Tales of the ekids chapter 03

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Tales of the eKids: E-man Loves Emmy © 2004 by Andrew Wiggin

Part 6

Elle Adkins lay with her eyes closed; her face grimaced as if in pain. Her fingers were slowly caressing her small round breasts as she worked her pink nipples in time with Eamon Turner’s tongue. She was alone in her bedroom.
A few meters away in an adjoining bedroom Emma Adkins and Eamon Turner were making love. Eamon was deep in Emma, and Elle felt every inch of his length, every centimeter of his breadth, every ridge on the head of his cock.

Elle was in concert with her sister as they secretly shared the deflowering of a virgin. However Elle’s maidenhead remained intact, since the sharing was emotional and psychic but not physical.
Still, her pussy was awash in her own fluids. She had already climaxed several times as she sensed the buildup of another orgasm in Emma. She knew that her orgasm would be triggered with her />
She felt the huge demanding presence of Eamon’s dick inside her sister’s pussy. That presence seemed to be in her pussy as well. Her hips were lunging back and forth as she strained to join her sister and her sister’s lover in achieving a shared climax.

Elle’s eyes rolled back in her head. Her back arched off of the bed as she forced herself harder against the dick that wasn’t there. She felt the spurting of semen within her and her orgasm consumed her. She was screaming; her body clenched tightly in the grip of an overwhelming climax. Her climax was augmented by her sister’s. Both were joined by their lover’s. The psychic peak lasted for long moments, driving Elle higher and higher in ecstatic bliss.

And then it was over. Elle’s body collapsed onto the bed. She was only semi-conscious. Her sweet, sweat-soaked body was weak in its exhaustion. And yet her mind and body glowed with her new-found knowledge of the joys of intercourse with the one she loved.

Deep in her soul Elle knew that the bonding had been successful. Eamon was hers; hers and Emmy’s forever. Her own deflowering would be a mere formality; but a formality that Elle was eager to experience.

Eamon Turner had not been a virgin before today, but he was a virgin in the ways of interactive love. After experiencing the love of two people (three?) as only known to New Man, would he even be interested in sex with a H. sapien? Elle thought not.

‘We can take him places he never dreamed of going’, she thought. ‘We will be his private harem of sexy little girls. We’ll be his lovers; we’ll be his friends; we’ll be his soulmates. I knew the moment I saw him, the moment I felt him in my heart. We are what he needs, just as he is what we need.’

Elle tried to catch her breath as she again joined with her sister to be a part of what might happen next. She wondered if Eamon could even get it up again.

‘Please take a break, Eamon’, she thought. ‘I can’t take much more of this. You’re going to kill me!’

Elle realized it wasn’t Eamon but Emma that was eager for more. She was already working on Eamon’s soft penis, doing her best to return it to its turgid state. Elle felt more than sated. She contacted her sister.

“Emmy, you slut, give it a break will you? You’re going to kill the poor boy. And you’re going to kill me!”

Emma wasn’t fazed. She had been considering her first blow job when her sister broke her concentration.

“Elle, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the bedroom! Hey, Sis, don’t you want to learn how to give head?”

Elle felt herself stir again. Where was this coming from? She always considered herself to be so levelheaded. Give head indeed! On the other hand, as she closed her eyes she could see Emmy’s tiny hand wrapped around Eamon’s very large member. Her mouth watered as Emmy’s small lips approached that huge helmeted head. Without prompting, Elle’s fingers found the opening of her pussy just as Emmy’s mouth tasted the hard rubbery head of Eamon’s damp dick.
Together their tongues licked that head. Elle’s pursed lips seemed to stretch to accommodate Eamon’s manhood. Again her eyes were closed as she felt that mammoth member slide in and out of her sister’s mouth. She felt the hardness in her own small hand as Emmy stroked the base of Eamon’s cock while sucking on the head like a lollipop.

Elle had long suspected that Emma would turn in to a very successful cocksucker. She felt Emma’s joy at the control it afforded her, coupled with the pleasure she could give to her lover. Yes, Emma was going to turn into a world-class cocksucker. Controlling and giving at the same time: that is Emma’s style.

