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Oh!! Oh, gosh! Ms Carter! I didn’t know you were like this, that you wanted me like this, when you asked me to stay on late at the office tonight and help you with some work, just the two of us alone here in the building.

You took me by surprise, when you pushed me backwards against your office wall, seizing my arms just below the shoulders and kissing me so firmly – when my lips parted in shock, your tongue thrust inside and licked all around my mouth. I feel shaky, my stomach is all fluttery – I’m weak at the knees, and glad for the wall behind holding me up. You pull my suit jacket off my shoulders, let it fall to the ground – you are still kissing me, devouring my mouth with your passion, whilst your hands rove all over my chest.

You grasp my breasts, squeezing them roughly through my thin shirt and my bra – its soft lace cups give them no protection against your mauling grip as you mash them and then pull hard on my nipples, and I give a broken moan. My tits feel like they are on fire, you are sending electric shocks out from them through my whole body, making me shake and tremble.

You are so authoritative, so totally in command of me – you told me three weeks ago, just after I started working as your personal secretary, that when you see something that you want, you just take it … and now you’re just taking me, you’re so decisive, and I’ll do anything you want, anything at all, just make me, take me – oh! fuck me, please, now!

I’m wondering, did you know somehow that I’m a lesbian too? Maybe, with all your experience, you have what they call and you sensed or guessed – or maybe you just don’t care, you’re going to have my cunt anyway, whether I like it or not? Ooooh, that sends hot shivers down my spine, I love your forcefulness, your aggression – would it be sexier for you if I pretend to resist a bit? Do you like young girls to struggle in your talons, like rabbits that have been swooped on by an eagle? Perhaps I should try and run for the door … but, of course, in my rather slutty high heels, you will catch me, and rip the shirt from my back, perhaps slap me around a bit to show me who’s boss (oh, you are – you’re my boss, in every way!) and then you’d use me however you wanted to … ohmigod! thinking this plus what you are doing to my body, it’s sending me wild with desire, my cunny is soaking, and I need you to take me … take me hard … oh, yes, so hard!

You are so much more experienced than me, so mature and powerful – you must be about twelve years older than me, a little over thirty, I’d guess? I thought you were hot from the moment I saw you, but you gave no sign of wanting my pussy, so I just had to daydream – but I’m sure this isn’t a dream, I pinched my leg just now to be sure, yes – it’s real, it’s really happening! You are taller than me by about four or five inches, a little heavier built, although you are so with your slim waist and long shapely legs. And you are always so elegant and stylish, I love the way you dress at the office – business suits with tight pencil skirts or (as you have today) sheer and sharply-creased black trousers which showcase your trim ass so well, it’s such a professional executive look and yet it’s also so dominant and sexy. It goes well with your dark hair, cut sharply around your ears and to the back of your collar, and those heavy silver ear-rings that you wear.

Do you like my breasts? I know I seem like a blonde bimbo: I’m just nineteen, and look a bit younger than that apart from my figure – well, my tits really, everyone says they are my best feature, firm and high and pointy, double-D cups which on my relatively small frame (just five foot three inches) look even bigger than they are. Did they catch your eye, or maybe it was the clothes I wear at work? I love smart business suits too, but mine always have a really short tight skirt, never longer than halfway down my thigh, and often with a bit of a side slit or back vent as well. I like people to look at my legs when I walk – well, strut, as I always wear strappy high heels – and get glimpses of the elastic top of my hold-ups, and maybe more. Did you look up my skirt when I was bending over the lowest filing-cabinet drawers? – I know my skirt rides up then, and you could see the gusset of my panties. Or perhaps it was my tits, as you are groping them so much? My suit jackets are always cut tight to emphasise my bust, and under them I often wear scoop-neck tops or a shirt with several buttons open, showing a good amount of breast and cleavage. I’m sure I saw you looking sometimes … do you want my tits, do you want to make them quiver at your touch, make them belong to you?

