Silken chains part three

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Arriving shortly at his apartment he moves to the door unlocking it. Opening the door he moves in out of the heat walking to the refrigerator he opens it pulling out a cool soda. Popping the top on it as he walks to the table he sits down sipping the drink. He thinks about the choices he has given his new toy. Rising once more he moves to the shower swiftly he washes himself. Stepping out he dries his body then slips into a pair of blue shorts and a blue tank top wanting freedom for this evening. Thinking back on her actions he smiles growling at the pleasure of the thought as he moves back into the main room. Lifting the remote he flips on the television listening to the news as he waits.

After an hour of this he hears a soft knock on his front door. He does not move but calls out to whoever is there. His tone is cool and relaxed he is almost sure who it will be. She is on time but he wonders how she has faired over the last few months without his visits. When the door slips open his eyes see what he expected. A beautiful woman comes into the room smiling almost shyly to him. He waits comfortably as the door is shut behind the newcomer then as she locks it. His eyes do not leave the creature before him as he watches seeing all she is.

Her blonde curls and bronze skin all he remembers from when he trained her. He sees she is wearing a simple sun dress common in this part of California. Still by the door she lifts the dress in one move drawing it off her body. His eyes drink her in as she holds the dress in a small bundle to the side. He sees her begin to kneel down for him her eyes only looking to his when she first came in. Now they look to the floor before her in difference of this Man her Master from so long ago.

“Stay on your feet little dasha” His words are cool and calm as he is when training. He raises from the chair his drink forgotten there as he walks to her side. Reaching out he takes her dress freeing her hand. “Yes Master” She shivers a little as he takes the dress he notices her voice goes softer. “dasha has missed Master but is well kept.” He smiles at those words as he slowly begins to circle her. His eyes take her in devouring every little detail just as he did when he trained her.

His eyes look her over carefully even critically until he is happy with her. His hand travels over her skin, their bronze on bronze skin melting together as he strokes over her long graceful legs. As his hand passes over her skin a small trail of goose flesh rises in its wake. He hears her gasp, he knows she would love nothing more then to be raped right this moment. He smiles as he takes his time with her tormenting her with teases of what is to come. He knows he has her only for a night or two so he will make the most of the time he has. Stepping back to the side of her he admires the view she presents to him.

Her body is lithe like a sleek curving panther. When she moves even slightly he can see her muscles moving with the grace of a feline. Her breasts are sweet round, firm looking as he remembered them feeling. They are just a bit to larger then what would be called handfuls. Her breasts are deliciously capped with tight rose colored nipples. Both of which are erect just from him gazing on them. Her hips indent in giving her a curving hourglass figure models would die to have. Her ass cheeks are perfect just right to fit in a Mans palm when grasped. Each has just enough give when spanked making her ass wiggle as if begging for more punishment.

He nods content as he feels his cock twitch in his shorts. Moving back to his chair he sits down getting comfortable. Lifting his forgotten soda he sips it slowly then sets it aside. Dropping her dress next to his chair he nods to her. “You may kneel now and greet little dasha.” His tone is heavy with desire which he holds in check for the moment. He watches as she whimpers having heard his wanting in his voice. Swiftly she kneels down her back ramrod straight. Her palms touch the floor next to her forcing her to lean forward helplessly. Then gracefully she draws her palms forward until they are in front of her. Lifting her sweet ass off her legs she draws herself up until she is on all fours.

Never making a sound she begins to crawl to where he sits. Her hair loose hangs covering her face hiding it from him. Her breasts hang as she moves towards him they sway enticingly with her movements. Once before him she kneels once again, without looking up she boldly places her cheek to his inner thigh. “dasha greets Master and hopes she pleases him in every way Master.” Her words come out a submissive whisper of hot breath. Her southern accent rolls smoothly off her tongue as she kneels there. Her brown eyes swirl with emotion as she dares to look up into his eyes. Her gaze peaking out thru her curly mass of hair no longer protecting her from his view. Swiftly unable to fight his powerful gaze she looks down her breath comes out in small gasps. It is almost like she had forgotten to breathe when she was caught in his gaze.