Emma’s tongue was doing a dance on Eamon’s hardness. One hand was stroking his length. The other hand was fondling his balls.

Elle’s perspective switched from Emma to Eamon, and suddenly her heart was filled with excitement and romance. She felt her eyes looking back into Emma’s fiery eyes, her chest expand with passion and joy. Elle’s eyes squeezed shut as she experienced the swelling of Eamon’s cock, then the eruption of his sperm into Emma’s mouth.

Emma sucked him clean with each spurt of Eamon’s semen. Twice, thrice, four times he spurted, his soul seeming to flow from his cock down Emmy’s throat. Eamon’s passion was augmented by Elle’s and by Emma’s, marking this as the quintessential blowjob.

Finally Eamon’s knees buckled and he collapsed onto the bed, his senses reeling from a triple-augmented climax. Through his passion-addled brain he thought, “If this keeps up, she will kill me!”

Elle collapsed as well, her jaw aching from the Para-sucking, her pussy afire from her />
She thought, ‘When I get the real thing, it will kill me!”

Emma surveyed her exhausted lover. Through closed but all-seeing eyes she saw her thoroughly spent sister collapsed on her bed.

Emmy said, “What, are we done?”

Part 7
Far beneath the surface of an ancient glacier, a century of global warming had been taking its toll. The seemingly solid glacier was experiencing a melt-off from below. Water was beginning to flow freely, weakening the very foundations of the glacier itself. This glacier had clogged a large fjord in southwestern Greenland for millennia. Behind the blockage were millions of tons of fresh water, waiting to escape to the sea.

The Gulf Stream has been carrying life-bringing warmth from south of Florida to Northern Europe for many thousands of years. At latitudes where much of the world was cold and frozen almost year-round, Europe had moderate temperatures and long growing seasons. But scientists had long been cognizant of the historic variability of the Gulf Stream.

Europeans lived in blissful ignorance, unaware that their pampered existence was dependent on the whims of a fickle ocean current. For thousands of years Europe had enjoyed the bounty caused by the existence of the Gulf Stream. But now that bounty was in jeopardy.

Edie and Eddie Adkins had been worried for several years, ever since they had begun their analysis of the world’s climates. When young, the twins had cut their teeth on computer programming and consumer electronics. While they still played with these for fun and profit, their real interest lay in more challenging disciplines.

Weather was one such discipline, a problem so complex that for decades some of the greatest minds and the most powerful computers in the world were unable to make serious sense of it.
New Man U. had contracted with China to place a network of weather satellites of their own design in low earth orbit electronically interfaced with the geosynchronous communication system. These multitasking weather satellites could be used to measure many things both above and below the surface of the earth. Because of this, some New Man U. eKids were following volcanic anomalies, continental drift and fault line erosion, while others were charting short and long-term weather patterns with an eye to finally learning to predict the seemingly unpredictable.

Their earliest predictions were so dire that an increasing amount of the resources were being devoted to this project, trying to fine-tune the results and double and triple-check the percentage of likely outcomes. Edie and Eddie decided it was now time to let the family know the result of that labor.

Emma Adkins was alone in her office. Her feet were up on her desk and her eyes were closed as she relived the morning’s revelries. Her hips had begun a short, circular motion as she remembered the in and out movement of Eamon’s wonderful dick. A flashing light on her desktop brought Emma back to reality. She clicked on the icon and the virtual screen appeared.

“Emma, we need a />
Emma was still recovering from her daydreams. She groggily looked at the figure on the screen. “Are you Edie or Eddie?”

“What difference does it make? I’m going to call Daddy and our Mommas. You get Elle, will you? Let’s meet at the house in an hour. This is important, Emma.”

Emma signed off. She had been with Edie and Eddie her entire life, but thought that she would never truly understand them. They were so alike. Were their really two distinct personalities there, or was there a single, shared personality? Even when in her ‘Vulcan Mind Meld’ mode, Emma wasn’t sure.
She gave her fourth sister a call. The computer informed her that Elle was still in her room, although it didn’t matter where she was for contact purposes.

Emma noted that Elle answered with voice-only. “What! Who is it?”

