blowjob incest teen oral sex enema extreme sex story written by women

Author: HenrikLDK

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What comes in Vegas stays in Vegas

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