Oh, now you’ve undone the other buttons on my shirt and are pulling it open, tugging it out of the waistband of my mini-skirt, letting it fall away to the sides – now you push it down my arms to fall away, and all I have on above the waist is my black demi-cup bra. You waste no time – at once you scoop my breasts out of the bra cups, letting them dangle over the lacy fabric. Ow!! you pinch my nipples, pulling and tweaking them, when they are already engorged and so sensitive. I give a little yelp, and you smile a hungry wolfish grin of conquest – oh, you know that you have me, that you can do anything to me now!

Your mouth latches on to one breast, while your hand still massages the other – you take my tit into your mouth, sucking so hard as if you want it to come off, and then nibbling, almost biting on it, as you pull it with your teeth. I’m almost sobbing with arousal and the effects of what you are doing to me – my hands have been clutching you around the waist, but at last I have a coherent thought in my head and I move them up under your suit jacket, to cup and fondle your tits in return.

You step back for a moment, letting me caress you and watching the expression on my face like a hawk – you know I’m so ripe for plucking and fucking. You reach down for the hem of my short grey pinstripe skirt – yes, pull it off me, tear it off me, anyhow you want to! But instead you roughly jerk it upwards, over my hips, and bunch it a round my waist – oh, you like it that way, do you? It does feel sexier, more half-naked … more vulnerable. I shift my stance so my legs are wider apart, keeping the skirt out of the way and giving you more access. My black panties are exposed, quite skimpy and lacy, more of a thong really. You thrust a hand quite savagely down inside them – I can hear them rip, but I don’t care – and I feel the touch of your warm fingers on my cunt. You seize my pussy, and I give a sob of pleasure mingled with pain, as I feel your sharp scarlet-painted fingernails dig into the soft flesh on either side of my slit.

‘Oh! Oh, mmm, please …’ I whimper.

You push your lips close to my ear, and whisper in a harsh cracked voice: mine, you cunt, you slut, you little bitch – you’re mine to use, your sweet pussy, your tight ass – every hole is mine, you are mine!’

‘Oh’, I moan, as you pinch my left tit and my labia simultaneously, ‘oooh, yes! yes – I am!’

Now you thrust one finger into me – this is fucka-bitch time, you shove it deep inside my vagina, which is so moist and open that you sink into me right up to the knuckle, as I cry out in shock and ecstasy at the force and depth of your first penetration. My cry goes up to a higher note, as your second thrust is two fingers, splitting me more, stretching my opening. Your other hand grasps the thin fabric of my thong, and with a savage jerk you tear it apart – the shredded, destroyed panties tumble down my legs, to hang like a flag at half-mast from my other knee.

There is nothing to stop you now, and I respond by spreading my feet further apart, arching my back and pushing my pelvis forwards. Your hand begins to piston violently backwards and forwards, your two long fingers ramming into my pussy, so hard that each time your knuckles slam into my tender labia like a punch. I’m in a daze, I’m so aroused by what you are doing to me, and now I’m gasping between desperate breaths: ‘I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!!’ But you stop, pull out, leave me on the brink – oh, you are so expert, you know how to put a silly young girl like me through the mill, how to take her apart. I’ve had a handful of lovers, all around my own age, I’m not a virgin or anything – but never anyone like you, so strong and so certain, I’ve never felt so taken before.

You push my shoulders downwards, and at once I fall to my knees on the floor in front of you – you don’t need to tell me, I bend down and am glad to kiss the sharp toes of your glossy black pumps with their two-inch stiletto heels. You take off your suit jacket and your shirt as well; then, without saying a word, looking haughty and aloof, you gesture to the side waistband of your smart black trousers. I reach up, like the supplicant I am, undo the two buttons and pull down the concealed zip. I lower the slacks reverently, and you step out of them, take them from my grasp and fold them over the back of a chair.

