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Hi again, it's me… Kat. You probably don't remember me – I've been away for quite some time. The thing is… I like to live my fantasies some times, and I like to write about them other times. This is one of the other times.

To refresh your memory, I'm a 5'3" redhead with a compact athletic build born of a youth spent running distance. While I may not be tall, my dark red hair and pale skin can turn a few heads, and I'm not afraid to take a chance when the opportunity presents itself.

I like sex in all shapes and forms – some of the most satisfying orgasms I've ever experienced have come from the talented hands and mouths of incredible women… but I truly, deeply, love a nicely formed and well employed cock. A man who takes the time to listen to my body and make me melt will get whatever he wants until both of us crawl off the bed exhausted – its that simple. I would love to fall in love and stay with one man – but I simply haven't met him yet. Maybe it's you?

Enough of that.. on to my fantasy. It's a late spring evening and I'm home early from work – a rare and delicious treat. I've poured my second vodka gimlet and am feeling quite satisfied with myself. A low reggae beat pours out on to my balcony as Bob Marley preaches the gospel of "one love" one more time as the sun settles at a low angle, sending a golden sheen across the pool in the courtyard. I've slipped into a light spring dress, enjoying the feel of the cotton against my skin as the wind ripples across the water. As I lean back, my mind wanders, taking stock. Good job, solid finances, a kick-ass place in the heart of the city… not bad little girl, not bad at all. The pulsing beat brings me back as Bob wails "let's get together and feel all right" – not a bad idea Mr. Marley… not bad at all.

I feel the heat rise in my tummy and spread slowly down my legs… a te yearning for a partner to do this dance with. Someone who, like me, just wants to feel all right…. As I check my phone, the reminder for an informal networking happy hour at the clubhouse catches my eye. Smiling, I head to the door, checking my hair one last time as I sweep into the hallway toward what may turn into a lovely opportunity to connect.

Down the elevator and into the club room. The noise of the serious professionals washes over me as I glide toward the bar and grab a glass of wine from Sarah, a sometime partner and absolute stunner. She's deep in conversation with a dazzling brunette who is soon going to find out how varied Sarah's toy chest is and all the pleasures found therein. I turn and survey the room. The usual array of young men and women are talking too loud and gesturing far too emphatically to be taken as anything other than desperate for attention and gravitas. A couple of outliers are obviously prowling the edges, looking for a chance to connect and become part of the herd. The people i want are relaxing in a corner observing. Established professionals and successful, this is the group that attracted me to the building in the first place. I wave and am greeted by smiles and an offer to join them. As I approach, I'm aware that one man seems very aware of me. I haven't met him, but his attitude and body language express a confidence and sensitivity that pique my interest. I make eye contact and smile, sitting directly across from him and crossing my legs slowly, letting the dress float down and caress my legs as I look him directly in the eye, watching him fight the urge to stare at my legs and maintain eye contact. "Good boy" I think as I watch him control the urge to leer.

The small talk centers around latest work gossip and the shifting world of government contracts and developing IT plans. Over the course of the conversation, I learn his name is Jon, and he's recently relocated to take a partnership interest in a consulting firm in the city. Jon's voice is a fine match for his appearance, smooth and cultured. He's tall, maybe 6'2", and looks like a tennis player, long and lean with sculpted forearms and long legs. I'm definitely interested. The happy hour is winding down and I find myself talking about local restaurants and bars with Jon. His hand reaches over to emphasize I point and I catch it in mine and smile. He looks up and a small grin spreads across his face as I look directly in his eyes. I lead him out of the club room and out by the pool as the sun burns red on the horizon, walking slowly and allowing him to drape his arm around me. He pulls me to him and kisses me gently. My answering kiss is a bit deeper, more passionate and catches him by surprise for a moment. As I lean into him, I can feel his cock stiffen and decide this is going to be one of those nights…

I reach down and simply caress his growing bulge through his pants as I look up at him with a questioning glance. He answers the question by closing his eyes and letting out a low moan as my fingers unzip his fly and slip inside, working in to make contact with a nice, thick shaft throbbing with expectations. Jon's place is across the pool area and we make good time to his patio entrance, almost falling through the doors and into his bedroom in our haste.

