The beginning of a great summer part 4

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* We last left off with Jeff and Mike going into the house for some fun. This is a shorter story but I am not sure if im going to continue it. Maybe if I get some ideas on how to continue it comment with ideas!*

I was walking up the stairs when my cock started to swell. I was so hard thinking about pounding my cousins manly hairy hole. He was pretty mature for 14. I walked to his room and entered when I saw him spread out across the bed. His hairy legs were such a turn on for me. I got on the bed and started rubbing up his legs. He said, Mmm mike, I cant wait for your huge cock to be inside me.
I could see his cock was throbbing and precum was dripping from the head. I gave him a big kiss and kissed and rubbed slowly down his body till I reached his cock. He rubbed me gently across my chest and arms. I took his cock, jerked him off a little and took it in my mouth. It was so warm and getting veiny just like his dad. I licked up and down his shaft, flicked my tongue at the tip and licked down to his balls. I took his balls in my mouth and sucked on them gently. I didn’t want him to cum yet, I wanted his hot boys juices sprayed all over my hairy chest. I turned him over and spread his cheeks apart. I licked his hole for awhile and began to put my tongue inside when he said, uhh mikey, I want you to fuck me all ready.
I was more than willing to agree. I grabbed the lube and lubed up my cock and squirted some in his hole. I told him cowboy but reversed so his legs and cock would be in my face. I laid on his bed, spread my legs apart and he straddled me. He slowly lowered himself on my cock and let out painful grunts when my throbbing 8 inch cock slowly ripped his tight hairy hole. He finally got the whole thing in when he got used to it and said between breaths, I know your supposed to go easy for your first time, but im so fucking horny and need to bust a nut so fuck me hard. I had no choice and I wanted to pound his tight little hole.
I thrusted my hips and legs up so my cock would go deep inside his ass. I kept pounding and pounding. This was fucking hot. Jeff kept moaning and grunting so loudly. The pleasure we both got. He started jerking his cock. I pound even harder and deeper. We were both sweating. His hairy hole was so tight and warm I was about to bust. I said, “UHH Jeff im gonna cumm Uuhh.
I felt my cock swell, my body tense and the moment I shot my wad deep inside his hairy ass, Jeff starting grunting and breathing even faster. He moaned one last time and shot his cum across my hairy muscular chest. Some cum shot on my chin and I licked it off. I sucked his cock clean. He collapsed besides me and I said, well cuz, what did u think? He gave me a big kiss and said best thing in the world. You wanna take a shower together?
Im not ready yet. He smiled and I laughed. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I hopped in and started rinsing off. I was getting hard again. I wanted to go solo this time, thankfully the shower was huge. It was basically one room. The toilet and sink were through a door and the shower had jets and steam and many shower heads. I got on the floor and there was more than enough room for me to spread my legs and finger my asshole. I started jerking off. I closed my eyes and imagined dad, uncle mark fucking me. And I imagined fucking jeff, his tight pink hairy hole. I stuck two fingers in my ass and started finger fucking my ass. I let out soft moans. I heard the shower door slide open and I opened my eyes. Uncle mark was standing over me, with his hard 11 inch veiny cock at full attention.
“Mhmm didn’t you get enough from dad.” “ Oh no we weren’t fucking, he got on top of me to stand up. He wanted a blow job;to fuck my face basically.” “Well your son had fun and my dad had fun, I think its time for us.” I saw the look in his eye and he went and turned on all the shower heads and steam to get it nice and steamy. He had a very large bench at the back of the shower and he laid across it. We 69 ed. I fit most of his monster meat in my mouth and his tongue felt great inside my hairy ass. I had enough and turned over. I straddled him like me and jeff did. I was used to getting fucked by big cocks so I sat right on it and stuffed it in my ass. He pounded away. His cock filled and ripped my ass, but I didn’t care. This time it was so pleasurable and all the sounds and moans we were making. My balls were slapping against his chest. They should have gotten tickled by his hairy chest but it was wet now. He was so fucking hot.
“Mm Mikey babe, im gonna cum uhh!” My uncle did not last long but as he came, I felt that warm gooeyness squirt and fill my ass. He stayed inside me knowing I hadn’t cum yet. I was jacking off faster than normal when I heard very loud grunts and moans coming from the other room. I got up to see what was going on. I saw a sight that was so hot. My dad and jeff were fucking. My dad was pounding jeff. I immediately shot my load where I stood. They finished up quickly.
“I think that’s enough for one night” I said, “ My ass is sore from 2 poundings and jeff got a load full.” We all laughed and smiled. We all rinsed off without any sex. I was drained. My man juices were drained and so was my energy. Haha. We went down stairs and watched some tv. We all had robes on since the a.c. came back on. It was freezing. I even went as far as underwear socks and a robe. Everyone elses balls were clearing shown on the couch, I didn’t mind. The only one that didn’t have a robe on was Uncle Mark. He never seemed to have clothes on. I didn’t mind that either. He was so hot muscular and manly. Me and Jeff went to bed first. He took off his robe and I gazed at his body. He was so hot nude. He slipped under the covers and watched me as I took my robe off. “Damn I love your abs and chest. I took off my socks and underwear and slipped into bed.
“ Am I ever going to get as muscular or have your amazing hairy chest?
In time Jeff itll happen I promise. But don’t rush it, your damn good looking and have reasonable amounts of hair on you. I spooned him and held him in tight. He rubbed my hand and said goodnight.
*Once again give me ideas and ill continue! I have some ideas but I need a lot more!* Keep Reading*!

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