I admire how stunning you look – a mature woman to my unformed girl. Your underwear is dark red: a balcony bra pushing up your shapely C-cup breasts, matching bikini panties made mostly of thin lace panels and a suspender belt, from which four straps are fastened to your old-fashioned seamed black stockings. You stand poised above me in such control and authority, your hands on your hips. You instruct me to remove your panties, and to kiss and lick and worship the shaven pussy that I find – all of this I do eagerly, tasting your warm spicy pussy-juice for the first delicious time. You murmur a little at that – perhaps you had not expected to find me so responsive, or to know what to do? I may look young and naive, but since my high school cheerleading coach first had me when I was just turned fifteen, I’ve spread my legs and given my cunt to several women, and nothing thrills me more than to bring my tongue to a female pussy.

Now you reach down and grasp my blonde hair – easy to do, as I keep it bunched in a pony tail. You drag me unresistingly over to your desk, and push me over onto it, lying face downwards, my tits squashed against its top. You pick up your plastic twelve-inch ruler and smack my out-thrust buttocks several times – quite hard, but I like it, it sends squirming submissive feelings all through me. You put the ruler down and go to your briefcase, from which you bring out a big strap-on plastic dildo – clearly, you have planned all this in advance!

I watch round-eyed as you step into it and buckle up the straps, noticing that it has a smaller interior dildo which you have thrust into your own cunt, giving a little shudder of excitement as you do so. I think you look amazing with the huge black dildo in place – a tall, sexy, thirty-year-old, a highly successful businesswoman and an aggressively dominant dyke. Your tits are thrust out in their underwired bra, your stomach is flat, your ass is trim and taut, and your black heels, stockings and suspenders make your legs look a mile high.

I want you to take me so much, I want you to fuck me without mercy, fuck me hard till I pass out senseless, and I show it by spreading my legs as wide apart as I can, sticking my ass out over the edge of the desk, and offering myself to you eagerly and submissively for any sexual pleasure that you desire – use me, oh God! just fuck me and use me!

You are a woman who wastes no time in getting what she wants, in her career or when fucking a toy-girl like me. You step up briskly behind my ass, I feel your hands take firm hold just above my hips, and I have only a second’s warning as you line up the plastic cock on my cunt-hole, nudging my labia apart just once before suddenly you drive forwards with your whole weight behind it, arching your back, spearing the huge phallus so far into me that I give a scream of shock – no one has ever gone so deep inside me before.

I’ve never felt this full before – I think I might split open, and I clutch at the edge of the desk and cry out with just a little note of fear. This turns you on even more – you like to have your blondes whimpering on the end of your dildo, don’t you? And you know better than me – you know how I will open up and stretch inside, you know I can take this, and I will take it. You begin to thrust it in and out, slowly at first but oh! so firmly, so masterfully, so in control of me. The friction of the strap-on’s hard ridges is lubricating me, making my vagina adjust to its huge length, and now you increase the tempo. The interior dildo in your pussy is doing its work, you are starting to build towards your climax, and you want to fuck me so hard, so very hard – you are going to blow my mind and make me all yours.

Now you are ramming it into me, so far it’s like you’re drilling for oil – and getting it, I’m so wet my juices are pouring out, I feel them splattering over my pussy-lips and my ass-crack each time that you pile-drive the dildo back into me. As it slams home, you give a hard grunt made up of lust and satisfaction, as you look down on the young blonde bimbo you are fucking so hard, she’s splayed across your desk like a big X, arms outstretched and hands clutching at the farther edge, legs spread wide apart and jerking spasmodically every time you bulldoze her cunt. Her skirt is up round her waist, where it should be – that tight scrap of cloth, that she flashes her ass and pussy around in (yesterday didn’t you see up the front, see the little black lacy thong that made you determined to take this little cow, to have her today no matter what?) – and that sexy round butt is upturned for you to fuck her cunt, really take the slut, give it to her rough and deep. Her big tits are out of their bra cups, flopping around on your desk top, you want to pull on her tits so hard, make her cry out as you maul those fleshy mounds. She looks so sexy with the strap of the black bra across her naked back, her skirt like that up above her hips, her cute blond ponytail bouncing around from the slamming ramming you are giving her cunt – she looks young, vulnerable, conquered … so fuckable. She’s gonna take it … and you’re gonna give it to her!!

