Truth and lies ii

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–There is some truth in every lie.

Part II- Cindy Continued

Dave managed to stay away from Cindy for about a week. He didn’t talk to her, and she didn’t talk to him. No text messages or emails, and definitely no phone calls. There was literal silence between the two. But the way her orgasming cunt felt on his cock while he pumped her full of cum was all he could think about whenever he found himself with his cock in his hand, which was at least twice a day for the past seven days.

Eight days after he and Cindy engaged in their sinful act, the silence was finally broken…By Dave. He was bored, just like he was eight days prior, and he figured that they could just hang out like they always did. Plus, it was relatively early in the morning, so it was a guarantee that her two kids were up, which meant there was no way anything could happen between the two of them. His text message asked what she was doing, and she almost immediately replied, telling him that she wasn’t doing anything.

“Do you want to hang out,” he asked.

she replied. “Come on in when you get here.”

Dave felt butterflies in his stomach. He felt like he was going to a new house for the first time. He wasn’t though. He was going to Cindy’s house. She was a close friend of his. Not some fuck buddy. Not some potential love interest that he had to make sure that he was on his best behavior to impress. She was Cindy… Dave started to feel regret for texting her, and he considered texting her back, telling her that something had come up. He decided against it, and ten minutes later, he was in her driveway.

Cindy’s text message said for him to just come in, so he did. The trailer was quiet. Really quiet… He closed the front door behind him, for some reason, locking it, and he called Cindy’s name in his indoor voice, just in case her kids were asleep. Silence… He called out again, and again he got no reply. He walked to her room. A sliver of light escaped between the half open door. He called her name once more before reaching the threshold. There was no answer. Sunlight trickled through the crack wider and wider as he pushed the door open. What he found in the bedroom sealed his sinful fate.

Cindy was lying on the bed, devoid of covers, with her stomach against the mattress. She was clad only in a peach colored, lace G-string, and she was totally still. Had she fallen asleep? Forgotten about him? Dave opened the door all the way and walked in. He took his time, taking in her exquisite curves. He called to her again but still she was still silent. She had planned this. At least, Dave hoped that she had. He stripped, and was naked in 15 seconds. His hard, eight inch cock was pressing against the small of her back in less than thirty.

he called. He put his hand on her shoulder and turned her towards him. Her eyes were half open when he felt her arm go under him and pull him towards her.

“I’m sorry Dave,” she pleaded. “I’m sorry but I have to have you again.

Cindy pulled harder until Dave’s body was directly to the side of hers until he was almost on top of her. She felt his hand slip into her G-String, and through the landing strip of hair that sat just above her soaking wet pussy. She cooed, and told him to rub her clit and he acquiesced with eagerness.

“Oh, that feel so good,” Cindy cried as Dave’s mouth found her rigid nipple. “Yes. Suck my big tit Dave! Chew on your slut’s big fucking tit.”

For a split second Dave hesitated; he was shocked to hear Cindy call herself that, but it didn’t stop him. He gnawed on her nipple harder, and Cindy moaned. She was much louder than she had been the last he was over there. Dave wondered where her kids were, but only for a split second.

“Rub my fucking clit Dave. Oh god you’re going to make cum soon! Make your slut cum!”

“You like being called a slut,” Dave asked, pulling his mouth away from Cindy’s nipple looking up at her.

she said, reaching for his cock. “And I like to be spanked and have my hair pulled too.” She stopped talking, and sucked in a breath as Dave pressed harder against her clit. Whimpering from his touch, she said in a quiet tone, “Just don’t leave any marks.”

Dave stopped sucking on her tits and admired her body. She was curvy; just a few pounds overweight, but she carried it all in the forms of a bubble butt, and a decent pair of C cup tits. He moved between her legs and grabs the sides of her G-string to pull it down. She lifted up, and it came off easily, exposing to Dave the rest of her.

Cindy’s pussy was plump, and glistening with her creamy white juices. Her lips were freshly shaven, but there was a small tuft of hair just above her clit. Dave really liked it. He did not tell her though. He just kept touching her cunt, switching from her clit, to the wet hole that his cock was sure to be pressed up against within the next few minutes.

“Fuck me,” escaped Cindy’s lips, and Dave quickly got on top of her. He pushed his cock into her depths is one swift motion. She was beyond wet. He thrust in and out of her, and she started to moan louder. She kept telling him to fuck her. Dave did as he was told.