He smiles down at her as she catches her breath. Reaching out he slowly strokes her curly hair enjoying the feel of it. Drawing the hair from her face he begins to stroke her cheek softly. “Tonight you will be showing my new pet how well trained you are.” He says this softly not worrying about her reaction. “She will be picking the toy you demonstrate for her dasha. Then if you are good I may allow you to return the favor.” His tone drips with mischief as he continues to stroke her face. His cock aching to break free it acts as if it knows she is near. She moans so close she can practically taste it wishing she were. He controls himself wanting to save his energy for tonight’s festivities. “Dress dasha then go to the car I will be right there.” His words come out like an order just as he ment them to.

She grabs the dress from next to his chair swiftly beginning to rise to her feet. Without a sound she covers her sleek form as she was told. Moving from him she teasingly lifts the hem as she bends forward to stretch. This exposes her half shaven slit to his eyes she hears his growl when he notices. Her ass cheeks are almost fully exposed to his eyes. This causes his cock to go rock solid in a single heartbeat. As she bends in place he leans out his hand striking with the speed of a serpent. A single sharp smack drifts thru the air followed by her moan of desire. Knowing he has told her no she lowers the skirt smoothing it as she scurries to the door. Unlocking it she swings it open the sunlight blinds her for a second as she slips out. The door clicks shut as he rises moving to the kitchen. Dumping the last of his soda he throws the can into the recycling bin. Moving to the door he locks it as he pulls it shut.

Knowing she was tormenting him he decides to repay the favor. As he walks over to the car he opens his door and slips inside. Her pumps are off on the floor he smiles seeing the little feet he used to love to punish. Adjusting himself he arranges it so his cockhead and an inch of shaft peak from the leg of his shorts. “Lay your head on my thigh dasha.” He smiles as he begins to drive back to his home. He feels her lay there only an inch separating her lips from his cock. The tint windows hide her lying in his lap from other motorist. He feels her begin to inch towards his head wanting to taste him. He remembers she was always a hungry pet. “No you may not touch it dasha. If your lips touch it you will receive a lash for each suckling.” His tone is dares her to disobey as he drives out of the city down the highway toward home.

Driving he feels her breath on his cock keeping him hard. He can hear her whimper and squirm on the seat next to him. He says nothing letting his mind focus on the drive. The entire trip home she almost fails her lips aching to stuff him into her mouth. The only thing stopping her is the fear of his whip. His teasing is tearing her apart she has no clue how close they are to home. As they pull up the main drive maybe two minutes from the house she cries out in agony. Having a split second to brace himself as her hot mouth slides over his cocks head. She had taken a deep breath right before impaling herself on his cock. She sucks hard swallowing his head trying to get more in her mouth. Looking down he laughs as she frantically nurses on him. Her tongue works overtime swallowing as she comes up for air, he puts the car in park.

Whimpering she makes another dive for his cock, this time his hand catches her hair. Pulling her back just before her lips caress him again, “Well sweet hungry dasha you’ve earned two whippings for your teasing and now for your His voice is sharp as he says this she squirms on the seat hot and in need. “Please Master rape me I am hot and helpless for you Master.” Her tone is a whisper as she squirms. Reaching down he pushes his damp cock back into his shorts. “Later maybe now get out and go inside wait in downstairs but do not speak to the other pet.” He voice once more is cool and calm even as he Masters his desire.

Whimpering she slips out of the car not daring to say a word knowing she was wrong. Moving to the door she opens it going inside his eyes leave her only when the door shuts. He shuts off the car getting out adjusting himself so it is more comfortable. Grinning he locks the car with his remote then walks inside. Looking around as he locks the door seeing he is alone. Nodding approvingly he lifts the remote flicking on the television. Two screens appear as he watches what talis did while he was gone. The second smaller screen shows the room now in live view. Movement on it catches his eyes causing him to pause the tape.

