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This happened a few years ago, back when I was younger. My younger brother and I lived with our single mother, our father having left us for some slut a long time ago. Anyway, our mother worked two jobs, and hated leaving us alone at night when she had to work from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., so she got us two Rufus and Loni. They were nice enough, but my brother Tyson and I hated them for the longest time.
Anyway, it was about two months after mom got Rufus and Loni to watch us when it happened for the first time. I had gone to be early, and had gotten up to get something to drink when I heard some strange noises from Tyson’s room. I went to the door and peeked in, and nearly fainted. In all of my ten years of life, I had never thought of what I was watching. My brother was lying on his bed, and Loni had his penis in her mouth. He had his hands holding onto her head, pressing her mouth farther and farther down on his small manhood. Yet she didn’t seem to mind the added pressure. Rufus was sitting beside the bed, just watching, his brown eyes never missing a beat.
Tyson let out a small grunt and I saw him tense up, and I knew that he’d come. You see, I had several older girlfriends who had already filled me in about boys and sex, so I knew what was happening. And I couldn’t believe it. Loni slowly got off of the bed and sat beside the bed and I watched as Rufus climbed up beside Tyson and rolled my brother over onto his stomach. Rufus slowly licked Tyson’s ass and then lunged onto him. His dick finding its way up my brother’s little asshole. As he pumped harder and harder into my brother, Tyson keep moaning and wriggling under Rufus. My brother actually liked having Rufus ass rape him. I just stood there watching, unsure of what to do.
Rufus started to pump harder and faster and my brother started to scream things like, “Give it to me now!”, and “Cum inside of me!”. Finally Rufus stopped pumping into my brother and tensed up. As he pulled out, I saw the blood and cum leak out of my brother’s poor little raped asshole. Rufus licked the blood and cum as it oozed out, and Loni climbed up on the bed. Rufus laid down on his back and Loni climbed up onto him and started to ride him. Tyson slowly turned around and watched them fucking. Then he climbed up behind Loni and placed his little penis at her asshole and waited. When she went down on Rufus’s dick, Tyson thrusted into her as hard as his little body let him. She whimpered but didn’t lose track of her thrusts on Rufus’s hardened shaft. Tyson started to say some nasty things like, “You little slut”, “You bitch”, “You little cum whore”, and I wondered where he’d picked it up from. Then he and Rufus both let out low groans, and Loni gave a shrill whimper as they all climaxed at the same time.
As they rolled off of each other I slowly went back to my room, and climbed into my bed and tried to erase the images from my mind. As I slept, I was haunted by dreams of my brother being ass raped by Rufus and then ass raping Loni. The next morning when I woke up, Rufus and Loni were in the living room like nothing had happened. I walked around to the kitchen, ignoring them and started to fix mom a pot of coffee. But when she came in at 8:24 a.m. she told me that she wouldn’t have any time for coffee because she had to take Tyson to the doctor’s office for his checkup. She was leaving me at home with Rufus and Loni, and I didn’t feel comfortable. As she and Tyson walked out of the door, I felt Rufus come up behind me, but I didn’t move. Tyson waved at us as they backed out of the driveway, and I sighed.
“I’m going to my room, just leave me alone.” I said and locked the front door. In my room I started to clean it up, and then climbed onto by bed and started to read. It got really warm in my room, and our air-conditioning was broken, so I stripped down to my training bra and underwear and then started to read some more. Eventually I fell sleep, and never noticed when Rufus and Loni came into the room. I woke up with Rufus’ body on top of mine. I jerked, tossing him off and I tried to run from the room by Loni stood in the doorway. When I turned around I saw Rufus’s cock jutting out like a third leg. It was about 10 inches long and 4 inches thick, and it seemed to be growing with every passing second. Loni jumped onto my back, knocking me to the ground, and I struggled to get away. As I crawled on the floor she somehow got a hold of my underwear and tugged and they ripped off. Then Rufus got in on the action.
