Traci finds a chat room – chapter two

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"And when you're done with the dishes, set the table for dinner,"
Traci's mom said, walking into the living room.

"Yes mother," Traci said, sticking her tongue out at her mom once her
back was turned.

Traci wiped the persperation from her brow as she stood over the hot
sink when she heard something. "What's that?" she wondered aloud as she
soaped some plates. "It sounds like … ringing?" Suddenly she
remembered: "Michael is calling!" she dropped the plate back in the sink,
almost breaking it, and ran to her room.

"Traci where are you going? Dinner is almost … Traci!" her mother
yelled. Traci ignored her and raced to catch her phone before it stopped

She burst into her bedroom and picked up the phone. she said
into the receiver. "Hello?? Hel…" she sighed when she realized she had
just barely missed Michael's call. "Crap!" she slammed her bedroom door
and plopped on her bed.

She was in the middle of a major pouting when her phone rang. She
jumped to answer it. />
"Well hello, beautiful," Michael's deep voice greeted her. Traci
couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief: he'd called back!

"Hi Michael," Traci said breathlessly.

"And how's my favorite slut this evening? Did you cum like I told you
to last night?"

"Yes …" Traci said awkwardly.

"Good girl. Now why didn't you answer the first time I called?"

"Oh, I had to wash dishes, and I didnt hear the phone ring until it was
too late," Traci explained.

"I see. Well that's too bad, but you'll make up for that later. What
are you wearing, slut?"

"I'm wearing what I wore to school. Why are you calling me that? And
what do you mean by 'make it up />
"So you missed my 6pm phone call, and to add insult to injury you're not
naked as I />
"Well I know you said …"

"Now that's double the />
"Yeah, whatever," Traci laughed. "Anyway, what did you do today?"

"Lift up your shirt."

"But I was just …"

"Do it now."

"Uh .. okay," Traci said uneasily, lifting up her shirt.

"Now pinch your nipples," Michael commanded.

Traci was about to do as Michael said when the door whipped open.

"Traci, I …" her mother looked at her, wide-eyed. "What on earth are
you doing?"

"Nothing mom … I was just … changing," Traci yanked her top down.

Her mom frowned for a moment. "Well hurry up, your dinner is getting
cold." She left, closing the door behind her.

Michael chuckled into the phone.

"It's not funny!" Traci hissed. "I almost got busted! Well I have to
go, its time for dinner …"

"You can eat dinner later. Right now you're occupied," Michael said
"But …" Traci began.

"Now do as I said and lift your shirt and play with your nipples. Don't
argue, just do it."

"Okay," Traci said, feeling strange, scared and turned on all at the
same time.

"Pinch and roll them, slut. Get that pussy good and wet."

Traci silently obeyed, and before long Michael had worked her into
another frenzy, and she was cumming all over her hand.

"That was very good, slut," Michael said, sounding genuinely impressed.
"But there's a bit of a problem. I don't have a clue what you look like."

"You said you would help me send you a picture of myself."

"I decided I don't want a picture. I decided I want to see you on

"What do you mean?" Traci said, completely confused.

"I want to watch you on a webcam," Michael explained.

"Oh, well I don't have a webcam."

"I'll send you one."

"Oh. But …"

"Do you remember our conversation last night, Traci?" Michael said

"Yeah …"

"And what did I tell you?"

"Well … you said … I think you said to …"

"I told you to shut the fuck up and do what I say, didn't I?"

"I don't like being told to shut the fuck up!" Traci protested angrily.

"Either you do what I tell you, or we don't talk anymore."

"Why are you being so mean?" Traci said, feeling a lump growing in her

"I'm not being mean sweetheart, I'm giving you the guidance you need."

"But …"

"Rub your clit," Michael commanded.

"But …"

"RUB IT!" he yelled.

Traci began rubbing her clit, feeling intimidated and a little scared.

"Now here's what we're going to do. Keep rubbing your clit, slut. And
start pinching your nipples, too. Don't stop until I tell you to.
"Yeah," Traci said in a shaky voice.

"I'm going to send you a web cam, and maybe a few other little extras,
through the mail. You're going to set the web cam up and we're gonna talk
on the phone like we are now, and you're going to do everything I tell you
to. And I'm not going to hear any 'buts' out of you, or you'll get
punished. You're going to show me your perky little tits, your tight
little ass, and that hot, sweet cunt. I'm going to watch you rub that hard
little clit, watch you masturbate while I talk to you on the …" Michael
was suddenly interrupted by Traci's thrashing and moaning as she came
again. "Well well well, aren't you a horny little bitch? That's not at all
what I had planned. Now we're going to have to start over."

"But …" Traci tried yet again to protest.