Flicking the real time onto the main screen he watches dasha. As she moves into the room the other pet gasps. The other pet looks at dasha whimpering “Please help me!” dasha knows she has already pushed her luck today. Doing as told she ignores the little pet in her prison. Moving to the wall dasha looks lovingly over several toys there. Selecting a long flexible cane with a leather tip she knows that Master will approve. Moving to the small clearing in front of the pen dasha slips off her dress folding it neatly. She kneels facing the kennel waiting for him as instructed the cane cradled lovingly in her hands like a treasure. Smiling as he watches the screen he shakes his head pressing a button the tape returns to the main screen.

Watching the tape fast forwarding when she crouches and such. He notes her first struggle with the chain. She does as he instructed after maybe thirty minutes. Watching as talis studies the different objects in the room the medical table still makes her shiver. Smiling as he notices her looking over the saw horse with confusion. Thinking poor dasha will be a sore slut by morning. Shrugging he moves to the kitchen shutting off the television. He pulls out two bottles of water with small X’s on the caps. Then pulls out one more water without an X on it for himself. Moving to the secret door opening it he steps inside waiting till it clicks shut behind him.

Walking down the stairs ignoring the girls as he sets all three bottles on the table. Turning now he looks at the naked females before him. Looking to dasha he smiles at her posture then looks to talis. She meets his eyes for a long moment then looks down. Almost as an after thought she mimics dasha facing him. He notices however that talis keeps her knees closed and shakes his head. Reaching out as he comes behind dasha he catches her hair pulling it cruelly almost lifting her with it. “Mind telling me why you have that in your hands dasha.” He looks up when talis inhales sharply his tone is cool and collected. “Is something wrong pet?” She shakes her head afraid to speak just now.

He hears dasha whimper out her reply almost too soft to be heard. “Master I was a bad pet earlier and was willful. I know I earned Her soft southern voice breaks as she lifts the cane small tears already forming in her eyes. “Please Master punish me so I may redeem my worthless self.” Her words are full of submission to him asking him to whip her. He looks to talis catching her studying dasha openly. Smiling nodding his head he can see the confusion in talis’s eyes. Reaching out he lifts the cane holding it by the hilt nodding his head. “You pick a cruel device dasha. I believe you know it is a favorite of mine.” His tone shows his approval of her actions.

Swiftly dasha kneels to the floor turning her eyes to look on the pet within. Her ass now is in the air her legs spread even more to open her slit to him if he wishes to punish it. Her arm moves smoothly with practiced grace drawing her hair off her shoulders so her back is open to him as well. She remains silent looking at the other pet her eyes show her sadness at failure. Her body seems to flow with an eagerness to regain her place in his world. Her hands grasp the carpet there holding onto it as she feels the gentle brush of the leather tip. She wishes now she was a good pet instead of teasing Master. His eyes study each girl seeing talis and dasha locked in a mental bond.

Without a word he lifts his arm flicking the wrist he stripes her ass cheek. He makes sure the leather tip along with the cane make contact on her bare defenseless flesh. Her scream is loud coming forcefully from her. He notices that talis shivers whimpering softly as her eyes dart between the mark and dasha eyes. Lifting his arm again he aims for her back. Allowing the full impact of the cane to catch her skin this time. The strikes are not hard but they stripe her all the same. Her second scream is followed by gasping for breath as her body rocks in pain. He does not correct her knowing he is hurting her careful not to open her skin. The last strike he drives it across her exposed thighs. This scream is the loudest of them all her body bucks as her skin reddens with a single stripe across both legs.

Tears come freely now as she shivers rocked by pure pain. Her body is on fire but she slowly breaks into a smile daring to look back over her shoulder. “Thank you Master I am well punished. I hope I may find a way to please Master this night.” Listening he hears her soft voice between the sobs of pain as she fights them. The shocked look on talis’s face is priceless. Turning he walks over to the table hanging the cane back on its hook. Moving to the jars lifting one he moves over to a low stool.