“It’s me, Elle.”

Elle clicked another icon on her headboard and suddenly Emma saw that Elle was lying naked in bed. She had obviously been sleeping and was grumpily turning to face the wall that was now covered by the image of Emma’s head.

“What do you want? Why’d you wake me? I’m tired!”

Emma decided that this H. sapien mode of communication wasn’t totally appropriate at this time. She reached out to Elle telempathically, slowly entering her psyche. With her she carried her still-fresh memory of the morning’s events. After all, Emma had been closing in on a day-dreamed orgasm. She figured that maybe Elle would enjoy the feeling too.

As their emotions merged, Emma saw Elle’s eyes close. Her face lost its anger lines. Suddenly Elle’s eyes opened. “Emma can’t you think of anything else? I haven’t even done it yet, and I’m exhausted. Why are you calling me at this hour of the night?”

Emma smiled. “It’s two o’clock in the afternoon, Elle. Remember having breakfast with Eamon and me about six hours ago?”

Elle groaned. “Oh, no! You mean it’s still the same day? I need to sleep. Leave me alone.”

“Time to get up. Edie and Eddie want a meeting up at the house. I don’t know what it’s about, but when was the last time they called a meeting? Like never, I think. So it must be />
“All right! All right! I’ll be there. I’ve got to take a shower. I gotta recover. How can you look so good after this morning, you bitch?”

Emma flicked off the contact and ran back through her conference room to her bedroom. She passed her hand over a switch, eliminating the wall cover on the plasma boards and revealing the door that connected her bedroom with Elle’s.
She skipped into Elle’s bedroom and dove onto her bed, causing Elle to bounce and further awaken her.
Emma’s arms went around her naked sibling and suddenly they were hugging.

he wonderful, Elle? He’s just what we need, isn’t he? I’ve never felt so alive before. Tell me you loved it. Tell me!”

“Okay, okay! Yes, he’s wonderful. Yes, I loved it. Yes, he’s just what we need. You’ve been acting like a little girl in a candy shop.”

“Elle, I can’t help it! Isn’t it wonderful to be in love? He’s so sweet! And he loves us, I know he does.”
Elle looked skeptical. “He loves you! He’s seen me, what, for about fifteen minutes? How can he love me?”

forget how Daddy met Momma Donnie. They were in love almost />
“Emma, Daddy was in Momma Donnie almost instantly! They weren’t exactly politely having breakfast />
“Well the only thing is to have Eamon spend more time with you; and me, too. We’ll have to invite him to the meeting. Why don’t you do it? I’m going to change into something more With that, Emma disengaged herself from her sister’s arms and walked back to her bedroom.

Elle threw a robe around her, ran a brush through her hair, and called Eamon’s room. When Eamon’s handsome face come on the virtual monitor, Elle felt a now-familiar wetness develop between her legs. She thought he was the handsomest man she’d ever seen, next to her father.

“Eamon, do you have a minute?”

Eamon had all the time in the world as far as he was concerned. “Sure, Elle. What can I do to you, er, for you?”

Elle was delighted that Eamon could tell her apart from Emma. She was also delighted that he was willing to throw a little double entendre at her just in fun. Her eyes lit like fire, and Eamon felt his knees get weak.

an important meeting up at the house in less than an hour. We were wondering if you would like to attend. We don’t know what it’s about, but we thought it would be a good time for you to get to meet our family. And Eamon, both Emma and I want you to be a part of everything that’s important from now on.”

That last sentence was spoken with such warmth and sincerity that Eamon felt a rush of love for the girl in the picture. He wasn’t sure what he gotten himself into, but it was wonderful.

“Sure, Elle, I’d be glad to go. But I don’t know how to get there from here.”

“Come over to Emma’s office and we’ll all go over together. But give me a few minutes, please. As you can see, I’m not dressed.” On an impulse, Elle opened her robe and flashed Eamon a picture of her small, perfect breasts. Turning brightly red, Elle switched off the connection.

“I can’t believe I did that”, she thought. “He will think I’m shameless. Oh my God, I think I am shameless when it comes to him!”