“Fuck your married slut, Dave,” she cried in pleasure. “Make your married slum cum all over your big cock.”

She sounded out of breath, and Dave could feel her pussy start to tighten. The taboo was getting to him too, and he wasn’t sure how much longer he was going to last. He looked down at Cindy. Her eyes were closed, and her tits jiggled rhythmically to the sound of his midsection hitting her own. Further down, he got a bird’s-eye view of his cock plowing deep into her plump-lipped cunt. His cock was slick with her creamy juices.

“I’m not gonna last much longer, Cindy,” he proclaimed.

“Then stop for a second,” she said. She pushed him away, and Dave was worried that he’d done, or said something wrong. His worries were settled though when she got up off of her back, and onto her hands and knees. “Fuck me from behind,” she said as she put her head down on the pillow, and brought a hand back. She rested it on her clit, moving it in circular motions. Dave got behind her, positioning his cock at her entrance.

“Fuck me hard!”

Dave thrust deep inside of her and she screamed in a mix of pain, and pleasure. He fucked her as hard, and as fast as he could, trying to make her cum so he could get his own release. “Does my cock feel good inside of your slut pussy,” he asked as he continued to bang her without mercy. He grabbed onto her pushed so he could pull her harder against him.

“Yes, Dave! It feels so good up my tight pussy. Fuck you’re gonna make me cum soon! Please don’t stop,” she begged.

“Cum you fucking slut,” Dave demanded. “Cum on my fucking cock!”

“Oh god, don’t stop! Don’t stop! Here… it… comes!”

Dave felt Cindy’s pussy spasm on his cock as she came for him. He kept thrusting, nearing his own orgasm.

The abrupt sound of a ringing phone stopped the two of them in their tracks.

my husband’s ringtone,” she said, taking herself off of Dave’s rapidly softening cock.

She grabbed the phone and answered it. />
Yeah… Ok… See you soon,” along with a few pauses as he spoke, made up the entirety of their conversation.

“Is everything ok,” Dave asked, getting up quickly to put on his clothes. The look of concern on his face mirrored Cindy’s.

“Tim is on his way home for lunch, so you should probably go. He said he’d be here in about twenty />
“Damn it,” Dave muttered. “I was so close too!” The words came out before he could stop himself.
“There will be another time.”

There were several other times actually, as their affair had lasted for most of the summer. Dave would come over on a regular basis, and they’d fuck like rabbits, several times each day while only occasionally being interrupted by her husband coming home for lunch, or her kids being home (Dave later discovered that Cindy had actually lied to a friend, telling her that she’d gotten a job so she’d watch the kids for the day). On the days that the kids were home, they were both just quiet when the kids were napping, or distracted.

By the end of the summer, things had really gotten crazy. The two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other, or their genitals apart for that matter. One week in particular, when Tim had to go away for a class, Dave stayed the night at Cindy’s several nights. Turns out, Cindy had known about the trip for a while, so she managed to get her mom to watch the kids for the week as well so she and Dave would not be interrupted at all.

The two spent nearly the entire time getting drunk, stoned, and fucking each other’s brains out. One night in particular, Dave had come over to find Cindy in the two-person tub (it was one of the nicer trailers), just waiting for him. When he saw her, he stripped, and in seconds he was in the tub, and his cock was in her mouth. He came on her face shortly after; the first of five orgasms that he’d end up having that night.

After drying off from a nice, long soak, Cindy pushed Dave onto the bed, and took hit cock into her mouth once more, getting him hard so she could impale herself onto his eight inch cock. He was hard in less than a minute, and it took almost no effort to drive his rigid cock into her drooling, and now completely bald cunt. Cindy asked if he liked the way she had shaved it for him. “I do,” he replied, grabbing onto her hips as she slid up and down on his cock.

“I thought you would. Tiffany said that you really liked that she was shaved bald.”

The thought of Tiffany added to his arousal, and he started to imagine a threesome with her and Cindy. He grabbed Cindy’s hips, and started to thrust upwards. Cindy responded by grabbing his chest and squeezing. Dave watched her tits, which were smashed together by her arms. They bounced up and down as Cindy moved faster and faster on his cock, trying desperately to bring herself to orgasm.

“You look so hot riding me,” Dave grunted, but Cindy said nothing in return. She just kept riding him with eyes closed. She came soon after, and he filled her cunt with cum moments later.

