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Sensual Desires

on a bed of roses
to lay you down
upon the ground
to touch your soft skin
tell me it is not a sin?
than to smell your hair
kiss your lips and hold you near
you are the apple of my eye
I want to make you feel good, may I?
to rub your body and fuel your fire
to touch your lust and drive it higher
to make you wild and beg for more
till your sounds threaten to knock down the door
to touch you and rub you
to kiss you and lick you
till you ran the marathon in your head
sweating and panting, feeling hot and bothered
you can't take much more, all you want it to be fed
than I hear you beg for my love
I fit my hand with your glove
so wet and soft, smooth and hot,
your eyes are closed, concentrating on that SPOT
you get all tingly inside
a title wave crashes and than you sigh
you hold me close you kiss me deep
I say "I love you" as we fall into a sleep

story by: redsoxfan228

Tags: romance poem sex story

Author: redsoxfan228

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