That final view of Elle’s lovely breasts was burned into Eamon’s mind. “These girls are so hot! And so fucking smart! What in the world do they see in me?”

Part 8

Fifteen minutes later, Eamon was knocking on the door to Emma’s office. The door opened and Eamon was confronted with a view of two identically dressed identical twins. Both wore sleek-looking hip-hugging black slacks, with a white spaghetti-strap top cut off only a few inches below the rounded mounds of their breasts, their flat beautiful stomachs on display. Eamon longed to stick his tongue into those sexy inward-pointing belly buttons. Each wore a little hat on the back of her head, with golden tresses escaping in all directions. Eamon just gaped in amazement.

“Close your mouth, sweetie. It’s only us.”

Eamon found his voice. “You are the most beautiful women in the world! Damn, does your father allow you to go out in public dressed like that?”

Elle responded, “Very sweet, Eamon. But don’t pour it on too thick. We might begin to believe you. Now, shall we go?”

Eamon gladly took a tiny hand in each of his. Emma led the way, out into the quadrangle. Eamon noted that the eyes of almost every adolescent male on the campus were fixated on these two beautiful girls. He figured that whatever male eyes weren’t so fixated must be gay eyes.

The three left the quad via a side corridor. They stepped on a moving walkway and were carried forward, obviously away from the University grounds.

Emma said, “We usually walk this rather than ride, Eamon. It’s a little less than a mile to the house. But we’re in a bit of a hurry. Edie and Eddie are already there waiting for us. Oh, you will meet our mothers there too.”

Eamon felt another stirring in his dick. When he was younger he had jerked off more than once to the cover of a magazine he had found on his coffee table. It was a copy of Cosmopolitan and it showed Emma’s mothers in the nude, looking feline and totally sexy. He remembered thinking they were the two greatest asses he had ever seen. Until now, he amended.

‘These ladies are in their fifties by now. They won’t look that great.” He hoped he wouldn’t make a fool of himself upon being introduced to the object of his masturbatory fantasies.

They emerged from the walkway into a basement room of the plantation. The girls led him upstairs to the living quarters. The house was conventional and cozy, though large. The furnishings were tasteful and understated.

The three walked into the living room. Eamon saw two girls that could have been Emma’s and Elle’s twins: the half sisters; beautiful but dressed more conservatively. They were looking into each other’s eyes but said nothing when the trio entered the room.

The Progenitor was comfortably seated in a recliner. Directly across from him were the mothers, Deirdre and Donnie, in a loveseat. Eamon noted that Andrew’s eyes had turned when they had entered the room, but quickly returned to gazing upon his wives. Two boys, a few years younger than him were also present. Did the girls have brothers? He wasn’t sure.

Emma pulled Eamon into the middle of the room. She said, “Attention, please. We want to introduce you to our boyfriend. This is Eamon Turner. Eamon, those two little kids over there are Ethan and Eric. Edie and Eddie are our sisters. I think you’ll probably get to know them a lot better, if you now what I mean.” Eamon felt himself turning red at that remark. He wasn’t sure he knew what she meant, but he had his suspicions. “And here are my parents. You already know Daddy. And this is Momma Deirdre and Momma Donnie. Momma Donnie is the one on the right.”

Eamon had never seen so much female beauty under one roof: six gorgeous women; all small, soft and blonde. He stepped closer to the mothers and offered his hand.

“How do you do, Mrs. Adkins.” The one on the right, (Donnie?), lifted her small hand and took his large mitt.

“Well, Eamon, I thought you just arrived yesterday. And already you are the boyfriend? You must be a fast worker.”

Eamon felt enveloped by that warm voice, the bright beautiful blue-green eyes. Damn, what a beauty! He didn’t know how to respond. He just seemed to melting into those eyes; that smile.

He heard Emma’s voice behind him say, “Close your mouth, E-man. Darn it, Donnie, could you tone down the pheromones for a while? He’s our boyfriend, not yours.”

Eamon turned red and quickly pulled away from that lovely hand. He saw that Donnie’s eyes were ablaze before she demurely looked down. Now he knew where Emma and Elle got it from. It was hereditary.