“So, I have a question,” Dave asked as the laid in her bed together.

“Ok,” Cindy said while passively stroking his semi.

“Have you and Tiffany ever done />
“No,” Cindy replied.

“Would you?” Dave’s hand made her way to Cindy’s erect nipple.

“Probably not.”

“Why not?” Dave leaned over and took a nipple into her mouth.

asked me the same thing,” Cindy sighed.

“I don’t know… She’s just not my type. I’m afraid I’d scare her.”

“What do you mean?” Dave was now rubbing her clit, while he switched between sucking, chewing, and pinching Cindy’s nipples.

Cindy moaned. “I just… Haaaaa,” she gasped. “That feels really good. You better stop or I’m gonna make you fuck me again.”

“Tell me what you mean first,” Dave demanded, pressing harder against her clit.

never been with a woman She sucked in a gasp of air when she felt Dave’s fingers enter her cunt, and press against her G-spot. “I probably shouldn’t be her first.”

“You wouldn’t want to fuck her with me,” Dave asked.

“That would be kinda hot.”

Dave could feel Cindy’s juices start to flow even more copiously. Getting onto his knees, he lifted her legs up and pressed her knees against her shoulders, and plugged her leaking cunt with his stiff eight inches. She begged him to fuck her and make her cum.

“I wish Tiffany was here right now, shutting your slut mouth her tight pussy,” Dave said through gritted teeth as he plunged in and out of Cindy’s drooling cunt. like that wouldn’t you? To eat Tiffany’s cunt while I fuck yours?”

“Oh god yes,” Cindy moaned. “I wish we could tell her about our little secret. I just don’t know if she could keep her mouth shut.” She gasped as his cock pressed against her cervix. “So fucking deep! Ohhhh, don’t stop Dave.”

“Me neither,” Dave grunted. “But it’d be so hot to watch you two 69 while I took turns fucking you both from behind.

Cindy groaned. “You need to stop talking like that. What we’re doing now is bad enough. Just shut up and fuck me!”

Dave tried his best to be quiet; to not talk about what he was fantasizing about. He felt that he could say anything to Cindy. The taboo nature of their relationship allowed him to be open. He shook his head clear and focused on the visual of his cock thrusting in and out of Cindy pussy. He was really deep; deeper than when he fucked her from behind.

They fucked for another ten minutes in the same position until they both came simultaneously. enough,” Cindy said. “My pussy can’t take anymore of you tonight!” Ten minutes later, they were both passed out.

Friday night of that week was their last full night together, but it was by far the hottest. Cindy told Dave that she was going to be gone for most of the day. She said that she was going to do some shopping. Dave told her ok, and that he would see her later on that night. It wasn’t until six in the evening when Cindy finally texted him, telling him to come over, and to just come in. “Ok,” Dave replied, and made his way over there. When he got there, he walked in a rush to the front door, slowing down only when he entered into the house. Cindy’s place was quiet, just like it was the day of their second encounter.

Dave called out, nearly in a whisper. There was no answer. He called out again, but this time just a little louder.

“I’m in here,” she replied. Her voice was coming from the bedroom.

Dave walked carefully towards Cindy’s bedroom, which was the only room in the trailer that seemed to have any light coming from it. The door was cracked, just as it was on that day, and there was only a sliver of light coming through the crack. Dave pressed his palm against the wood of the door and pushed it open.

Cindy’s room was lit up dimly with what had to be at least 50 candles. They were everywhere. Everywhere except for on the bed. That was where Cindy was, and when Dave finally saw her, he thought he was going to shoot his load then and there. Slowly walking forward, he looked for the words to say to her to describe how hot she looked to him, but he simply could not find them. He just remained silent, and stopped just before his knees were about to touch the edge of the bed.

“I guess you like what you see,” Cindy said with a coy smile on her face. She was standing on her knees atop the queen size bed, clad in a black, see thru nighty, a black G-string and black thigh high stockings. On her feet were a pair of stiletto heels. Dave thought he was going to choke on his tongue as he watched her bend down so she could crawl on her hands and knees towards him. “Take your clothes off, Dave,” she said, grabbing his shirt and pulling it over his head. After she threw it on the floor, she went for the button of his shorts. She undid them quickly, and pulled them down along with his boxer shorts. When he was completely naked, she pulled him onto the bed, cock first, saying, “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“I thought this was my surprise,” Dave finally said, eyeing her lingerie clad body. He put his into the nightie, and went straight for her nipples, pinching them roughly, just the way she liked it.