You are pulverising my pussy, I’ve never been fucked so roughly, so hard, for so long. But I can take it, this lezzie slut can take it all, I can take all that you do, I want you to do me – I’m sobbing and begging, pleading with you to give it to me, fuck me deeper, do me harder … oh, yes, I can take it, I want it, I want more and more!

Your hands leave my waist and instead you seize on my bra straps, where they join the back-band, using them like the reins on a horse. It can’t take the strain of your forcefulness and the clasp at the back of my bra bursts apart, but you still grasp it on each side, wrap the fabric in your fists, and use it pull me upwards into an even better position for fucking. Your pelvis flexes like a well-oiled machine, driving the wide ribbed black dildo into me at a different angle, so that its ridges rasp cruelly along my clitoris, grating and pressing on it. Ohmigod, oh! sweet Jesus! you are taking me to another level – I didn’t think it could get any higher than this, but you know how. Christ! oooh, you do know how to take a girl, dontcha?

Aaahh! Oh, you bitch-goddess, you’re nailing me – you’re nailing me to the desk! Do you like taking busty blondes, dominating them, fucking their brains out? I’ll bet you do – you’re taking me so hard, I’m being pounded into a quivering jelly by your onslaught on my pussy-slit … and you don’t let up, you won’t let up, not until I’m creaming all over your huge plastic cock, that rod that is surging in and out of my vagina like a piston on a steam engine.

You are relentless, you have no mercy on my shaking little teenage body. You just love to have a sweet young blonde on the end of your pole, they whimper so much these pampered blondes, but at least this one’s got some stamina. You’re gonna ride this straw-haired little bitch, this fucking bronco, oh yes, ride her cunt right into the ground, as you get yourself off – this is the best fuck you’ve had in months (in fact, since that Japanese slitty-bitch, she was so desperate to get that contract, she gave you up everything right here on this desk, with her little tits and so-tight pussy with its tangle of jet black hair, she screamed and writhed even more than this blonde bimbo’s doing right now).

You change your grip, and one hand seizes my pony-tail and jerks my head sharply backwards, forcing my front to rise up off the desk. This is your opportunity, your other hand reaches round to seize the nearest swaying jiggling breast, to dig your fingers into its soft quivering girl-flesh. You know my type, you are thinking, these big-titted blondes – you just bet I was a cheerleader, you bet I ate the pussy of my hard dyke coach and all the other little teen hotties in the squad (I did! Oh, yes Ms. Carter, I did and I loved it!), you bet I give it up easy for any bitch that gets her hand into my panties (yes! yes – it’s true, I will, I do!!), well – now you’re going to show me what a real woman can do, a woman of strength and power, with years of experience fucking little strumpets like me.

You lean forwards, I can feel the weight of your warm breasts on my naked back, your hard erect nipples dig into my flesh. Your mouth comes down on the back of my neck for a hungry kiss that is more of a bite – there’ll be a mark there in the morning, for sure. Then your lips pull back in a kind of snarl, and your hot breath hisses right next to my ear:

‘You blonde cow, you lezzie whore, you shitty slut, you fucking cunt! – you’re gonna cum for me, I’ll make you cum for me, you’re mine and you’ll fucking cum for me, you’ll fucking cum when I tell you to!’

‘Yes, oh, Ms. Carter! Yes, I’ll do anything for you, any time you want’ is what I manage to gasp out in reply, broken up by my squeals as the rasping of your plastic cock on my clit is taking me into the stratosphere, I feel myself going up like a firework rocket – when I get to the top I’m gonna explode, like a starburst!

Now I’m screaming so loud that if there was anyone else in the building they would come running to see what all the noise is about – but we are the only ones here, we both know that, it lets you do anything and everything you want to me, and it lets me surrender to you, and shout out all that I need and want without any inhibitions. And I’m yelling out: ‘fuck me harder, yes, make me cum, Ms. Carter – make me come for you … I want to come for you, oh! yes, I want that more than />
You take my erect nipple between your first and second fingers and press hard, and I give a desperate cry as this painful but erotic stimulus mingles with the burning fire deep inside my vagina, the spasms of electric tension from my pummelled pussy lips, and the nearly-exploding bomb of my clitoris. You knew it would be the final element, and now you really let yourself go without restraint, you pull your hips back so as to spear my pussy to its furthest end with the dildo, as you give my cunt a battering ram of five viciously hard and fast penetrations, you are screaming something out that is full of swear words, words I never thought to hear from your educated, so-professional lips.