Emma said, “Would everyone please sit down so we can start this thing. Eamon, why don’t you sit over there with Elle? You can slobber all over her for awhile.
“Okay, for your information, Eamon, when we have meetings I’m the first speaker. Our parents want us to run things, and I’m the most talkative one.
“Anyway, Edie and Eddie called this meeting, and I don’t have the foggiest notion why. Girls, what is this about?”

Edie and Eddie Adkins stood and faced their family. They looked uncomfortable. All present except Eamon understood that they preferred to avoid speaking. And then they began. The words seemed to erupt from their lips, fragments of sentences coming from each of two mouths. Eamon found it easier to close his eyes. That way the spectacle of one voice from two heads was not distracting.

been working”
“on global warming. We”
“thought we had some time but”
“our computer model just went”
“crazy. We don’t think”
“we have any time left.”
“It’s going to happen”
“and it’s going to happen soon.”

Andrew was used to their rapid fire delivery and slightly incoherent explanations. going to happen, girls?”

“Why, the glacier! The”
“glacier at the fjord. In Greenland! /> “going to collapse soon.”
“Best case is five years,”
“but worst case is it’s already”
“collapsing – or maybe even />
Andrew thought he saw where this was going. “What happens if it />
“Ice age!”

Eamon’s head popped up and his mouth dropped. saying a glacier collapsing in Greenland is going to cause an ice age? That’s crazy!”

“It’s going to drop millions of tons”
“of cold fresh water right where”
“the Gulf Stream runs along the”
“coast of Greenland. Salinity is the”
“pump that drives the stream. Other factors”
“have already slowed it down. This will”
“stop it entirely. No more Gulf”
“Steam. The median temperature in”
“Europe will begin to drop /> “The ice age will start within ten years.”

Andrew asked, “Is there any precedence for this?”

“The same thing happened 8,000”
‘years ago. A freshwater lake emptied into “
“the Atlantic from Canada and slowed the Gulf Stream almost”
“to a stop.”

“Have you told this to anybody yet?”

“No one. But we aren’t the”
“only ones working on”
“this problem. We just have”
“the best computers and”
“computer model. We wrote”
“the program, after all; and designed the computers. Okay”
“so Ethan and Eric helped. And”
“our super-computers are”
Not like those”
“beefed-up PC’s at the”
“National Weather />
Emma asked the obvious question. “Is there anything that can be done to stop this; like a well-placed nuclear weapon, or building a damn to hold back the fresh water?”

“Too late. Maybe if we started ten”
“or twenty years ago. But if our”
“readings are right, we might not”
“have ten or twenty days.”

Andrew had to make a decision, as much as he hated to do so. “Emmy, you get together with Edie and Eddie and get the whole story. Then contact every government that needs to know. Contact Washington, the EU. Who runs Greenland, anyway, Denmark maybe? The African nations too, I guess. They’ll probably be affected negatively. They always are.
“Set it up so we can give as much information as we have to these countries’ weather establishments so that they can run their own models. If you truly believe this, then maybe you should call a press conference or something. We’ve had trouble in the past with the government taking us seriously. If we can’t stop it, maybe we shouldn’t do />
Emma responded, “We can mitigate the effects, maybe, but we have to start right now. We can’t wait five years while governments argue about what the results are going to be. We can’t let the American government spin the truth until suddenly it’s a good thing that the glacier collapsed. We need to do a pre-emptive media strike. Let’s make sure the whole world knows what is really going to happen.”

Eamon decided to speak up. “Maybe my Granddaddy can help. He still has lots of close connections in the government. Want me to ask him?”

Emma took over. “It wouldn’t hurt, E-man. Why don’t you and Elle take care of that while I handle the diplomatic side?” She turned to the other twins. “Come on girls. Let’s go back to your lab and get our thoughts together. I want your information to be a slam dunk.”

Emma, Edie and Eddie headed back to New Man U., followed by their younger brothers. Elle and Eamon went to the den to call home. That left the parents in the living room.

Deirdre finally spoke. “There really doesn’t appear to be much we can do about this, does there? Are we really going to see the start of the next ice age? How do we handle this?”