A moan escaped her lips and she said, “This is your small />
“Then what’s my big one?”

you want it to stay a surprise,” Cindy asked, stroking Dave’s thick cock.

“I’m impatient,” Dave said, turning Cindy over until she was on her back. He pulled his hands from her nightie, and started at her heel clad feet, rubbing her legs. They felt so smooth wrapped in nylon. She stroked his cock faster, causing a bead of precum to emit from the head of his cock.

She pulled him by his cock until the head of it was right at her lips. She licked his cock head, savoring the taste of Dave’s sweet essence. Cindy gave the head a good suck and then looked up at Dave and said in nonchalant tone, big surprise is my ass, baby. I’m gonna let you put your cock in it.”

Dave shuddered at her words. He’d never fucked a woman’s ass before, but he’d always wanted to. “Are you serious,” he asked with eyes bulging almost as much as his cock. “Are you really gonna let me fuck your ass?”

she said, still in a monotone, and still with a lusty grin on her face and Dave’s cock in her hand. “But you’re going to have to be really easy! I’ve never had a dick as big as yours in there, so it’s gonna take a little bit for me to get used to you.”

“Ok,” was all Dave could muster before four inches of his cock disappeared into Cindy’s mouth. Dave let out a long sigh, and then his hands went for the hem of Cindy’s nightie. He pulled it up, exposing the transparent G-string. He pushed it to the side so he could have full access to her sopping cunt. His fingers pressed down on her clit, and Cindy started to moan with his dick in her mouth.

“Oh god, fuck me Dave,” Cindy pleaded, taking his cock out of her mouth. “Fuck my pussy and then stick your cock up my tight ass!”

Dave needed no more prompting. In one swift motion, he ripped off her G-string and buried his face between her legs, sucking and licking her clit, hoping that this would get his dick up her ass just a little faster.

it! Lick my clit, Dave,” she begged. “Lick my fucking clit!”

Dave focused greedily on Cindy’s clit while simultaneously stroking her G-spot with two upturned fingers just at the entrance of her cunt. She writhed around, moaning and grabbing his thick brown hair. She was trying to push him further into her. Trying to get more of his mouth around her juicy pussy. Dave pushed two more of his fingers into her pussy, getting them wet so he could start getting her asshole ready, and when he finally sunk his ring finger into her pucker, she was begging for a second within seconds.

“Fuck my ass with your fingers,” Cindy begged. “Get it ready for you fat cock!”

Dave worked on her clit, pussy and ass until Cindy had her first mind-numbing orgasm of the night. Her thick, juicy thighs locked up around his head, and Dave thought he was going to pass out as wave after wave of pleasure rocked Cindy’s body. When she finally let him up, “Get up here and fuck my pussy,” was all she said to him, and Dave who was aroused beyond comprehension snaked his way up her body, stopping at each of her nipples so he could gnaw, and chew on them. Cindy was almost screaming for his cock at this point. “Goddammit Dave, get your fucking cock inside my cunt right now,” she demanded. Dave finally did what he was told, and when their eyes met, he lined his cock up with her entrance, and plunged all eight inches of it deep into her.

“Ohhhh gooooood,” she moaned. “Your cock feels so fucking good baby! Fuck me!”

Dave kept obedient, pulling nearly every inch of his cock out of pussy only to thrust it back in in long, deep strokes. He was fucking her slow because he wasn’t sure how long he was going to last. He wanted her to cum again, but what he really wanted was his cock up her tight ass. He was just hoping that he wouldn’t have to wait very long.

“You wanna put your cock up my tight ass, Dave,” Cindy asked almost goadingly. “You wanna empty your balls in it?”

“Oh god, fuck yes,” Dave yelled, pushing his cock in and out of her cunt faster and faster. “I wanna fuck your ass so bad!”

“Then do it,” she said, back in her begging tone. “Fuck my ass!”

“Yes! But first reach into the drawer of my nightstand and get the lube.”

Dave grabbed it, and Cindy told him to slather it all over his dick. “Ok, put some on my ass now,” Cindy said, getting on her hands and knees. He did as he was told, first slathering his dick with KY, and then her asshole. “Are you ready,” she asked impatiently.

“I think so,” Dave replied.