He jumped onto my back, thrusting wildly. His cock hitting my thighs and ass checks with his wild thrusts. Then his cock finally found its target and he rammed himself into my tight pussy. As he pushed his cock into my virgin pussy, the tissues of my maiden head tore, causing me to scream out in pain. I feel forward, with my ass still in the air, and Rufus just started to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. Every thrust got harder and harder until I was moaning. Somewhere along the line, I had gotten turned on. My 10 year old body was tightening and I groaned as my pussy tightened on his thick cock.
“I’m cumming. Oh…I’m cumming Rufus. Harder! Fuck my little pussy harder!” And Rufus gladly obeyed and fucked me even harder. As my climax came I screamed and screamed until I passed out. When I came to again, Rufus was still thrusting into me. His cock was still growing inside of me. And it felt wonderful. Then he started to hold his thrusts as they got harder. I knew that he was about to cum. Then I felt the first load that he shot into me. It was like a liquid fire filling my pussy. It felt amazing and I moaned as he shot more and more of his love seed into me. Then he collapsed on top of me. He pulled away from me and left the room. I felt used, but I didn’t mind it. My pussy was tender from his rough fucking, but it felt good at the same time. I closed my eyes and then opened them when I felt someone’s tongue licking at the mixture of cum and pussy juices running out of me. There was Loni, licking away with gusto.
Her tongue lapped at me and lapped at me, cleaning me better than any shower could have. Then she started to lick deeper and deeper into my pussy. I squirmed as she brought me closer and closer to another orgasm. Now I knew why Tyson had pressed her harder onto his cock, she was good at this. She kept licking at my pussy even as my orgasm shook my body, but as I came down from it she left the room just like Rufus. I just laid on my floor until I was calm enough to get up and get dressed. I then went out into the loving room and saw them sitting there, watching TV. I went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and jumped when the front door opened.
My mom told me that she had to run, her other job would be starting soon. She told me that she wasn’t even gong to be home tonight so not to make her anything for dinner. As she changed her clothes, Tyson went into the living room and sat down beside Loni. As mom left she never saw the way that Loni rested her head in Tyson’s lap, or the smile on Tyson’s face. After I saw her car drive around the corner I turned to Tyson.
“So, how long have you been fucking them? Or being fucked by them?” I asked and he froze.
He stuttered and I closed the curtains to the living room.
“Because I think that we could have more fun if we got fucked by them, at the same time.”
“Wait, you mean?”
“Rufus raped me today, and then Loni licked me clean. It was a lot of fun and I want to do it again. Do you want to try it? You know, you fuck her and Rufus fucking me?”
Tyson seemed quiet for a moment and then he nodded looking eager. Then his smile turned even more mischievous.
“When did you and Rufus finish?”
“About an hour ago, why?” Tyson stood up and walked over to me. Now, even though he was only 8 years old he was taller then me, and a little stronger. He pulled my shirt off and then my skirt. I hadn’t put any underwear on, and I’d removed my training bra too. Just in case. He pushed me to the ground and Rufus climbed up on top of me and started to lick my pussy. Tyson stripped and then pushed Rufus away.
‘I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. Ever since you and your slutly little friends had that sleep over.” He told me and thrusted into me. His cock wasn’t nearly as big as Rufus’s but he put more power into his thrusts. After a few thrusts he rolled so I was on top, and then I felt Rufus climbing on my back. His cock was prodding my backside, and then he thrusted his cock into my ass. As he filled my asshole, I was stunned to be Tyson and Rufus started to fuck me in sync and I started to moan and scream. Loni came up and started to lick my small breasts, adding to my enjoyment. Tyson grabbed her hips and started to lick her pussy and even biting on her button. As he bit that, she bit my tender little nipple and I reared backwards, exciting Rufus even more. Ten minutes later I was shaking from a major orgasm and Rufus was about to cum in my ass. Tyson had already made Loni cum all over his face, and he was about to explode in me as well. When he and Rufus shot their loads into me, I felt like I was going to die. It felt so great, to be used in such a way. Rufus slipped out of me with a slight and I rolled off of Tyson.
Then the front door opened, and I turned to Tyson.
“Get the dogs to the backyard and I’ll come up with a lie for mom.”

story by: Sonja

Tags: first time fantasy bestiality incest sex story

Author: Sonja

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