Donnie answered her. had the eKids working on lots of things that will help. Our biology department has been creating super plants, highly resistant to disease, far more nutritious than the vitamin-depleted veggies available in super markets as long as our nutrient compounds are used. They have a much shorter growing season. And not only that, they taste good. I’ve served them here for dinner more than a few times. And best of all, no genetic engineering.
“But Andrew, we’ve got to speed up the Star Project. What might happen if we have food riots? What will happen if the electricity goes off? Who will control the mobs? We are going to be targets. New Man will be targeted. We’ve got to get them off of the planet as soon as />
Deirdre disagreed somewhat. “Donnie, the Star Project is decades away at best. First we have to improve our security. Ethan planned New Man U. so that it would be impervious to anything less than a significant nuclear blast. And even that might not do the trick. But we have to make it attack-proof from conventional forces, too. Andrew, we have to be ready to abandon the plantation and get over to New Man U. before it has to be locked down from the world when the time comes.”

Andrew said, “Okay, I’ll talk to Emma about it. Maybe she can think of some defensive strategy we haven’t considered yet. If she can think it up, Eddie and Edie can build it.
“But these aren’t our decisions to make, ladies. New Man is going to take the brunt of this, so New Man will have to be the ones controlling their own fate. Let Emmy make the decisions. She’ll consult Elle. She’ll get data from Edie and Eddie. Maybe this Eamon kid can add his two cents, I don’t know. But I do know that if I have to put the fate of the world in someone’s hands, I choose Emmy. We’ve got to give her all the help we can. But in the />
Dee Dee and Donnie looked at each other and nodded their heads. Over the years when things became tense, they had developed a solution that always seemed to relieve the pressure. It usually involved skin to skin contact with Andrew.

The two ladies stood as if one, each offering a hand to help Andrew up. Then they noticed that Andrew was already up.

Donnie said, “Is that an iceberg in your pants or are you just glad to see us.”

Andrew merely took the offered hands and led his lovely wives up to their bedroom. As they climbed the stairs he thought, ‘God I love my hobby!’

Part 9
Eamon and Elle were in the den making a phone call.

With the phone in his hand, Eamon said, “I don’t think this is a good idea, telling my family this way. Maybe we should drive down there. I mean, a lot has happened in two days, and they should know about it; especially about you and Emmy.”

Elle smiled her eye-lighting smile. “I think that’s a wonderful idea! You’ve got a car, right? I seem to remember something about you cutting Daddy off on the />
Eamon said grumpily, “Everyone seems to know about that.”

“Well then, let’s tell my folks that we are going; grab an overnight bag, and go! Shall we ask Emmy to go too?”

Eamon nodded. First he was eager to show off both of his new girlfriends to his family. Secondly, he had no intention of pissing Emma off by not asking her. He suspected that he never wanted to see Emma pissed off.

Elle got a bit glassy eyed, as if she were somewhere else. Then she turned and said, “Emma has too much to do today. She’s going to be the coordinator for contacting the governments. Our publicist, Helen Randolph is setting up the press conference, but Emma and Daddy will be doing the talking. And Emma is driving Edie and Eddie to submit a paper for Nature magazine. They know us well enough that they will probably publish anything we submit as long as it is properly documented.

“So I guess it will just be you and me, Eamon. Do you have enough rooms at your house down there, or will we have to share?”

Elle had a small sexy smile on her lips, and Eamon realized the he may have a shot at two different virgins in two consecutive days in two different states. Damn, he knew he was going to love New Man U.

“I’m sorry, Elle, but we may be a bit cramped. Actually, that’s not true. We live in a house that’s bigger than this one. Still, I would be more than happy to put you up in my room.

Elle put her arms around Eamon and snuggled close to him. She whispered, “I bet you would! Did Emmy tell you that I’m a virgin, E-man? Did she tell you that I don’t want to be a virgin />
Just then someone answered the phone at the other end. Elle had observed a definite expansion taking place in Eamon’s pants. He seemed to be breathing with difficulty. But then he said, “Hi, Momma. It’s me. Yeah, yeah, things are great. But something happened up here, Momma. Would you mind if I came back for a visit?