I pull away and begin to strip, smiling as he reciprocates and sheds his clothes. Naked, we come together and kiss again, all the receptors in our skin alive as the heat of our bodies mesh. Jon lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist, feeling the head of his hard cock slide back and forth across my pussy, sends waves of pleasure through me. Holding on, I slide slowly down onto Jon's member and I feel him filling me up. As I settle against him, he begins to slowly undulate his hips. The feeling is intensely satisfying, his cock buried deep inside, twisting and rubbing against me. I allow myself to simply ride this lovely man's hips, feeling the warmth of his body as he grinds and twists against me. I kiss his neck and let my tongue explore his ear as he changes tactics and I feel him lift me ever so slightly and lower me back to the base of his rock hard dick. I am sopping wet and the sounds of our copulation are a soft accompaniment to the feeling growing in my tummy. There is no doubt this man understands what the word fuck truly means, and we are definitely fucking now. My hips begin to rock against him, allowing me to press the sensitive underside of his cock head against the length of my entrance each time he withdraws. I'm rewarded with a long quiet moan of pleasure each time I feel him slip out and back in, each thrust a bit more urgent and greedy, but not rushed.

I want this to last, and so does Jon. He bends and lays me back on the bed as I release my hold on his waist. He joins me on the bed and takes up a position between my legs, setting a slow and delectable pace for us. I let my hands play across his chest and down his arms as I look up at him and smile. He makes eye contact and simply leans down to kiss me as he drives himself deep inside and holds us pinned together while our mouths and tongues do a bit of exploring of their own. My fingernails rake lightly across his shoulders as we kiss, and I feel his hands cup my ass and lift me a bit. One hand slips between my cheeks and finds my rear entrance, already soaked from the events of the evening. I purr in delight as his hand slides and glides over my ass, wriggling my hips and catching his lip in mine to encourage his efforts. A finger presses against me, then slips inside, slippery and warm. I roll my hips into him and begin to work both appendages back and forth… his cock throbbing and hard in my pussy and his finger… now two… sliding in and out of my ass. The feeling is one of pure unadulterated sexual satisfaction and I cannot control myself as I convulse in an unexpectedly intense orgasm, squeezing and milking his cock as I almost growl with pure joy. His response is a resumption of his steady strokes in and out of me, his cock acting like a live wire sending 100 volt shudders and shivers of electricity down my spine and making my head spin. I simply must make this man's orgasm as intense as mine was and currently is… but how???

The answer is revealed as Jon's cock pops out once or twice and slips back and forth between my two openings. Unintentional or not, I hear his breath get ragged as his head trails over my ass, and I smile in anticipation for the next time. His strokes are deep and meaningful.. he knows I want him and he's surely not going to let me down. As he withdraws, I roll my hips a little and he pops out. As h lowers himself to re-engage, I finish rolling my hips and present him with access to a new entrance. His eyes widen as he feels me position his head and push up against him, then close in a look of bliss as I relax and he slides into my tight ass, slick and slippery with my cum. My legs come to rest on his shoulders as I position myself to give him a ride that will make him smile every time he thinks of it. He's buried his cock in my ass, and it feels almost as good as it did before in my pussy. I squeeze and release, playing with him as I let out a low moan of pleasure. He responds by quickly building his speed and the sounds of his hips slapping against my cheeks fill the air, intermingled with his moans and my own. I feel his cock swell as he prepares to unload – then the first sensations of warm and wet cum penetrate me… I bite my lip and moan yet again as I cum hard feeling him fill me with his own. Jon withdraws and I feel his cum trickling out as he pulls me next to him and rains kisses over my body. I can't help myself and my hand reaches down to caress his cock all slick and slippery from our good and proper fuck. He groans happily as my hand slides up and down. Impulsively, I slide down and take him in my mouth, licking him from his base to tip, tasting our combined flavors as I clean him off and allow myself the guilty pleasure of sucking a properly fucked cock. Jon's hand finds its way between my legs and caresses both points of pleasure, sending a small tremor through my body and making me smile. This night may turn out even better than it began….

story by: activeimagination

Tags: blowjob male/female fantasy anal ass to mouth sex story

Author: activeimagination

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