“Ok. Now, press your dick against my ass but don’t push in until I tell you.”

“Ok,” Dave said, positioning himself behind Cindy. He pressed the head of his cock against Cindy’s puckered asshole. He heard Cindy take in a deep breath.

“Alright now push just the head in and then stop!”

He pushed forward, and the spongy head of Dave’s cock slowly disappeared. He was loving every minute of this new, vice-like sensation, and her ass was so fucking tight! It felt like a tight ring of flesh was engulfing him. He wanted to press more of his dick into her, but he knew he had to be patient.

“Oh my god your cock is so fucking big,” Cindy said, sucking in a breath. “Push in just a little bit more.”

“Ok,” Dave said, pushing another two inches deeper into Cindy’s rectum. It felt so warm, and inviting. Like it was custom made for his cock. He felt the muscles in her ass tighten, and then relax, as if trying to accept more of him into her. “Alright, Cindy, I’m about half way in. Want me to keep going?”

“Holy fuck, are you serious!? It feels like your whole cock is inside of me! Goddamn you’re fucking huge!” She took in another deep breath. “Pull out, and then push just a little bit more in.”

They went like this for another five minutes as Dave, slowly but surely, got every inch of his cock inside of Cindy’s puckered asshole. She was taking deep, labored breaths, but was getting more and more used to having him inside of her. It was starting to feel good. She was ready for him to fuck her.

“Start off slow,” she told him. “Pull it all out, and then back in slowly until I tell you that you can fuck me. Got it?”

Dave replied. “I got it.” He pulled his cock out, and thrust all eight inches back into her bowels. He did this repeatedly, picking up just a little bit of pace with each thrust.

“God your cock feel so fucking big up my tight ass,” she said, reaching between her legs for her clit.
“Your ass is so fucking tight!”

“Mmmmm fuck me Dave! I’m ready for it! Fuck my ass good with your fat cock!”

Dave pulled out completely, looking at the open hole that his cock had created. He pressed the head up against it once more, and thrust all the way in, enjoying the anal vice that was milking his dick for all it was worth. Dave knew he wasn’t going to last. It just felt too good. He grabbed onto her hips and started to thrust harder, simultaneously looking at the situation that he was in. He was fucking his friend’s wife’s ass, and she, at that very moment was begging him to fuck it harder, and then fill it up with his cum. She was also dressed up in lingerie. It was the hottest night of Dave’s life.

“I’m getting close, Cindy!”

“Oh fuck, me too! Let’s cum together,” she said, increasing the pace at which she was rubbing her clit. “Oh god, it feels so good! Fuck my ass Dave! Oh fuck, I’m cumming! I’m Cindy whaled as her orgasm shot throughout her body, and causing the muscles in her has to contract and milk Dave’s cock. He yelled to her that he was cumming as well, and Cindy immediately starting to fill her rectum being fill with Dave’s cock cream. She’d never felt so full in her life, and when he finally took his cock out of her ass, she groaned, feeling empty.

“That was amazing,” Cindy said, gasping for air. She got up and grabbed a towel so she could clean herself off. She threw one at Dave as well, and he followed suit.

“Yes it was,” Dave said. got to do it again!”

After that night, Dave and Cindy only had a chance to fuck two more times, and neither involved lingerie and anal. Things were starting to get really rocky between her and Tim, and things between Cindy and Dave took a downward turn as well when, while drunk, Dave fucked Tiffany on a bed that also just so happened to have contained Cindy, whom Dave thought had passed out. She wasn’t though, so when Cindy finally said something to Dave the next day, he figured that their relationship, such as it was, was all but over.

By the late fall, Dave had stopped going over to Cindy’s altogether. Too much drama is what he told himself, but in reality, it was just depressing to watch. Tim had taken to drinking, a lot, and being over there for more than ten minutes meant that you were guaranteed to see a fight. Stay there an hour, and you could possibly see a brawl.

Cindy was spiraling deeper and deeper into depression; so much so that she started taking pills for it. She was also started to show more tendencies towards the same sex, taking up with one of the town lesbians (it was a really small town). By early October, the texts that he’d so often received from her with dirty pictures, or of detailed deions of what she’d like to do to him if he were there right then had completely ceased. Dave went back to Palmela Handerson and her five sisters as his main source of pleasure. Cindy was at the forefront of his fantasies Cindy and Tiffany, but he had stopped messing with her too because she had started dating some guy from another town.

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