‘I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!!’ I shout frantically, my legs and arms thrashing in every direction, and then you cruelly squeeze my tit again, just as your final dildo-slam crushes my little clit-bud as it goes far into my ravaged pussy-hole, and then you hold it in there – and it’s like the rip-cord has been pulled on my grenade, I explode, I jerk so violently that we almost fall off the desk, but you hold me down with your greater weight. There is a roaring in my ears, and wildfire rips through me from my crotch to my head, like it would blow the top of my skull right off – and is that high-pitched screaming voice really mine?

‘Oohh! Arrggh-aaaaahh! Oh! – Ms. Carter! – I’m coming, I’m fucking COMING! – Oh, fuckit, I’M AAAAAHH!! MAKE ME, TAKE ME, I’M CUMMING FOR YOU, FOR YOU!!’

And I do, sticky juices creaming out of my pussy hole, you can smell my cum mingled with my sweat and yours, and as I slump face down, totally taken, totally conquered, totally downright fucked-to-pieces, it does it for you – it takes you to the top, to the glory moment, to your sunburst. Your whole body goes rigid, the inner dildo of your strap-on has done its work, placed so as to rub your clit every time you shafted into my cunt. The long fat outer dildo is still rammed deep into my teenage pussy, and I gasp and squeal again as your orgasm makes the plastic cock vibrate inside of me. You let go of my hair and delectable big breast, and you reach for your own tits – you jerk them out of your bra cups, pulling on your own titties in ecstasy. Your body shakes convulsively, your hips tremble and your ass quivers with the volcanic force of your eruption, and like a tidal wave the orgasm sweeps over you, leaving you shaking in its wake.

After a moment, you place one hand on the small of my back, and smoothly pull the dildo out of my pussy. I am still almost comatose – never, ever, have I been fucked like this – and you give me a sharp slap on each buttock with the palm of your hand to stir me into action. With a gesture, you instruct me to sit up – as I do so, my broken bra falls away from my chest, leaving my jutting tits totally exposed, swaying out towards you. Quite gently, you take them in your hands and caress them, smiling in appreciation as my nipples instantly harden at your touch, and at the way my mouth parts, my tongue slipping along my lips in anticipation. You smile inside – maybe you’ve found a blonde worth keeping, after all; usually they crumple and collapse in tears, when you give them what a blonde should get – a real hard fucking … but not this one, she’s up for more, the hot little lezzie bitch. Well, you think, good – I’m the one to take her as far as she can go!

You are such a stunning sight, and I sit on the desk and gaze at my amazing boss-lady in wide-eyed admiration – so tall, with your short dark hair not even ruffled by the marathon fucking you’ve just given me, so charismatic and imposing, in your black stiletto heels, stockings, suspender belt and bra, with the huge strap-on dildo sticking out from your crotch, still glistening wetly. You pick up my ripped panties, saying that you always keep these as a souvenir the first time you fuck a girl, and anyway a slut like me doesn’t need panties and shouldn’t be wearing any. And then you say these wonderful words:

my girl, get your clothes back on – you’re coming home with me, right now, and I’m gonna fuck you all night!’

Yes, oh, yes!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! … you know that I’m yours now, yours for anything, as often and as hard as you want, you don’t have to ask … just take me like this, again and again!

Writing this story has got me incredibly turned on, so wet and so horny … now it’s finished, I’m going upstairs to the bedroom, where my partner Claire is waiting, I’m going to buckle the biggest strap-on dildo that we’ve got around her cute sweet ass, and I’m going to beg her to fuck me doggy-style the hardest and longest that she possibly can … oh, God, I need to be taken, and come and come and come …

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