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I wanted to do something special for you, because I know how hard you work and that you really need to just relax sometimes. The only thing that came to mind was giving you a massage. Not just the five minute back rub, but a full body massage. I have never given one before, and there will be alot of you to massage. I am getting really excited just thinking about what I have planned for you. I really hope you enjoy it.

During the week I had picked up some oils and scented candles to put around the room. Then the day comes, I was all ready and couldn't wait to see you. I had made you a nice dinner, and had it ready for you. After we ate, we headed to the bedroom. You head to the bathroom to change your clothes and wash up.

I changed into this sexy black silk nightgown, lit a bunch of the scented candles around the room; put some soft sensual music on the stereo and turned down the lights just as you were coming out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. You walked up to me, pulling me into your arms, you grab the back of my hair pulling my head back and up to yours. My hands are on your waist as you kiss me loving on the lips, our tongues exploring each other.

I tell you we would have time for that later, that I wanted to give you a massage. The only thing you have to do is lie down and relax. We kiss once more, you remove your towel. I have you lie down on your stomach. Opening up the oils, I pour some onto my hands and rub them together, heating it up before putting it on you. I start massaging the tension in your neck, nice and slow, kneading gently as I work my fingers against your skin, up and then down your neck and along the sides until I could feel your muscles starting to loosen up.

I continue to press my palms against your skin as I massage further down with my fingers to your shoulder. Massaging and kneading your shoulder I can feel it begin loosening as I move to your other shoulder doing the same. I can’t believe how turned on I am getting from doing this. I add more oils to my hands, the room filling with the scent from the candles and the oils as I begin massaging your arms. Very slowly working from your upper arm down to massaging each of your fingers before moving to your other arm doing the same. Once done with your arms and fingers, I begin massaging and kneading your back, starting by your shoulders and work my way down your spine very slowly, using my fingers and the palm of my hands. The oil makes it easy to slide my hands over your skin, and the oils have a warming sensation which I hope feels good to you.

After thoroughly covering every inch of your back, I apply more oils to my hands and work my way down to your ass. I begin massaging your ass one side at a time. I take my time, but not doing anything you would not like. I move slowly down to the back of your leg, massaging your thigh,, down to the back of your knee, and down your calf to your ankle. I begin doing your other leg, but avoid touching the inside of your thigh till after, knowing I still need to get through the rest of the massage. Once I have finished with your back, legs and arms, I have you turn over onto your back.

When you turn over your dick is so hard. I know this is turning you on just as much as it’s turning me on, and I’m glad you are enjoying it. I run my fingers over your head slowly as I move to your temples massaging in a circular motion. Putting more oil on my hands I begin massaging the sides of your neck, and continue working my way down your arm. I love the feel of you as my hands move against your skin. As soon as I finish massaging each finger, I do the same to your other arm than move to your chest. I continue massaging every inch of your chest. I love how your body is responding to my touch. You try grabbing my wrist, but I ask you to please let me finish.

I begin massaging your stomach gently and take my time with your belly button. Then I work my way to one of your legs. As I begin rubbing and massaging your thigh, I come so close to your dick but do not touch you. I continue working my way down further to your knee, and down to your feet massaging each toe. Then working my way up your other leg just finishing by your dick.

I begin running my fingers lightly up the inside of your thigh and down the other just grazing your skin as you moan, and try to move your hips to my hand. I lightly touch the side of your dick as I circle the tip before gently running my fingers down to the other side of your dick. I love to feel your body and take my time, the feel of your dick pulsating under my touch. I stop, but only to move up and kiss you, with an intense wanting, biting gently on your lower lip, sucking on your tongue. I move my tongue against yours with such a burning hunger and wanting more of you.

Breaking the kiss, but only so I can kiss my way to your neck, tasting your flesh with my tongue as I lick and suck on your skin. Moving to your ear and sucking on your earlobe I hear you moan as I continue working my way down your chest kissing and moving my lips against your skin, licking and sucking on and around your nipples, your hands grab my hair. I love exploring and tasting your body and your giving me full access to thoroughly enjoy you. I kiss your belly button, circling the rim with my tongue. I work my tongue in and out of your belly button, you pull my hair a little harder now, I know you are starting to loss patience.

I had wanted to keep up my pace, but I know you will need to release soon. I continue kissing my way down careful to not touch your dick just yet, as I kiss right above your dick and around to the inside of your one thigh then the other. Your dick is so hard and erect I really want to feel it in me, but tonight it is all about pleasing you. I softly kiss the tip of the head, I can already see and taste your sweet precum. I finally move my tongue to the base of your shaft back up to the tip. You are so hot and taste so good, I could never get enough of you. Gently grabbing your balls, while I lick up and down the length of your cock and circle the tip with my tongue before opening my mouth and wrapping my lips just around the top of your head and begin sucking. Pulling up until you are barely out of my mouth and moving down a little further each time until I have your whole dick in my mouth.

I continue sucking and moving up and down on your dick, stroking you with my mouth. The wetness and tightness from my mouth feels as if you are inside my hot wet pussy is more than you can take as you firmly hold my head by my hair against you and pump your hips against me. I continue sucking harder and harder. I feel you pulsating against my lips, I take your dick in completely while my tongue massages against your shaft and the head is in my throat. You start moaning as your hands tighten even more against my hair and head, your body tightens as you begin to cum inside my mouth. I continue sucking on your dick and licking the tip as I take in every last drop you have to offer me, loving the way you taste. Finally, your hold loosens on my hair; your body relaxes and only than do I stop sucking on your dick. I climb up on the bed and lay down next to you as you hold me against you, knowing in a little while you will be more than ready for round two.

story by: Loki21

Tags: fiction consensual sex romance oral sex sex story massage

Author: Loki21

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