“I know, I know, I only just left yesterday. I won’t be alone. No, I’m bringing my girlfriend. Yes, I said No, don’t worry about getting a room ready for her. I’ll make room for her with me. Well that’s none of your damn business, Momma, so just don’t ask!
“And Momma, make sure Daddy is around; and Grandmother and Granddad, too. Yes, this is pretty important. What time is it now, about 3 o’clock? Well it’s a little over four hundred miles. Yeah, I know it should take me around seven to eight hours. But if my wheels don’t hit the ground I can make it in six hours. So you can expect me around 9, Momma. Don’t worry ‘bout me, Momma. I hear you Momma, I hear you. Momma, back off. Bye.”

Elle looked at Eamon with a raised eyebrow. He said, “If she doesn’t want to hear how fast I’m gonna drive, then why does she always ask me?”

Elle said, “Well let’s go tell Daddy. And please don’t tell him how far it is or how long you think it’ll take us, okay? Daddy is much happier when he is ignorant. Facts only make him worry.”

When they went in to the living room, they discovered that Elle’s parents were gone. Elle got a far-away look in her eyes, and then rolled them.

“Geez, is that all they do? You would think at a time like this my parents would be trying to save civilization or something. But no! They have to get laid.”

Eamon was shocked and more than a little titillated. “What, you mean your parents are doing the deed? All three of them? At the same time?”

“Cool off, E-man. I know you have the hots for my mother. They claim that sex is their hobby. I personally think it’s their obsession. The heck with them, let’s just take off. I’ll call Daddy from the road.”

Part 10
Eamon Turner had made this trip only yesterday, and it was a long, boring excursion. But today it was fun and exciting. His passenger drove him to distraction with her little mannerisms, her perky body, her lovely smiling face.

Once they reached I-95, Eamon engaged the semi-autopilot that had been installed on the really big roads. That freed him up for all but the most unexpected situations.

“Did your sisters develop this />
“No, but a lot of the work was done at New Man U. The automobile industry likes our work. They keep donating laboratories as long as we use them some of the time to develop new auto gadgets. They ask for no promises, we give them no commitments. But the eKids like to play with cars, especially the boys. A few of them are working on a really powerful energy-efficient engine.”

“Well that I’d like to see, Elle. Your father drives that little wimp-mobile. It must be embarrassing as hell.”

Elle laughed. “He doesn’t mind. Very few things embarrass Daddy. When you are considered to be the sexiest man alive, generally your ego can handle almost any little thing. The only way we can embarrass him is to talk about sex.”

“Your dad is embarrassed by sexual talk? That doesn’t sound like him.”

“Well, he’s embarrassed when Emma or I proposition him. He prefers to think of us as five-year olds. The thought of us actually having sex is painful to him.”

“Geez, Elle, he must hate me.”

Elle laughed again. “No, I rather think he’s grateful to you. We’ve been pressuring the poor man to take our virginity. You came to his rescue.”

Eamon gaped at her. “You wanted to go to bed with your father?”

Elle said, “E-man, every woman alive wants to go to bed with my father. That’s why he’s the sexiest man on earth. But besides that, Emmy and I aren’t getting any younger, you know. We didn’t have like a wide range of possible partners. Daddy was about it.” She smiled an extremely intimate smile, then leaned very close to Eamon’s ear and softly whispered, “at least until you came along, Eamon.”

Eamon’s cock almost strained itself, flying into an extremely erect posture. He kept his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road. But all he could feel was Elle. Suddenly a little hand was slowly massaging the tent in his pants.

“E-man, why don’t you move the seat back just a little, baby? That’s right; the car will take care of itself for a while, sweetheart. “

Eamon felt the zipper of his pants slide down. That soft, tiny hand found its way into Eamon’s pants. He felt his boxers being eased down. He lifted his hips a tad, and suddenly his dick came free.

“Oh my God! I wouldn’t want to be in the middle if Daddy and you ever got into a cock fight! Eamon you’re so big!”

