The sex series pt. 3

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19 year old Jay was sitting in the living room all alone. No Casey, No Kelly no one just him and him only. Jay sometimes hated being home alone. But today was the worst day for him to even think about being home alone. Because there was no porn for him to Jack off to and the Internet was down so he couldnt watch internet porn. So he wound up watching College Gameday on ESPN. but still with no Kelly and No Casey he couldnt have sex either.

Jay: Damn it i really wish Kelly was home. Yeah I get Casey is working tonight but still Kelly isnt but she is fucking shopping and who knows how long thats gonna take. Damn it. I mean yeah i wouldnt mind fucking Casey again I mean man is she awesome to have sex with I mean she took anal 3 times and took 2 creampies man she is fucking awesome and Kelly yeah i may have had sex with her only once in the threesome but man she was, she was fucking amazing i mean i would have kept my cock in her had i known she was that good i mean her pussy trimmed not shaved all the way holy shit that is hot. and her tits my god those things are magic i wouldnt mind a boob job from those awesome puppies. Man now i really wanna fuck someone.

About an hour later it is 2:00 in the afternoon. Casey doesn't get off till 9, Jay was in the house still watching TV and was eatting lunch, and Kelly was in the drive way in the car. Kelly feels something wet in her pants. Kelly unbuttons her jeans and shoves her hand into her pants and feels around her pussy touching all the wetness of her pussy.

Kelly: ugh why am i so wet. -she puts her fingers up her nose and sniffs it- am I horny? -she sniffs it again- wow i guess i am. Man my pussy is dripping. What could i be thinking of.

Kelly thinks to herself for a minute

Kelly: maybe i am thinking about the threesome still and how good Jay's cock felt inside of me. My god it was so good -Kelly sticks her hand back in her jeans pocket and starts rubbing her pussy-. How big it was, How it felt in my tight wet pussy. Oh my god it was amazing. -she looks over at the stick shift on the car- you know this stick shift is about the size of Jay's cock its pretty big

Kelly looks around she looks to her sides and behind her no one is around her. She takes slowly lowers her jeans down past her nicely toned ass down to her ankles to expose her solid orange thong that she was wearing she throws her jeans to the side of the car and climbs over the stick shift. She moves her thong over to the side to reveal her trimmed dripping wet pussy. She looks around one more time and lowers her self onto the stick shift she passionately moans as she slowly rides up and down the stick shift. She starts to rub her pussy as she feels her wet pussy ride the stick shift. While she is doing this Jay from out of the kitchen and sees Kelly is home.

Jay: hey Kelly is home maybe i should go see if she needs help with any heavy bags.

Kelly keeps riding the stick shift not knowing that Jay is on his way out. Jay opens the front door and walks out in his black nike shorts and bright orange tank top that matches Kelly's thong. Jay hears Kelly moaning but cant see what she is doing because of the dark windows but one window is open so he can peak in and see whats up as he starts to walk to the car.

Kelly: Oh shit i am gonna cum

As Kelly gets closer to cumming Jay reaches the car door puts his head in the window. Kelly cant see him because she has her eyes closed as Jay sees Kelly is fucking the stick shift his eyes widen as he sees this all transpiring right before his eyes before he finally says

Jay: Hey Kelly

Kelly grow massive as she sees Jay watching her

Kelly: Ooooooooh hey Jay

Kelly gets off the stick shift as her pussy is still dripping wet and the stick shift is covered with Kelly's juices she turns to face Jay

Kelly: u saw that didnt you

Jay: only a little

Kelly: Ugh i feel so stupid

Jay reaches down and rubs Kelly's pussy as they look at each other passionately looks at each other as Kelly closes her eyes because Jay's hand feels so good around her pussy as he removes his hand from her pussy and sniffs it

Jay: dont feel stupid you were horny and you wanted to fuck something

Kelly: I know but the stick shift

Jay: it doesnt matter it could have been a banana you wanted something in your pussy i mean i probably would have done the same thing if i was a women

Kelly: thanks Jay -she smiles at him and he smiles back- hey can you do me a favor

Jay: yeah whats up

Kelly: Can you rub my pussy again it felt so good

Jay: know what -he looks around the neighbor hood to see no one is there- how bout i do this

Jay opens the car door and picks Kelly up like if they were married

Kelly: wait my pants

Jay: we will get those later

Kelly: ok

Kelly bites her lip as she is being carried in her wet orange thong with her pussy dripping as she is brought into the house and into the living room. Jay puts her down as she wraps her arms around him as if she doesnt want him to let go. She lays back as she passionately kisses Jay. They kiss multiple times as both of them had been waiting to fuck the other for a long time. Kelly takes off Jay's shirt to reveal his musclar, tan upper body and starts to rub his chest as they passionately kiss multiple times before Jay takes off Kelly's shirt to reveal her matching orange bra. Jay begins to rub Kelly's tits as they make out Kelly moans during the kiss because it feels so good as she moves Jay's hands to the back of her bra where he unclips the cupplings to her bra Kelly lets her bra fall to the ground as Jay doesnt waste anytime in admiring her tits he goes down and sucks on her nipples licking, biting, sucking, pinching as Kelly moans with pleasure. As Jay goes back up to Kelly and kisses her as she removes his shorts and starts rubbing Jay's cock through his boxers as Jay reaches down and rubs Kelly's pussy as she moans with plessure.