"And everytime you try to override my authority by saying 'BUT', you're
going to cum again."

Michael and Traci spoke for several more hours on the phone, late into
the evening, Traci masturbating herself into a frenzy again and again for
her demanding new />
"What time is it, Traci?" Michael asked his little playmate after
several hours had passed.

"It's midnight, why?"

"Has everyone gone to sleep?"

"Yes everyone's been asleep for hours now, why??" Traci was curious
about this line of questioning.

"Because its time for you to run an errand. Go into the kitchen and
fetch a cucumber out of the fridge."

Traci made a face. "But I don't like />
"Well you just earned yourself another cum on top of what you already
owe me."

Traci growled and dropped the phone without a word, stomped into the
kitchen, grabbed a cucumber from the produce drawer and stomped back into
her room.

"Okay! Fine! I did it! Are you happy now??"

"Very. Is your cunt wet?"

"I guess so," Traci said, feeling uneasy.

"Good. Get on your bed on your knees."

Traci did as she was told, trembling the whole time.

"Now stick that cucumber in your mouth and suck on it."

"Suck on it?!" Traci said, almost wanting to laugh.

"Now you've earned another one."

"Okay okay okay," Traci said, sticking the cucumber in her mouth.

"And suck it hard, I want to hear sucking sounds."

Traci sucked and sucked the cucumber, doing it so long she wondered if
Michael had hung up the phone and just left her there sucking a cucumber on
the phone like a moron. She finally took it out of her mouth and said
wondering if there was anyone on the other line.

"I'm here," Michael said. "Good job. Now stick it in your pussy."

Traci was about to protest, but was afraid of getting in more trouble.
"Can I ask a />
"No. Stick it in your pussy. Spread those beautiful thighs and stick
that cucumber up your snatch."

With a trembling hand, Traci moved the giant cucumber towards her small
entry. She paused for a moment, then let the enormous thing poke a small
bit inside. "Okay, its in."

"How far?"

"Just a little bit."

"Stick it in deeper."

"But its really huge, I don't think it will fit!"

"That's three."

"Okay," Traci whined, sticking the huge cucumber in her pussy. She felt
her pussy walls stretch to unseen proportions to accomodate the giant
phallus. "Ow," Traci whimpered, feeling a searing pain.

"How far in is it?" Michael asked.

"Almost halfway," Traci said breathlessly.

"Rub your clit."

"B… Okay."

"Play with your clit and your nipples, and don't let that cucumber slip
out, I want it up that tight little snatch of yours."

Traci moaned as she masturbated, feeling herself creep ever closer to
another orgasm. "Oh no!" she suddenly gasped.

"What's wrong?"

"It's slipping in further!"

"That's because your hole is slippery, you cum slut bitch. Now ride
that cucumber while you />
"Huh?" Traci asked, not sure what he meant.

"Let the cucumber stand up straight on the bed, bounce up and down on it
so it slides in and out of your cunt." Michael started hearing the bed
squeak, then he started hearing Traci moan. "That's a good bitch. Say my
name when you cum, and don't stop riding. And don't think I won't know if
you stopped />
Traci clutched the phone on her shoulder while she pinched her nipples,
rubbed her clit, and bounced up and down on the giant cucumber. She felt
her hole stretch, felt her cunt feel tight and full. It wasn't long before
she began to tremble and shake, exploding in the hardest orgasm she had
ever had all over the cucumber.

"Keep riding, cunt," Michael commanded.

Traci did as instructed, bouncing up and down.

"Ride faster. Rub harder." Michael could hear furious squeaking and
minutes later Traci came again.

"You're a good, obedient, hot little bitch, aren't you?" Michael said as
Traci started to relax. "Don't you dare take that cucumber out."

"It hurts though," Traci protested.

"Get your panties and put them on, with the cucumber still in your

"B… okay," Traci said, groaning in pain as she stood up, then bent
down to pick her panties off the ground. She slid them on, and they kept
the cucumber from slipping out of her pussy.

"Now get in bed, and go to sleep like that. I'm gonna call you again
tomorrow night. Tomorrow, I want you to be naked again, and have a carrot,
a fresh cucumber and a jar of vaseline ready, because I'm not done
punishing you for not answering the phone promptly this afternoon. And if
you miss the phone again, you are really going to regret it."

"Okay …" Traci said, feeling humiliated and scared.

"Now go to sleep, cum slut." Michael hung up the phone abruptly.

Traci tossed and turned, finding it hard to find a comfortable position.
Eventually exhaustion took over, and she fell asleep, the giant cucumber
still buried inside her.

story by: Sex Kitten

Tags: fiction masturbation domination/submission sex story teen female solo

Author: Sex Kitten

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