Sitting down he smiles softly to dasha’s back letting talis see his look. “Come here dasha.” His tone leaves no doubt to it being a command. With a dancers grace dasha arches her back kneeling up slowly crawling to him. It is as if dasha has no modesty each movement is sexual to talis making her feel strangely envious. He waits as dasha reaches him reaching down he pulls her into his lap. Spreading her across his legs he scoops out some cream out rubbing it onto the stripe on her back. Rubbing slowly dasha whimpers after a few moments her whimper turns into a sigh as the pain lessens. He then scoops out some more cream rubbing it over her ass cheek the stripes remain but the pain lessens in each one. Finally he works over her striped thighs as he does this he smiles wickedly only talis can see it.

Setting down the jar he uses his now free hand to slide up dasha’s thigh. She moans as his fingers force her legs apart. His fingers slide deep into her already damp pussy three of them causing her to cry out in pleasure. “Are you going to be a good girl now dasha?” She wiggles on his lap as she whimpers the pleasure and dull pain throbbing thru her body. “Anything Master I am a good girl I swear.” Her words are almost begging now. He smiles as he slowly moves his fingers in and out of her wet slit. Not going fast enough to let her cum only enough to keep her excited.

Looking up he catches talis looking at them with a mixture of confusion and lust in her eyes. He speaks softly as he continues to torture dasha on his lap. “What did you decide to try out tonight pet?” His words are cool and calm the predator in the forefront once more. Laughing softly as his words cause dasha’s pussy to contract in need. Timidly talis tries to answer him but her eyes keep straying to dasha. “Sir ummm I don’t know….” He watches her as her eyes stray to the saw horse in the corner. “Tell me pet it’s not as if you will suffer from your choice.” To make his point the pinches dasha’s pussy lip forcing a whimper from her.

Hearing the whimper talis groaned softly unable to understand why the other girl’s pain is getting to her. Leit could see it the bond that was forming between the slaves he nodded approvingly. “The saw horse I don’t understand its use Her words came out haltingly as she looked down submissively. Talis could feel his eyes as if he were scouring her soul. His lips curled into a smile even as dasha whimpered. Talis felt dasha’s gaze on her the empathy between them made it easy for talis to feel what dasha felt. He shook his head while sliding his teasing fingers from her slit. Sliding her from his knee he carefully sets her in front of him on her knees.

Then standing he moves over to the saw horse looking back to dasha. Catching the look dasha is giving talis he snaps his fingers. Dasha slowly crawls to his side kissing his knee knowing she was caught. He catches her hair lifting her by it to her feet. Without waiting he draws her over the saw horse. Looking back to see talis watching in fear his smile to her catches her off guard. “Have no fear pet this will be fun for her after a while. Won’t it dasha?” His tone is soothing and calm as he speaks to them. “Yes Master dasha knows your horse well and will ride it as you desire.” Her tone is submissive even as she shivers at the thought. “Now watch carefully pet.” He says to talis as he begins to prepare dasha for her torment.

He lifts dasha carefully so she is centered over the horse. “Hold yourself dasha with your legs.” He takes one of her hands lifting it to the chain above the horse and locks it in the fur lined restraint. Before she has time to move much he repeats the action with her other hand. Now with both her hands above her he centers her over the wood rail of the saw horse. The whole horse is covered in black leather and just high enough to force her sex to rest on it. Looking into her eye he reaches back to where a control panel is hidden on the wall.

Pressing a button he lowers the chain about three inches putting her full body weight on her toes. Dasha moans and whimpers as she hears the motor lowering her down. Her tiptoes hold her beautifully just barely resting on the padded wood her clit caressing it causing her to moan again. Walking over to talis he opens the crate motioning her to come to him. Talis looks up blinking at him her eyes had been glued to the girl suspended above the horse. Crawling she moves out into the room to his side frightened unable to resist the strength he represents in the room. Scared she grips his leg and snuggles to it pressing her breasts into his naked skin below his shorts.