Kelly: Lose the boxers

Jay: can you help me

Kelly: with plessure

They break the kiss and Kelly lowers Jay's boxers to reveal his 13 inch cock Kelly loves what she sees and starts to jerk Jay's cock. Kelly then wraps her lips around Jay's cock and begins to bob her head up and down gagging at times while jerking Jay's cock

Kelly: mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm

Kelly sucked and sucked Jay's cock then Jay reached down and grab Kelly's tits and squeezed them. Kelly pulled her mouth out of Jay's cock sat Jay down and locked at him and said

Kelly: I know what you want

Jay: oh yeah and whats that

Kelly: This

Kelly put her tits inbetween Jay's cock and started to give Jay one of the best boobjobs he had ever gotten.

Jay: mmmmmmmmm yeah

Kelly: yeah you like my titties in between your massive cock

Jay enjoyed every second of Kelly's tits they were two perfect b cup boobs rubbing up Jay's cock. She pumped her breasts harder and harder until she crawled up to Jay's lips and kissed him. Jay took off Kelly's thong revealing her perfect ass and her trimmed oh so wet, juicy pussy which was just begging to be fucked. Jay kissed his way down to her pussy once he reached her pussy he started to lick her pussy lips and all around her pussy Kelly moaned with plessure. The feeling was so good she felt chills go up her back. Kelly grabbed Jay picked him up and brought him close to her and told him…

Kelly: Enough play put it in

And boy did he put it in Jay put his hand on his cock to guide it into Kelly's pussy were there his cock went right in her pussy Jay pushed in Kelly groaned and moaned

Jay: Do you want me to pull out

Kelly: no it feels to good I want you to go deeper

Kelly demanded and Jay went deeper sticking his whole 13 inch cock inside her pussy once all the way in Jay thrusted his massive cock in and out at first slowly but then he picked it up, pumping faster and faster. Both of them loved the feeling. Kelly loved the feeling Jay being inside her with his cock and Jay enjoyed being inside her pussy. They locked eyes and made out then without pulling out Kelly flipped Jay on his back

Jay: what are you doing?

Kelly: I have wanted to do this for so long

Kelly bounced up and down on Jay's cock increasing speeds with each thrust Kelly was about to go over the edge if Jay pulled off the right move she was going to burst and did Jay pick the right move Jay leaned in and began to kiss Kelly's neck


While he did this Jay was rubbing Kelly's tits and Kelly was filling up with plessure all over her body until

Kelly: OH />
She came all over her juices squirted all over Jay's massive cock but Kelly was far from over she got up went over to the couch bent over and demanded Jay to

Kelly: I want you to shove that massive cock in my asshole

Jay: are- are you sure

Kelly: Jay I want you to take that hot massive cock of yours and i want you to spread my ass like this -she spreads her ass- and I want you to shove it in my little asshole

Jay did what he was told he walked over spreaded her ass leaned in rubbed his cock against Kelly's hole and inserted his cock into her hole


Jay didnt hesitate he went harder and deeper into her hole


Jay: ok

Jay continued to fuck her asshole for another 2 minutes before he pulled out of Kelly's ass and threw her on the couch and without hesitation shoved his cock into her pussy and began to fuck Kelly like she had never been fucked before.

Jay: mmmmmmmmmmmm thanks baby. Hey i am close

Kelly: good we cum together

Jay: hell yeah

Jay and Kelly fucked each other like only they knew how to Jay fucked and fucked Kelly until

Both: />
They both came this was Kelly's second time cumming on Jay's cock but Jay came inside Kelly's pussy. Jay pulled out of Kelly and let her juices drip from his cock and Kelly laid down next to him letting Jay's warm cum drip out of her pussy. As Kelly began to cry.

Jay: whats wrong?

Kelly: that was amazing that was the best sex i have ever had. You were amazing

Jay: you were just as good.

They kissed one last time and picked up there clothes which they didnt even put back on because of the fact that they werent going anywhere accept home for the rest of the day. But it was only 3'o clock in the afternoon what were they gonna do for the rest of the day. More or Less what were they gonna do nude for the rest of the day? This and many more questions to be answered next time on the sex series.

story by: Annoynomus

Tags: fiction masturbation young blowjob erotica teen male/teen female anal teen oral sex extreme ass to mouth sex story ass to pussy

Author: Annoynomus

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