Elle wrapped her hand around Eamon’s cock and gently rubbed up and down. The feeling was exquisite, and Eamon couldn’t help but close his eyes. Suddenly the head of his cock felt the liquid warmth of Elle’s lips. Eamon gasped his ecstasy, his ass pushing off of the seat, his dick sliding into Elle’s mouth.

Elle pulled her head back. She continued to softly stroke his pulsing erection. “Emmy did this for you, didn’t she? She didn’t tell you, E-man, but I was there. Did you know that? I tasted you through Emmy’s mouth, saw you through Emmy’s eyes, felt you inside Emmy’s pussy. Did you know that? Did you guess how far telempathy really goes?

back in her office right now, E-man. She’s alone. She has her feet up on her desk and her pants are around her knees. She isn’t wearing any panties today, Eamon. Neither am I, sweetie. Emmy’s got her finger slowly, slowly rubbing up and down her pussy lips, just like my hand is slowly, slowly rubbing up and down your dick.

“Can you feel her, E-man? I can. She’s waiting. She wants me to make you cum. Would you like to cum in my mouth, E-man? If you do, Emmy will feel it in her mouth, too. Would you like that? What do you say, E-man? How do you like being with the New Women?”

Eamon’s mouth was open. He was panting. He needed more pressure on his dick. “Please, Elle. Suck it. Put it in your mouth again, baby. You’ve got the softest, warmest mouth in the world.”

“E-man! Now don’t you go hurting Emmy’s feelings, you bad boy.”

Eamon groaned. “You know that anything I say about you goes equally for Emma. So does she. Elle! Stop playing! I need you!”

Elle leaned up and their lips met. Her little tongue worked its way into his mouth and they shared a passion and love-filled kiss. Elle slowly lowered her face back down to Eamon’s dick. And then all he felt was that tongue, licking beneath the head, licking the base. Her lips slid over the head and then he was in her.

Eamon surrendered to total lust. His hands found the sides of Elle’s head as he guided her, pulled her closer, buried his length into her mouth. Eamon felt his own passion. He felt Elle’s passion. Then he realized he also felt Emmy’s passion.

He understood for the first time what it felt like to finger one’s clit, even though he didn’t have a clit. He was wildly humping Elle’s face while with closed eyes he saw both of his beautiful lovers servicing him. He had two mouths on his dick!

Elle felt Emma too. She felt Emmy’s finger on her own clit. They had never considered a girl-to-girl relationship before, but when sharing Eamon it was unavoidable.

Elle was glad it was unavoidable. Eamon’s dick was so big she needed both hands plus her mouth to properly service it. Emmy’s finger on her clit, imaginary but oh-so-real, was just what she needed. Her hips were moving with the ever more demanding rubbing. Suddenly there were two phantom fingers in her pussy.

Elle screamed around Eamon’s dick, then began to furiously suck and lick that glorious member. One hand gently squeezed Eamon’s balls; the other was wanking the base of his shaft with a soft, firm grip.

Eamon felt Elle’s orgasm begin. He felt Emmy push herself over with her own fingers. The double orgasm triggered a massive climax. His already large dick seemed to swell. He began squirting streams of semen down Elle’s throat. Each ejaculation seemed stronger than the last, his ass clinching with passion. He was dizzy with lust as the almost painful climax wound down.
When Eamon finally regained his senses, he saw Elle lovingly gazing into his eyes. He reached down and pulled her up to him, his warm loving arms surrounding her soft femininity.

They held each other for long minutes, coming down from their passion while their love continued to grow.

Elle was choked with emotion. “Eamon, I love you. I know you don’t know me. But I know you. I will love you forever, no matter how you feel about me.”

Eamon softly kissed this beautiful, sexy, warm-hearted creature. “Elle, I know about the bonding. We are bonded; you and Emmy and me. We are in love forever. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. You are the thing I’ve always wanted but never knew it. Now that I know it, I couldn’t live without you.”

Elle lowered her head back on to Eamon’s lap. She licked Eamon’s now-flaccid member clean, gave the head a loving kiss, hugged it against the side of her cheek and slowly dropped off to sleep.

story by: Andrew Wiggin_1

Tags: male / female teens science-fiction sex story

Author: Andrew Wiggin_1

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