He feels her on his leg holding him reaching down he strokes her hair. “It’s ok pet she will be fine just some small bruising.” Dasha cries out as her toes give out forcing her pussy to embrace the padded leather. He watches as dasha struggles with gravity knowing there is only one out come. “See talis here is how it works. Dasha fights to stay on her toes so as not to force her slit onto the wood.”, he says this talis as he strokes her hair again. His words come out almost like a purr as he watches the girl struggle. “Her calf muscles hold her up for as long as she can force them to. Then when she can no longer hold herself her own weight causes her to crash down on the beam all the harder.

During his commentary dasha has once more managed to life herself up onto her toes. Her moans are soft and feminine as she struggles to keep herself off the horse. His words come unbidden like the crack of a whip. “Kiss the wood dasha, show me how much you wish to please your Master.” With a cry of humiliation and submission she lowers her slit once more kissing the wood. Dasha lets out a cry pain it is a long mournful moan her eyes look to his searching for his pleasure in her. When she sees his approval tears of pleasure begin to slip down her cheeks. He feels talis wiggling against him once more.

He looks down once more as talis whimpers he can feel her shivering. “Are you ok pet.”, he asks her softly as he smiles the pain in her features are obvious to him. “Yes Master please….. please let dasha free.” She swallows frightened as she presses herself more helpless to his leg wanting to save the other. Talis can only imagine what the girls slit must feel like. He laughs softly, “So you do care fine then go to her and straddle the horse if you can support her she will be allowed some />
Talis moans softly in fear but hearing his words she finds the others suffering spurring her to action. Talis crawls much as she saw dasha do once more the bound between the two animals makes talis take more risks. Her ass cheeks sway enticingly for him as she moves. When she reaches the saw horse she stands throwing a leg over it. Soon she realizes her mistake as she wraps her arms about dasha. Her legs were to short just as dasha’s were all she could do was lift on her toes. He looked at the spectacle seeing them embraced his lips curled into a wicked grin. Talis hears him moving behind them cool hands reach between her thighs parting her lips for her letting her feel the padded wood on her inner most places.

Dasha can’t believe what this other pet had done. She gratefully leaned into the girl but then it all went wrong. A sharp scream filled the room as dasha’s weight forced talis’s slit onto the beam. Even leaning back dasha could not free talis from her punishment. Soon both girls slits kissed the beam. The sounds of their pained panting as well as the sound of wet slits kissing the wood was the only sounds in the room.

The pain must have been indescribable for talis. Oddly enough the thought of helping the other female and pleasing him was appealing. Her pussy was soon soaked thru making the leather of the wood all the more hungry for her. She could feel every little imperfection in the beam. She could feel the heat of dasha pressing into her, even though she knew that was why she could not stand her arms almost convulsively held her. Her hard nipples burned point into her chest it was the first time she had ever been this close to another woman.

He had all he could take his eyes were pleased at the twin beauties before him. Lowering the chain he allowed dasha to come down on the beam fully. Reaching out he gathered talis to his arms slowly lifting her bruised core from the beam knowing she was going to be in much pain. He set her on the floor then turned to dasha moving to her he freed her wrists then slowly drew her off the beam. Moving her over to where the other lay he smiled a big content smile. “I am very proud of you both.”, his words reflect his pride in both the girls for he was not lying about it.

The display of both girls straddling the horse had made him painfully erect. Now the only question was where to sheathe his shaft. Both girls had qualities he wished to explore but he would have to choose carefully just now. He crouched down in front of them as dasha rolled onto her side. He was shocked when dasha wrapped her arms protectively about the other girl as if begging him to spare her. He knew deep in his soul that talis would be too sore to properly enjoy and the sight made him want to rape them badly. What to do what to do so many choices to make.

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story by: Kenidar

Tags: domination/submission bondage and restriction fantasm discipline bdsm cruelty authoritarian sex story

Author: Kenidar

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